Isakson on Immigration

Isakson is making a move on the immigration issue.   

From Congressional Quarterly

Senate Rejects Plan to Delay Legalization, Guest Worker Provisions

    The Senate today rejected the first attempt to block or delay a temporary guest worker program and a path to earned citizenship for most of the 11 million to 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States.
    An amendment by Georgia Republican Johnny Isakson, defeated 40-55, would have required the Homeland Security Department to certify that U.S. borders are secure and new detention facilities are fully operational before the guest worker and legalization programs could take effect.
    Eighteen Republicans voted against the Isakson amendment, while seven Democrats voted for it.


  1. John Konop says:


    I am not trying to be critical, yet the number Bear Stearns uses is 20mm illegal immigrants.The reason I am making this point is the open boarder& guest worker supporters have in the past, as well as now ,always under estimate the number.You cannot solve a problem if you lie to yourself about the facts.We must demand integrity in the numbers no matter what the issue. This type of deception is why we problem with national debt,trade debt…….. We are told the Drug bill,No Child Left Behind…. will cost X and it ends up being out of control. This is what will happen with the immigration guest worker bill, if we do not demand real numbers and solutions.

    May 2, 2006 — CNN’s Lou Dobbs has been one of the most vehement critics of illegal immigration and launches a nightly broadside against the United States’ “broken borders” on the cable network.

    A day after nationwide protests, which included massive rallies in Chicago, Los Angeles and Denver, and a boycott that shut down or partially closed companies like Goya, Cargill and Tyson, Dobbs said the country needed fewer illegal immigrants.

    There are currently about 11 million undocumented or illegal immigrants in the United States — 70 percent of whom are from Mexico, according to an analysis of government data by the Pew Hispanic Center. However, the investment firm Bear Stearns estimates that there are 20 million illegal immigrants. That is a number Dobbs cites often.

    On Monday, Dobbs wrote a scathing online commentary in which he charged that “radical elements” were taking over the immigration movement. He accused Juan Jose Gutierrez — who has appeared on Dobbs’ show several times — of having ties to the leftist group, A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism).

    “I think that there are definitely, particularly in Southern California and a couple other parts of the country, a radical, leftist element that has chosen to move forward with the boycott,” Dobbs said on “Good Morning America.”

    “The selection of May 1 as the date for the demonstration, International Workers Day, a leftist commemorative day, is an unfortunate choice.”

    Gutierrez said the May 1 date was merely a coincidence, picked to make the biggest impact on Congress.

    “We’re contemplating the congressional legislative calendar that basically was telling us … that we have midterm elections coming up in June,” he said.

    The protesters are trying to squelch a bill that would make illegal immigrants felons, something Dobbs said he did not support.

  2. Mojo says:

    Isakson’s attempted amendment offer only one thing: obstacles for immigrants and it reeks of nativist prejudice. He is attempting to insert a requirement that some vague goal is met before immigrants are even given the chance to pursue full legal citizenship. It sounds like a poll tax to me. I think that Isakson’s ultimate goal is to make it almost impossible for these people to become citizens. Many Americans, like Isakson and Chambliss, are happy to see Latinos cut their grass, wash their dishes and clothes and serve them their 20 oz. Porterhouse, but they don’t want to see them in their church or see them in their elite clubs and, they certainly don’t want to see them voting at the polls. Republicans like Isakson are so short sighted. At current trends Latinos will outnumber every other ethnic group in this country within thirty to forty years, and with their strong adherence to their Catholic faith they make a formidable social conservative voting bloc, but, I dare say, they’d never vote for the people that tried to keep their families from enjoying the status as citizens of this nation. Can you hear Howard Dean screaming, “YEEEEAWWW.”

  3. SouthernConservative says:

    Methinks Congressman – want – to – be Konop has far too much time on his hands, 62 days out from the primary…

  4. Skeptical says:

    But I’m sure it wouldn’t be prudent to point out that Isakson voted for the current budget that eliminated all funding for border patrols (thereby making our borders secure), would it?

    So now he’s for something that he voted against? Doesn’t that make him a flip-flopper?

  5. debbie0040 says:

    MOJO, don’t even try that racism crap. It is not racist to expect the immigration laws to be followed. It is not racist to expect immigrants to be able to substain themselves and not be reliant on tax payer funded government services.

    It is a privilage to migrate to this country, not a right!!

    It IS racist to require immigrants from Europe, Asia and Africa to follow the immirgation laws and let those illegals from Mexico, Central and South America skate by without following the laws.

    I am very proud of Sen. Isakson and Sen. Chambliss for standing their ground and fighting
    against superior odds. IE: The Whitehouse and the majority of GOP members of the Senate.
    They should be congratulated.

  6. Bull Moose says:

    Having just run for the Senate, I think that Isakson is a little more in touch with this issue than our President and his insulated staff.

    Isakson is right on, we need to secure our borders FIRST and FOREMOST before we do anything else, or we’re going to be overwhelmed with illegal aliens coming into this country.

    Keep up the good fight Johnny!

  7. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    That ammendment sounds great to me..but the Senate is a little to moderate to approve such measures

  8. Bill Simon says:

    I’d like to be on record here: F*ck the President and his dumbass, half-assed ideas on ANYTHING. His “political capital” is on “E” for Empty.

  9. RiverRat says:

    yawn. It all sounds like grandstanding to me. The irony is that Reid wanted to limit the number of amendments in this debate – and the amendments are dividing the other party, while providing a few Democrats up for re-election the opportunity to appear more maverick, moderate, or even conservative. (Stabenow, Byrd, and Nelson).

  10. Rusty says:

    Bill Simon,
    That’s what the rest of us have been saying for five-and-a-half years. His latest foray into immigration reform was strikingly Jimmy Carter-like, in a “let’s try to please everybody and end up pleasing nobody” sort of way.

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