Winners and Losers

I watch the Georgia Gang at 9am on Sundays. One day I hope to be on there. In the meantime, we should start our own Sunday “Winners & Losers


  1. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    I totally agree with the winners and loosers for this week. However, I dont think that Cathy Cox will be able to recover if Mark Taylor really plays up the flag issue…Black people in Gergia make up nearly 60% of the Georgia Democratic Party. The black vote will be the deciding factor in that primary, and Mark has done more to court them all the while being appealing to the others..even Republicans. I agree we as Republicans are going to have to step it up.

  2. GAWire says:

    Let’s make sure we distinguish the fact that the winners and losers are for the week (I know you did, Erick, but I am just clarifying again), because even though people are talking about Taylor’s ads right now, that will pass, and leave Cox in a position to receive more buzz closer to Primary Day.

    As you all know, everything in campaign politics is cyclical, thus it can often be like a roller coaster of ups and downs until ED. The key is timing – to makes sure you are the one that is further up, the closest to Election Day.

    With that nonsense being said – I do agree that Taylor has been receiving the buzz lately on the Dem side. I also agree that his ads are much better than Sonny’s. Further, Cox has not proven to be as good of a political operater as Taylor. She is attractive, soft spoken, etc … that’s what we want in our mothers – not Governor. Taylor is fat, ugly, and a bafoon, but he will beat Cathy any day on the political battlefield (at least up to this point).

    They are essentially in a dead heat. Their numbers against Sonny at this point are meaningless. Don’t underestimate Taylor … he might be fat, ugly, and liberal, but he’s a political machine and a viable opponent for both Cox and Sonny.

    With that being said … not trying to contradict myself, but neither have a chance to beat Sonny in November. That doesn’t mean we should underestimate them or not consider them tough opponents, but there will NOT be a Democrat in the Governor’s Mansion after November.

  3. Erick says:

    GAWire, I agree. At this vantage point, it is hard to see a Democrat beating Sonny. I think, strategically, perhaps the Dems should have thrown all the their chips into beating Sonny instead of spreading themselves thin by impossibly trying to take back the General Assembly too.

    Sonny can be beaten — just ask GHW Bush, who had a 95% approval rating in 1991. But, I don’t think he can be beaten if all things state consistent.

  4. Bill Simon says:

    GAWire Sez: “[Cathy Cox] is attractive, soft spoken, etc … that’s what we want in our mothers – not Governor”

    Note to anyone else reading this thread: “We” really don’t have a choice as to what our mothers are like.

    As for Governor, people can choose who they want. And, everyone has different likes and dislikes. And, GAWire, while he sometimes appears to be speaking logically, isn’t, in my opinion, correct in his thoughts in this case.

  5. georgia grrl says:

    oh please. no one beyond readers of this site is paying attention to the race this early on.

    the taylor ads are not that great. it looks like he’s selling kleenex or something. people want ads where they can actually see and hear the candidate himself. he can’t hide behind babies for long.

  6. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    Georgia Grrl, this early on?? the primary is in just a little over 2 may be one of those people who cares somewhat about politics..but this is not too early to discuss this stuff..and I assure you there are more people that care about the Governor’s race beyond the readers of this site.

  7. RiverRat says:

    “Beautiful Cathy with the knock out voice”

    ummmm…. I always thought her voice sounded like she was going through puberty. I’m just sayin.

    Demi Moore has a knock out voice. Cathy with a C sounds like a screech owl.

  8. RiverRat says:

    Also, its worth checking out Shipp’s latest column:

    If the Democratic primary for governor were a football game, Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor’s team would be leading 10-0 near the end of the second quarter. Cathy Cox’s team would have fumbled at least twice and not even rolled up a first down.


  9. GAWire says:

    Bill, I thinked I used the term “we” inappropriately, i.e. “what WE want …”

    I should have said “the majority of voters (according to research data) do not want a Governor who is soft-spoken, etc”.

    You are correct – we don’t have a choice what our mothers are like. And, yes, voters (i.e. we) can choose who we want in a Governor, and the majority will not elect Cathy Cox over Sonny. There is a good chance she could beat Taylor, but I don’t think its already decided by any means.

    The point of what I was saying, and I am speaking logically here, is that voters will elect a political machine (whether an obvious one or not) against a soft-spoken woman in more cases than not – at least that is what the past and current data has taught us. If this were not the case, we would have seen Hillary Clinton embrace her role as a wife/first lady long ago, rather than going after the pit bull Senator role.

  10. Romegaguy says:

    Maybe in Cathy’s first tv ad she can tell voters how she was getting rid of the good ol’ boy system by using her first vote as a state rep to vote for Tom Murphy as Speaker….

    By the time Cathy FINALLY gets up on the air, she will be lost in the crowd of Reed, Cagle, Stephens, Handel, Black, Kemp, Martin, Perdue, Hecht, Reddy, Etc tv ads.

  11. georgia grrl says:

    GA Wire, are you still playing the women can’t be leaders card? its just tired at this point. find other “research data” to hide your mysoginist views behind.

    romegaguy, cathy was actually up before you even posted.

  12. Melb says:

    Everytime I have heard Cox speak she is anything but soft-spoken, she may have a overplayed deep southern accent, but she is usually yelling in a little too loud manner trying to get people excited, though more than a few times she has creeped people out in a howard dean type of way. I agree with Romega, by the time her ads are out, it will be lost in the crowd. She had steam at the beginning of her campaign, but now it is just seeming to pan out for her and the steam is behind Taylor now. I have been canvassing for a while now and when I meet a Democrat and I talk about Taylor they say “he is the big guy, right” and I say “yes” and they say well we are voting for him.

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