Konop and the Minutemen

John Konop is running against Tom Price for Congress in the Republican primary. Konop has had for a while a press release on his website with the headline “Minuteman Project Founder Endorses John Konop.


  1. John Konop says:


    Dave Heppler introduced my campaign to Jim Gilchrist a couple months ago, after he (Dave) had endorsed us. Contrary to Erick’s blog diary, neither Jim Gilchrist nor any of his staff has ever contacted us with any objection to Dave Heppler’s endorsement or anything related to it. If they had an objection, why did they choose me to host their Atlanta caravan stop last night? Ask any of the nearly 300 people at the event how positively Gilchrist and the other Minutemen spoke of my campaign.

    Once again, Erick is trying to move the conversation away from what’s important, the issues. He will not address the three questions I have posed:

    Why did Tom Price vote for the bloated Transportation and Energy bills—while gas prices continue to soar?

    Why does Tom Price propose doubling unnecessary work visas (H.R. 3938)—while 1 million American IT workers are looking for jobs?

    Why does Tom Price recommend we compete with Communist China by gutting our regulations, reducing our tax structure, and downgrading our legal system (is he seriously suggesting we should match the Chinese dictatorship in these areas?

  2. http://www.voic.us/danablankenhorn/838/lou_dobbs_republican_john_konop

    This could be an interesting race. I called Konop a “Lou Dobbs Republican” in hopes of drawing attention to him.

    But this is a straight fight between a “new grassroots” candidate and a “Chamber Republican,” held (as it should be) in a solidly Republican district.

    Right now, Price would dust Konop. I fully expect him to.

    But once voters get into a voting booth, you can never tell. This is a good year to wait before making any predictions.

  3. DTK says:

    “This could be an interesting race.”

    With $4,928 in the bank as of the last filing period, Konop does not have the ability to make things interesting. It’s hard to topple an incumbant congressman, especially when the other guy has $1,035,356 cash on hand.

    Seriously though, can anyone point out a race where a protectionist has unseated a free trader, especially in a GOP primary where trade was one of the defining issues? As much bluster as the protectionists create, their track record in elections the past 15 years or so is horrendous. Buchananism is dead, despite what John Konop thinks.

  4. John Konop says:


    One of the father’s of free enterprise was Adam Smith. He warned that monopolies destroying free enterprise. This is not about free trade, it is about monopolies buying off politicians to get access to overseas slave labor. If you are a capitalist you might want to educate yourself on what you believe.Adam Smith wrote The Wealth of Nations a well respected book on free enterprise economics.Thanks jk

    Adam Smith
    Smith was one of those 18th century Scottish moral philosophers whose impulses led to our modern day theories; his work marks the breakthrough of an evolutionary approach which has progressively displaced the stationary Aristotelian view.

    § “A monopoly granted either to an individual or to a trading company has the same effect as a secret in trade or manufactures. The monopolists, by keeping the market constantly understocked, by never fully supplying the effectual demand, sell their commodities much above the natural price, and raise their emoluments, whether they consist in wages or profit, greatly above their natural rate.” (vol. I, bk. I, ch. 7.)
    § “People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices. It is impossible indeed to prevent such meetings by any law which either could be executed, or would be consistent with liberty and justice.” (vol. I, bk. I, ch. 10.)

  5. BB says:


    Who is the “Minuteman Founder”? Answer Jim Gilchrist. Your headline on the press release posted on your site and at The Southern Party of GA site, “Minuteman Founder endorses John Konop”. That is a blatant lie.

    According to the political director for MMP, Gilchrist is not endorsing any candidates. But he is supporting any that are endorsed by Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo — Tancredo endorsed Congressman Tom Price; see the letter at http://www.tomprice.com. If you have a letter from the only MMP Founder, Jim Gilchrist, endorsing your futile candidacy, post it. Otherwise you have been exposed yet again.

    The truth will set you free John…try it sometime.

  6. DTK says:

    Mr. Konop,

    You already know that I’m up on my studies on capitalism; it is me, afterall, who schooled you on free market economics on jasonpye.com. If you’d like a refresher course, go back and see what “Karl” said.

    Or better yet, quit blogging and go raise some money.

  7. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    So I guess we can streatch the truth on John Knop and say “John Knop likes the idea of higher inflation”..does that sound fair, I didnt think so. So why would you claim the honorable Congressman Tom Price “wants us to match the Communist China Dictatorship in economic areas”…simply because the man is pro-free trade, just like President Bush and Zell Miller and the majority of the nation. Why do you lie??? If you cant win on the facts than why resort to lieing, you’ll be lucky to get 3% in the vote no matter what you do. You can not use connections to justify a false claim for an endorsement (to put it in perspective) thats like Congressman Tom Price thinking because Congressman Tancredo endorsed him and since the MMP has endorsed Tancredo then basicly the MMP has endorsed Price…you cant do that.
    Also, Im not one who favors buying political office (thats why I get mad at Debbie for claimimg Reed has more funds than Cagle and therefore will win) but you can not expect to get anywhere with $4,000. You cant even run a succsessful State House race on that kind of money. You have NO political expierence, you lie, and you waste yor time on blogs like this designed for us activist…how can anyone take you as a serious candidate for U.S. Congress. Im not worried because I know the right man will win this race, and he’ll win with over 95% of the vote atleast…If you want to waste your time and money..go right ahead!

  8. John Konop says:


    You might want to explain why Tom Tancredo wrote this about Tom Price’s vote on CAFTA via immigration. By the way ask anyone at the event Jim and Ed from MMP ask everyone to vote for me.
    CAFTA’s big secret

    By Lou Dobbs, CNN, June 30, 2005

    DOBBS: Coming up next here, CAFTA’s big secret. Why critics of this so- called free trade agreement say CAFTA will only add to this country’s immigration crisis. That’s right, immigration crisis….

    CAFTA articles: Amnesty for trade cheats, by Congressman Charles Norwood, June 17, 2005

    CAFTA’s big secret, by Lou Dobbs, CNN, June 30, 2005

    CAFTA: Ideology vs. national interests, by By Patrick J. Buchanan, WorldNetDaily.com, July 27, 2005

    There goes the neighborhood, by Phyllis Spivey, NewsWithViews.com, July 22, 2005

    Does CAFTA include a visa?, by Rob Sanchez, July 11, 2005

    Will CAFTA Affect Immigration to the United States from Central America?, by NumbersUSA.com

    CAFTA Squeaks by Senate, By Tiniest Margin Ever for Trade Bill in History

    CAFTA: Exporting American Jobs & Industry, by William Norman Grigg, The New American, published on StopTheFTAA.org, April 18, 2005

    Keystone to Convergence, by William Norman Grigg, The New American, published on StopCAFTA.org, April 18, 2005

    U.S. Blocked Release of CAFTA Reports, by Assosiated Press, June 29, 2005

    CAFTA undermines immigration laws, by Tom Tancredo, NCTimes.com, July 17, 2005
    DOBBS: The controversial Central American Free Trade Agreement is expected to go before the full House of Representatives in July. President Bush says CAFTA will open up new markets for American companies. Critics say CAFTA will kill American jobs. They also point to 1,000 pages of international law that is included in the CAFTA agreement, 1,000 pages. The United States would have to follow those laws if CAFTA were to become law in this country. And there’s a good reason why it should not.

    Lisa Sylvester reports from Washington.


    LISA SYLVESTER, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): CAFTA is much more than a trade agreement. If it passes, it would become the highest law of the land, determining rules from health care, to zoning, to immigration.

    Current federal, state and local laws could be called into question.

    LORI WALLACH, PUBLIC CITIZEN: Any violation of 1,000 pages of international law imposed on us is taken to an international tribunal, not U.S. courts, where if the U.S. does not conform its law, we face perpetual trade sanctions. It’s a huge attack on our sovereignty and our democracy.

    SYLVESTER: If a local community passed a law to limit urban sprawl, it could be challenged under CAFTA by a foreign investor who wants to build. States with buy American laws that give preference to local companies could be asked to reverse those laws. Even U.S. immigration laws and visa requirements could be considered a violation under CAFTA.

    Any company wishing to come into the United States, and either start a business or complete a contract, can bring their employees in from the country of origin. Even if our visa system is — or even if our visa quota is full.

    SYLVESTER: The U.S. trade representative’s office points to a side agreement to CAFTA that excludes immigration. But Congressman Tom Tancredo said the side agreements from the North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico have not been worth the paper they’re written on.

    REP. TOM TANCREDO, (R) COLORADO: Scores of them have been ignored. Because they’re not part of the agreement. That’s why it’s called a side agreement. And because they’re not part of the agreement, they have no legal bearing.

    SYLVESTER: Supporters of CAFTA say it will open up Central American markets to U.S. companies and lead to lower prices for consumers. But critics are urging lawmakers to look at the fine print, because they may be giving away far more than they’re getting.


    SYLVESTER: 28 governors initially committed to CAFTA, but nine of those states withdrew their support because of the concerns they had with these non-trade issues included in CAFTA — Lou.

    DOBBS: Lisa, thank you very much. Lisa Sylvester reporting from Washington.

    Well, it seems Vice President Dick Cheney isn’t aware of those back-door immigration provisions in the CAFTA agreement. During a radio interview today, Vice President Cheney explained why he believes CAFTA would help solve another critical issue that faces this country, and is worthy of being our quote of the day. Vice President Cheney said, quote, “One of our big problems these days is illegal immigration. A certain amount of it is coming out of those Central American countries. The best way to counter that is to make certain that they have the opportunity to grow and develop their own economies, so they’re folks will stay at home and can find decent jobs there instead of trying to come to the United States illegally.”

    Yes, CAFTA would let them come here, but not illegally.

  9. John Konop says:


    You seem more worried then me about my finances.Yet once again like Tom Price, you will not answer the original questions just change topics.By the way, I guess Tom Price is not being straight with the district ,when he is asking for money because he said & wrote that he has a viable opposition in the party.In the business world Tom would have to give the donors their money back due to misrepresentation. So which is it, is he falling in the polls or falsely taking peoples money?

  10. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    Well isnt that nice of him to consider you a “viable” opponent. That sounds like a compliment to me, if you think he’s lieing so be it..I think he’s shown you more respect than youve shown him, and deffinatley more than a lieing ass hole like you deserves. Im sorry for the use of the language but you are really getting on my nerves…Ive never seen a candidate for public office insult a voter in his resepctive district the way you have done. Sure I havent been as nice as I can be to you, but Im standing up for a good friend of mine and a good Congressman that you keep lieing about for political gain. I dont give a darn what your funds are, but if you dont..maybe thats why you are the way you are “weird”. I dont know what you consider the “original question to be”..but I dont think Im changing the subject by pointing out your lies and how un-qualified you are to be a Congressman…lucky for us you never will be, you couldnt even win against Steve Stinton if you some how miraculously got the chance.

  11. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    It sounds to me like you are racist towards latino americans, why make immigration the SOLE issue of your “campaign”. There are many important issues on the floor, but to answer the original question (and don’t go miscostruing what I say as what Congressman Price says, because Im sure he is a little to the right of me on this one.
    I think we need to secure the borders with all means necessary, but you can not deport all 11million illegal immigrants,that simply wont work. I think the best opption is to atleast get them paying taxes rather than being pariscites off us taxpayers..the way we do that is offer them citizenship (with a hefty fine) if they do not accept deport them. These people are not all here to take advantage of the system, many are here to provide a better life for their children and families…so long as they pay taxes like the rest of us..I have no problem with them being there. I respect the efforts of the MMP, but you and I both know that the majority of their members are radical anti-immigrationist, so is Tom Tancredo (yet even he is endorsing Tom Price who in your mind is some how “pro-illegal immigration”). and I am proud that my State Senator (Chip Rogers)pushed forward the legislation reguarding illegal immigrants this past year.

    Mr. Konop, Latino Americans are a hard working group of people, most of them are devout Catholics and very family oriented..they seek a better life for their families just like all of us here in the U.S. do, yes some come here illeagaly because they dont want to wait on the waiting list that could take up to 11yrs to move to America….still what they did is not right. However, I am more conserned about the ones who cross the borders to smuggle drugs and the very real possibility that Al-Qaida could send members across the Rio Grande, if they arnt already doing so. But if we were to snap our fingers and all illeagal immigrants would magically disapear, our economy would crash…the answer to this problem will be a complex and comprehensive mesure. And we dont need people like you in congress who out of racism will act as hurdles to finding a solution. I am very proud of the work Senator Chambliss, Senator Isakson, and Congressman Price are doing in Washington, and I cant think of any one who could be a better representative of the 6th District than Congressman Price. I was a big supporter in 2004, and while I think he is a shoe in this time..I’ll be glad to offer him a little bit of my time and money to send him back to D.C. I can assure you, no matter what somebody says to him…he will never insult a constituent the way you have to me and other commentators. You may in your own fantasy world consider your self to be a “Lou Dobbs Republican” but he is far better than you and you lack the class and decency to be a public official. I think Ive said my piece, your campaign is not worth another word from me.

  12. John Konop says:


    Now you throw out the race card.I am not surprised coming from a person attacking a couple for having problem’s with having kids for political gain.Once again you would not answer to the original question in the post defending Tom Price’s voting record.We all know why , the lobbyist money changers got what they wanted, while most American families got left behind.

    My message is about economics not just illegal immigration. I have said numerous times illegal immigration is the symptom not the problem.The real issue is the White House and congress refusal to enforce our immigration laws so companies like Tyson,ADM… can get cheap,tax payer subsidies labor. Also taking U.S. tax dollars to build overseas slave style sweatshops while destroying the middle class of America. This issue is not about race, it is about allowing corporations to cheat to win.

    Adam Smith , warned about monopolies and politicians destroying free enterprise.This issue is not about race, it is about allowing corporations to cheat to win.Congress has turned a blind eye to anti-trust laws in our country.This is like defending Barry,Mark and Sammy for taking steroids to break home run records. The difference between us is I think rather in business or baseball they all should go the Hall of Shame not Fame.What message does this send to our kids?

    The reason groups in the immigration movement have been so supportive is they realize Tom Price is playing on both sides of the fence.
    Donna Locke of Tennesseans for Immigration Control and Reform (and formerly with the Georgia Coalition for Immigration Reform) says:

    “I hope John Konop beats the socks off Price in the next election. Price rode into Congress on the good graces of the immigration-control movement and has not held up his end of the bargain and has, in fact, betrayed the American people with his sell-out votes.”

    By the way Caesar Chavez testified before congress in 1979 that immigration was a tool to drive wages down. The first Minuteman style project was run by Manuel and Caesar Chavez. In 1969 , Walter Mondale, ,MLK successor Robert Abernathy and the Chavez brothers held demonstration at the boarder to block illegal immigration. So are all of them racist ?

  13. John Konop says:

    McCain – Rice,

    By the way, I am not a politician and never have been.Most of my friends and business colleagues say about me ,you may not want to hear what he says , but it is the truth with no agenda. So if you want someone to tell you what you want to hear ,you should vote for Tom Price. If you want someone not scared to layout the issues and work with people with tough love solutions, I am the guy.

  14. John Konop says:

    McCain – Rice,

    Read about your guy John McCain.

    NEW YORK — Reports this week that the Border Patrol is notifying the Mexican government of the locations of Minutemen volunteers are being denied by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. True or not, the Bush administration continues to follow absurd policies on both issues of border security and illegal immigration.

    President Bush continues to push his guest worker program and amnesty for anywhere between 11 million and 20 million illegal aliens, and he insists still that nothing less than what he calls comprehensive immigration reform is acceptable.

    And the lies keep coming from both political parties. This president is not enforcing the immigration laws enacted by Congress, and this Congress is failing in its duty of oversight to demand that those laws be followed.

    Only a fool, Mr. President, Sen. Kennedy, Sen. McCain, would believe you when you speak of new legislation. You don’t enforce the laws now.

    Would you do so if the law were more to your liking? Would you secure our borders and ports? Would you halt illegal immigration? Those are rhetorical questions, only, I assure you. The answers are obvious; obvious because of your conduct.

    As many as 3 million illegal aliens continue to cross our border with Mexico each year. Enforcement against illegal employers of illegal aliens in this country is all but nonexistent, Mr. President. How do you explain that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have all but ended their investigations and inspections of employers that hire illegal aliens? Again, only a rhetorical question, because we all know the answer.

    But here is the official record of your sense of duty: 318 employers out of five and a half million in this country have been fined for hiring illegal aliens since 2001. In 2004, only three employers were fined. That is a dismal record, Mr. President, as dismal as the fact that the number of ICE agents assigned to enforce immigration laws in the workplace has declined from only 240 back in 1999 to now less than 100.

    Illegal Alien Employer Fines

    2001 — 100

    2002 — 53

    2003 — 162

    2004 — 3

    (source: GAO Reports, 8/31/05)

    The problem in our lack of border security and illegal immigration is becoming increasingly obvious: two political parties that are beholden to corporate America, the largest employers of illegal aliens, and the leadership of both parties that are selling out American citizens in search of cheap labor and political advantage. How dumb do you all think we are? Again, that’s only a rhetorical question.

    Over the next few days on my broadcast, I’m going to make a suggestion that I hope may help the leadership of both the Republican and Democratic parties begin to take some notice of our laws and our expectations that those laws be enforced. And also take at least some notice of the fact that Republicans and Democrats also represent American citizens, not just corporate America and special interests

  15. BB says:


    Can you produce any documented evidence that Jim Gilchrist has endorsed your candidacy? I spoke to the MMP political director who said, “Mr. Gilchrist will not endorse any candidate. But he does support any candidate endorsed by Congressman Tom Tancredo including Congressman Tom Price.” That is a fact, period.

    Who cares what some nutcase in Tennessee says about your race. Maybe you should move there and run because you surely will not win in Georgia.

    Congressman Price has the real, verifiable support of Congressman Tom Tancredo, State Senator Chip Rogers and the man who has done more to address illegal immigration in Georgia than anyone else, D.A. King. You have misleading headlines, lies and false innuendo (even after spending $5000 to dig up dirt where none exists). My bet offer to you stands, put up or shut up John.

  16. John Konop says:


    Once again change the topic and no answers to the original questions. Bart, the more you post , you just make my point about backroom politics.I presented the facts, You have no answer to what Tom Tancredo said about Tom Price’s vote selling-out our immigration policy.You have no answer for Tom Price’s vote for the pork bills, Energy and Highway. You have no answer to Tom’s solution with our trade debt with communist China .You have no answer on Tom Price’s support of the No Child Left Behind Bill ,that was a give away to publishing companies , while taking away local control of our schools at the expense of kids ,teachers and parents. Bart, will Tom Price show up at the debate the League of Woman Voters have sponsored between us ? Will he defend his voting record?

  17. BB says:


    The topic FYI is “Konop and the Minutemen”, see for yourself by scrolling up the page. I know you want to avoid this topic because you tried to exploit MMP, but you cannot spin this one John. Do you have any documented evidence that THE FOUNDER of MMP, Jim Gilchrist endorsed you over Tom Price? Don’t try to change the subject John, answer the question.


  18. John Konop says:


    Call the 920 AM they have the tape of Jim asking people to vote for me. Pete was at the function ,with the nearly 300 people, ask him.

  19. John Konop says:


    Your comment about Donna demonstrates why you have a checkered past. You have never talk or met the woman yet you personally attack the woman. You should apologize to Donna especially as a Vice chairman of the Cherokee Republican party. Your behavior as well as others is why so many are frustrated with people like you in the party. You shows no respect for opposing views or people out of your group within the party.

  20. Bill Simon says:

    When I see Senator Chip Rogers appearing at every event with “Name Your Price And I’ll Vote Your Way”, then I’ll believe he is strongly for Price. Otherwise, Bart, you’re just bloing smoke up your own rear-end.

  21. Bill Simon says:

    “bloing” should be “blowing.” Of course, with you Bart, maybe it should be “sucking.”

    By the way, Bart, how much are you willing to wager that Konop will not get over 20%? That was your claim before…

  22. BB says:

    Be careful bill, you can’t ban me from this site like you did PV.

    Is 20% the goal? With support from the Southern Party of GA and the Libertarians, you’ve accumulated about 1.2% for your querulous candidate. Maybe if you and John ride around Cherokee with Confederate flags hanging from your asses while smoking a joint, it will create a major rush of stoned rednecks bumping the number to almost 5%. Then you only have to fool 15% more of the eligible voters.

  23. Bill Simon says:

    Bart, you’re the one who stated the 20% limit before, not me. I’m just wondering if you have any desire to back-up your beliefs with any guts?

  24. John Konop says:

    Bill Simon in no way represents the views of the John Konop for Congress campaign or me personally. I do not condone this type of language or personal attack. In fact, it is an excellent example of Iwhy I keep my campaign focused only on the issues. All of Bill’s writings here, on the Political Vine, or anywhere else, represent his and only his views. Bill’s help with my campaign has been restricted to database management, distribution, and supplies–he does not contribute to any of our communications. Bart, I hope you and Bill can work out your differences in private and as the old friends that I know you are. God Bless. jk

  25. BB says:

    Why would you spend $5000 to hire a consultant who “in no way represents the views of the John Konop for Congress campaign or me personally”? Hell, I would contradict your positions for half the price, and do it much better than Bill!

  26. BB says:

    Then he should write, “I do not agree with Bill’s peppery language” instead of “Bill Simon in no way represents the views of the John Konop for Congress campaign or me personally. I do not condone this type of language or personal attack.”

    Can hardly wait for other candidates to follow:

    “Despite spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, my consultant is a total idiot misrepresenting my views and uses nasty language in the process. Please ignore him as I do not condone his actions yet I need to raise more money in order to pay for his continuing service to my campaign goal of achieving 20% of the vote.”

  27. Bill Simon says:


    You keep mentioning 20%…my guess is that the internal polls of Tom Name Your Price are currently showing ANYONE running against him is at 40-45% against Price.

    Why? Because Congress hasn’t done a thing worthwhile for the conservative movement…and, the “neocon strategy” that Hastert and faithful followers like Price have employed, isn’t being bought by Joe/Jane Republican Voter.

    If Price had some good poll numbers, he would release them. He doesn’t have any good numbers, thus his pleading in fundraising letters that he has a “formidable opponent.”

    As Pogo once said “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” Price’s enemy is himself, his own dismal record, and the dismal record of the rest of the House.

  28. BB says:


    I have no idea if there is a poll, or the results. I will agree with you that the GOP Congress (both houses) has done a pitiful job, especially in the Senate where a pork laden spending bill just passed this past week. But it is hard to understand how you can pin the blame on a guy who is serving his first term. Dennis Hastert, Tom Delay, John Boehner, Tom Davis, Bill Frist, Trent Lott, et al deserve to be castigated and challenged. But Tom Price has a much better chance of working the system than an outsider who is just as likely to side with dems as Republicans.

    The underfunded ‘no-name’ candidates running for the 6th District in 2004 collectively received 15.4% in the primary (counting Roger Hines’ 9.2% who actually had name recognition). Konop presently has no money, very little name recognition (and from what I have heard the majority of those who have crossed his path have an unfavorable opinion of him personally) and a questionable contribution record mostly to dem candidates. He will be lucky to get 20% against a popular incumbent who beat a respectable field of well funded, long time Republicans in ’04. For Konop to get 40%, there will have to be an overwhelming anti-incumbent mentality at the polls on July 18th.

  29. John Konop says:


    How do you know how much money I am willing to put in the campaign? The Price camp goes around telling people I am a multi-millionaire ,while asking people for money.And now they go around telling people I am broke,and I cannot win. If I cannot win why is Tom using this race to raise money by telling people about tough opposition in the primary. In the business world this would be illegal if Tom Price had information about me having no chance to win and asking people for money without full disclosure.

    As usual you throw out baseless charges and will not answer the original question about Tom Price’s voting record. I have never hidden the fact my wife is a Democrat.As I told you my Dad as a Liberal Democrat supports Tom Price’s views over mine. The difference is my Dad as well as judge Bork will tell you Tom Price’s vote on Trade is a very liberal view of the constitution. The trade votes gives rights to foreign courts to overrule local , State and Federal laws. Republican conservative/libertarian Ron Paul press release explains it best.

    CAFTA: More Bureaucracy, Less Free Trade

    by Rep. Ron Paul, MD
    by Rep. Ron Paul, MD

    The Central America Free Trade Agreement, known as CAFTA, will be the source of intense political debate in Washington this summer. The House of Representatives will vote on CAFTA ratification in June, while the Senate likely will vote in July.

    I oppose CAFTA for a very simple reason: it is unconstitutional. The Constitution clearly grants Congress alone the authority to regulate international trade. The plain text of Article I, Section 8, Clause 3 is incontrovertible. Neither Congress nor the President can give this authority away by treaty, any more than they can repeal the First Amendment by treaty. This fundamental point, based on the plain meaning of the Constitution, cannot be overstated. Every member of Congress who votes for CAFTA is voting to abdicate power to an international body in direct violation of the Constitution.

    We don’t need government agreements to have free trade. We merely need to lower or eliminate taxes on the American people, without regard to what other nations do. Remember, tariffs are simply taxes on consumers. Americans have always bought goods from abroad; the only question is how much our government taxes us for doing so. As economist Henry Hazlitt explained, tariffs simply protect politically-favored special interests at the expense of consumers, while lowering wages across the economy as a whole. Hazlitt, Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek, Murray Rothbard, and countless other economists have demolished every fallacy concerning tariffs, proving conclusively that unilateral elimination of tariffs benefits the American people. We don’t need CAFTA or any other international agreement to reap the economic benefits promised by CAFTA supporters, we only need to change our own harmful economic and tax policies. Let the rest of the world hurt their citizens with tariffs; if we simply reduce tariffs and taxes at home, we will attract capital and see our economy flourish.

    It is absurd to believe that CAFTA and other trade agreements do not diminish American sovereignty. When we grant quasi-governmental international bodies the power to make decisions about American trade rules, we lose sovereignty plain and simple. I can assure you firsthand that Congress has changed American tax laws for the sole reason that the World Trade Organization decided our rules unfairly impacted the European Union. Hundreds of tax bills languish in the House Ways and Means committee, while the one bill drafted strictly to satisfy the WTO was brought to the floor and passed with great urgency last year.

    The tax bill in question is just the tip of the iceberg. The quasi-judicial regime created under CAFTA will have the same power to coerce our cowardly legislature into changing American laws in the future. Labor and environmental rules are inherently associated with trade laws, and we can be sure that CAFTA will provide yet another avenue for globalists to impose the Kyoto Accord and similar agreements on the American people. CAFTA also imposes the International Labor Organization’s manifesto, which could have been written by Karl Marx, on American business. I encourage every conservative and libertarian who supports CAFTA to read the ILO declaration and consider whether they still believe the treaty will make America more free.

    CAFTA means more government! Like the UN, NAFTA, and the WTO, it represents another stone in the foundation of a global government system. Most Americans already understand they are governed by largely unaccountable forces in Washington, yet now they face having their domestic laws influenced by bureaucrats in Brussels, Zurich, or Mexico City.

    CAFTA and other international trade agreements do not represent free trade. Free trade occurs in the absence of government interference in the flow of goods, while CAFTA represents more government in the form of an international body. It is incompatible with our Constitution and national sovereignty, and we don’t need it to benefit from international trade.

    June 7, 2005

    Dr. Ron Paul is a Republican member of Congress from Texas.

  30. John Konop says:


    I do want to thank you for confirming my own self polling numbers. I had never done this for politics just business. You are right my numbers show us somewhere between 40% and 45 % of the vote.I have to say I was shocked and skeptical. You are right it is a backlash against congress. The key is the more they find out about Tom Price’s voting record the more he sinks. That is why Tom Price will avoid the debates as much as he can.I am sure all this information with the money Tom Price has he already knows.Bart you would of never started to back down on the numbers if you do not know something. Thanks again jk

  31. I would like to begin to set the record straight. I, David Heppler (The Founder of Arizona Border Watch) did send a letter of endorsement to John Konop for his stance on Illegal Immigration control and immigration reform. He is a valued asset to bring a change to the failing immigration policies facing this country today. I support politicians who have a plan and who have the ideas needed to set policy and growth with the issues facing illegal immigrations impact on this country, and Mr. Konop has that. Now, with regards to the Minuteman Project. I was there with Mr. Gilchrist from the beginning and was actually one of the only people many of the volunteers and interested people spoke with before the project because the founder Mr. Gilchrist was extremely busy fighting all the negative attacks brought against the project in the media. I was one of the major organizing structures in the project and will say that I helped bring the Minuteman project to become what it was in April 2005, and my continued support, along with the other many Americans who are concerned about illegal immigration, continue to make it what it is today. Yes, the project has gone in many different directions since April 2005 and some organizations are still using the Minuteman Project as a template for there own structure. Groups such as mine, Arizona Border Watch, and to many peoples disbelief (due to nothing more than there misunderstanding of the facts) Chris Simcox’s Minuteman Civil Defense Corp. are not the Minuteman Project. The Minuteman Project is still in full force and moving forward with its plans under the authority and leadership of Jim Gilchrist and through the support of concerned Americans across this country. Yes, I take credit for assisting in the growth and the success of the original Minuteman Project in 2005, and I can say that Mr. Gilchrist will back up any of my comments made above and will verify my organizational positions and assistance in the Minuteman Project. I consider Mr. Gilchrist a true, close friend and will continue to show my support for him and will assist the project in any way I can. Also, I will continue to show my support for Mr. Konop and his plan for illegal immigration and his plan for the State of Georgia.

    Below is a cop of my official endorsement for Mr. Konop for any people who have their concerns and misconceptions of what was said.

    Mr. John Konop

    As you know, illegal immigration is going to be one of the deciding factors in upcoming elections. Arizona Border Watch has been a huge voice in the fight for securing our borders and bringing a stop and a solution to the problem of illegal immigration. It has been decided that a network of politicians needs to be created that are determined to stop illegal immigration and protect this country by securing our borders. With out that, all we will get is continues talking and no action. We all know what the problem is and what the affects of illegal immigration are and how they effect the daily progression of this country. What we need is action and we feel that with the support of politicians and future politicians such as you, we can start to protect this country by securing our borders and stopping illegal immigration. It has been a pleasure speaking with someone like you who understands the problem and who wants to take action to find a solution. Your dedication to stopping illegal immigration and protecting our borders sets you apart from the majority of politicians and makes you, in our opinion, a true and dedicated American. Arizona Border Watch and myself, David Heppler, are honored to offer our full support and our full endorsement for you and your future in protecting this country.

    David Heppler
    Arizona Border Watch

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