Al Franken, I hardly knew ye.

Air America is losing it’s Atlanta affiliate:

Air America, the liberal talk radio network featuring the likes of Al Franken and Randi Rhodes, might be losing its Atlanta affiliate next month, when bakery magnate Joe Weber takes over the AM/1690 signal. Weber, who purchased 1690 for $12 million, told Buzz that he’s planning to move his eclectic music station at AM/1160 to 1690 because it has a better signal, especially at night. He’s negotiating with Air America to lease airtime on 1160. Atlanta-based Air America President Jon Sinton said the syndicate is pondering options.


  1. Mojo says:

    Why is that the entry leads in with the statement that Air America IS losing its Atlanta affiliate, but the source it quotes states that Air America MIGHT be losing its Atlanta affiliate? Are we jumping the gun?

  2. buzzbrockway says:

    Re-read the post Mojo. The guy who bought the station is changing the format. That means they’re losing their Atlanta affiliate.

    I’m sure Peach Pundit has more readers that Air America has listeners. 😉

  3. Skeptical says:

    He bought it because it has a better signal??? Is he on crack? Get two inches outside the Perimeter and it’s gone. It’s far easier to stream over the internet and has a huge following here in GA, but you go ahead and flatter your ego all you want Buzz.

  4. Skeptical, I drove to NC to pick up some furniture and was able to listen to Al Franken (the main show I listen to on AA) until I got past Jackson County, which is close to the edge of the Atlanta Media Market anyway.

    Air Atlanta’s owners have been steadily increasing the power of the signal (now we know why!) since they bought it. That said, you’re right, you can listen to most of the programs online and the locally produced content could probably be ported to podcasting, if they can’t find another affiliate.

  5. atlantaman says:

    I think everyone knew Air America was going to be a disaster from the beginning. There are far more people in this country that identify themselves as Conservatives versus liberals. There is just no market for something like that outside of the Northeast and California.

    It’s the same reason you’ll never hear Hillary or anyone else fighting it out in the Dem Primary identify themselves as a Liberal (except for Nader of course). Think about it, the term is so taboo that it won’t even be mentioned in a Primary.

  6. Skeptical says:

    Chris, it must get better reception going north. I barely make it outside the perimeter on my way home and its gone.

    And atlantaman: liberal, liberal, liberal. I’m not just a liberal – I’m a flaming liberal and pretty damn proud of it. There’s nothing wrong with the word. Show me where you get your info that there are “far more people in this country that identify themselves as Conservatives versus liberals”. Everyone I talk to lately always seems to be apologizing for being a CONservative.

  7. GAWire says:

    >>”””Show me where you get your info that there are “far more people in this country that identify themselves as Conservatives versus liberals”””

    How about: every poll ever taken on the subject?

    Not to say that there isn’t a sizable market for liberal listeners … it just ain’t in Georgia.

    And, Skeptical, this … “I’m not just a liberal – I’m a flaming liberal and pretty damn proud of it” … explains A LOT!

  8. atlantaman says:

    Oh come on now. It’s commonly accepted that far more folks identify themselves as Conservative versus Liberal. I can’t name a specific poll, but have seen countless ones over the years. But don’t take my word for it, take your own Party’s word for it. How many prominent Democrats identify themselves as liberals? How many possible Presidential candidates identify themselves as Liberal? You won’t find any, because they want to be elected and have seen extensive polling on the matter. For every one prominent Dem uses the “L” word I’ll find you 10 Republicans who call themselves Conservatives.

    As a matter of fact Conservative is such a popular term that you have folks calling themselves Conservatives that aren’t really Conservative. We’ve got a lot of people in Congress and in the White House that are becoming pretend Conservatives in my eyes.

    I don’t know any true Conservatives who are apologizing for their political philosophy, but I know a lot of Conservatives who are very frustrated with our elected officials.

    That is the problem with you liberals. Instead of owning up to the fact that you have a PR problem, you deny one exists.

  9. GTdem says:

    1. Anyone who can, or does, describe their entire political philosophy with a single word, be it ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’ should take some time to consider their positions more carefully before debating.

    2. Please refrain from using unnamed poles or sources. The summarizations you use may be correct, but there is no way for anyone to check, so it is essentially a worthless statement.

  10. caroline says:

    Yes, more people do identify as “conservative” for the past 25 years or so but that trend is changing. “Liberal” and “conservative” fall in and out of favor.

    One thing to consider, is that GA is behind the times politically with the rest of the country. Most of the south is “behind the times” so to say.

  11. atlantaman says:

    1. Calling someone a Conservative or Liberal is no more describing an entire political philosophy then calling yourself a Republican or Democrat – GTdem (you might want to change your monniker). It’s simply a way for individuals to describe which end of the political spectrum they come from. According to you and your deeply philosophical statement it would be impossible for anyone to use descriptions such as shy, intelligent, or funny as they would be too shallow and one dimensional.

    2. My statement was not about a unamed poll it was about common sense. You don’t need to state a poll if it’s obvious. Since you dispute my post then name one Democrat who is running for President who would use the term Liberal to describe their political philosophy. I sure don’t see Hillary going around telling folks about her Liberal philosophy. Can’t wait to see who you come up with – Ralph Nader and Jesse Jackson don’t count.

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