1. Schaefer is clearly worried that even in a Republican leaning district her nuttiness will catch up to her and a conservative Democratic like Carol can beat her.

  2. GetReal says:


    You say you’re a Libertarian. If you lived in Senate District 50, who would you vote for?

  3. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    There are several state Senators Id like to see a residsncy challange placed on them..(i.e. Steve Thompson).He uses his office adress as his home adress so he can run in his district that he dosnt live in. After he voted against the HOPE Chest Amendment, and agaisnt Senate Bill 86 to protect property owners rights and fight Eminent Domain…he needs to go, his district voted 53% for Bush last time and there is no excuse for him to still have that seat, it’s time a Republican jumped up and took the seat from under him..but I guess we’ll have to wait till 2008 because filings already done and over with.

  4. MR08, in District 33:
    Bush 50.65%
    Kerry 48.74%
    Other: 0.61%

    Meanwhile, Cleland got 52%, Barnes, Taylor and Thurmond all received 57% and Cox got 64%.

    Thompson got 60% in 2004, which doesn’t appear to be inconsistent with what a Georgia Democrat receives in that district. The Republican Party would put all of thier money into this district if it were up to me, but I think wiser heads will prevail and they’ll spend elsewhere where their chances are better.

  5. JaseLP says:


    I’d probably write-in a name. Based on what I’ve read on both of these candidates, I’m not real fond of either of them.

  6. I compiled those stats myself from the official election returns for every precinct. I modelled my own groundbreaking formula to allocate early/absentee votes to the precincts where the voters actually live.

  7. bowersville says:

    I have been holding back, waiting on your comments, but to no avail. I vote in the 50th for senate and the 29th for house. Do I vote for the single deminsion “Morality Police” or do i write-in or vote for the democrat.

  8. MrGOPJr says:

    I have relatives in the 50th Senate and 29th House. The ones I have talked to plan to split their ticket and stick with the incumbents: Nancy Schaefer for Senate and Alan Powell for House. Both have been responsive to their concerns.

  9. jsm says:

    Carol Jackson is no conservative. She has a lot of people fooled. If you check out her voting record, you’ll see she voted with the liberal Black Caucus a whole lot.

  10. MrGOPJr says:

    I agree about Jackson being no conservative. According to a January article in the White County News-Telegraph, she claims that she is a “very conservative” Democrat in the model of Zell Miller. If I am not mistaken, Zell supported Nancy Schaefer in the last election.

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