Peach Kids

Mark Taylor’s new ad is up. He wants a health care program for kids — just $40.00 a month. The ad suggests that the program would be open to everyone, regardless of income. I’m at a loss why millionaire families should be able to tap into a discount program, though I suppose the more people in the program, the more solvent it becomes.

I will avoid snarky comments such as it looking like the big guy ate a few of the little guys before the ad.


  1. UGAMatthew says:

    Listening closer- “just for $40.00 a month for most families”

    Well that’s vague…will it cost more for wealthier families (which I personally think is sort of a non-issue, mulit-millionaires and the like value healthcare enough to invest in more complete plans rather than just dental, vision and preventative) or will it cost less for poorer families…regardless, what’s catch there? Does anyone know?

  2. UGAMatthew says:

    Yeah, its across the line and I do apologize for any offense…however, I think it clearly illustrates where I stand on illegal alien access to government programs…apologies, though.

  3. Demonbeck says:

    Hey, I have LEGAL alien friends and they are probably to the right of you on that issue.

  4. UGAMatthew says:

    Those are the real victims, they go through all the legal channels only to get snubbed by those who don’t.

  5. Demonbeck says:

    When someone tells you that they are Mexican, what is the first thing you think? “Are you legal?” That’s what they hate.

    The INS sucks and takes forever to complete the most menial task. The service provided by the horrible bureaucracy does nothing to make people want to come here legally. If anything it promotes illegality.

  6. jacewalden says:

    “Yeah, the plan is called Peach Picker Kids”

    Pure Genius.

    BTW, did you guys hear about the latest Border Patrol F-up?

    Well, evidently Border Patrol has been giving the locations of Minuteman Project lookout posts to the mexican government. Not only that, they have been reporting the activities of minuteman chapters in Utah and Colorado to Mexican Government Officials:

    There’s more to it on my blog if you want to read. Just click my username.

  7. RiverRat says:

    “I’m at a loss why millionaire families should be able to tap into a discount program”

    Anyone who can afford private insurance would prefer that over peachcare. The benefits are simply better.

    More info on the Big Guy’s site in the PeachKids section.

    Also, the cost of this program is roughly the same as Perdue’s teacher gift card idea. Would you rather insure 100,000 kids who are not getting coverage or waste money on an election year gimmick that doesn’t solve a single problem?

  8. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    I personally like the “Peachkids” idea. It is alarming that so many children in Georgia are uninusred. I think that posted comment upon which we are all opineing is very juvenile…Mark Taylor is a formitable candidate, he is a great Georgian, and I have a feeling he will start to lead Cathy Cox in the polls. We as a party need to keep our eyes open and be alert because neither of these candidates will be a push over. I am for Sonny all the way, but I must say I think his Campaign adds need more substance rather than talk about his personal attraits..Gerorgian’s need to be reminded about all the great things he has acomplished for our state. But when you really think about it…is it to early for him to run adds?? should we wait untill after the primary and then bombard the airwaves?? I dont know, but Im sure they know what they’re doing.

  9. UGAMatthew says:

    In reference to Mark Taylor as a great Georgian, however that arguable that may be, retrospectively, its irrelevant. Being a great Georgian is a trait we’d all agree is essential for a governor but may God bless any candidate or voter who thinks being a great Georgian is all that is needed. And for the ad campaigns, I don’t think Sonny’s ads are as half-baked as we make them out to be, provided that I am correct in forseeing the overall strategy here- 1) Reintroduce the Governor as a person, man, father…. to the state during the primaries, where his Republican nomination is safe and many more people are more politically aware; remind them he is a “great Georgian.” (2) As the wind picks up and the primaries close, begin the more politically charged ads. Let Taylor and Cox run the gammet early and numb the state to their political ideas, then come in with new, fresh ads for Sonny. (3) As the general approaches lay siege on the ad-market, the public has now been reaffiliated with Sonny, been exposed to Talylor/Cox (whomever the Dems will choose) and also seen their ideas (Peach Kids…) and will be primed to be most affected by an incumbent’s ads…seems like a sound strategy to me.

  10. shep1975 says:

    It looks to me that the Peachcare program is not working if 100,000 kids are falling throught the crack. By the way, where does that 100,000 number come from?

    Call me insensative too, but as part of the younger, “Austin Powers” generation, I can’t look at that ad without thinking, “Get in my belly!”

    Also, my wife is a LEGAL immigrant and for our time and trouble dealing with the INS, the first thing they did after we got married was deport her for a year. I won’t tell you the comments she employed during the illegal rights marches.

  11. JoshA says:

    I would hate to think that my generation would be called the “Austin Powers” generation.
    And, to throw in my own personal ancedont about immigration that probably has no bearing on the debate, my mother, a legal alien who has been here long enough that she worked for that wonderful pro-choice governor of California, Ronald Reagan, has no problem with illegal immigrants.

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