Messages in my Ear

A little bird has just informed me that Team Reed has just made a considerable media buy for June/July.

I’ve been out of happenings in the state for a little while, so perhaps it’s not new/big news, and I don’t know what the details are, but I’m just relaying what I hear …


  1. rugby_fan says:

    Am I mistaken in saying that Cathy Cox *still* has not bought any ads?

    Perhaps Bill Shipp was right…she is not ready for prime time! Get it?

    But seriously… has she?

  2. gopdoc says:

    And Reed is not through with fundraising. I am looking forward to the Giuliani event next wee are we are planning a big event for him with prominent members of the GA medical community.

    I am ready for the TV campaign so that Reed can strike back at the hypocrite Cagle.

  3. GAWire says:

    Here’s the thing about RR and fundraising – he has already hit up his big donors – the folks that would be at the guiliani event. that event will not be that big. last i heard, RSVPs were so low that they considered cancelling.

    I also heard that not only did they save all they could, but they put it all in media. Rudy better raise a lot, b/c as I understand it, the Reed campaign is in the red.

    HHHMMM, I wonder the ethics would be of putting personal money made by Ralph into the campaign. Let’s see what that chain would look like:

    Money started with native americans > they gamble it away to indian casinos > casinos pay Abramoff to lobby > Abramoff pays Ralph to hold off his people > money goes to RR firm > money goes to RR personal payroll acct > money is donated to RR LG campaign.

    Anybody see anything wrong with that?

  4. bowersville says:

    The big event with Rudy has turned into a “meet & greet?” In the red? Interesting turn of events based on previous posts today under other topics. Ethical? No one has ever accused Reed of that. Should he put the money from the tribes into the campaign? Yes. He will be broke and out of a job when this is over and will have no clout & no money to keep retaining a criminal defense attorney. Wonder what the DNC will kick up under the open records request they have pending for Reed’s White House visits? While I am at it, I have just one other question for the Reed people, when will Zell endorse you, will it be before or after the primary?

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