Evans/Novak: Marshall at risk.

From the Evans/Novak political report dated 5/10/06:

Georgia-3/8: This seat, re-numbered after the mid-decade redistricting of last year, is now in greater peril for Democrats than before. Rep. Jim Marshall (D) is tempting fate with his announcement that he favors investigations of the Bush Administration. Although few voters anywhere are big fans of Bush nowadays, they will not welcome this, and it will become campaign ammo for his opponent, former Rep. Mac Collins (R), who will try to link him to the growing impeachment movement on the left. Leaning Democratic Retention.

I had not heard that Marshall favored investigating Bush. Jim should leave the nuttiness to McKinney.


  1. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    Jim Marshall must know he’s going to loose and obviously dosnt care, why would he make a comment like that. Sure most Americans are not thrilled with the administration, but they would feel such investigations would be nonsence and a pure display of partisanship, it would be a waste of tax dollars and time. If you look at Jim Marshalls web site, his News Releases talk about Calder Clay…I dont think he has updated it since 2004, despite the fact he is probly the Democrat most likeley to loose his Congressional seat next year.

  2. atlantaman says:

    I would say the Democrat most likely to lose their Congressional seat would be Melissa Bean of the 8th District in Illinois.

  3. Skeptical says:

    Investigation isn’t the same thing as impeachment. The vast majority on the left don’t want Bush impeached. We want him investigated to see the extent of his illegal activities so that when he leaves office in January of 2009 he can be brought up on charges.

    Hell no we don’t want him impeached. He made this mess, now let him reap what he has sown.

  4. caroline says:

    Considering the NSA scandal blowing wide open today and the fact that Republicans are now supporting investigations, then I don’t think this will hurt Marshall.

  5. This doesn’t make any sense. The original story was linked by someone named EGoldsteinRev on Redstate.

    Here’s the story he sites:

    Looks like the post was by someone named EG, probably the same person. They selectively quoted from an editorial Jim Marshall wrote back in November that appeared in the Macon Telegraph and AJC. You can read it on Marshall’s House website here:


    Now here’s what I don’t get. This EGoldsteinRev person selectively quotes Marshall and in the process seriously misrepresents his position. If you read Marshall’s real editorial, you’ll learn that he was the only Democrat to vote against Pelosi when she tried to open an investigation into Bush on the House floor.

    Marshall concedes that the investigations will eventually occur, but doesn’t say anything about waiting until the 2006 election or anything like that. The truth is that Marshall laments the fact of one party control and the lack of oversite by Congress of the Executive branch in general. He compares the current climate to that of the Kosovo time period, but concludes that at this point, with support for the war here and abroad at a crucial tipping point, the investigations would only further divide us and that we should just put them on hold indefinitely.

    I haven’t brushed up on my journalism classes lately, but this seems like it could be libel by EGoldsteinRev. He deliberately misrepresented Marshall’s own words in an effort to hurt him politically. I hope he’ll come forward and apologize to Representative Marshall, retract his incorrect accusations, and promise not to further spread lies during the rest of the campaign.

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