Casey Cagle: Georgia’s Lieutenant Governor Primary, Part 2

Jeff Emanuel is back (as promised) with an article about Sen. Cagle:

Cagle cites the need to “create more economic opportunities for Georgia,” but always takes care to point out that “government does not create jobs, but does create the infrastructure for jobs and businesses to be successful.”  On the subject of education, he stresses the need to remove the “bureacracy that ties hands of every teacher and administrator in our schools, and to allow them to work for what’s best for each child.” He has taken a hard line on illegal immigration and on law-enforcement, voting for Georgia’s landmark Security and Immigration Compliance Act, and repeating the favorite quote that “America is a nation of immigrants and we have always welcomed new citizens to our shores.

However, there is a right way and wrong way to become an American, and we cannot as a state allow large numbers of individuals to flagrantly violate our laws.” He repeatedly vows also to “continue to protect Georgia family values,” citing his “record of 12 years that holds true” to this claim, including receiving the “highest ratings from Georgia Right to Life (he co-sponsored the Pharmacist Protection Act and the Women’s Right to Know Bill, among others), the Christian Coalition,” and other organizations.


  1. gopdoc says:

    Very benign article. It has no meaning. Cagle is one of the biggest hypocrites to come on the political stage in Georgia in a long time. For a year he has blasted Reed, though Reed has been charged with no crime, let alone been called to testify in anything having to do with Abramoff.

    Then we find out that Cagle broke Georgia campaign finance laws by puffing his $100,000 in a day fundraising prowess, when in reality he did not have the money in hand when he reported it.

    Then we find out Cagle’s staffer messed with Reed’s Wikipedia article. Though Cathy Cox fired a staffer for doing this kind of dirty tricks to Taylor, Cagle’s campaign brags about doing it and nothing has happened to the dirty trickster who works for Cagle.

    Then we find out Cagle gave a $1,000 political campaign contribution to Democrat Taylor because he felt intimidated. Come to find out, both Taylor and Senate President Pro Tem Eric Johnson deny that any intimidation was involved. Seems Cagle is both weak and a liar.

    Cagle is a fake conservative and a hypocrite. He has already had his best days in this campaign. Reed may not be a choirboy, but at least he has done what he has done as a business man. Cagle, an elected official, has missed critical votes, including votes on eminent domain.

    Cagle cannot be trusted with this high office. We have seen what he is made of and it stinks of hypocrisy. Reed, on the other hand, has worked for a Republican majority in this state and in our nation. I trust the endorsement of national leaders like Zell Miller, Sean Hannity, and Rudy Giuliani who know the real Reed and are not afraid to support his campaign.

    Cagle tried to fool Georgia Republicans, but he will not get away with it.

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    Bill, If that wasnt Debbie it was someone very close to her (lol).
    GOPDOC (or Debbie), You have the audacity to call Casey Cagle a hypocrite?? How bout you “Read about Reed” before you shoot your mouth off. Ralph Reed claimed to help build the Republican Majorities in both the U.S, and in Georgia..but to serve his clients to his best ability and please his buddy Jack Abramoff, he willingly funelled information and supplies to Democratic candidates that were running against Republican Congressmen who were agianst gambaling (ie: J.C. Watts). He also back in 2004 praised the President’s ideas on immigration, and now opposes them…Now, please tell me who is the hypocrite again??
    As for Wikipedia, The Cox campaign may have got in trouble for placing Taylor’s family matters on his Wikipedia bio..which was a blow below the belt and Cox rightfuly fired her campaign manager over it. The Cagle campaign (if Reed’s allegations are true) had altered Reed’s wikipedia bio to un-cover the multitude of scandals the man has been involved in throughout his life…thats on the record issues, and the Cagle Campaign has every right to use Wikipedia to warn the voters about Ralph Reed..after all, everything on there was true. And Reed can easily add to Cagle’s, as long as it is on the record..Im fine with it.
    The Reed people do have a point, Casey should have been forth coming about why he contributed to the Taylor for Lt. Governor campaingn…If he’d had just said he liked Taylor and donated to his campaign, id be happy. I dont blame him one bit for donating $1,000 to Taylor..the man has been a pretty good Lt. Governor..and Id much rather have him as Lt. Governor over Skandalakis, Stancil, and Reed.
    Ralph Reed can bring in all the national help he wants, he’s going to need it…but Id rather have a Lt. Governor with the trust and support of his collegues than national figures (whom I respect none the less). You could make the case that we should have trusted Goevrnor Barnes because Zell Miller endorsed him, and Zell was among those who knew him best…I like Zell, but his endorsements do not control the way I vote.
    Im pretty sure (GOPDOC) is Debbie, because you have the same talking points as her..I mean identical. I guess she figures her credibility was shot, so she needed a new identity to fool us. But if this is Debbie, I wonder why you in previous posts keep refering to us as Cagleites and insult our intellegence…I wonder what (Debbie) thinks of Sens: Chip Rogers, Judson Hill, John Wiles, Rep. Earl Erhart and Sheriff Neil Warren. Are they dumb Cagleites too…because there behind Cagle. I figure that’d mean somethig to you seeing as how you love to drop names of endorsements to make your candiadate look good.

  3. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    But despite our differences, I like Debbie…and I wish her a Happy Mother’s Day!!

  4. Bill B. says:

    Does Cagle even have a Wikipedia listing…he’s a nobody? Unless his campaign staff made additions to it for him, he’s just a fence sitter who has done nothing but help the democrats both with his votes and contributions.

    Wonder if we will get a special mother’s day message from the man “raised by a single mom” yada yada yada? Or will he appear as an extra in one of Taylor’s commercials? My bet is he’s already pooped in his diaper cause we all smell the negative stink to his campaign.

  5. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    Ohh my gosh, that last comment had to be the most immature thing Ive ever heard..where do I begin?

    . 1. Cagle does have a Wikipedia bio, you are free to look at it…but seeing as how you are obviously one of those Reed supporters that think Reed is the next big thing and you don’t take the time to read about the other candidates…so Im not suprised that you havent looked him up on wikipedia.

    . “he’s a fence sitter that has done nothing but help the democrats with votes and contributions”…nothing could be further from the truth, Cagle is the most Conservative state Senator (all his collegues agree), you think this “Mark Taylor contribution”is some big scandalyoure wrong…Id much rather him have donated to Taylor than Skandalakis, and lets talk about Ralph Reed who contributed to Democratic candidates for Congress that were running agaisnt anti-gambaling Republicans, one of which was the opponent of Fmr. Congressman J.C. Watts (R-Oklahoma)…It shows that he will do the unthinkable to help his clients, so dont try to accuse Cagle of doing things that Reed not only has done…but took it the extra mile.

    . Casey Cagle has a great woman for a mother, she raised him as a single parent..and that is a big deal. The man came from hardly nothing to a candidate for Lt. Governor at the age of 40, and whats better is unlike his opponent he came so far in a clean and honest manner. Cagle has compassion towards those single mothers whose ex-husbands are dead beats and dont pay child support…while Reed only has compassion for those that will pay $5,000 to get a picture with Rudy Guliani.

    . Casey is strongly behind Governor Perdue (the man that fired Ralph Reed as Georgia GOP Chair) to accuse him of backing Taylor is so far-fetched its not even funny….If you want to post a comment and be taken seriously, have some substance and for God’s Sake some intellegence…or else you just look like a pathetic and ignorant Reed supporter like you really are.


    billb/gopdoc, whoever you are, you are ignorant and need to stay on the sideline where you belong.

  7. Bill B. says:

    The first entry in wikipedia for Cagle is August 16, 2005. It did not include the phrase you used but was added later that “he is the most conservative senator.” He’s not!

    The Cagle campaign has been the single most negative campaign in the history of Georgia politics. And it’s all his words and his people doing it. You don’t build yourself up by tearing others down. I wish his single mom had taught him this or perhaps he could listen to God in the fake church photos in his brochure and discover that truth.

    You don’t build our party by giving to the democrats either. And then not being willing to own up to the truth of the donation. Come on….

    And thanks for your kind words about me being pathetic and ignorant. Obviously you’re a staffer in the Cagle campaign and operate in attack mode 24/7. I am proud that Ralph has taken the high road for over a year and talked about his vision, plans, and dreams for Georgia. It’s a stark contrast: cagle is negative and full of hate while Ralph is positive and showing true leadership.

  8. Jack S says:

    Yeah, you’re taking the high road there Bill. Fake church? talking about momma?

    I hear there’s a state institution down near Milledgeville that help people like you suffering for severe dimentia.

  9. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    Bill, the single most negative campaign in Georgia history (since Ive been living here) was Mitch Skandalakis in 1998 and his run against Mr. Day and then agaist Lt. Governor Taylor…and who was the “behind the scenes backbone” of that negative, dirty and nasty campaign??? Well, it was a fellow by the name of Ralph Reed, ever heard of him? And would you plese remind me, what is Mitch Scandalakis up to these days??

  10. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    And Bill B. explain to me how donating thousands of dollars and funneling information to Democratic candidates for congress that were running against Anti-gambling Republicans has helped build our party??

    By dontating thousands to the opponent of J.C. Watts, one of the most dynamic conservatives of our time is supposed to help our part? I think not…

    So lets way this, $1000 to Mark Taylor (who was running against a Republican who was corupt from head to toe, or donating thousandS..thats plural by all accounts, to Democrats running for Congress agaisnt Republicans like J.C. Watts….hmmm, which one hurts the Republican party more, I wonder??

    I’ll give you one thing, Reed is the most loyal man I know, he will do anything for his clients ANYTHING

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