1. JP says:

    Perhaps they go overboard, but I’m not so sure today’s system where elections go to the highest bidder are what our Founders had in mind.

  2. Bull Moose says:

    How about people with common sense have come out against Ralph Reed.

    With ethical stink bombs surrounding him – from Enron to Indians, Ralph Reed is a national joke. Funny what happens when you sell yourself to the highest bidder.

    I wish that Ralph would go away so that our state didn’t get brought into this Corruption of Congress mess with Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon, Tony Rudy, and possibly Ralph Reed…

  3. Jack S says:

    They may be liberal or communist or greenie or wacko or whatever, and ralph can holler about how he’s a victim of liberal groups, BUT….

    The ad itself tells the truth. Ralph can holler all he wants about liberals but truth is truth and that he can’t refute.

    And I think you miss the key point, Erick. It’s on the air. On radio stations in Georgia. Not some far off place.

    Georgia voters are finally hearing the truth that Ralph can’t deny.

    Cmon Debbie, tell me one thing in the ad that’s not true.

  4. bowersville says:

    I hate to use the same term I used in another comment but meshuga. Tom Delay made himself vunerable by his own actions. Judge Moore martyred himself by becoming a single issue candidate. Reed brought himself to national attention by negative campaigning, his self proclaimed beliefs, then his willingness to take money at all costs contrary to his self proffessed beliefs. I’m sorry, but my eyes are not glazed over with this hero worship and self martyrdom.

  5. jackson says:

    I agree that if I were on Cagles campaign, I would rather have Conservative Watch Dog group doing the ads. But most folks arent going to know who campaign money watch is. Even conservatives.

    Ralph Reed has been crying about attacks by liberals, but he is getting lambasted on all sides, not just by the Left.

    And Jack is right. Truth is Truth. Even the Apostle Paul in the Bible said he didnt care about the agendas of some if they were preaching the Truth.

  6. The Busdriver says:

    Cave in
    Hands down
    get used to it
    King Roy
    My uncle’s brother spoke with a guy who worked on his car who said that his postman’s pastor said he thinks Cagle is wimp.
    Hurricanes are God’s punishment for homosexuality

    Debbie must be asleep (hanging upside down, no less), so I’m carrying the torch for now.

  7. The Busdriver says:

    Question: If a left-wing group funds a radio ad in which the speaker simply reads Ralph’s emails to Jack, does the group’s political persuasion discredit the content of the advertisement?

  8. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    Their beliefs in no way reflect the beliefs of Casey Cagle…but I’d have to say to them “Welcome aboard” every little bit helps and we need to show Georgia the real Ralph Reed so they don’t make a huge mistake in July that would mean a loss in November.

    I feel the momentum building every day, and you Reed followers will be eating your words on July 19th.

    And Bowers, I couldnt agree with you more…the only reason Reed has made a national name for himself is through dirty campaign tactics…I have not heard any of you Reed supporters try to defend what he lead the Bush 2000 primary campaign to do to McCain in South Carolina. He accused McCain (who addopted a Child from South East Asia) of having an “African love Child” trough an affair with a black staffer. There has never in the history modern day American politcs been such a disgusting and dirty tactic used by any campaign…and Ralph Reed was 100% responsible for it, Karl Rove called him “the mastermind of the attack”, and I neraly left the Bush team to become a McCain supporter, but I knew the then Gov. Bush would not have authorized such tactics..and I was right, Ralph Reed did. And none of you Reed supporters will defend that infamous attack, and Im sure most Reed supporters will just ignore comments like these, ones that tell the truth…because they can not reasonably deffend such filth, and Reeds track record is full of it.

  9. Bill Simon says:

    Roy Moore…oh, yeahhhhh…last time I heard, he was NOT up in the polls in his race for St. Goober of Alabama. Anyone got any more recent scoop on Alabammy?

  10. Jack S says:

    this is too good. From an AJC article today: “We don’t make it a habit to lie over here,” Reed’s campaign manager replied.


    Simply amazing that they think people are this stupid.

  11. Jack S says:

    OK, here’s the challenge I think Peach Pundit should issue.

    Peach Pundit should challenge the Reed campaign to have their supposed grassroots machine come on this site. register and post that they are a reed grassroots volunteer.

    If someone will go out and knock on doors for you on a saturday, Ralph, surely they will come on a website and say i’m a proud Ralph supporter.

    Shouldn’t be hard to do at all for a huge grassroots operation with all the supposed emails and conference calls they’re doing.

    Ralph Reed is a liar. He could barely muster 100 people to show up at a Christian Coalition event. He didn’t knock on 1,000 anything. He has no grassroots support outside of a couple of dozen GOP activist wackos.

    He can easily prove otherwise. Post on Pundit, Ralph Grassroots Team That Doesn’t Exist.

  12. landman says:

    Erick,in your constant attempts to prop Ralph up,you once again miss the point.That being the negative effects of having such a negative polarizing candidate like Ralph running for a statewide office.There is no question it will hurt him but unfortunately it will hurt the whole ticket.

    Its not Cagles responsibility to once again cover for Reeds many shortcomings.

    Reed is in a box and there is no way out you reap what you sow and that is whats happening here,the unfortunate reality is that there could be some serious unwarranted collateral damage to our party as a whole.

    Ralph will never be the next Lt Gov this becomes clearer evry day.

  13. debbie0040 says:

    Cagle and these liberal groups worked in collusion with these emails and ads. Cagle is a slimy,sleezy snake that is working with these left wing groups to defeat Ralph. The truth will come to light.

    The emails were sent to GOP activists. Now how do you suppose these groups got their hands on these emails? Cagle gave them the email addresses. The State Party would not have. The local county party would not have. Now who would benefit from those ads?

    When voters see all these much hated left wing groups running ads and realize these groups see Ralph as public enemy number one, what reaction do you think they will have? It wil drive them to Reed

  14. debbie0040 says:

    Landman, you are invited to Ralph’s victory celebration July 18th.

    You are really laughable if think for a moment Cagle will win. Cagle and his negative ads are the butt of jokes now. He has no campaign strategy and no vision. He just attacks.

    Cagle is pathetic and so are you. We will see on July 18th which of us is correct.

    You might as well take a long vacation because things will be a little rough for you…

  15. debbie0040 says:

    JAck S, trust me, you will see the strength of Reed’s grassroots on July 18th. Reed has celebrity status. Everywhere he goes people want photos taken with him.

    You guys are going to have a lot of crow to eat July 18th.

    Especially the State Senators…

  16. jacewalden says:

    “Cagle is a slimy, sleezy, snake”

    Even with the alliteration, you’re still a zealot. Your only justification for Ralph is his ties to the CC. Criminality is not an issue to you as long as the guy is Religious Right. You’d probably be supporting Pat Robertson or Jerry Fallwell if they were running instead of Reed.

    Both are nuttier than squirrel turds, crazier than outhouse rats; but, that’s okay isn’t it, Debbie?

  17. debbie0040 says:

    Jace it is apparent that you have a case of constipation of the brain and diarrhea of the mouth at the same time. I supported Bush over Robertson in 1988 and have said so many times. I am not Christian Coalition and have said so many times. I have also stated many, many times why I support Reed and it has nothing to do with Christian Coalition.

    I guess your minute brain only maintains knowledge for a short time before it forgets it.

    Face it, Cagle got busted for working with left wings liberal groups against Reed. These groups tried to appear to be conservative groups. Once news breaks and word gets out about the duplicity, what do you think the voters will think? They will be angry and you know it.

  18. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    Tell us why Ralph Reed worked with left wing Democrats (by funding them with hundreds of thousandans, and with information that was used against the incumbent Republican)running against anti-gambling Republicans in Congress (ie: J.C. Watts)…I have never heard a Reed supporter defend this one, this in no way “helped us build a majority”..why did he do it??…was it possibly because he cares more about his clients and their money than the Republican party??…I think so, but knowing you, you will take the easy road and ignore this comment…because you know there is no plausible way to deffend this traitor like act (I didnt call Reed a traitor, but this act was “traitor like”)

  19. debbie0040 says:

    MR don’t even try to defend Cagle working left wing groups against a Republican candidate and giving them the emails of GOP activists.

    Let’s see proof of your accusations. I want to look at the facts in the case. I want links to the facts. I don’t believe Reed violated the privacy of anyone l ike Cagle has.

  20. SouthernConservative says:

    Jase, “turd” is spelled with an “e,” ie, “terd.” 😉

    I’m going to issue this challenge: everyone who is so full of piss, vinegar, and honestly, complete BS on this site, take off the weekend of May 27, Friday night and Saturday, no posting on this site, and knock on doors for your candidate. Report back Monday as to how many doors you knocked on. Any takers? Didn’t think so.

  21. GAWire says:

    Let’s analyze this discussion …

    From Debbie: “””Let’s see proof of your accusations. I want to look at the facts in the case.”””

    A few posts before that comment, Debbie said: “””Cagle and these liberal groups worked in collusion with these emails and ads.”””

    Since you are so adamant about proof of accusations and looking at facts, I would like to see your proof that the Cagle campaign is working “in collusion with” these groups as you say. And FYI, Deb, if they did work in collusion with a 527 group, and if there were coordinated expenditures, then that is illegal. So, you are making quite a big claim here.

    So, until you can take your own advice and direction to back up claims, we’ll just go on assuming that you don’t have the slightest clue what you are talking about, and everything you say is at best untrue. This argument is over.

  22. nfire says:

    Classic response southernconservative!! Thanks for your kindergarten spelling lesson. You are wrong, btw.

  23. debbie0040 says:

    Bill, I was in Alabama this past weekend. Bob Riley has been a good Governor and will have an easy time defeating Judge Moore. The polls are not even close. Riley even got publicity on America Idol last night.

    GAWIRE, how else would a left wing liberal group have access to GOP activists emails? You think they just magically appeared ?

    Another thing, in a different thread :

    The Busdriver
    May 17th, 2006 at 9:00 pm

    I’ll save you the eye strain that comes with trying to follow Debbie’s cut-and-paste job and just tell you that a group called Public Campaign Action Fund is running an ad on Christian and talk radio calling out Ralph Reed for his various hypocrisies.

    I don’t know about all the Cagle emails/Air America/Mother Jones conspiracy, but I try not to expend too much energy trying to process Debbie’s “down the rabbit hole

  24. Bill Simon says:


    Thank you for the update on the Riley-Moore race.

    On your latest statement regarding e-mails between “activists,” the e-mails Wire is referring to are the ones PUBLICLY RELEASED BY THE US SENATE COMMITTEE ON INDIAN AFFAIRS.

    EVERYONE has access to them! It’s not “collusion!!!”

    Are you ignorant or just plain stupid?

  25. debbie0040 says:

    Bill, I was referring to the email addresses of GOP activists that were sent emails about the ad. Why would THE US SENATE COMMITTEE ON INDIAN AFFAIRS have acess to those email addresses.

    How did those left wing groups get those addresses?

    Learn to read what I post.

  26. debbie0040 says:

    The State and local parties have those email addresses, the RNC and the candidates have those email addresses. There privacy issues. Why would they be given to those left wing groups?

  27. Jimbo says:

    I have refrained from posting for some time because I have been busy.

    I received one of those emails Debbie0040 was referring to and I am INCENSED that Cagle gave my email address to those groups. I listed my email address so I could receive GOP emails. My privacy has been violated.

    That group is very misleading. They pretend to be a conservative group not the left wing groups they are. Cagle is part of that conspiracy. When voters learn of the deception they will turn their wrath on Cagle.

    Cagle has sunk to new lows. I will not support him if he is the nominee of the party.

    As far as I am concerned, he committed treason against the GOP.

  28. larry smith says:

    I think Grassy Knoll — I mean Debbie — has done such a fine job making her own conspiracy theory look nutty that there really isn’t much I can add.

    However, I will take issue with Erick’s assertion that Cagle can be expected to exercise any control (positive or negative) over the many groups and individuals who want to see Ralph Reed lose this race.

    As far as the ad itself goes, I don’t hear anything in it that isn’t factual, unless I’m missing something.

  29. The Busdriver says:

    The AJC story indicates that the ad is running on Christian, talk, and country radio. And a brief that went out on the AP wire last night indicated the same.

    Good grief, I’m not associated with the Cagle campaign. I think you’ll be surprised to find that there’s a legion of people who despise Ralph’s actions, and 99.9% of them having no connection to the Cagle campaign. They’re just good people who know right from wrong.

  30. GAWire says:

    There are no privacy issues – they are not commercial lists. These are from voter databases, and I can go to about a hundred websites and purchase them. I bet you think the Do Not Call lists applies to political calls, too.

    Debbie, listen and learn … this information is open to the public. What Bill said about public information is correct. Political campaigns or Parties do not have any secret access – they have to get contacts and build databases just like anyone else.

    It would be best if you just stopped. You aren’t even helping your candidate. Your attempted debate only keeps the discussion going, which brings more people into say why Ralph Reed is a horrible candidate. Here’s another lesson in politics: If there is an issue that you just can’t refute and you aren’t going to win on the battlefield of public opinion, then you don’t keep arguing – you move on to something else that is positive. So, keep on discussing it if you want, but you are just giving anti-Ralph folks more ammo, and quite frankly, it’s just too easy to make you sound ignorant.

  31. larry smith says:


    1) There was not a second shooter.

    2) The moon landing really happened.

    3) Elvis is dead.

    4) It was a weather balloon, not a UFO.

    5) You’re not the victim of a conspiracy.

    Get a life. You sound like Hillary Clinton.

    Erick has tried to start a reasonable discussion about the First Amendment and what he gets is a bunch of fruits, flakes, and nuts spinning out conspiracy theories. Typical.

  32. GAWire says:

    As far as the issue as a whole, which Erick originally brought up in the post … the ad does one thing: it will keep questionable Reed supporters at home. It might not put a ton of folks in Casey’s column (although it will some), but it will keep those folks that just aren’t totally sure about Ralph due to all of the negative stuff they are hearing at home on Primary Day. Then, they will come out to vote in the General for the GOP candidate, which they wanted to support in the Primary, but weren’t sure yet. So, will it hurt Casey? No … the Cagle campaign has nothing to do with this, and just like Busdriver said above, practically everyone against Ralph is not officially associated with the Cagle Campaign – there just aren’t any conspiracies like that. Will it hurt Ralph? Absolutely, no question about it. Even though we know this group are a bunch of partisan politicos, the public hearing the ads don’t know – all they hear is the negative stuff about Ralph, thus influencing them to stay home in July.

  33. The Busdriver says:

    Debbie, you can buy email lists just like you can buy mailing lists. I’d explain the process to you in greater detail, but then I’d have to sound out all the big words for you, and like “Jimbo,” I’m toooo busy.

  34. Harry says:

    I don’t think Cagle’s fingerprints are on this; but it is interesting how Republicans can’t speak ill of another Republican but can benefit from someone else doing it.

  35. debbie0040 says:

    The county parties have not sold the list and neither has the state parties. They would not sell then to left wing liberal groups.

    Just call then and ask them. Call the Georgia GOP and the Cobb GOP and see if they sold their email lists or would have turned it over to left wing groups. There are privacy concerns.

    The email address of the person that received that email I posted is only given for GOP county, state GOP. The parties then give them out to the GOP candidates. She has another email address similar that is used for all others.

    Those lists are gleaned from mass precinct meetings and sign ups for volunteers for the GOP. The only way they would get the lists was if they were given to the left wing groups by the parties or by the candidates. Which candidate would benefit by giving them out to left wing groups?

    You guys are just grasping at straws and look very foolish.

    GAWIRE you are wrong about the reaction as usual. Voters don’t like to be fooled and hate left wing liberal groups. Once the truth comes out it will backfire against the Cagle Campaign. Voters will flock to Reed. You are foolish to think otherwise.

  36. debbie0040 says:

    GAWIRE, you forget about the fact Reed will be flooding the airwaves with ads. Voters will see those w ith Rudy, Zell, President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Newt, Sean and others praising Reed. They will also notice the fact Zell is also running ads for Sonny…

  37. larry smith says:

    Debbie, I mean Genius …

    The list you reference is posted online as an Excel spreadsheet at gagop.org.

    Get your facts straight.

  38. The Busdriver says:

    Debbie, I’ll pay for your next frontal lobotomy if Bush or Cheney cut a primary campaign TV ad for Ralph. Cheney saying, “I see my good friend Ralph Reed in the crowd today,” does not an endorsement make, and best as I can recall, Bush named both Casey and Ralph when he last came to town.

    Bush has made a concerted effort to run from the stink that is Abramoff, DeLay, Ney, Safavian, and Scanlon. Why would he vouch for Ralph, who was in league with those guys? “Now boarding Con Air flight to Scotland. Mr. Reed, please make sure your seatback is locked in its upright position . . . ”

    You’re being fed a line by Team Reed. There is no Bush/Cheney ad forthcoming.

  39. JoshA says:

    Wow, you would think conservatives would want to distance themselves from Zell now that we find out his judicial appointees are pro-gay marriage.

  40. rugby_fan says:

    No she is right, the Ga GOP would *NEVER* sell said list to “left-wing groups that voters hate” (as opposed to righ-wing groups that voters love), they give it away.

  41. Romegaguy says:

    My favorite quotes of the day…

    “You guys are just grasping at straws and look very foolish.” Yes Debbie you are.

    “Voters don’t like to be fooled …” and once voters realize they were lied to and attempted to be fooled by Ralphie, he will come in second place in the upcoming GOP primary.

  42. debbie0040 says:

    Larry, You need to put your brain in gear before you put your mouth in motion.

    What is posted on the Georgia GOP web sites is State committee members. The people I am referencing that received this email are not on that list but are members of a local county party.

    The state party gleans the emails from forms county parties turn in after mass precinct meetings and from GOP volunteers. The list is in the thousands.

    We will all know on July 18th who is right. Reed supporters or Cagle supporters.

    Cagle might as well enjoy his childish cartoons and childish humor now and keep spending his money on such things. He and his supporters willnto be laughing July 18th.

    Rugby fan, why don’t you call Paul at the Georgia GOP and ask him if they would give their email list to left wing groups? They won’t even give their lists to county parties. Pick up the phone and ask him. Go ahead. I dare you!

    Busdriver’s comments about where the ads were going to be aired have just been ignored by you guys because there is no explanation other than the fact the Cagle team worked with those left wing groups.

    Reed will run ads with Bush and Cheney and other well known GOP officials praising Ralph. Does Cagle has such footage?

    The Whitehouse and Rove are backing Reed just like they did with Saxby, behind the scenes. Follow the money trail…

  43. GAWire says:

    >>”””The only way they would get the lists was if they were given to the left wing groups by the parties or by the candidates.”””

    Sorry, you are wrong – that’s not how it works. I know you think you understand b/c you work with the local Party or something, but fact is, you’re wrong. Just stop.

    Those lists are available anywhere. As someone that is in the business, I have dozens of them, and I didn’t get a one of them from any Party organization or candidate campaign. Also, I know you think these lists are made from precinct activities like door knocking, etc, but in actuality, they are gathered, built, and stored at much higher levels. VoterVault isn’t the only place to get data.

    In response to RR flooding the airwaves, Debbie … when exactly is Ralph’s flood going to begin? I’ve been hearing about a major media buy and then also hearing that the Reed campaign can’t afford to buy spots on the weather channel. So, which is it? Also, do you know how expensive it will be to counter the anti-Ralph activity within the media? There is no amount of Sean Hannity or Zell Miller events that can combat that! Furthermore, as I have said a million times now … GWB is not going to campaign for Ralph in the Primary. I have also heard inside the beltway that Hannity is drifting away from his assistance to Ralph. I mean, who really wants to be connected to him?

    This is all you ever come back with … Sean Hannity this and Zell Miller that, blah, blah, blah! Who cares about these guys? They don’t get votes. Further, your main guy there is a Democrat. Newsflash, Deb, this is the GOP Primary!

  44. debbie0040 says:

    The email address the email was sent to is only given out to the local county party which in turn sent it to the state. I KNOW the local party did not give it to those groups. You are right I do know the way things work. That is why I am so sure that Cagle gave themm the email list. Explain away and look stupid. You can’t spin it.

    Explain how busdriver knew where the ads would be aired.

    The voter is not stupid they will know where the lists came from. They can put two plus two together…

  45. The Busdriver says:

    I don’t know why I need to keep repeating this. Again, I read about the ad in last night’s AP wire, and in the AJC story. Each story explains that the ad is running on Christian, country and talk radio. Why is that so hard to follow? It’s there for anyone to read. I don’t have any inside source or special intel. I think it also says as much on the campaignmoney.org site.

    Debbie, how many cats do you have? I’m guessing 50 or so. Just the image I’ve got in my head.

  46. Demonbeck says:

    Arguing with Debbie is like trying to argue with a parrot, “RAWK! Pretty Bird. Pretty Bird. RAWK! Pretty Bird. Pretty Bird.”

    “RAWK! Wuss Wimp Show me the facts. RAWK! Wuss Wimp Show me the facts”

  47. jacewalden says:


    Just wanted to make sure I got your attention.

    When I first read your post, I actually believed you. I though, “No one would be this damn stupid. He must have caught me on a spelling error.” Then I realized that you were full of shit, and I double-checked my spelling. It turns out, you’re a dumbass.

    TURD: A piece of excrement

    TERD: An Acronym for “Training Equipment Requirements Document”

    Just so I don’t confuse you anymore, I’ll use the word “shit” instead of the word “turd” when I describe you.

    In light of your little challenge:

    I challenge Southern Conservative to do us all a favor and remove himself from the Gene Pool. Any takers? I didn’t think so…

  48. nfire says:

    The one thing we can all take away from this thread is that ‘Turd’ is spelled with a U. I wish all ‘Debbie-rant’ threads were this productive.

    Also, I agree, 50 cats.

  49. debbie0040 says:

    Busdriver that article was not posted until today. Go read it . It says May 18th, which means in the very least, it was not posted until after midnight. Your posting was last night around 9:00 p.m. Nice try but no cigar. You guys are the ones that are looney and sore losers. Here I will refresh your memory:

    The Busdriver
    May 17th, 2006 at 9:00 pm

    I’ll save you the eye strain that comes with trying to follow Debbie’s cut-and-paste job and just tell you that a group called Public Campaign Action Fund is running an ad on Christian and talk radio calling out Ralph Reed for his various hypocrisies.

    I don’t know about all the Cagle emails/Air America/Mother Jones conspiracy, but I try not to expend too much energy trying to process Debbie’s “down the rabbit hole

  50. debbie0040 says:

    You guys can have a debate without insults. You do that thinking it will discourage anyone from disagreeing with you. You just show yoursleves to be without class or manners and you act like children in a playground. Maybe that is because at home, your wives or girlfriends bully and push you around so you try to compensate on this blog by trying to bully everyone else.

    I have a news flash for you. It won’t discourage me and I don’t believe for a minute it will discourage Southernconservative. Grow some balls at home…

  51. rugby_fan says:

    I don’t follow how the time elapsed between posts discredits the validity of the posts.

  52. rugby_fan says:

    qoutes from Debbie:

    “Grow some balls at home…”

    “Maybe that is because at home, your wives or girlfriends bully and push you around so you try to compensate on this blog by trying to bully everyone else.”

    “You’re stupid”

    It is not that they dont want people arguing with them…it is that they don’t want *you* arguing.

    PS: I welcome all challengers to my beliefs who use facts, logic, and reasoning. Not campaign talking points.

  53. Demonbeck says:

    “You guys can have a debate without insults.”

    quotes from Debbie:

    “Grow some balls at home…

  54. The Busdriver says:

    Debbie, this is Zolak, the voice in your head. I want you to pull down the aluminum foil from the windows immediately. The CIA is trying to send a transmission to the chip that the men in dark suits placed in your head. Again, transmission forthcoming, but we need you to take down the foil. Over.

  55. Romegaguy says:

    Wait a minute, I am confused.

    Is Debbie telling us to believe what we read in the ajc now?

  56. Stoneridge Group says:

    While we do not intend to speak for the Casey Cagle Campaign, it is widely known that the Stoneridge Group specifically handles the production and handling of the Casey Cagle email list, among other projects for the Cagle Campaign, at their direction.

    No one from our office turned over the email list to any such group, or in fact, to any group trying to affect this race. The Cagle campaign would not have access to the list unless we provided it to them. We have not even done this.

    Email lists are easily available for purchase from numerous list vendors. They are easy to get, believe us. We have purchased them for numerous clients. As an example, I received on a personal email address (not a public one) an email from a campaign that I never heard of the other day (Chuck Eaton, I believe). It is possible and it happens.

    We think it is surprising that some would claim that Cagle gave his list to this group (A violation of the law if the disclosure is not listed as in-kind) with absolutely no information or fact behind it.

    Obviously, folks have their own opinions of candidates. We are not trying to change any minds on this site. But the bottom line is, The Cagle campaign didn’t and wouldn’t engage in of the activity that Debbie0400 and others suggest as they do not have direct access to the list, our firm does.

    As a political consultant and lobbyist, Ralph Reed worked against numerous Republicans, event taking funding to attack republican congressmen, some vulnerable, on behalf of gambling clients. I would hardly think his campaign has an ounce of credibility when it comes to shaking a finger at anyone when it comes to attacks in campaigns.

  57. Bill Simon says:

    I got news for you folks…YOU, I, ANYONE can download e-mail addresses for the Georgia Republican State Committee and State Executive Committee.

    So, that’s one way e-mail addresses can be “obtained” by left-wing organizations. They take them off of a Website that freely gives it. DUHHHHHHHHHHHH

  58. Bill Simon says:


    By the way, your precious chairman, Anthony-Scott Hobbs, is NOT known for keeping e-mail lists confidential and private. He uses that information anyway he damn well pleases.

    AND, YOU have a tendency to encourage him in that vein. Betcha $500 that ASH turned the county list right over to Ralph.

  59. Philly says:

    Jack S and other loser Cagle supporters, I would rather have Debbie on my team than you guys any day of the week.
    She has more balls than all of you put together.

    Debbie, how about moving over here to Hall County?

    Bill, the email addresses on the Georgia GOP web site are just a few email addresses of state committee members. Debbie already addressed that. The email addresses she referenced are not on that site. They are local party members.

    Stoneridge, you have no credibility. If you are for real, then you have no idea what is done with the email list Debbie was speaking of. You are defending a client. I don’t believe for one minute that you are the Stoneridge group. If you are, post that on your web site. Really peculiar that you would attack Ralph Reed. That posting smells of something worse than you Cagle supporter’s normal bullshit.

    You Cagle supporters can easily post using that name. You just need an email address. Really pathetic attempt, Cagle supporters. It really made my day that you would go to such lengths. Debbie’s postings really much have struck a nerve.

    The emails Deb is referencing are given to candidates from the state party. They are GOP activists and I doubt very seriously that any GOP organization would have given them out or sold them to a left wing liberal group. A candidate would have if he benefited from it. Cagle himself probably did not provide then with the list. The list was probably funneled to one of you Cagle supporters and you passed it on. You Cagle people must think the average voter is stupid.

    I can’t wait to see on the news all the nice things Rudy had to say about Ralph.

  60. GAWire says:

    >>”””Stoneridge, you have no credibility”””

    So, I guess all those clients such as BC’04 and others don’t provide any credibility at all.

    You are blind to the world, friend. This conversation and debate is simply above your level of understanding. You simply lack the capacity to hear, store, and understand information on this subject in a sufficient manner. Simply put, you have no clue what you are talking about.

    Let’s all say this together one more time for the sake of redundancy …


    Trust me, political organizations retrieve these lists, and they don’t have to go to the campaigns or Parties for it. As a matter of fact, they are smart and realize that the law forbids them from collaborating expenditures with candidates or Party committees, so they have to obtain their lists from third party sources, i.e. vendors. And yes, there are companies out there where all they do is obtain and sell lists that are important to others.

    And, Philly, as far as the news from your boy Rudy’s event, keep holding your breath. As a matter of fact, you and Deb get together in Hall County and hold your breath together … until we tell you … until you hear from someone that speaks legitimately … that’s it … keep holding … no, don’t stop … keep holding … don’t worry about turning blue … don’t worry about passing out … that’s it … you’re doing great …

  61. Demonbeck says:

    I believe Ralph Reed’s campaign gave those names to the group through the name of another shadow organization so that they could go on Peach Pundit and accuse Cagle of working with left wing organizations.

    I also believe that Reed worked in cahoots with Lee Harvey Oswald and John Wilkes Booth.

    He was also to be the twelfth bomber on 9/11.

    Despite all of this, I still think you Reed supporters are being more absurd than me.

  62. caroline says:

    Good grief. You guys mean to tell me that Ralph is actually using Dick Cheney in a campaign commercial? A guy who has a 20% approval rating? A guy who elicits peals of laughter from the other 80% of the population? LOL! I guess all those pundits who talk about how Ralph would be a drag on the ticket must know what they are talking about.

  63. Romegaguy says:

    I am hoping Rudy comes out today about his continued support for gay marriage. Or maybe he can give us a lesson on adultery.

  64. Philly says:

    Demonbeck, if you bother to read other posts then you will see that is not the list we are talking about.

    I have never seen Stoneridge post on this site before so I don’t believe it was actually them. I think it was more than likely one of you Cagle guys. If it were Stoneridge, they would not bother slamming Reed they would just defend Cagle.

    If it were really Stoneridge, then they would not know if Cagle gave the list to some supporter and they in turn gave it to those groups.

    To be honest I don’t really care or not if Cagle gave them the list. I care that it is obvious there was contact between the Cagle campaign and them.

    I care that a left wing extremist group pretending to be a conservative group hates Reed so much they are running ads against him. If I were undecided that would very much sway me to Reed’s side. We will see more and more of these groups running anti Ralph ads. It will just hurt Cagle.

    I was at the Rudy fundraiser and you are wrong in your assumptions as usual GAwire.

  65. rugby_fan says:

    Quick question. Everyone says that if you criticize RR you are a CC fan. How do you know they aren’t JM or GH supporters?

  66. Bill Simon says:


    I used to be a numerology buff (back in my teen days of reading The Bermuda Triangle and other mysterious stuff). I’d like to take your recent post and expand upon it just a tad bit more, if you don’t mind:

    [Ralph Reed] was also to be the twelfth bomber on 9/11.

    Ralph Reed also believes there is something called an “Eleventh Commandment.”

    So, we have the month of September (“9”)…
    We have the 11th Commandment (“11”)…
    And, we have the “twelfth” bomber (“12”)…

    Once we find a “10” to associate with Ralph Reed, we will have the makings of, at minimum, a solid straight for a poker hand..and, if they are all the same suit, it will be a straight flush…which, of course, leads us all back to the issue of gambling, and funding opposition to oppose competitive entities of which Ralph denies he ever knew about…

    Okay…I’m going to walk my dog…my brain has really turned to mush by reading this CRAP from Debbie and Philly.

  67. debbie0040 says:

    Only a brain dead fool would believe there was no contact between the Cagle team and the left wing groups.

    I am not sure if Stoneridge posted that or not. I don’t think it is likely. I find it strange that they would bash Ralph they way the did.

    For the record, I have 4 elderly cats and two chihuahuas that think they are rottweillers. And then I have my boyfriend….

    You guys have to promise to be online July 19th so we Reed supporters can gloat. We have earned it.

    Reed has a great grassroots organization. Very organized, a lot of communication. Reed will turn his supporters out. Look at what he did in 2002.

    People saying this negative will cause voters to not turn out are crazy. Reed voters will turn out.

    Also GOP Primary voters will be very angry at the dirty tricks these left wing groups pull that hate Reed so much. They will see liberal groups running ads against Reed and become angry. Angry voters turn out..

  68. Stoneridge Group says:


    Thanks for your comment. However, you are wrong. Just because you have never seen us post, doesnt mean mean we haven’t. We have posted on this site, though rarely. We only post when we feel that folks are misrepresenting our firm or our activities as it relates to our clients, or we feel that the nature of the commentary demands a response.

    This was such a case, as a Reed supporter was indicating that our client violated state election law and by way to doing that, our firm would have to be involved.
    (Read our initial post for the reasoning.)

    Just as an aside, we weren’t slamming Ralph Reed, just pointing out the fact that he has “colluded” with less-than-savory interests (to be nice) in attacking Republicans. It is hypocritical to do it, then complain someone else does it.

    If you dont believe it’s us, that’s fine. However, you are welcome to email me at my email address located on our site. You can just click our Ad to get there.

    Jay Williams
    The Stoneridge Group

  69. Demonbeck says:


    If you weren’t such a nutbag, you would have realized that I was simply trying to show that there are multiple lists out there available for free to the public. Imagine how many lists are out there for a fee?

    If you truly believe that CC is colluding with a liberal 527 organization, then I am sure there is a room waiting just for you at that cozy little facility down in Milledgeville. (For clarity’s sake, I just called you crazy.)

    I swear to God (yes, I am swearing to God, go light a candle for me or condemn me to Hell), some of you overly religious, blind faith supporters of Ralph Reed are so over the top in your devotion to this walking Napoleon complex that I think he could impregnate your dog and kick your child in the gut and you wouldn’t even flinch while pulling that lever for him come primary time. You guys truly believe this Golden Calf is taking you to the Promised Land even though you just passed a sign saying “This Way to Gomorrah.” Ralph Reed is playing you for a fool and you’re all too stupid to notice.

    Come up with some legitimate evidence or at least some believable accusations or stop posting altogether.

  70. jacewalden says:

    Debbie & Philly & Southern Conservative:

    “It is not that they dont want people arguing with them…it is that they don’t want *you* arguing.”–Rugby Fan.

    As far as I go, I’ll let the others speak for themselves, Rugby Fan nailed it. Why would I go on a website and argue if I didn’t like arguing? But that’s just it. All the two of you are doing is arguing. Nothing you say can be backed up with logic or reason. Bottom Line, you’re typing out of your asses.

    I enjoy debate. Logical debate. (not that I don’t enjoy lambasting you morons on this site) Thus far, none of you have proven that you have the capacity to engage in logical debate. You sound like an automated answering service for the Reed campaign:

    Press “1” if Cagle is a wuss
    Press “2” if Reed is a fighter
    Press “3” if Cagle balked against Barnes
    Press “4” if Cagle did something involving an ID Bill

  71. Philly says:

    Stoneridge, read my previous posting. No one implied that you guys broke the law. I guess those GOP activist emails address just happened to pop up in the hands of those liberal groups. I stated that Cagle could have given the address he got to a supporter and they in turn gave it to those groups. No one really knows including you. Unless you are going to tell me you are all knowing.

    With all the accusations that have been made about Reed, I find it amusing that Cagle supporters get upset the way they do.

    You in the Stoneridge Group are just part of the anti Reed crowd and I am glad and I am sure others are glad to know that.

  72. Philly says:

    Jace, you guys sound the same way. Same old accusations over and over again. So just take a look in the mirror.

    You all try to explain why we would support you have a hate hard on for by saying we all drink kool aid and just blindly follow Reed and that is not so.

    I know Reed is no saint but neither is Cagle. I compared the two and came up with the conclusion that Reed could do more for Georgia and make a far better leader.

    Cagle is weak and a wuss. There is a reason you keep hearing that from different people.

    I finally made my mind up to support Reed when I saw he and Cagle in a debate. Reed looked confident, Cagle looked like a scared child…

  73. Philly says:

    Stoneridge, there are GOP activists email lists available from sources other than you. The Georgia GOP has lists . Get a grip.

  74. The Busdriver says:

    Hey, when’s Ralph’s President Bush campaign ad airing? I don’t want to miss it. I already missed the Ralph’s Cheney campaign ad.

    BTW, have you guys seen this video, ralphsgreatesthits.com? Some leftwing group pretending to be conservative stole my email address from Crate & Barrel’s wedding registry email list and sent the video to me. It’s pretty funny, and it seems to be factual, but I’m furious that my privacy has been violated. Violated, you hear me! I suspect it was Williams & Sonoma who sent it to me. They’re always hating on Crate & Barrel. I’ll get you, Williams & Sonoma!!

  75. Jimbo says:

    I find it hard to digest that the Cagle campaign did not have contact with those groups.
    Especially since busdriver mentioned things in a post that had not been publicized yet.

    I do believe Cagle or one of his supporters gave an email lists to those liberal groups. How else would they get my email address? I don’t join mailing lists except for GOP related.

    Stoneridge, nice to know your are anti Reed. I won’t be supporting any of your clients. You can not be aware of everything that goes on in a campaign. You just know you did not give that list out, but you don’t know if any of the Cagle group gave another list out or what they did.

  76. Jimbo says:

    The Busdriver, laugh now while you can. You will not be in such a jovial mood July 18th

  77. Demonbeck says:

    The difference, Philly, is that accusations made about Reed are at least backed up by evidence. Now how strong that evidence is is up for debate. We do know, however, for a fact, that Reed accepted money from a casino to stop another casino. We do know for a fact that Reed lied in the BC’04 campaign about an African love child of McCain’s. These are but two of the many questionable actions Ralph Reed has been caught performing over the past several years.

    You have no proof of any Cagle connections to this group, yet you accuse. Show us one shred of anything remotely factual backing up your claims and I will join you in calling for equal treatment.

    The fact of the matter is that you Reed supporters have continuously attempted to make mountains into molehills when it comes to the serious allegations your candidate is facing and you continuously attempt to turn molehills into mountains when it comes to any percieved (no matter how likely or possible) theory of a misdeed by Cagle.

    I will give you Reed supporters one thing. Ya’ll have active imaginations. With your ability to create conspiracy theories off the cuff, maybe on July 19th ya’ll can get together and try to reincarnate the “X-Files.”

    The truth is out there. Too bad you don’t want to hear it.

  78. landman says:

    Ralph will never be the Lt. Gov of this state, argue until your blue in the face,it will never happen.The sad part is he will tarnish the reputations of some good people who are ignorant enough to buy his spill,its sad really sad.

  79. Jimbo says:

    landman, you are living in a dream world. What are you going to do when Reed wins? You are in the state senate, are you saying you won’t support the nominee?

    Demonbeck, We Reed supporters will be celebrating and gloating over Reed’s victory.

  80. jackson says:

    I get Ralph Reeds emails…though I never signed up for it. I posted this several weeks ago, or days (I dont remember!). Did Ralph Reed steal his from the GOP when he was chairman?

    It is amazing that you guys refuse to read for content. Amazing! The stonebridge guys says he has the list, not Caset Cagle. How could Cagle give it away if he doesnt have it?

    Still, no one from the Ralph Reed campaign can explain the bad math and lying about the number of their supporters. Out of 5600 supporters, how many showe up to knock on doors? At 2 per county, that is only 25 doors per person. Hardly a grassroots machine. Debbie? Jimbo? Why wont you answer this? Where are the supporters? Did only a few show up or a lot? Either way, your “machine” looks like a grassroots dud.

  81. rugby_fan says:

    Seriously, RR supporters, I am glad you are confident, but such unbridled confidence that you say you will be gloating when he wins does not need to be said by supporters. it is assumed. And *if* he does not win…well, just wait for the humiliation.

    my $.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002

    I promise to return to lurking soon (thats more for my employer to read than anyone else).

  82. debbie0040 says:

    Jackson, you will see how effective the grassroots campaign is on July 18th.

    BTW, did you guys see the nice things Rudy had to say about Ralph?

    National media attended the event. Can’t say the same for Cagle’s events.

  83. landman says:

    Jimbo,what Im saying is your candidate is damaged goods and while I strongly feel Cagle will beat him in the Primary,if not the Dem will win the General and then Ralph could wreck the entire ticket.

    This nonsense about Cagle teaming up with a leftwing group is pure bull**** and you guys know this.The fact is this is just the beginning Im sure of whats to come from these type of groups and all this does is energize the Dems and makes it more likely that the Dems will funnel a sizeable amount of money into Georgia this year.

    Ralph was the strongest he was going to be the day he announced and he has gotten weaker ever since it will not change.Argue,spit,cuss all you want he is what he is.He is too polarizing of a figure to win in a state that is as evenly divided as Georgia.

  84. GAWire says:

    Stop for a minute, and try to do some objective analysis on how you sound. Look at who is listening to you. Think about the fodder that you are providing for your opponent. Consider the affects that your words have on your candidate. Think about what you really know, and then ask yourself: “should I really be talking about this subject that I really don’t know much about?” Then … stop. You don’t help!

    I have heard the way that the Reed campaign talks about their “supporters” on forums such as this (not to your faces, of course). They hate the fact that they have wackos defending them. While they are trying to move away from you guys, you all are out front and center giving the same ole Ralph’s a victim stuff. You keep talking about these issues, which they are trying to avoid and play down when brought up. They can’t step out the door of the campaign HQ without hearing stuff about Abramoff, et al … meanwhile, you guys can’t shut up about it. They tell you to go out and talk up Ralph, hoping that you will talk up his policy proposals, instead you go out and bring up accusations about lists relating to anti-Ralph ads, in which case the result is everyone talking about anti-Ralph ads. Next thing they know, they are apparently defending themselves on issues they don’t want to talk about b/c their crazy volunteers are arguing with people on a blog about an issue they know they can’t win. Trust me, it would be better off for everyone if you just didn’t try to argue this. You would be better off to go with the basic strategy that says you should focus on the issues you can win, rather than the one you obviously can’t.

  85. GAWire says:

    And, Demon … easy on the religious comments. Not all religious conservatives are for Ralph. In fact, most are against him. Don’t get me wrong … Team Reed has some folks that … well, let’s just say they are OUT THERE, but religious conservatives are moving over to Casey’s column in droves. Religious conservatives are tired of two faced guys like Ralph Reed thinking they can dominate them and then when he turns crooked, thinking that he has a big base of support. The audacity of Ralph Reed is amazing … not only does he unethically dupe religious conservative supporters in his activities, he does it, then lies about it, then expects them to support him. Meanwhile, he thinks getting his communications director to write for the sunday paper and getting some liberal Republicans to campaign for him is going to move him away from those people he expects to be his base.

    The clarity is shocking. I just don’t see why anyone bothers to argue against it.

  86. GAWire says:

    >>>”””National media attended the event.”””

    In light of this comment, I would like to pass on a transcript of a conversation b/t GAWire and Debbie (Disclaimer: this may or may not be from an actual conversation) …

    GAWire: That’s great, Deb … why do you think the national media attended the event? Do you think they attended to talk about what a neat candidate Ralph is?

    Deb’s response: “Well, I don’t know why they would write a story like that, GAWire, seeing that they never have before.”

    GAWire: Could it be b/c they would like to continue the media frenzy over Jack Abramoff and his clan lawbreakers?

    Deb’s response: “Wow, what an amazing thought, GAWire.”

    GAWire: (talking with a voice that one might use talking to a small child) It is indeed amazing, and correct, too. Perhaps the media showed up to learn about who else is getting themselves involved in the largest scandal in this nation since Watergate and what’s happening with the most audacious and corrupt candidate in this election cycle. Ralph gets that title, you know, since Duke Cunningham is in prison and cannot run.

    Deb’s Response: “Well, that’s just enlightening … and to think, all this time I figured the media liked Ralph Reed. I guess it makes sense why they won’t start liking him all the sudden.”

    GAWire: It does indeed make sense, Deb … glad to see that you have loosened the tin foil.

    Deb’s Response: “You bet, GAWire. Thanks for your help – you really have clarified things for me”

    GAWire: Well, Deb, when someone knows as little as you do, clarification is only a matter of sounding out words.

  87. jackson says:

    Still didnt answer the question Debbie. And you wont. You know why?

    Because it either proves (a) you dont have a grassroots group that big (low turnout) (b) you dont have an effective group (no results) or (c) you are flat out lying.

    You guys really overstepped your bounds on this one.

  88. grassrootsguy says:

    I think it is clear that Cagle’s campaign has joined the left wing groups in their vicious attempts to destroy Reed and it will backfire.

    Cagle has not little if nothing to sell himself. He is simply know as the Reed hating campaign.

    Raph’s event today was positive and about pushing forward the Republican agenda.

    Calge can only win if Reed is destroyed.

    Republicans want more than that from their candidates.

    I actually feel sorry for Cagle and the Reed haters.

    It is absolute insainity to say that Reed will not win in the fall. There is no credible Democrat running for LG. Perdue/Reed will win with a statewide effort that will crush for many years the democrat machine in Georgia. Should Cagle win, it will only insure the survival of the moderate to liberal wing of the Republican party.

  89. Demonbeck says:

    GAWire, thanks for the advice, but I didn’t say all overly religious, I said “some of you overly religious, blind faith supporters of Ralph Reed.”

    I am certain that many sane religious people have seen the light and realized that Ralph Reed is not the Second Coming. I pray for those who have not.

  90. SouthernConservative says:

    Of course my heart sank when I returned from the Rudy event today and I realized I was 93 posts behind. By the time I got to the end, I can’t figure out if I’m just flat sick of this shit, pissed off, or what. Here’s my final reflections from the Rudy event today: it wasn’t a meet and greet. There were approximately 300 people there, and RR raised somewhere well over 150k. I talked to several volunteers, not RR staff, who knocked on doors last weekend in Forsyth County, expecting alot of resistance because it was Cagle’s home stomping grounds…they didn’t knock on one door out of about 130 where someone even mentioned his name. Finally, Sean Hannity’s going to be in town next Wednesday for a meet and greet. I’m just reporting fact. I’m not saying Ralph rocks and Casey sucks, just telling what went down today.

    Now, for Jace Walden. Look, man, what I was saying to you about the spelling was a joke. I don’t hate you or anything, and I wasn’t trying to start a pissing match. But now you’ve pissed me off. I watched you run around the capitol doing your little aide thing for John Douglas, working for the committee that had to BEG one damn Senator to come to the committee dinner. Your name wasn’t associated with one piece of legislation. Your name wasn’t on one letter. I asked 7 people today from down there if they knew your name, and they’d never heard of you. You’re simply an arrogant little shit that thinks you know something because you were in ROTC at North Ga and worked one session. News Flash: you have to be in the trenches in Georgia alot longer than that to get any street cred or respect. Everyone on here knows Bill S isn’t my favorite character, but at least he’s been around and seen alot in Georgia politics.

    Jay Williams, Chuck Eaton is a Republican running in the primary for David Burgess’ PSC seat against Mark Parkman. Parkman is your man in that race. I dunno where you stand in relationship to I – Squared Communications, but Rusty’s running Eaton’s campaign.

    Philly and everyone: those lists are available all kinds of places. It’s a serious thing to accuse a credible company like Stoneridge of illegally selling lists. While I disagree with their choices of candidate, they’re a good company, and they do good work. I know them, and they wouldn’t sell a list like that.

    Finally, on a more positive note, the Braves are one up on .500. They’ve been playing great baseball!!

  91. Demonbeck says:

    “the moderate to liberal wing of the Republican party.”

    I am sure that grassrootsguy makes Rush Limbaugh look like Karl Marx. Is that truly the direction we want to take our party?

  92. rugby_fan says:

    National media attended the event. Can’t say the same for Cagle’s events.

    That helps win a statewide election doesn’t it?

    Jackson, if its true RR raised 185K today, that is *somewhat* effective, and 300 people showed up.

    Although, 300 for RG seems kinda low.

  93. Bill Simon says:

    Ummm…grassroots? Let me know what that “Republican agenda” is, would ya? ‘Cause, neither Bush, nor Congress seems to know what that is.

  94. SouthernConservative says:

    Bill and I agree on something!!!! I actually finally went out and removed my “W” sticker from my truck last week. If we can come up with a true Republican agenda, reckon they’d listen to us?

  95. Sandy Brothers says:

    The idea that religious conservatives are moving to Cagle in “droves” is rediculous, at least as far as I can tell in my part of the state where I am organizing grass roots support among people of faith.

    There are about three idiots in my area who support Cagle. Most in my church clearly support Reed and we have an active group of Christians who are working for Reed. We are not nuts, but support a pro family and values agenda and appreciate the work that Reed has done for the cause.

    We are aware that like most political figures, Reed is not perfect, but we really don’t care if he used gambling money to stop gambling. He has shown that he is committed to Republican principles and he is effective.

    I am like many others in that it is appalling to see the attacks that are being leveled against him by his Republican opponent. I would expect this from the Democrats but not from a Republican.

    I think many are turned off by the negative campaigning and I believe this will hurt Cagle in the end.

  96. SouthernConservative says:

    Just because a communist group PAID J 93.3 to run their crock ads against Ralph doesn’t mean that Christians are supporting Cagle in droves. Mike Stiles has gotten slammed with calls today demanding that the ads be taken down.

  97. jackson says:

    Why are you saying Cagle is the only one negative campaigning? Reed has done dozens of press releases attacking Cagle. What gives?

    And will someone please tell me why 1000 doors knocked on in 20 counties is a big deal? It shows they dont have the troops or they are totally inefficient or they are lying all together.

    I think they are flat out lying because not even Debbie dare respond to this out of fear she may reveal more about the Reed lies.

    So far we have 100 (in some county) and another 130 in forsyth. That leaves 770 doors in 18 counties. Where are they? Where are they? Where are they?

  98. SouthernConservative says:

    Maybe you’re not getting answered because, unlike you Cagle staffers, Reed’s folks are out beating the pavement, rather than useless blogging 😀

  99. gopdoc says:

    Hey jackson. What’s the big deal with you and knocking on doors? There are about 60 days until the primary and I am talking to all my associates about Reed. I know he has a pretty good effort going on here in middle Georgia through several large churches that between them probably have 8000 members.

    Even our pastor is praising Reed for his work for the Christian Coalition.

  100. jackson says:

    “What’s the big deal with you and knocking on doors?” Uhhhh…I dont know if you have been following, but the Reed campaign is flat our lying about their support.

    The big deal is they said, “We knocked on 1000 doors in 20 counties last weekend” (this was in the paper) as a defense to why they are not using the internet to campaign. I dont care how they campaign, but the numbers dont add up.

    Either they had a seriously low turnout of volunteers (they say they have over 6000 activists) or their volunteers only went out for about an hour becuase there are not that many homes if you break it up into 20 counties. which is fine by mean, but dont bust on Casey Cagle for being “innefficeint”).

    They pulled the numbers out of their butt, like they do the grassroots activists number, and I am not going to stop talking about it because it is obvious they are not telling the truth. The fact is, as much as I have talked about it STILL NO ANSWER as to why the numbers dont add up.

  101. IntheArena says:

    Jackson, Sorry the numbers won’t ‘add up’. The grassroots folks aren’t committed to getting online after knocking, and subsequently reporting their progress. Clearly, they don’t create a statistical log for a critic’s evaluation. Odds are, the majority of these volunteers don’t use political blogs in the first place — they aren’t junkies; simply concerned activists. That’s why they’re grassroots.

  102. jackson says:

    My point is there ARE NOT 6000 VOLUNTEERS. If there were, why could you only get 50 to show up at your door knocking day? That is less than 1%.

    Oh, you had more show up, you say? Well then why did they only knock on 1000 doors?

    I dont care about them coming online. If you are going to talk about the fact you ahve sooooo many volunteers (twice as many as Ralph Reed claimed as head of the GAGOP) then why arent they showing up? And if they are, why are the so inefficient, only knocking on 10 or 20 doors?

  103. bowersville says:

    I hope you are not slamming the ROTC program at NGCSU.
    Fact, out side of WEST POINT, NGCSU is the largest source of Army military officers. Fact, NGCSU has the largest Army ROTC program in the nation. Fact, NGCSU, ROTC Army officers are well recieved by the West Pointers. Fact, former NGCSU ROTC Army military officers are serving for your freedom of speech, all over the world, including one that I personnaly know in Iraq and Afghanistan, Does that make them arrogant shits, by God I hope so.

  104. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Debbie, for your info the entire state committee list, which I am a member, was available online at gagop.org. In fact anyone could download the membership in excel format or pdf. Unfortunately or fortunately, the Party has overhauled the state website and the info is no longer available.

    My point is that anyone could get that info. You make a baseless allegation against Cagle.

    Contrary to your whining, your man has a long history or misusing his membership list, setting up bogus entities and manipulating people for whatever end he desired.

  105. jacewalden says:




    Where do I begin? You’re right. I only served one session. You’re right. Our committee dinner wasn’t exactly one of the biggest. And you’re right. I haven’t been “out there in the trenches”. And you’re right. I am pretty arrogant.

    But trust me, I never claimed to have any “street cred”. All I claim is reason and logic–not even you can say that I haven’t argued my points of view from anything but. (except for my post blasting you). In fact, I have said more than once, on this blog, that I am not that politically saavy.

    I have news for you. I have a lot of respect for the guys who have been out there for a while, whether I agree with them or not. And you, whoever you are…you are one of those guys who has obviously “been there”. You’ve been in the trenches…you’ve paid your dues. Well, here’s my advice:

    I don’t know what you “paid” for your dues…but you should probably get your money back.

    Because, and like I said this is just my opinion, you obviously haven’t learned a damn thing. Now…since you hide behind a psuedonym, I can’t really say anything specific about you. But you need to face the facts:

    Blogging, hell the internet in general, is the future of political discourse and debate. With about 1 Billion people worldwide who have internet access, you’re going to have to learn to deal with people who, as you say, haven’t been out there. Because, whether you like it or not, we’re not going away.

    If you don’t agree with my views. That’s your perogative. But I gaurantee there are at least one or two on here who do–and that’s without the “street cred” as you so aptly describe what I lack.

    But I don’t need “street cred” to debate you. You have street cred. I have common sense. Let’s call it even shall we? So, from now on, you go of your “street cred”, and I’ll go off what actually matters–logic and reason.

    You obviously haven’t done your homework on me either. My name was on two pieces of legislation. And if you call Senator Douglas, he’ll tell you about the other legislation that I influenced. Granted…it’s just a couple of license plate bills…nothing big. Just license plates that honor the Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom veterans–

    But then again, you not “doing your homework” is something I have come to accept as normal. Have a great evening.

  106. jacewalden says:

    And by the way…Southern”Conservative”

    Bringing up stuff about my personal life…kind of pathetic. Isn’t that the same stuff you condemn us Cagle supporters for supposedly doing to Reed?

    Just so you’ll know, I’m proud to have graduated from a Senior Military College. I’m proud that on my graduation day, I accepted a commission as an Infantry Officer.

    I am also proud to have served with Senator John Douglas during the legislative session–one of only four Freshman Senators to be given a committee chair his first year in office. He is a man of character and integrity. And although you may think that I am not–please don’t associate your personal hatred of me to Senator Douglas in any way.

    And finally, I’m also proud to not hide under a pseudonym like you. I’m proud of what I have done for Georgia…even if it isn’t much, it’s a start. But you…what are you hiding from?

  107. bowersville says:

    I am behind a pseudonym, however Jace is not. He has issued you a challenge, “Lay out your entrenched credentials and credability!”

  108. jacewalden says:

    Not really a challenge…

    I have no doubt that SC is probably someone of considerable experience. I’ll take his word for that.

    The point I’m trying to make is that experience isn’t everything. I don’t care if he’s been in Georgia politics all of his life…it’s his inability to argue rationally that concerns me.

    What also concerns me is how quickly he brought up stuff about my personal life…stuff he obviously had to research…and tried to attack me with it.

    Like commissioning into the infantry from NGA is a bad thing…

    Like working for Douglas was a bad thing…

    The only point he made that I will definately admit fault in, is that I am one arrogant son of a bitch.

    But…if you look at his record of postings, I think him to say that is hypocritical…TRUE, but hypocritical.

    I may not know who SouthernConservative is…and I could really care less. Because if he is is trying to put Ralph Reed in charge of anything “Georgian” then he is risking destroying his “record” as a fighter for Georgia.

  109. the problem with people like SC is that they’re f***ing morons. jacewalden, if you think that people like SC can be dealt with rationally, then you’re not too bright either.

    the people of georgia have been betrayed by the establishment-those who have been in the trenches so long that they’ve gotten shell shock from it.

    jacewalden, you are naive. but you can change that.

    SC, you are a douchebag. unfortunately something that cannot be fixed.

  110. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    Debbie, what makes you think the President would (1. enorse a candidate in a Republican primary, and (2. Take a costly political move by backing Ralph Reed, a man who was very very close with Jack Abramoff. Im willing to bet some big money you wont see a Bush or Cheney endorsement (even if Ralph makes it past July)..and just because Rudy’s comming down to get some pictures and raise some money dosn’t mean he will star in adds for him…and I really would even question if Zell will either, he backed Reed last July ( and as a Reed supporter back then, I was there when he and Hannity were at the Gallaria) but the atmosphere is much differnt now, and Zell would get such a bad image by starring in Reed Comercials at this point..Im not putting it behind him, but I doubt it.

  111. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    Yehh..that would be amazing if Karl Rove would do an event for Reed, I can just see the headlines now…trust me, they dont look good.

  112. bowersville says:

    Jace for his own reasons may except your experience, he speaks for himself. However, I do not except his evaluation of you, please post your credentials and entrenched experience. I am behind a psuedonym because I am not entrenched and I’m a nobody, just a voter. Are you a nobody?

  113. landman says:

    Jace,dont let Southern Conservative get to you I know who he is and most people that claim to be connected like he does,spend more on breakfast than he does on those sack suits he wears around,is it Sears or S&K, Southern?You probably got one of the free tix to the Rudy event didnt you? 185k yea right,I had four tickets sent to me at no charge and Im a Cagle guy,makes one wander about the true number,probably about 50k.

    Reality check….Rudy will never be your POTUS and Ralph will never be your Lt.Gov

  114. jacewalden says:


    I would argue that the average voter is the most important person that comes on this site. Because in the end, the voter is the only one who matters.


    Here are the accolades of your YEARS of trench warfare:

    –One republican governor
    –Four years of republican majority in legislature

    So…you’re either mediocre, or lucky.

    Don’t screw up the ONE good thing that you paying your dues in the trenches has earned or lucked by putting Ralph Reed in charge of anything “Georgian”.

  115. SouthernConservative says:

    Jace – first of all, my apologies. I got a little wound up, as you can see, and I think I responded wrongly. I’m sure you can understand my consternation upon being referred to as “shit,” etc. You don’t know me apart from my ghost personality on here, therefore it got a rise out of me. Secondly, I do have to say this: you, landman, and Bill Simon can’t get onto anyone for throwing personal insults (or was that Jack S?); your personally vitriolic treatment of Debbie, quackbag though she may seem, is at least equal to any of the things that I said.

    Now, in reference to NGCSU – no, I do not condemn them. On the contrary, I view them with great respect, and a bit of envy, truth be told. If I was not physically hampered because of being legally blind, I’d love to join you in the military. You’re to be commended for your service to our country.

    I don’t hate you, nor do I in any way disrespect Senator Douglas. He’s a fine man who served our country, and his action on the Jane Fonda resolution alone makes him a hometown hero in my book.

    In sum, my accusations, or perhaps the way I communicated them, were in error. My apologies. Now, I’m tired of having to scroll down to this thread. Let’s carry it up to “Ralph and Rudy.”

  116. SouthernConservative says:

    Dammit. I reckon that means we’re sticking to this thread.

    I gotta ask this: it sounds to me like you’re trying to dispute the fact that Ralph Reed or his work down here is “Georgian.” Am I reading you right?

  117. Jack S says:

    Still no response from the reed morons: tell me one thing that is not true in the radio ad and prove you have more than 100 people who are really supporting ralph by having them post on pp their name and city.

    They can’t because the ad is 100 percent true and the grassroots army is a lie.

  118. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Jace, I have noticed the same thing. Anytime they do not liek what you say, they will attack you personally while hiding behind a screenname. I find it humorous.

  119. bowersville says:

    It is early here. We have had thunderstorms, they woke me up. Now I’m watching the sun come up on the horizon. Jace & Southern Conservative have moved on. With due respect to both, lets do the same.

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