Atlanta 4th smartest place to live.

From the AJC:

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance (June) says Atlanta ranks fourth on its “50 Smart Places to Live” list. This is based on cities that combine affordability and livability — “places that are vibrant and fun, and where a dollar still goes a long way.”

To make the list, Kiplinger’s says a city had to score well in a variety of areas including housing prices, cost of living, economic vitality, education, health care, the local arts scene and recreational facilities.

“Choosing where you live is one of the most important financial decisions you’ll ever make,” says Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Senior Editor Robert Frick.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Kiplinger’s forgot to mention the fact that Atlanta (and the metro-area) is chock-full of hot women. Why a lot of them chose to attend UGA is beyond me…unless the old theory holds true about smart women always wishing to marry down…and, UGA is THE place to meet those types of men.

  2. spaceygracey says:

    If we’re so liveble, then what the heck is Bob Barr wenging about today in the AJC? See what you guys started with the “Home Depot Is Departing the ATL” rumor someone posted here. Jeez.

    Says Barr… “…Home Depot is considering a new corporate home, partly in response to what many perceive as a failure by the traditional Atlanta power structure to assimilate Home Depot’s leadership. The pounding that Home Depot has taken at the hands of our news media here certainly doesn’t help matters.”

    Huh? What the f is that all about? Arthur & Stephanie Blank RUNS this city! And live intown too I might add.

    What planet is Barr living on?

    Not only did I work for HD for about 10 years, I’ve lived intown for well over 20. Can someone please explain me what the heck Barr’s talking (in code) about with this perceived gross failure on the part of Atlanta to “assimilate Home Depot’s leadership?”

    Just because Bernie couldn’t Big Foot his fish tank into the Atlanta Station area, then everyone starts whining that nobody’s playing fair? Huh?????

    Maybe if people got their fat-cat butts out of the gated community ‘burb-bubble more often they could stop whining about being some kinda assimilation victims. Come live intown. Everyone else is. And changing everything too in the process.

    Heck again… a division of my media co. launches Monday:

    Who needs factories when you’ve got the Internet!? China’s got enough to supply all our cheap-goods needs, right? Just ask Andy Young about that issue.

  3. spaceygracey says:

    Oooops. My blogger bad. Pardon the gross typo in above entry! I know RUNS should be RUN, so don’t bug me over cyber junk, ‘kay? Stick to the tough stuff, like the issue, if you can.

  4. atlantaman says:

    I’d like to know whether they mean Atlanta or METRO Atlanta. The two are used interchangeably, but if your talking about smartest places to live it would make a big difference.

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