Kingston’s Office Gets Immigration

Chris Simcox had a sit down with the Congressman’s staff to talk about how serious a problem we have on our hands. Who is Chris Simcox? Click here and read all about it.


  1. John Konop says:


    You might want to take note how Tom Tancredo and Chris Simcox tie CAFTA,NAFTA… to the illegal immgration problem.

    Hostile reception

    Humanitarian group that saves immigrant lives in the desert finds Boulder audience less than welcoming
    by Daniel Boniface

    Stopping the immigration at the border is just phase one of the problem, Tancredo and the Minutemen say.

    “The other thing you must do is to go after employers—that’s creating the demand side of this equation,” says Tancredo. “It’s the employer that’s holding out this job to people who are here illegally.”

    The Minutemen agree wholeheartedly:

    “We have a government that’s picking and choosing which laws they’re going to enforce. That’s a recipe for anarchy,” charges Simcox.

    He says things like NAFTA, CAFTA and the FTAA, along with not holding employers accountable for hiring non-citizens, promotes the problem. Hiring an undocumented immigrant is a class-five felony, punishable by five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. A mandatory Social Security verification program for every employee hired is another step toward solving the problem, he says, but he fears this problem won’t be addressed.

    “Our federal government is in bed with multi-national corporations, and they are more beholding to big business, making profits on the back of slave labor, and that’s just not acceptable,” Simcox says.

    Both Tancredo and the Minutemen support a guest-worker program and say that if there are more options for immigrants to come here legally, the problem could be solved. But the Minutemen say it shouldn’t come at the expense of the taxpayers.

  2. midtowndem says:

    In 2004, USA Today dubbed Kingston “One of the most partisan Republicans in the House,” That same year, the National Journal proclaimed, based on Congressional voting records, that Kingston was literally the most conservative Representative in the House.

    In 1997, Kingston co-sponsored the resolution that lead to the impeachment of then-president Bill Clinton.

    Kingston apologized earlier this year for calling anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan a “nutcase” and “beatnick.”

    Just an all around nasty guy.

  3. Demonbeck says:

    Yeah, voting record equals nasty. Give me a break.

    Hey Midtown, your partisanship is showing.

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