Allen Peake

He’s running in David Graves’ seat, which is now open. There are four people in the race. He’s had his signs up all over Macon for over a month. The design varies, but appears consistent now.

He owns several restaurants in town. He is running advertising for these various businesses to build his name recognition. First he had Cheddar’s Restaurant advertisements. Now he has ads for a new Captain D’s restaurant opening.

He needs a haircut. Actually, his latest ad makes him look like he has a bad comb-over. He needs to just go shaved. I hear women find that hot anyway. He might pick up some votes.

That is all. I need my coffee.

[NOTE] A friend tells me that it Allen spells his name as such and not as Alan. This, from a guy named Erick Erickson. Even I see the irony. Sorry for the misspelling.


  1. Maurice Atkinson says:

    This race has the best candidates from which to choose. All are solid people and each offer a uniqueness that all can appreciate and have confidence in. It’s my opinion that whoever wins this race, the district wins.

    I received a call Sunday from a polling group regarding this race. They also asked some questions regarding the Governor’s race and the Lt. Gov. race. The questions, however, overwhelmingly were specific about Stebin Horne. Given the amount of specific questions as it pertains to Councilman Horne, I wonder how skewed the results will be? Only a couple were asked about the other candidates.

  2. Allen Peake says:

    Bad comb-over?? I don’t have enough hair for even a good comb-over!!
    Maurice Atkinson is exactly right. All the candidates in this race are good folks and this district will have a darn good representative when the race is over. Will be an exciting campaign.

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