Friday Open Thread.

Talk about whatever you want, but I’m wondering:

a) Who plans to see the Da Vinci Code?

b) Who plans to picket outside a theatre showing the Da Vinci Code?

c) Who doesn’t care and will be watching the NBA playoffs instead?


  1. UGAMatthew says:

    Braves Swept the Marlins. Love iT – Francouer’s the man!
    Anyone see where Latin America is going to come out against the border fencing…really? That’s a big surprise…

  2. Demonbeck says:

    Anyone read today’s InsiderAdvantage article on possible Veep contenders from GA and SC?

    Personally, I’d like to see Mark Sanford added to that list.

  3. SouthernConservative says:

    UGA – I agree, they’re really tearing it up right now…how about Chipper Jones and Brian McCann, as well?

    I’m gonna watch DC tonight…I’ve not read the book, and I’m curious.

  4. Briardawg says:

    I think I would rather pull my fingernails out than watch NBA. Is it football season yet??

    I read DaVinci Code; that will probably be enough for me.

  5. jacewalden says:

    The Cavs and Lebron will be finishing off the Pistons tonight…i’ll be watching that.

    I’ll probably see The Da Vinci Code tomorrow.

    SouthernConservative, the book is awesome as long as you can keep in mind that it is COMPLETE fiction. Some folks have a hard time grasping that.

    The Crotts v. Douglas drama is reaching a fever pitch. Crott’s residency hearing started yesterday. I doubt he’ll be in the race much longer.

    The runaway bride is hot. Just kidding.

  6. SouthernConservative says:

    Hot she ain’t. “It’s the eyes!”

    Funny you should mention, JW, I’m having a conversation right now with a co-worker about how Christians are getting SO worked up about it, and the authors don’t even claim for it to be true – ie, it’s fiction, get over it and quit knee jerking folks.

    Lebron rocks. Crotts sucks.

  7. JaseLP says:

    I’ll be doing none of the above.
    I may watch the Braves some this weekend and I may throw back a couple of Newcastles.

  8. Demonbeck says:

    I’ll be throwing back some Mount Gay Rum and Diet Coke.

    And, no, that is not an endorsement of Karen Handel or Rudy Giuliani.

  9. jacewalden says:

    The runaway bride is not hot.

    But do you know who is? ANN COULTER!

    Hahaha…I posted that strictly to make JaseLP mad at me.

    if you want the back story, check out his site. It’s on there.

  10. SouthernConservative says:

    Anne Coulter IS hot. But her public speaking style makes me want to pull my hair out. Darn funny, though.

  11. jacewalden says:

    Yeah…it’s hard to get a word in if your arguing with Ann. She’s way too extremist for me anway. Plus, she’s almost twice as old as me. It would never work out.

    Sorry Ann, But I can’t date you.

  12. jacewalden says:


    I’m assuming your were talking about Moving the Ralph Reed thread up to here…

    I saw your post with his platform. Casey has a similar platform. In fact some of the stuff they have is almost identical. I’m sure Casey and Ralph intend to to good things. My question was regarding what they have already done.

    For instance:

    Reed: Became [president/head/lawyer] of [name of organization here] which placed pressure on [lawmakers/president/governor] to accomplish [insert goal here].

    That’s more along the lines of what I was asking.

    Unless you want to compare platforms that is…in which case, just let me know.

  13. lobbyga says:

    I have no interest in that movie.

    How about some single malts on the rocks. That’s my weekend plan.

  14. Demonbeck says:

    Mark is awesome, but I am not sure he would help a national ticket or not, but I’d love to see him try. A successful campaign has got to have a Washington insider and an outsider. Recently, though, the outsider is on the top of the ticket. Senator McCain is gonna have to have a Southern or Midwestern Governor on his ticket.

  15. SouthernConservative says:

    Um, ok, so I was kidding. And it wasn’t all that funny.

    Anyway, Jace, let me think on that one, lol. It seems we’re the only ones who are interested in this thread of conversation.

  16. Demonbeck says:

    We need to change the term lengths in Georgia. I believe that the Governor’s term should be extended to 6 years (or at least coincide with the Presidential Elections.) The Senate terms should be extended to staggered 4 year terms and the House should remain two year terms.

  17. jacewalden says:

    Eh…I think the Governor’s terms are fine as they are.

    I agree with you on lengthening the senate terms. And yes, house terms should stay 2 years (since U.S. House terms are only 2 years)

    While we’re on that subject. I also think U.S. Senators should have a 2 term limit. And Reps should have a 3 term limit.

  18. Demonbeck says:

    I am gonna be in Mississippi next week, can any of you Reed supporters suggest a good casino for my gambling pleasure?

  19. SouthernConservative says:

    Nah, but Ralph gave me some leftover chips that the Choctaws gave him if you want them.

  20. Jason Rizner says:

    A two-year term for any office is completely absurd. Five months into the term you have to start campaigning for the next election. That leaves very little time to learn issues, develop effective policy, and otherwise serve constituents. Four years should be the bare minimum term for any office.

  21. SouthernConservative says:

    No, he actually is trying to unload them for when the FBI comes to arrest him and search his house. Getting rid of the evidence, y’know.

  22. SouthernConservative says:

    …continued from “Ralph and Rudy”

    Jace, I gotta smack ya, bro. Actually, two Republican Senators have endorsed Ralph – Ralph Hudgens and Cecil Staton.

    And not ALL but those two have endorsed Casey – Jack Hill, Don Balfour, Dan Moody, Eric Johnson, Preston Smith, and Mitch Seabaugh have not endorsed Casey.

    Mitch Seabaugh was noticably present at the Reed/Giuliani event yesterday.

  23. George Allen 08 says:

    I like the Governor elected in the off-year. It actually gets voters out. But I do agree that State Senators should have a staggered four-year term. That makes sense to me.

    And how about a George Allen-Jeb Bush ticket for 08? Not supporting that, just throwing it out there.

  24. Demonbeck says:

    Ugh, George Allen-Jeb Bush would be viewed as more of the same.

    I am a Republican and I am proud of it. I am, however, not proud of having to vote for Bob Dole in ’96, but I did, because he was the better choice of the two. I would hate to be forced to do that again. I want someone who can excite the GOP base and the undecideds like McCain and Bush did in 2000.

    George Allen is a good guy, but he would be viewed as status quo and would lead the GOP ticket to certain defeat.

    Of course, all that being said, 2008 is a long ways away and a lot could change between now and then.

    How about a George Allen-JC Watts ticket? or a George Allen-Steve Largeant ticket? They’d get the football fan vote hands-down

  25. Demonbeck says:

    Swannie doesn’t have the experience that Largeant and Watts have, plus he would appeal to folks in the West.

    Now he could team up with Ben Campbell and lock up the Redskin vote in more ways than one. (Don’t look at me that way, us Georgians haven’t respected Indians since the Cherokee Nation v. Georgia Supreme Court decision.)

  26. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Allen has my vote. Unless another more credible, conservative southern republican jumps in.

  27. Harry says:

    If Reed wins the nomination, what are the chances of an indictment before the general election?

  28. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    How about a McCain-Rice ticket:) or If Condi Declines, then a McCain-Allen ticket

  29. 4ofspades says:

    MR08 – Just a question. I’m a big Condi fan. How can someone who has never held an elected office be a good candidate for VP?

  30. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    It’s an interesting point, and Im not sure that it has been done before..however, it’s not a pre-requisite. Codi Rice is by far the most qualified person in Washington to be President, but I understand she does not want to run in ’08…now, she has not indicated that she wouldn’t consider being the running mate in 2008.
    Ohh..I just rememberd, Dwight Eisenhower and Ulyses S. Grant never held prior political office, grated they had General status.

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