Tidbits of Information

I am not a journalist.  I am someone who might be considered on the inside of politics, but that doesn’t really mean anything.  I perform analysis and comment on various political issues, but sometimes I just like to pass on information.  Here is some – you can take it as you want.  I’m sure there can be plenty of debate, but this is just me passing on info (oh, and consider this the Lt. Gov race thread for today) …

It seems that Ralph Reed had a good event yesterday with Rudy Giuliani.  Apparently a good amount of money was raised, and there was certainly press coverage.

I would first like to comment on the press coverage.  I did a Google search on this and read many of the stories that came up; most were like this:

Reed’s campaign was looking for a boost before the July 18 Republican primary after being dogged by ties between Reed and Jack Abramoff, the powerful Washington lobbyist now facing prison time for conspiracy, tax evasion and fraud (Giuliani Headlines Ralph Reed Fundraiser, Forbes).

In light of this event, I decided to call an old contact of mine to see what the buzz about this was like on Rudy’s main turf.  I was told that this event was actually an effort on Rudy’s behalf to gain more conservative attention, as a strategy that his exploratory committee recommended to boost religious conservative support, despite the former Mayor’s socially liberal stance.  Interesting thought.

But, there was something else bugging me.  Earlier this week, I received a CQ Alert that had stayed in the back of my mind (and I just happened to keep in my email , just in case).  The Alert was about the fact that the House Ethics Committee, which has been dormant for a year and a half now, has decided to re-open and launch formal investigations into such matters as LA Democratic Rep William Jefferson and Ohio GOP Rep Ney.  It appears that the investigations around Rep Ney are to get down to the bottom of his associations with Jack Abramoff and his “lobbying team,” as the Washington Post calls it. 

This was interesting, so I decided to make another call to another old contact.  This person could only tell me what some of the unofficial talk around the Hill was sounding like.  I was told that the unofficial buzz on the Hill is that the Ethics Committee waited to open these investigations until after the OH Primaries, but planned them all along to take place before the General Elections in November.  Why is that?  Because apparently now that Tony Rudy, Scanlon, and Jack himself are all out of the picture, the Committee plans to focus on others that might have been apart of the Abramoff circle, and let me attest, Georgia is on the mind of many folks on Capitol Hill right now. 

Will there be formal indictments for Ralph Reed?  Who knows?  I don’t.  Personally, I doubt the Ethics Committee will get around to doing anything formal before November, primarily b/c we need to keep Ney’s seat.  But there are “fishes left to be fried,” as one staffer put it, and while the GOP needs our House members, they also need to show resolve on the Abramoff scandal and there apparently is not a lot of concern what happens to a prima-donna running for a downticket seat in a certain Southern State … as a matter of fact, he might be the perfect scapegoat that the GOP is looking for.


  1. Demonbeck says:

    Interesting, so you are saying that perhaps Ralph Reed’s pull in Washington isn’t as strong as his campaign would have you believe?

    This Reed-Abramoff thing is gonna cut deep to the core of the Republican Party. I would hate for our state to get involved in any way whatsoever to it. (I can see it now, “Georgia, the state that brought you Jimmy Carter’s idiocy, Ted Turner’s lunacy and Ralph Reed’s corruption.”) Whether Reed is involved heavily or not, he is definitely tied in and – pardon me James magazine – with him as LG our boat would be taking on unnecessary water.

    This is what the State Senators were worried about earlier. Why must we put ourselves through this when we have a good candidate with a solid, conservative record and strong family values?

  2. lobbyga says:

    I’m in DC this week and I hear exactly the opposite. Most think this is about done. Perhaps a congressman or two will be looked into as a face saving event, but neither party wants this to go on much further.

    I am a lobbyist and we talk about this stuff, but there are far worse things that go on in DC and in GA for that matter.

  3. debbie0040 says:

    GAWIRE, I have heard buzz around Washington and that is Ralph will not be indicted. A Cagle supporter hears one thing and Reed supporters hear something totally different. Hmm…

    The scare tactics of Cagle supporters are not going to work. So get over it. Reed will win.

    You guys are getting desparate and pathetic to continue with your pathetic scare campaign.

    Voters will take notice of the fact Reed has the backing of national GOP figures. They will be smart enough to realize that these figures would be distancing themselves from Reed not embracing him if he were in danger of being indicted.

    Come to terms with the fact Reed will win and the State Senators will have their day of reckoning to deal with.

    I will vote for my State Senator, but I know others that will not no matter what the consequences are.

  4. larry smith says:

    Joke of the day …

    Debbie in touch with what’s happening behind the scenes in Washington.

  5. Demonbeck says:

    “Come to terms with the fact Reed will win and the State Senators will have their day of reckoning to deal with.”

    Or in other words, “Ralph Reed will refuse to work with two-thirds of the Republican majority in the State Senate if elected.”

  6. Demonback,

    Like Mark Taylor really pushed them around!?Yeah right.

    The Senate determines how much power the Lt Gov. has by the respect they give him. With that support and his leadership Casey Cagle will be able to transform the Lt Gov office into a leadership position for the republican caucus.

    Ralph does not have have the support of the senate, Georgia, GOP, or Sonny. If Ralph were to be elected, the position would be less powerful than it is with Mark Taylor.

  7. Demonbeck says:

    I agree Independent, I just love hearing a Reed supporter stating publicly that their candidate will vow to work against his Republican colleagues, if elected.

  8. debbie0040 says:

    If you guys bother to read the next paragraph tells you exactly what I was referring to in day of reckoning. I guess being Cagle supporters you don’t hesitate to twist things around or take them out of context.

    A good friend of mine was longtime GOP National Committeewoman from Alabama and she talks to the Whitehouse once a month. Carolyn Meadows knows who I am referring to.

  9. larry smith says:

    I will guarantee you that a former RNC member from AL gets the following from the White House:

    1) A Christmas card every other year.
    2) The phone number for a GS-6 in the basement of the Old EOB.

    You’re hilarious sometimes, Debbie! Thanks for lightening up my afternoon.

  10. tobin smith says:

    What idiot really thinks the GOP establishment is not behind Reed. Look at his host committee for the Giuliani event yesterday. It’s a who’s who list.

    And those Republican Senators who have endorsed their fraternity brother, well it will be fun to see how quickly they get out their check books and try to cozy up to Reed after July 18.

    If you think Republicans, especially the elected crowd, will not get behind Reed when he wins then you are crazy.

    Everyone will support Reed, it’s just a question of when they get on board, now or later.

    He has this locked up with two months to go.

    Cagle has let his little crowd screw up any chance he may have ever had.

  11. Demonbeck says:

    “A good friend of mine was longtime GOP National Committeewoman from Alabama and she talks to the Whitehouse once a month. Carolyn Meadows knows who I am referring to. ”

    This is so absurd that I just laughed until milk came out my nose…and I haven’t had milk since breakfast.

    So a former National Committeewoman who calls and talks to a staffer once a month, then passes information to you third or fourth hand. You expect us then to verify the legitimacy because some woman most of us don’t know knows about it.

    Well then, in that case, I have it on supreme double secret that Ralph Reed cooks instant grits and pulled for Purdue to pull it out in overtime of the 2000 Gator Bowl. I heard he drives slow in the left hand lane while talking on his cell phone in rush hour traffic, prefers the Dixie Chicks over George Jones and doesn’t hold the door for his Momma. If you don’t believe me, ask Judy Goddard, but you have to pinky swear that you won’t tell anyone else.

  12. GAWire says:

    I’ll pipe in here …

    I don’t know about anyone else who has ever worked in politics, but I LOVE to hear our opponents talking like tobin!

    The euphoria you are feeling from the event is apparently turning to hubris.

    Perhaps all you history/literature students out there can answer … what came after hubris?

  13. tobin smith says:

    demonbeck–do you really think your sarcastic humor gives your weak statements and opinions any credibility.

    You seem to have stuff coming out of your nose quite a lot. Get your mommy to help you blow your nose and go to bed early.

  14. Booray says:

    Stupid question of the day: why roll the dice on Reed when there is a candidate just as conservative as him – who actually knows state government – you can choose?

    It really is a stupid question…

  15. tobin smith says:

    Euphoria will only come when Cagle is defeated about 10:00 pm on July 18. The tone of the Cagle campaign keeps getting worse and worse as reflected by many on this blog and his continuing negative attacks. That type of campaign will be rejected by Republican primary voters. Giuliani’s endorsement refutes your baseless charges against Reed and shows them to be the slime and mud slinging lies that they are.

  16. larry smith says:


    Debbie is funny because she doesn’t quite get the joke, but you’re funnier because you’re so bitter.

    I can see you calling Cagle’s LG office years after this race is over and ranting about how the world would be a better place if only Ralph had won.

    As far as who’s getting behind who, Cagle has more GA companies and GOP Foundation members than Ralph does. And, he’s got over 300 GOP electeds to Ralph’s 12. It’s not even close.

  17. Demonbeck says:

    “demonbeck–do you really think your sarcastic humor gives your weak statements and opinions any credibility.”

    No, apparently all you have to do is name drop to achieve credibility.

  18. tobin smith says:

    Sorry, but I know who Giuliani is. I don’t know you-demonbeck.

    All those foundation members and GA companies will rush to Reed just like they rushed to Sonny after he won.

    This is a primary and like most open seat primaries it will be close. Perhaps more so because of the liberal media’s campaign to destroy Reed. But Cagle’s joining in that campain to destroy Reed rather than running his own positive campaign will lead to his downfall.

    His rabid Reed hating supporters will see to that.

  19. Karla Stuckey says:

    I wish I could have come down for the Reed-Giuliani event. Rudy is great, a true hero regardless of his more moderate views on social issues.

    A friend who works at the White House told me Reed and Rove are good buddies and talk very regularly. Rove is watching this closely and will do anything to help Reed. The President is loyal to his friends and the White House knows Reed’s work for the 04 race was critical to winning a second term.

    I don’t find anyone up here who wishes Reed ill. I am always surprised by the heat on this blog about this race. I think Cagle is out-classed by Reed in every respect. He may be a nice benign guy, but he doesn’t hold a candle next to Reed.

    The reality is Reed is in a position to do a lot for Georgia. Cagle would have to serve for a decade to come close to having the influence Reed would have from day one. It is really that simple.

  20. larry smith says:

    Man, the number of people with imaginary friends in Washington on this blog today is amazing.

    I will guarantee you one thing … if Karl Rove is in fact helping Ralph, he sure as hell isn’t (a) running his mouth about it or (b) telling the President.

  21. SouthernConservative says:

    Um, wow. I think Booray is the only one on here who has made a valid point. What happened to to talking about issues?

    Demonbeck, that post was kinda funny, though.

  22. Demonbeck says:

    I am sorry, is this someone inside the Beltway telling us in Georgia how to think?

    Tobin, clearly you don’t get it, so I am gonna type real slow so you will.

    Here is what Debbie0040 said:“A good friend of mine was longtime GOP National Committeewoman from Alabama and she talks to the Whitehouse once a month. Carolyn Meadows knows who I am referring to.

  23. Bull Moose says:

    I have a friend who has a cousin who has an aunt that has a nephew on her husband’s side who has a friend whose mom knows a lady that sits next to the Republican Committeeman from South Carolina and he said that he heard that Ralph Reed had ethical issues and that was part of an ongoing investigation by the FBI for his ties to Jack Abramoff.

    Come on peanut gallery — Ralph Reed is going down… It only takes common sense to figure that out…

  24. Demonbeck says:

    Thank you SC, it was an attempt at humor. Glad to see I didn’t miss the mark with everyone.

  25. Brian from Ellijay says:

    And pipes in the imaginary staffer from DC who always has the DC scope and “friends” in high places. Karla, I looked, you are not on anyones staff in DC, lest it be a Democrat, or non Georgia.

  26. SouthernConservative says:

    Um, Demon, I have to say though, I wouldn’t quite consider the General and Mrs. Goddard quite insignificant.

  27. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Debbie, I am sure that Chip appreciates your support, not that he needs it. He did get 81% in the primary against a McKenna Long Aldrige attorney.

  28. Demonbeck says:

    General and Mrs. Goddard are not insignificant and I don’t believe I labeled them as such. Both are very nice people and I consider myself lucky to know them. That being said, I am sure the she would be the first to tell you that she is not a Significant Political Operative in the grand scheme of things. I am sure she would also agree that most people outside of Warner Robins who aren’t involved in the Republican Party would have no clue as to who she is.

    I could have pulled many names out of the proverbial hat to use in my post. She just happened to be on the front of the GAGOP website. Would you have been more comfortable with me using Jace Walden, Bill Simon or Maurice Atkinson?

  29. SouthernConservative says:

    Negative, brah, misread your implication.

    Brian from E, at least it’s not an imaginary staffer from Georgia posting as themselves.

  30. Brian from Ellijay says:

    SouthernC, Who would want to be a staffer theres no money there. Sides, been there, done that.

  31. Demonbeck says:

    Dorothy Pelote just called. She said:

    “I want you to know that I can prophesy. I can communicate with the dead. The last thing that visited me was — I don’t know if I need to call it by name. Maybe I should not, because it’s controversial right now. It’s been
    missing for some time now. You know what I’m talking about. Ralph Reed’s conscience has visited me. It has.”

    She also had a premonition that Karla Stuckey is a figment of her own imagination.

  32. SouthernConservative says:

    Um, I’m pro Ralph. I’m going to vote for him. I think he’s going to win. But I can’t let this one go. I’m going to become a rabid Reedhating Cagler for a second:

    Demon sez – “[quoting Dorothy Pelote]…Ralph Reed’s conscience has visited me. It has.”

    C’mon, Dorothy, Reed doesn’t have a conscience. Muahhaha.

    Brian, what you say is also true about there being no money in it.

    What is it you do again?

  33. Brian from Ellijay says:

    People who are in the know or are staffers do not constantly post telling what they know. Nor do they proclaim to be staffers in every post. Sorry. Am not trying to be personal, but its truth.

  34. gopdoc says:

    I have spoken to my state senator, who has serious second thoughts about Cagle. He told me at an event last week that he thought the attacks on Reed had gone too far. Something anyone reading this blog would quickly see and agree with. He said he felt Cagle had wasted his opportunity by simply attacking Reed rather than defining himself.

  35. lobbyga says:

    Let me go ahead and admit it. I am a lobbyist–hopefully not an evil one, but it is how I make my living. I am in DC about a week a month, but always at the gold dome during the session. I have done it for more than 10 years. And I have been a Democrat most of my life. Recently, though, I have worked closely with the Republicans for obvious reasons. And I assume there is a good chance Republicans will pick up the LG office. I am generally confident Perdue will win a second term too.

    I’ve been reading this stuff for weeks and finally feel I have to comment.

    I know Cagle and have worked with him, or tried to, on a number of occasions. I hate to say it, but he is as dumb as dirt. There’s just not much there. Sorry, but it is the truth.

    I can’t fathom that he is the best the GOP can offer us. Reed has cut some corners, but at least he is a smart guy.

    Have you seen Cagle conduct a committee meeting, or have you tried to have a substantive conversation with him? And did you see his pathetic attempt to preside over the Senate for a few minutes on one of the final days of the session? I was in the gallery. I feel sorry for the Senators if he is at the helm of the ship.

    And you guys need to know that the legislation they drop or file is rarely written by the legislators themselves. It is written by lawyers or lobbyists. And Cagle’s committee can only respond to House bills where all tax issues have their beginning. He can’t initiate much of anything.

    Sorry, but Cagle is just a dumbass. Surely we can do better. I can’t believe he got as far as he did, and he wouldn’t have without the support of one or two senators with agendas of their own. I would not look forward to having to deal with him to get my legislation through the Senate. I know the kind of arm twisting he can do and it all centers around $$$.

    And as for some of those Senators, I doubt some of them are all that concerned about ethics and morality. A few of those Cagle senators are the ones who like to ask us about visiting some of Atlanta’s famous clubs during the session. They even expect us to pay for the dances. Not all, but a few of them love those places.

  36. Demonbeck says:

    Now did your state senator say “serious second thoughts” or did he simply say “the attacks have gone too far” and you twisted that into “serious second thoughts?”

    Was your state senator wearing a French Maid outfit or sitting next to while you were sitting naked in class taking a test you had not studied for? Did you wake up in a cold sweat or a pool of your own vomit?

    Did you actually stay late at work on a Friday reading this?

    Tune in Next week Batfans for the exciting conclusion to this argument.

  37. Demonbeck says:


    Shouldn’t you be more concerned about your wn race for Ag Commissioner?

    Rim Shot Please.

  38. caroline says:

    Here’s the rub as I see it:
    Jack Abramoff is singing like a canary to the feds about all his business partners, of which Reed, of course, is one. The only problem is that’s all we know. He may very well be indicted but it could be a while. After all, they’ve been after Bob Ney for a year or so and the heat is finally starting to come down on him.

  39. debbie0040 says:

    The woman I am referring to was Republican National Committeewoman for years. She was on the list of 100 Nixon wanted called at his death. She has been friends with the Bush family for years and has stayed at Kennebunkport. I can supply photos of her with Bush 41 if you like at Kennebunkport. It would thrill me to no end to make you look like the arrogant, egotiscal, buffoons you really are. MAKE MY DAY! Ask me to provide photos and correspondance. She has known the Bush family since Bush 41 was RNC Chairman during Watergate. Ask Carolyn Meadows or Robert Lamutt’s wife who Jean is..

    I was in her hospital room this past fall when W called and the person she talks to at the Whitehouse is usually Karl Rove… Want more? Are you really gluttons for punishment?

  40. debbie0040 says:

    My prediction of winners in the GOP Primary: Perdue, Reed, Handel, Black

    Lobbyga, don’t let these arrogant aholes deter you from posting. They try to badger everyone that does not agree with them to discourage anyone with differing opinions from posting. They will be no where to be seen July 19th. They are not men enough to admit their defeat. They will just slink away into the darkness like their candidate Cagle will.

    Caroline, you and other Cagle supporters are pathetic with your scare tactics. You know that is the only chance your pathetic candidate has to win and it will not work. So just shut up or put up evidence of illegal activity by Reed.

  41. debbie0040 says:

    Demonbeck, the only reason I bought up my friend is because of Gawire’s comments that he was in the know concerning what was go ing on in D. C and infered that Reed may be indicted.

    Demonbeck, I certainly hope you don’t hold elective office and if you do I hope your constiuents have the good sense to vote you out of office.

  42. bowersville says:

    Calm down. I know I have a tendancy to get wound up, and other commentators have called me to task for it. I agree with you except Reed. I’m swayed towards Black, but Landman makes a lot of since too.

  43. debbie0040 says:

    Black will win. A lot of voters will not even vote down the ballot for AG Commissioner but Gary has been in the AG business for years and has made great contacts. Those will be sure to vote for AG Commissioner.

    Have your seen the brochure Gary has? It is really great.

  44. bowersville says:

    No, I have not seen Black’s brochure, but I have heard him speak in our county. GAFB, Cattlemans Association. He was and remains on the money concerning my issues.

  45. caroline says:

    I know facts don’t penetrate with you but all I stated was facts. You can get copies of Reeds emails to Abramoff with a foia (freedom of information) request. Most of this is public information.

    BTW, I was undecided about Cagle but after listening to you, I have decided to become a supporter.

  46. debbie0040 says:

    Caroline knowing how you feel on issues in previous postings I am not the least bit suprised. Cagle is the person you need to support.

  47. Bill Simon says:

    Gosh, Debbie…I don’t know about your prediction that Sonny will win the primary…seems to me that people like you and ASH would be in favor of McBerry over Perdue…

  48. Brian from Ellijay says:

    I think everyone needs to show up at 8:30 in the morning at Towne Center mall to meet Debbie. Ralph is speaking so it should be fun. Ill be there.

  49. Maurice Atkinson says:

    “”””I have heard buzz around Washington and that is Ralph will not be indicted. A Cagle supporter hears one thing and Reed supporters hear something totally different. Hmm…””””

    Debbie, of course you’re going to hear stuff. I was in DC a couple of weeks ago. I met with numerous congressmen, economists, media research and a number of conservative think tanks. The buzz about this race is not all that. What I came away with is that fact that there were a number of prominent people, who on the surface like Ralph, but had some questions. All seemed to think that the issues surrounding Ralph are part of the same trend nationally, which is not good.

    People expect accountability from their elected leadership, and they are about to get it at the ballot box in November. A prominent RNC pollster expressed it will be a “Tsunami” in November. One media research commentator, who you would readily recognize as a staunch conservative said when ask of his opinion of Reed, “as in the words of the late Desi Arnez, there’s some explainin to do”.

    Thursday I received a call from good friend who is close to the Reed campaign. He indicated there is serious frustration with the ability to get the teenagers to go door to door, which is what they were banking on. The excitement has evaporated.

    Ralph calls it the liberal media bias. The fact is, Ralph created the story by HIS actions. It’s news and his refusal to acknowledge and address it other than the same 3 line commentary that he has maintained since December, will continue to dog him.

  50. larry smith says:

    I love how the Reed supporters on this board bash Cagle for running a nasty campaign (which isn’t true) and then proceed to call him a “dumbass,” “coward,” and virtually anything else in the book.

    It’s interesting to me those who are critical of Reed almost always back their arguments in facts about what Ralph has actually done. By contrast, the Reed folks on here tend to go straight for Casey’s throat.

    I guess it’s fitting, since this kind of bitterness and spite is exactly how Ralph runs campaigns — and why he goes overboard and loses every single time he’s allowed to run a race without adult supervision.

  51. debbie0040 says:

    Maurice, there were teenagers that went door to door last Satuday for Ralph.

    I can definitely tell you there is excitement with the Reed campaign. There is excitement with the Rudy event and the Sean event Wednesday.

    The Christian radio stations that was running the ads by that left wing extremist group pulled the ads once they found out what that group was really all about.

    I went to a breakfast that Ralph spoke at this morning and there was a great crowd there and Ralph received a warm reception. There were new people at the breakfast to see Reed.

    The excitement with Reed supporters is just beginning. We smell victory in the air.

    Cagle has questions to answer as well.

    Why do you think those left wing liberal groups attack Reed and want to stop him at all costs? They see Ralph as a threat to their liberal ideology. They know he is a strong leader and unwaivering and Ralph is not afraid to wage a fight if necessary. Those left wing groups see Ralph as public enemy number one and are not threatened at all by Cagle. They know Cagle will cave in.

  52. Maurice Atkinson says:

    I’ve been impressed with the leadership Karen Handel has shown in Fulton County. How she dealt with the scandal in the Sheriff Department to correcting the issues with the Board of Tax Assessors, this woman knows how to get things done.

    This morning she spoke at our breakfast meeting and laid out her agenda, which is ambitious. I certainly believe this woman will do a stellar job in making the Secretary of States office efficient and effective. She’s impressive.

  53. Maurice Atkinson says:

    I’m not interested in arguing rhetorically or otherwise, just making some general observations. The call was legitimate and from a highly credible person who doesn’t have a dog in this fight. There will be pockets of activism, but statewide, the energy is not there.

    We’re just going to have to agree to disagree on whether your candidate is strong and unwavering. His actions are the very reason myself and many others have left the wagon.

    I simply appreciate the staff that Senator Cagle has assembled. These people are impressive, considerate and hard working. They’re not arrogant or condescending, which is commonplace in politics.

    What is unfortunate, he has a fabulous event yet the story migrates to scandal. There is no way, at this juncture, that he can overcome. The split in the conservative community, which I am a proud member, is deep. He needed all conservative activists.

    Casey is not some weak kneed spineless person you have portrayed. I’ve met with him on numerous occasions and find him to be a person that is hard working, pro-active, personable and a staunch conservative. I’m quite satisfied he will be a tremendous Lt. Governor.

  54. debbie0040 says:

    Maurice you and I agree on Handel, we just disagree on Reed/Cagle. I am telling you the excitement is there for Reed.

    The more Reed and Cagle appear jointly at events the more voters shift to Reed. Reed is much more inpressive than Cagle is.

  55. bowersville says:

    Everything you say may very well be true for the primary. However bear in mind, there are those like me who will not bring our fingers to press the Dielbold button for Reed.

  56. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    I am by no means a Reed supporter, Im very much behind Cagle…but I have to give Reed some credit, he has reccently come out with some good plans and I wish the Cagle Campaign would start publishing their plans instead of constatnly attacking Reed….The man’s record of dishonesty, corruption, and dirty campaign tactics is attrocious…but If we attack too much, It will back fire.
    I know Reed is just realeasing these plans to change the subject of his extremely corrupt past, but If Cagle dosnt realese his plans as well..It will give Reed a boost in the polls.
    We need to talk issues and plans while at the same time reminding Georgians of the real Ralph Reed…but it must be balanced, not 100% attack…people by and large dont like negative campaigning..so we need to make sure we don’t get so caught up in attack mode that we loose the momentum that we currently have.

  57. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    Ohh..and on another note, Id like to comment on some of the claims my friends that are Reed supporters are making, that by Cagle attacking Reed..he will give the Democrats material to use in the General election.

    1. God forbid Reed makes it to the General election

    2. I assure you, even if the Cagle team said nothing about Reed’s extremely corrupt past, the Democrats would have the same “material”..believe me, they know exactly what they will say…and they are licking their chops and waiting til after July to attack…hopefully we’ll suprise them and send them the candidate they weren’t prepared for. Now, the Democrats that know better will cross over vote to ensure that Reed never holds that gavel.

    3. Reed has the advantage of name regognition, and Cagle must show their differences to get noticed…Reed’s record of corruption is totally fair game, and the people of Georgia deserve to know the true Ralph Reed in stead of drinking what ever Reed gave Debbie (just kidding 🙂 )…However, like I said we need a balance and we need to publish Cagle’s plans and iniciatives instead of 100% attack mode.

  58. debbie0040 says:

    People will come to know the true Ralph Reed as you put it, MR. On July 18th “Kool-aid” will be the preferred drink in Georgia.

    You are also correct in what Cagle needs to do. Reed has shown he has vision. Cagle has not. Reed puts out new policy papers that show vision, Cagle puts out new internet cartoons…

    Reed will drive out the conservative vote in November and will win.

    There are a lot of activists that may disagree with Reed on some issues but are supporting him because they know he is a fighter and they really believe he can win in the general election. Do you honestly think any of us would support a candidate that we felt could not win?

    I know some of you guys may disagree, but you will become a believer.

  59. Bill Simon says:

    Here’s a scoop for the Pundit: since Jennifer Wilbanks and John Mason split, there’s a good chance Mason will be escorted to meet his hero, Sean Hannity, in person.

    It seemd like only yesterday that Wilbanks and Mason were at the top of the news “Golllllllllly! Sean Hannity is on the air and wants to talk to ME? Golllllllll-lee! Let me go comb my hair!”….

  60. larry smith says:

    The upside about Hannity interviewing Wilbanks — or anyone with a pulse for that matter — is that the total on-air IQ tripled the moment she joined him.

    I will be impressed if you can name a less intelligent person who regularly hosts any political talk show. It must be a real challenge for his producer to edit out all the words with more than two syllables from the White House talking points before Sean reads them on the air.

    He sure is pretty, though.

  61. bowersville says:

    Yes Debbie, you are right, Reed will drive out the conservative vote in November. Right out the door without voting.

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