1. atlantaman says:

    There are other candidates not on the website as well. I wonder if the guy bothered to call to get his name on the website.

  2. Groseclose says:

    Danny J. Carter, candidiate for School Superintendent also is not on the list.

  3. buzzbrockway says:

    Well, the guy who decided to run against Kathy Cox isn’t there either. Will he send out a press release?

    It seems to me this guy is a) sitting around waiting to be “offended” b) looking for some free publicity and didn’t even attempt to contact the webmaster to resolve the situation and c) going to make mountains out of molehills from now until July 18th.

  4. George Allen 08 says:

    I believe he’s running on a state’s rights platform, but as a Republican. If I’m not mistaken, his official name, as it will appear on the ballot, is Ray “States Rights” McBerry. I don’t recall where I heard that, so I don’t guarantee that I’m right on that.

  5. John Konop says:

    Party Insiders Try to Protect a Wounded Rep. Tom Price

    John Konop is challenging incumbent Tom Price for nomination as the 6th congressional district Republican candidate. John is mounting a vigorous challenge and is gaining substantial attention and support. Just what our Founding Fathers wanted, right?—free and open exchange of ideas regarding the future of our great country.

    Tom Price and his Republican Party insiders strongly disagree.

    Party Elites Spurn Grassroots Supporters

    Both John and Tom recently qualified to appear on the Republican ballot; a process that includes handing the state party a check for nearly $5,000… and that’s where the fair and equal treatment ends.

    A link to Tom Price’s campaign has been added to the state party website. A link to John Konop’s has not. When asked to explain, Georgia GOP Communications Director Clilia Davis declared: “the party supports the incumbents”—period.

    This policy apparently depends on how frightened the incumbents are of their challengers. A couple of months ago a state party representative told John’s campaign manager that all candidates would be added after qualification.

    A Coordinated Strategy?

    The district’s enthusiastic embrace of John’s grassroots, back-to-fiscal-conservatism campaign has clearly shaken Tom Price and his remaining supporters.

    John recently asked the Cherokee County Republican Party to promote a few events on their website and newsletter—a courtesy routinely extended to all candidates—but not this time. Communications director (and avowed Tom Price-supporter) Bart Brannon scrambled to erect a series of road-blocks.

    Bart has already stated that immigration and trade reforms violate “conservative principals.” In keeping with this belief, one of the events Bart refused to acknowledge was the arrival of the Minuteman Caravan in Atlanta (with founder Jim Gilchrist).

    Likewise unlisted was a May 31st Candidate Debate hosted by the League of Women Voters, among Tom, John, and Democrat Steve Sinton. Bart and the Tom Price camp are desperately trying to de-emphasize the debate: they know Tom cannot defend his voting record and, in fact, he rarely tries.

    Prove it for yourself. Call Tom’s campaign office and ask why he:

    Voted for the bloated Transportation and Energy bills—while gas prices continue to soar
    Proposed doubling unnecessary work visas (H.R. 3938)—while 1 million American IT workers are looking for jobs
    Recommended we compete with Communist China by gutting our regulations, reducing our tax structure, and downgrading our legal system (is he seriously suggesting we should match the Chinese dictatorship in these areas?)

    We must not let party elites derail the grassroots movement on behalf of incumbents and their lobbyist-money changers.

  6. MrGOPJr says:

    McBerry’s name was originally listed to be on the ballot as Ray “States Rights” McBerry, but the States Rights part was deleted, I believe, after candidates were certified.

    I remember from my handling of local party qualifying in the past that nicknames advocating a particular platform or issue position are not allowed on the Georgia ballot. Titles such as Rev., MD, Ph.D, etc. also cannot be used on the ballot.

  7. BB says:

    “The truth will set you free”, so says candidate John Konop. For once he is correct, here are a few truths about John:

    – On his website he claims in a press release to have received the endorsement of “the Minuteman Project (MMP) Founder”. Jim Gilchrist (note in the Konop press release he spells Jim’s last name incorrectly as Gilcrest) is the founder of the MMP, nobody else including David Heppler who he quotes in the release.

    – According to the MMP, Jim Gilchrist is not endorsing any candidates. But he supports any candidate who is supported by Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo (link to letter of Tancredo endorsement of Congressman Tom Price can be accessed via http://www.tomprice.com). The “truth is setting you free” John.

    – Konop’s semantically challenged (one could say blatant lie, but I am trying to be kind) press release should be addressed by MMP this afternoon when they “politely” request that he remove it from his website due to its false implication that Gilchrist is supporting his candidacy. “The truth will set you free.”

    – The May 31st candidate forum is sponsored by the GA Latino Elected Officials (GALEO) group. Note some of GALEO’s more famous supporters listed on their website like Jane Fonda, Thurbert Baker and Dubose Porter among a long list of democrats, teacher unions and other liberals. IMHO it is not up to a Republican Party group to promote democrat / liberal sponsored events. The Executive Board agreed with this analysis Saturday including some who support Konop thus the reason it will not be listed on the CCRP calendar.

    Further to address the personal attack by Konop, I challenged him to prove where he has been mistreated by the Cherokee GOP or me and he has yet to produce any evidence. I personally reviewed all eLetters and website calendar announcements dating back to August ’05 and found nothing but fairness extended to both candidates in the 6th district congressional race. If John Konop has evidence that he has been purposely mistreated by me in my capacity as Vice Chairman of Communications for the Cherokee County Republican Party, bring it out. Don’t make baseless charges using incomplete quotes taken out of context. Bring it John, or shut the hell up. Remember “the truth will set you free”!


  8. BB says:

    BTW, one more note regarding the GA GOP. I requested a couple of times to have the Cherokee GOP site linked to no avail. I doubt it is a matter of favoritism being shown to one county over another, more likely to be incompetence by whoever is in charge of updating the site.

  9. Romegaguy says:

    Maybe Bobby Kahn could weigh in on this one and explain how a candidate could qualify to run for office, State House for example, be listed one day on the Secretary of State’s website and then suddenly that candidate isnt considered to be running for office anymore to the surprise of the candidate.

    Ray McBerry, John Konop and others should take a chill pill and be glad the Ga GOP doesnt secretly disqualify folks like the dems did when they decided they didnt want Doug Stoner running against Randy Partyswitcher a few years ago…

  10. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    When President Bush was running for re-election, you did not see his “Repubublican Challangers” on the RNC website..I beleieve there were 2. I am glad we have discluded this nonsence candidate who only wishes to re-open an old can of worms with the flag issue. We as Republicans need to keep all the soliderity possible, were already getting pretty divided over the Lt. Gov race…why throw the flag issue back in the mix? As far as I am conserned, the flag issue has been resolved..its good now, leave it as it is. Our party needs to stop catering to the bigots and start recahing out to the African American communities more, and I think that’s what we are doing. Look at the Cobb GOP for instance, they are not afraid to reach out with Grass Roots efforts in South Cobb.

  11. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    John Knop, I love how you are talking in 2nd Person..thats really lame, we know it is you because you are the only one that could possibly be that passionate about your own campaign. I am personally glad that the GAGOP is only placing Tom Price on the site, the man has been a great representative of the 6th district (my district) and he deserves to be re-elected. Your campaign quite frankly is a joke to me, my question is why even bother?? What makes you think the 6th will unseat a congressman who has done an exellent job to replace him with a “weirdo” like you??

  12. John Konop says:


    We talked to the Communication Director who told us she was in charge of the website and claimed she had discussed this issue with her boss. Thanks for the advice. We will give the webmaster a call.


    Dave Heppler, who endorsed me, says he and Jim Gilchrist are co-founders of the Minuteman Project. If you disagree, take it up with Dave or Jim. They will set you straight. By the way, at the rally tonight, Gilchrist described Republicans with your views as “RINOS” and encouraged the crowd to support me, a real conservative. There were almost 300 witnesses.

    The current Minuteman President Chris Simcox and I did a rally together last month. Chris also made it clear in his speech that CAFTA (which Tom Price voted for) is a disastrous end-around on our immigration laws.

    As far as the debate goes, it’s co-sponsored by the League of Woman Voters and GALEO. GALEO has hosted many debates that Chip Rogers, Phil Kent, and I have participated in, defending immigration enforcement and border control. I don’t understand your point. I think it’s important to talk to people that disagree with me; it makes me stronger. Tom Price is clearly afraid to.

    Bart, as far as the many e-mails you have sent me, I will not post them due to your tone and language. In this one, at least, you are on your best behavior.

    McCain Rice,

    John McCain supports open borders, amnesty for everyone, and an extensive guest worker program. You have demonstrated your lack of class by refusing to apologize for making false and mean-spirited comments about a couple’s fertility issue for political gain. You and Bart represent the worst of politics and why so many of us are disgusted. How can either of you defend absurd gerrymandering and suppressing opposition within the party?

    It should make everyone wonder why Tom Price’s supporters are Bart Brannon (arrested for dirty campaigning) and you, who primary tactic is personal attack instead of substantive debate.

    You are both confused about the nature of politics. Backroom backstabbing is not politics. Debating the issues is. Why don’t you make a fresh start and answer the questions I posed to Tom in my piece?

    Why did Tom vote for the bloated Transportation and Energy bills—while gas prices continue to soar?

    Why does Tom propose doubling unnecessary work visas (H.R. 3938)—while 1 million American IT workers are looking for jobs?

    Why does Tom recommend we compete with Communist China by gutting our regulations, reducing our tax structure, and downgrading our legal system (is he seriously suggesting we should match the Chinese dictatorship in these areas?)

  13. Bill Simon says:


    As I recall the CCGOP didn’t plunk down any money to qualify for office. John Konop did, and the State GOP happily qualified him as a Republican and took half his money for themselves.

    If the only defense the state GOP has is to claim “we are only supporting incumbents,” that smacks of favoritism to the point of harking back to the days of 2000 when Bob Irvin (as Minority Leader in the House) proclaimed that all incumbents were to be protected…soon thereafter, Irvin got tossed-out as Minority Leader for taking that type of stance.

  14. Charlie says:

    Looks like the AJC doesn’t like you either. In the article about the Minute Men in today’s paper, no mention of you being there.

  15. BB says:


    So based on your reply, I guess you are admitting there is no evidence to support your claim of mistreatment by me or CCRP. That’s what I thought.

    I spoke at length with MMP on at least two occasions over the weekend. Their position is that Jim Gilchrist (nice to see you know how to spell his name now) will support anybody that Tom Tancredo supports — from Tancredo’s endorsement letter to Congressman Tom Price — “Since your first days in Congress, you have made solving the illegal immigration crisis along our borders and across this country a top priority.” Again from Tancredo, “You are an integral part in the fight to bring about real change to our immigration laws.” It becomes harder everyday for you to attack Tom considering his supporters on this issue including Congressman Tancredo, State Senator Chip Rogers and D.A. King.

    Additionally MMP stated to me that they would be contacting you to “politely” ask you to remove the press release from your site. Just admit it John, you tried to trick voters into believing something that just isn’t true. The Southern Party of Georgia fell for it (duh) adding it to their endorsement of your candidacy, so maybe you should join with Ray “States Rights” McBerry as a team with no chance of getting 20%, much less winning.


  16. John Konop says:


    As far as the CCRP any person with integrity can see how you are blocking the rights of non-incumbents challengers. Bart my last post speak for themselves. As far as Tom Price’s his CAFTA vote tells you about his lack of sincerity on the issue of immigration.The one of most interest is TOM TANCREDO”S article CAFTA undermines immigration laws, Once again you will not answer any questions about the direct issues. The more you change the topic it only shows people why Tom Price does not want people at the debate.

    CAFTA’s big secret

    By Lou Dobbs, CNN, June 30, 2005

    DOBBS: Coming up next here, CAFTA’s big secret. Why critics of this so- called free trade agreement say CAFTA will only add to this country’s immigration crisis. That’s right, immigration crisis….

    CAFTA articles: Amnesty for trade cheats, by Congressman Charles Norwood, June 17, 2005

    CAFTA’s big secret, by Lou Dobbs, CNN, June 30, 2005

    CAFTA: Ideology vs. national interests, by By Patrick J. Buchanan, WorldNetDaily.com, July 27, 2005

    There goes the neighborhood, by Phyllis Spivey, NewsWithViews.com, July 22, 2005

    Does CAFTA include a visa?, by Rob Sanchez, July 11, 2005

    Will CAFTA Affect Immigration to the United States from Central America?, by NumbersUSA.com

    CAFTA Squeaks by Senate, By Tiniest Margin Ever for Trade Bill in History

    CAFTA: Exporting American Jobs & Industry, by William Norman Grigg, The New American, published on StopTheFTAA.org, April 18, 2005

    Keystone to Convergence, by William Norman Grigg, The New American, published on StopCAFTA.org, April 18, 2005

    U.S. Blocked Release of CAFTA Reports, by Assosiated Press, June 29, 2005

    CAFTA undermines immigration laws, by Tom Tancredo, NCTimes.com, July 17, 2005

    DOBBS: The controversial Central American Free Trade Agreement is expected to go before the full House of Representatives in July. President Bush says CAFTA will open up new markets for American companies. Critics say CAFTA will kill American jobs. They also point to 1,000 pages of international law that is included in the CAFTA agreement, 1,000 pages. The United States would have to follow those laws if CAFTA were to become law in this country. And there’s a good reason why it should not.

    Lisa Sylvester reports from Washington.


    LISA SYLVESTER, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): CAFTA is much more than a trade agreement. If it passes, it would become the highest law of the land, determining rules from health care, to zoning, to immigration.

    Current federal, state and local laws could be called into question.

    LORI WALLACH, PUBLIC CITIZEN: Any violation of 1,000 pages of international law imposed on us is taken to an international tribunal, not U.S. courts, where if the U.S. does not conform its law, we face perpetual trade sanctions. It’s a huge attack on our sovereignty and our democracy.

    SYLVESTER: If a local community passed a law to limit urban sprawl, it could be challenged under CAFTA by a foreign investor who wants to build. States with buy American laws that give preference to local companies could be asked to reverse those laws. Even U.S. immigration laws and visa requirements could be considered a violation under CAFTA.

    Any company wishing to come into the United States, and either start a business or complete a contract, can bring their employees in from the country of origin. Even if our visa system is — or even if our visa quota is full.

    SYLVESTER: The U.S. trade representative’s office points to a side agreement to CAFTA that excludes immigration. But Congressman Tom Tancredo said the side agreements from the North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico have not been worth the paper they’re written on.

    REP. TOM TANCREDO, (R) COLORADO: Scores of them have been ignored. Because they’re not part of the agreement. That’s why it’s called a side agreement. And because they’re not part of the agreement, they have no legal bearing.

    SYLVESTER: Supporters of CAFTA say it will open up Central American markets to U.S. companies and lead to lower prices for consumers. But critics are urging lawmakers to look at the fine print, because they may be giving away far more than they’re getting.


    SYLVESTER: 28 governors initially committed to CAFTA, but nine of those states withdrew their support because of the concerns they had with these non-trade issues included in CAFTA — Lou.

    DOBBS: Lisa, thank you very much. Lisa Sylvester reporting from Washington.

    Well, it seems Vice President Dick Cheney isn’t aware of those back-door immigration provisions in the CAFTA agreement. During a radio interview today, Vice President Cheney explained why he believes CAFTA would help solve another critical issue that faces this country, and is worthy of being our quote of the day. Vice President Cheney said, quote, “One of our big problems these days is illegal immigration. A certain amount of it is coming out of those Central American countries. The best way to counter that is to make certain that they have the opportunity to grow and develop their own economies, so they’re folks will stay at home and can find decent jobs there instead of trying to come to the United States illegally.”

    Yes, CAFTA would let them come here, but not illegally.

    Read the complete transcript.

  17. BB says:


    I have no idea what a representative of the GA GOP said to John Konop. But I do know of Konop’s ability to stretch the truth, so unless there is a recording or official policy statement, folks should consider the source.

    As a paid consultant to his campaign, your position on this matter is obviously biased. I can only attest to the fact that Konop has received fair treatment from the Cherokee GOP. If he has a problem with the state GOP, he should identify those folks instead of slinging false accusations against me and/or CCRP.


  18. BB says:

    “Ignorant slut” — I guess that beats the usual vitriolic response from Bill when he is challenged. I can hardly wait for the next *&@#$% filled post. LMAO!


  19. Bill Simon says:

    Bart, I suppose you’re next going to tell me that the interchange between Betty Price and John and his son didn’t occur?

    John isn’t blaming the entire CCRP, just you. Quit wrapping yourself around the envelope of being “the” CCRP. All you are is one officer…you don’t speak for the CCRP, nor should you act as the final opininator on any candidate’s run for office.

    And, correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it you who was arrested for violating state election laws a few years back? Who are you to talk smack about anyone, Bart? You can’t even keep yourself out of jail during a campaign.

  20. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    John Knop, you are an immagration nut…there are other important issues too, Im not saying immigration is not important but you are making it the sole issue of your “joke” you call a campaign. Yes, I like John McCain and think he’d be a woderful President, and Codi Rice would be an excellent Vice President…but just because I like McCain dosnt nessecarily mean I agree with him on every single issue…thats like blaming a Bush supporter for supporting the Dubai ports deal. And you my friend may be obsessed with a single issue, but you seem to have no understanding of the other side’s beliefs. John McCain does not support “oppen borders for everyone” like you falsely claimed….why would he vote many times to increase funding for the border patrol?? And I don’t have a “lack of class” as to the comment I made about Commisioner Handel, (1. I had no clue they had an infertility problem, and (2. I was simply showing a comparison of candiadates, as a family man I can connect with a man who is a father of young children. The main reason however, I like Stephens over Handel is because he has done more as Senate Maojority leader to reforrm the Secretary of States office, and I dont have to worry about weather he is pro-life or not or pro-traditional marrige or not. By the way, “lack of class” would be an insult Id direct at a man who cant pick a fashionable tie…that’d be you.
    Also, I can not see how you would hold Congressman Price accountable for the comments I made and Bart made, we may support him but that is unfair to hold him responsbile. Despite the fact that you are a gnat running against a golden retriever (to put it in perspective) the man has shown you enough respect to consider you enough of a challange that he is actually campaigning, if it were me Id be inclined to save the money, sit back and relax and watch you loose. But instead of returning the respect, you are going to lie about him and how he stands on immigration…and make up faux endorsements to make your self look better.

  21. Bill Simon says:

    Do not insult Golden Retrievers by equating Tom Price with them…golden retrievers are beautiful and honest dogs. Tom Price is a dishonest clown of a Congressman.

  22. BB says:


    Aren’t you tired of playing the arrest card by now? Charges dismissed, case over.

    Do you bill John by the blog post or just a flat rate fee to defend his indefensible lies, deceit and baseless personal attacks against a well respected congressman? He must be exhausting the first $5000 paid to you by now considering how much time you are forced to spend attempting to spin his lies.

    As I stated many times before, if John has a problem with my performance as VC of Communications for the CCRP, by all means contact the Executive Committee (email addresses available via http://www.cherokeegop.com).


  23. John Konop says:

    McCain- Rice,

    Why not say you are sorry about the infertility comment if that was your true motivation. As a experience horse trader, you actions speak louder than words. The issue is not about Bill or Karen, it is about dealing with issues and not personal attacks. Every knows the McCain Kennedy guest worker bill is a sell-out to the average American family. I respect John McCain’s service to our country, yet that has nothing to do with a bad bill.

  24. Beth says:

    What has Stephens done to reform the SoS office? The paper trail audit bill is a joke. It’s a test in three precincts. It’s my understanding that Fulton County has over 300. We can’t even use existing machines for the test and have to go buy or lease new machines.

    If you want to learn about a leader who has uncovered fraud, developed and worked through plans to fix it, then helped execute those plans visit http://www.karenhandel.com

    There’s a big difference between writing a bill and then having to be in a town or county and having to execute the legislation. The SoS requires someone who can plan and deliver.

    Nice try at spin with the compassion comment….

  25. Bill Simon says:


    As you should well know by now, I dislike Tom Price because of his vote last June of 2005 (long before I had ever met or heard about John Konop) to NOT have the House return back to the rules that had been in place for close to 10 years prior to the House Majority voting in September of 2004 to change the rules to protect poor wittle corrupt piece-of-sh*t Tom DeLay as Majority Leader.

    Because Tom Price demonstrated that, of the entire lot of Republican pussies that there are in Congress right now, he is the BIGGEST pussy of them all because he voted to protect his money pimp rather than return the Rules to a state where when caucus leaders are indicted, they have to step-down and that’s all there is to it. Price was one of only 11 folks who voted against that change back to the original rules. That tells me all I need to know about his character and lack thereof.

    So, my opinions on Price are my opinions alone. I am getting paid to provide database services and general guidance to the Konop campaign because neither John Konop, nor Steve Stoll, have any experience in how a campaign operates. They don’t know the players in the district or in the state. So, I am retained for a small stipend per month to provide that information and those data services when called upon.

    My opinions are all my own, as they’ve been for close to 6 years.

    Compare that, if you will, to the likelihood that YOU are getting paid under the table by the Price Campaign for your diehard support or Price and attack-dog mentality for anyone who runs against Price. The reason why Price cannot pay you in the open is because of your history in politics and he knows that your name on the disclosure would spell doom for him in Cherokee County, whether charges were dropped or not.

    On another note, Bart, I find it patently fascinating that you dare to rail against Konop on his knowledge of finance and economics. From what I understand about your history, it was because you didn’t know jack about finance that caused your stake in MyStupidPC.com to be ripped from you by fast-talking finance folks who conned your ass into having you sign over your control of the company, or something to this effect.

    It’s too bad you didn’t have someone like Konop back then to review what you were supposedly being “offered” and be able to tell you it was a sham deal.

    But, by all means, Bart, please continue educating all of us about your knowledge of finance and macro-economics. It does, at minimum, provide me with hours of mirth and merriment when I read your opinions on these matters.

  26. John Konop says:

    Bill Simon in no way represents the views of the John Konop for Congress campaign or me personally. I do not condone this type of language or personal attack. In fact, it is an excellent example of why I keep my campaign focused only on the issues. All of Bill’s writings here, on the Political Vine, or anywhere else, represent his and only his views. Bill’s help with my campaign has been restricted to database management, distribution, and supplies–he does not contribute to any of our communications. Bart, I hope you and Bill can work out your differences in private and as the old friends that I know you are. God Bless. jk

  27. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    John, I am sorry if any of you took what I said about Karen Handel as a personal attack. What I ment was to compare and contrast the candidates, as a familiy man I am more likely to connect more with a father of young children…however that is an insignificant issue, I know and trust Bill Stephens and he has been a fighter for accountability in the SOS’s office. I like Karen Handel as well, but I cant say that I trust her Conservative credintianals…she would be a good SOS no doubt, but Bill will be a better one in my oppinion. The one thing I just love about Karen Handel however is back in ’04 she was at nearly every one of Tom Price’s Campaign functions and was a great supporter..God bless her for that! and she has done a great job in Fulton County, Im not nearly as oppinionated on that race as I am for the race for Lt. Governor…I just wanted to clear that up, and appologize for any misinterpretation that may have happend.
    As for your campaign, you may think you are above personal attcks..but which of the candidates have displayed more respect towards the other…that would be Tom Price, you continue to lie about him and insult the intellegence and integrity of certain voters in the 6th district..he would never do that, I rememnber in 2004 when it got heated between Price and Lamutt…he always showed the up most respect to the Lamutt supporters. And when those of us that frequently volunteered at his HQ started trashing Lamutt, he sat down and told us he did not want to hear any of that…he did not want to be negative, and he did not want his staunch supporters to be either. The man is very respectable and you know it, so you must lie about his beliefs and integrity..hoping someone is dumb enough to believe you. That may have worked for Bill Simon, but it wont work for anybody else.

  28. BB says:


    You dislike Tom Price because John Konop pays you despite his curious post, “Bill Simon in no way represents the views of the John Konop for Congress campaign or me personally. I do not condone this type of language or personal attack.” If this is an example of economic superiority, then I am completely satisfied to have never sought the counsel of John Konop.


  29. Bill Simon says:

    No, Bart. I dislike Tom Price because he is a pussy, and I don’t support pussies. He lost my respect last summer as I stated above. That Tom Price still has your respect for that type of political move proves to me that YOU don’t have a whole lot of character yourself.

    One thing I don’t quite understand is John’s statement that you and I were once “old friends.” Maybe a long time ago, but the Charlice Byrd vs. Gina Carr race pretty much killed that relationship, and since then, I don’t much care too much about Barty-Boy.

  30. John Konop says:


    I have ask you numerous times to answer the questions about Tom’s voting record.If I am wrong please with details tell me what I lied about. Are you saying Tom Price did not vote for the pork driven Highway and Energy Bill while gas prices are soaring ? Are you saying Tom Tancredo is wrong that Tom Price’s CAFTA vote is an end around our immigration policies ? Are you saying Tom solution to compete with communist China is by lowering our Tax,regulations and legal system is a way to compete with a communist dictatorship? Are you saying that Tom Price is right about his support of the Kennedy No Child Left Behind ,which is a give away to publishing companies at the expense of kids, parents and teachers? Do you think it is right for the state GOP not to post opposition to incumbents in America?

    I have talk to Tom on several occasions and he is a nice guy. The above issues are much bigger then personal friendship. By the way can you just say you are sorry to Karen, without the dig.As I said this is not about Bill or Karen it is about the issues.And I only saw sound bites not facts in your analysis of Bill and Karen as well as Tom and I. Why not try to give complete answers to my questions instead of talking points? Why not do the same with Bill and Karen ?

  31. BB says:


    You hire a consultant who you cannot support or trust. You lie about endorsements. You lie about the respected congressman you are running against. Why in world would anybody answer questions from a querulous candidate who admittedly has no chance of winning?

    But I will take you up on the offer made months ago to a debate. I have accepted on many blogs yet you refuse to set it up as proposed. I will also honor my bet proposed many times; you win, every car in your family and campaign staff is washed, you wash my Jeep when you lose. Deal, on No Deal John????

  32. Bill Simon says:

    Who respects Tom Price besides MR08, Bart, Debbie DeLong, Grant, and a few diehards in Fulton County who would support him regardless of the non-performing job he’s done in Congress?

    The fact is, far too many members of the GOP have become as complacent with the Republican Congress as the members of Congress. However, the GOP voters are far more fickle than dues-paid “activists” and it’s lookng pretty bleak all around for the GOP to maintain control of the House.

    Oh yeah, one other thing Tom lied about was his “promise” to move to Cobb County in order to live closer to Westminister School so he wouldn’t have to drive as far back and forth between home and his son’s school. Where is Tom living now? Oh yeah…still in the same house in Fulton. Boy, that guy is sure clever, and so full of integrity.

  33. Beth says:


    What has Stephens done to lead you to believe –

    “he has been a fighter for accountability in the SOS’s office.”

    I will agree that Stephens is good at the sound bite game. Running the SoS office requires more than sound bites though.

  34. John Konop says:


    I told Pete I would be happy to do the candidate interview process in a open forum with the public. Being a vice chairman you could be one the members asking question. I have no problem with open debate and questions. By the way what date did Tom Price set for our debate in Cherokee county ?

  35. GeorgiaEagle says:

    If I can bring this thread back to the subject at hand, the state GOP leadership persists in locking out McBerry. I attended the Minuteman Project caravan rally at the State Capitol May 9; McBerry and other candidates were there. McBerry was even recognized as a candidate for governor by one of the speakers as one who championed real illegal immigration reform in Georgia.

    There was a table at this for the upcoming GOP Capitol PAC’s “Primary Issues” Concert & Campaign BBQ. They were selling tickets for the BBQ. One of the members of the board of the PAC made an announcement during the rally that the event was open for all statewide GOP candidates and that there would be a straw poll at the event.

    Well after that statement the Purdue machine went into high gear and this board member was taken aside and told with witnesses present that the event was not open to all GOP statewide candidates (even though that how it was sold to the public beforehand). When pressed on as to why McBerry was not welcome it was because he was a “flagger”. This board member was understandably miffed at the heavy-handedness of it all. Since I hung around talking with some of the Minuteman supporters, I ran into some of the witnesses of the event. I confirmed this with the PAC board member.

    As far as I’m concerned, for this reason alone Chris Simcox (with the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps) should cancel his appearance at the BBQ event. Whether he chooses to speak at a McBerry event instead is up to him.

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