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Both Democrats, realizing the angst out there on the issue say that they too could support the immigration bill signed by Governor Perdue, after winding through the General Assembly.

Democratic gubernatorial candidates Cathy Cox and Mark Taylor say they would have signed Georgia’s sweeping immigration legislation, a stance that puts them at odds with many members of their own party on one of the most heated topics to emerge at the Capitol this year.

Cox said Thursday she would have signed the legislation “reluctantly.


  1. Jeff Emanuel says:

    It’s amazing what an 80% issue will do to blur party lines.

    Also, I love how the Dems’ main objection to 529 was that it was a “federal” issue, so the state couldn’t and shouldn’t do ANYTHING about it. Last I checked, kidnapping was a federal issue too…perhaps the Dems in state government would prefer ordering local law enforcement to completely ignore kidnappers who cross state lines into GA, since it’s “federal” and not “state”?

  2. caroline says:

    Immigration really is a federal responsibility. Since GA doesn’t have a border with Mexico, it seems kind of silly for us to be having this discussion. Afterall, is Sonny now going to go to his main campaign contributors (poultry processors) and start arresting their workers? I seriously doubt it. This whole thing is just a “self esteem booster” and a “feel goodism” to a select group of people. After all, it’s easier to scapegoat than actually have some postiive policies.

    I’m not a GA native but I used to brag about this state. Now, we look like a bunch of fundamentalist whack jobs with all the legislation Gov. hee haw is putting forth. BAH!

  3. Melb says:

    Unlike kidnapping which should be delt with on a national and a state level – which is a violent crime and completely different than immigration, immigration is an issue that should only be delt with at the national level. This is because immigration laws need to be uniform throughout the entire U.S. and just like both Dem candidates said it is just a bandaid, it will more likely than not just keep a segment of our population in the shadows/poverty/underground economy, it will not prevent them from coming here. States like Georgia can’t fix the border problem either, which is the biggest issue. So a big bravo to all those in the Republican ranks that yet again beat up on those who are less fortunate than themselves and shame on all candidates for Governor saying one thing and then deciding to sign in the end.

  4. Melb says:

    Also I know for a fact that Sonny has been desperately going around to Latino groups trying to find someone that agrees with SB 529 so that he can look like he stands with immigrants, but he is not doing so well. I guess they aren’t good enough to work here, but a vote for Sonny, well that changes everything!!

  5. UGAMatthew says:

    I don’t buy the line about Immigration being restricted to the federal arena. Granted, when immigrants cross the border, they are entering into the US, but they are also entering into a state. And it’s that state who sees the many stresses of overly crowded immigrant populations. The state and LOCAL communities must deal with over-populated schools on a daily basis. The state and LOCAL government must deal overcrowded housing and so on…

    I most certainly agree that this issue MUST MUST MUST be of National priority and we should take sweeping, uniform measures to help protect the border. However, protecting the border, the national prerogative, and addressing imigrant populations within the state are two different issues. The latter, something the state most certainly concern itself with.

  6. RiverRat says:

    I think an interesting point is missing from the immigration debate. I’m not certain entirely what to make of it, but check this out from the latest Rasmussen:

    Seventy-one percent (71%) of Georgia voters believe that existing immigration laws should be enforced and the border controlled before additional reforms are considered. Fifty-nine percent (59%) believe that the goal of immigration policy should be to welcome everyone who is not a national security threat, criminal, or welfare seeker…

    Sixty-four percent (64%) of Georgia Republicans favor the welcoming policy as a goal for immigration reform. Just 45% of Democrats in the state share that view.

    I think whatever happens on a federal level with the current bill will have much more effect than anything local. I suspect that the bill Sonny signed will simply lose him hispanic business support. The other factor that is missed in the “80% of the state wants the issue addressed” is that 76% of the state supports a worker program. This issue is more complex than some want to admit – and the voters are not as one-sided as they are portrayed.

    Since this post is also about the Cox/Taylor race, and the Rasmussen poll has Cox/Taylor/Perdue numbers, I’ll just mention that the numbers in that poll are prior to the whole Morton Brilliant fiasco. I’d suspect Cox’s numbers are down after that.

  7. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    When Taylor kicked off his Campaign at Georgia State back in December, a reporter asked “Lt. Governor Taylor, if you were Governor would you prevent Illegal Immigrants from recieving the HOPE Schalarship”…Taylor’s response “Immigration is a National issue, and the federal government needs to secure our borders”. Talk about dancing around the question, that quote alone makes me wonder if he would as Governor have really singned the Illegal Immigration bill.

  8. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    And Cathy Cox has the full support of Rep. Pedro Marin (D-Duluth)..he was the equivalent to the House as Sam Zamaripa (D-Atlanta) was to the Senate in terms of opposing the Illegal Immigration Bill…If this issue was of major importance to him, why would he back a candidate that claims to be for it?? Something’s not right behindd the scenes.

  9. Melb says:

    Not to say anything bad about Pedro Marin, but Zamarripa and him are not equals. Zamarripa was much more involved in the immigration debate. He spoke at every rally, went to debates, etc.. I never saw Pedro there. I was at the Taylor press release as well and the person who was asking the question was being rude and persistent. He was trying to change the topic of what Taylor was talking about. Not that I want Taylor to sign that bill, but I would never doubt that he would do what he says he will.

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