1. Bill Simon says:

    If at least one life was saved from a teen party that these teens may have attended, that might have taken place somewhere else with alcohol involved, yeah, I guess $30,000 was worth it.

    After all, isn’t it important that we spend as much money as possible saving our children, Jase? Whether it’s “saving them” by indoctrinating them into the state religion or saving them from a potential traffic accident, we must all turn to spending our excess tax dollars in any way we can to protect the children of Georgia, right?

    You’re not anti-children, are you, Jase? 😉

  2. flamingmoderate says:

    I hate to sound insensitive…but half of these kids are probably going to grow up to be a burden on society. Who cares if a few of them are weeded out of the gene pool?

  3. Hey the more time Perdue’s administration spends on party planning, the less they can spend on governing. Sounds like a win-win for the state, especially if the Sheriff’s paid for it!

  4. Demonbeck says:

    The more time Sheriff’s spend planning party’s the less they spend calling me in the middle of dinner asking me for money.

  5. Mojo says:

    So, the implication is that Perdue used $30,000 of state funds for a phot-op? Another example of Republican fiscal conservatism.

  6. Mojo says:

    That has to be the worst justification ever provided my Bill Simon. Hey, my son attended a neo-nazi rally rather than his high school prom. National Socialism saved my son’s life. All heil the gilded osprey!

  7. Bill Simon says:

    Mojo, apparently, you neither watch The Daily Show nor The Colbert Report…but, like most Dems, tongue-in-cheek satire escapes you.

  8. Mojo says:

    Bill Simon,

    Sadly, I do watch both shows and I do understand satire, but I don’t believe that your comments were satire. Why? Most satire is outrageous and exagerrated. Your comments were not. Methinks thou speakest from the heart.

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