Cathy Cox Hits the Air

From the tipline:

The first television ad for Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Cathy Cox began running Monday. The ad was shot on a porch in Bainbridge, Cox’s hometown. Cox, who is Georgia’s secretary of state, is the last major candidate for governor to start broadcasting TV ads. In her folksy, 30-second spot, Cox, wearing khaki slacks and a blue blouse, sits in a rocking chair and proclaims, “Everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed.


  1. Dan says:

    Am I right in saying that this is the first campaign commercial for Governor where the candidate speaks? Just thought that would be noteworthy if true.

    Up on YouTube:

  2. GAPeach says:

    This commercial will appeal to the soccer mom voters in the ‘burbs who want to be assured that their future is bright without doing any research on the issues. For everyone else, it’s pretty useless.

  3. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    It must not be runnig as often as Taylor and Perdue b/c I saw theirs a lot today, and I still havent seen hers.

  4. Mojo says:

    When did Cathy Cox find the time to film this commercial with all her time being spent surfing wikipedia?

  5. atlantaman says:

    I think her ad is a better General Election spot then primary spot. I just don’t know how well “Good Ole Boy folksy” ads will play with Dem Primary Voters in Dekalb County and Atlanta. Especially from someone who is going to be tied to a bad Confederate flag vote.

    Most of you have heard Atlanta’s new theme song, that’s what the experts believe plays well around here. In my opinion, Taylor gets it right having Andy Young doing the speaking for him.

  6. partycrasher says:

    Boring to me as well though I was glad to spared any obvious pandering. Haven’t noticed however too many gubernatorial adds in recent memory that reflected any meaty “research on the issues.”

  7. truerblue says:

    I think that the Cox ad that hit on Monday was more or less an introduction. As far as her “folksy” appearance that’s who she is, as her short message states. She has a vision for ALL folks and does not belittle people by referring to them as “the little guy”, like Mark Taylor’s voice overs on his “previously used” ads. I think we will see more ads from her addressing important issues in the near future. I think she made history in this campaign by being the first gubernatorial candidate to speak for herself. In reference to Mojo’s comment regarding wikipedia……maybe this is like the fire at Mark Taylor’s office……an inside job?

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