Kia plant still on track?

Various reports yesterday claimed the Kia plant had been postponed indefinitely, however, Kia says everything is OK:

A top executive with Kia Motors Corp. said Thursday reports published earlier in the day were in error when they stated construction of the company’s $1.2 billion Georgia plant was indefinitely postponed.

The Kia project manager B.M. Ahn said the project is still on and plans for construction of the West Point plant are continuing. The senior executive vice president was in Atlanta meeting with state Department of Economic Development officials.

Ahn called the report a “miscommunication.”

The error surfaced in a report by Reuters, picked up by Automotive News’ Web site and other publications, quoting company spokesman Kim Do-hag as saying from Korea: “The construction of the plant in Georgia has been postponed following a delay of a groundbreaking ceremony, and we have not decided when to begin. Now we cannot guarantee that we can begin production as scheduled.”

Ahn and state officials said the company is moving forward with plans. Construction is scheduled to begin next month.

Two dozen Kia engineers and design staff are scheduled to be in Georgia Monday to set up an Atlanta office and move forward with construction plans, said Department of Economic Development spokesman Bert Brantley. They will be traveling to and from the site.

“We are talking to the company and seeing their actions,” Brantley said. “They are sending officials and engineers here. Their actions speak pretty loud that they are continuing to move forward with this project. Everything we are hearing is positive.”