No more “World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party”

You can no longer use the term “World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” to describe the UGA-UF football game. I suppose nobody can stop you, but according to this article:

CBS Sports, ESPN and Jefferson Pilot were contacted by SEC commissioner Mike Slive in January asking them to consider dropping the use of the slogan during the Oct. 28 game.

“We would appreciate any initiatives you might take to avoid using the cocktail party reference. This is a great college football game which highlights a traditional rivalry full of the passion of football in the southeast. Our hope is to keep the focus on the game,” Slive wrote in a letter to Mike Aresco, vice president of programming for CBS Sports.

You party animals can blame Mike Adams for all this:

Chuck Toney, a spokesman for Georgia, said university president Michael Adams had contacted the SEC about the issue.

“We don’t like the phrase. We don’t use the phrase. We would prefer that nobody use the phrase,” Toney said Tuesday.


  1. Mike says:

    Adams is such a jackhole. I think he intentionally tries to tick off alumni on a regular basis. Kinda reminds me of when Campbell changed the name of Stewart Ave. to Metro. I’m sure that Adams brilliant plan will be just as effective.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Man, the more often UGA students/alumni can get drunk off their ass and act like complete fools, the more entertainment the rest of the world enjoys.

  3. jacewalden says:

    Nothing but “Political [in]Correctness” run amok.

    You should all read “Muzzled” by Michael Smerconish. If you think this is bad, wait till you read some of the examples of PC Bullshit that he offers up.

  4. Mike says:

    This kind of PC BS just plain ticks me off. We’re turning in to a society of pansies. By the way a proud drunken game day alumnus, I am happy to continue providing entertainment for the masses.

  5. Jack S says:

    When will adams just admit that he hates athletics and wants uga to drop all that “foolishness” so we can focus on building the adams college of nerds?

    He wants to end all the things that make uga special to feed his obnoxious ego.

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