1. jacewalden says:

    Give me a break! This has nothing to do with values. It has everything to do with the fact that Desperate Housewives is one of the highest rated shows on television. More viewers means more people who saw the ad. That’s just smart. Plus, Eva Longoria is hot.

  2. jacewalden says:

    I don’t know, but I can see a Perdue/Longoria campaign team happening…similar to the Cagle/Elliot race team. Except, I’m pretty sure Eva doesn’t race cars.

  3. Fuzzyslippers says:


    You do realize the rates they pay for commercials are directly attributed to the number of viewers?

    For example they spent $30,000.00 for one commercial for Desperate housewives. They could have spent $30,00.00 for 2,433 commercials during NBA basketball.

  4. jacewalden says:


    I don’t think I’m following you here…

    But, as far as viewers, Desperate Housewives pulls more in than NBA…so it still seems smarter to hit all of them up with one commercial. Even if you put up 2,433 commericials, is it worth the cost if less people see them?

    Like I said, I’m not sure if I know what you were getting at. Maybe you could clarify it for me.

  5. JoshA says:

    Not a lot of candidates would be dumb enough to have a commercial talking about sunday school and childhood sweethearts to go on during Desperate Housewives…Sonny did.

  6. jacewalden says:

    Not a lot of candidates would be smart enough to have a commercial talking about sunday school and childhood sweethearts to go on one of the most-watched television shows in the entire country…Sonny did.

  7. Brian from Ellijay says:

    And Bill starts attacks on the Governor again…starting to remind me of 02.

    Is is because he is not pro-gay like Karen?

  8. Fuzzyslippers says:


    It was a joke. NOBODY cares about the NBA.

    That said, you pay for the number of people watching the show. So you’ll get about the same number of viewers for your money. (with some fluctuation) The question is WHICH viewers. I think that this is the statement the thread starter was trying to pose.

    Would you feel better if his commercials were during WWE and Nascar? That is his target audience, no?

  9. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    Who cares what show’s campaign adds run during..desperate housewives is a popular show..plus I dont think the campaign cand really controll which excact time their comercials are ran, they go by time slots that can range up to 3hrs. The Perdue campaign were most likeley wanting their comercials on the most popular channel (WSB-TV) and during the most popular viewing time (prime time) 7-10pm.
    To accuse a man who has been a foster parent to many, and who teaches a Sunday School class every week for adults who want to strenthen their marrige,of not having family values is absurd. You have to be an extreme political junkie to think about such things.

  10. 4ofspades says:

    Nice of you to drink the Stephens Kool-aid. Show me any evidence that Handel has said she is pro-gay.

    You should stick with your strenghts, putting up yard signs for candidates.

  11. jacewalden says:


    I could care less what shows are on when his ads come up. It takes someone with a lot of time on their hands and very little political ammunition to think that there is a link between the type of show and the candidate’s ad.

  12. bowersville says:

    Governor not pro-gay, Bill attacking? HUH? Is Bill pro-gay or not? Is that what you’re asking? I’m lost and need help. Yard signs and desperate housewives? Desperate former wife, current wife or campaign wife, what do you mean?

  13. Bill Simon says:

    Brian, how’s that little problem of yours we previously discussed about your prolific ability to lie? Have you sought much help for that? Surely Kennesaw State University can provide you with some very reasonably priced therapy sessions on that.

  14. Hortence says:

    Ad placement is geared to benefit the company that places ads. That’s how they make money. The more expensive the ad the more they make.

    I for one am absolutely sick of the Sonny Perdue commercial. So what that Sonny has done all of these things in his life — what has he done as Governor?

    From what I know, during his term in office, Georgia has done worse in education. Ford and GM are pulling out of the state. And nothing has been done on health care. I want to see and hear about results, not someone’s biography.

    While I may very well end up voting for Sonny, it’s about the extent that I’ll do to help his reelection. At least there is the opportunity for a few decent candidates on the down ticket races for the Republicans. However, all that is out the door if Ralph Reed is on the ticket.

    On the federal level, I couldn’t help but to notice how much like a 1994 Republican Nancy Pelosi sounded on Meet the Press yesterday. She pledged “No Deficit Spending”, which is a refreshing change from the $9 Trillion deficit we have today. I’m not sure how I’ll vote in my Congressional race, but right now I’m leaning toward voting Democrat simply to send a message. Power went to the head’s of most of those in the Republican majority and it’s obvious with the stench of the Abramoff/DeLay corruption scandal, the Cunningham/Defense contractor scandal, and the failure to do anything about immigration.

    You know, I say all this and I consider myself a pretty conservative Republican, but enough is enough, especially on the federal level.

  15. Fuzzyslippers says:


    By your statement I’m sure you would have no problem with him advertising on Logo.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  16. McCain-Rice, buying television spots on broadcast TV is very precise. You pay for the program/time spot and how many times it runs. You may be thinking about buying advertisements on cable TV, where you purchase spots in a block that run between 6-12 (for example).

    In other words, Perdue could buy a TV ad on CNN that just randomly happens to run when they do an expose on Ralph Reed and Jack Abramoff. Because you have little control over the precision of the timing of your cable ads. But for network television, you buy the exact time and program. In fact, candidates often will request a schedule from their media buyer so they can tell their friends and family to tune in.

    Somehow, I think if the Democrats were advertising on a show about adultery and gay sex, it would mean something to the Republican spinners out there. I can just see Dan McGlagan driving from the frat house he lives at to his office grinning with glee at the thought of all of the Democrat bashing quotes he’s about to deliver.

  17. jacewalden says:


    Exactly. I could care less what station his commercial appears upon. Like I said earlier, people who have so little political ammunition that they can only find fault in the TV station his ads appear on, aren’t worth trying to engage in a logical debate.

  18. Dignan says:

    Bobby: I am not a big fan of Purdue. But yours is one of the silliest and inept criticisms of a politician I have ever seen. I now understand why Democrats around the state are so mad at you for letting the Republicans have so many uncontested seats.

  19. GAWire says:

    I appreciate Chris’ explanation about media buying and unfortunately Jace and apparently Bobby Kahn have no clue about this subject (which explains a lot!).

    Media buying has nothing to do with communicating family values in certain shows – sure, that can take place sometimes, but it just doesn’t matter. You buy where you will get the most penetration. Obviously, Desp Housewives will get you a lot of tv penetration with all kinds of voters. And FYI folks, you aren’t lacking family values b/c you watch that show. Personally, that is one of the most rediculous claims I have ever heard and is right up there with Cynthia McKinney’s racial political claims. Good job, Bobby – you have proven yourself to be an inept leader once again. THey must love you over there at “Georgia’s Party”.

    To the discussion about NBA – despite what you think about sporting events, they do not get good penetration for political ads. Furthermore, you are trying to compare weekend day time with prime time. Even further, you are trying to compare cable with network, or broadcast. They aren’t comparable when it comes to real market penetration. That is why it cost so much more for primetime cable, b/c you are much more likely to get more off $30K for one add on primetime network than a hundred adds on cable.

    This is basic political media – I don’t expect everyone to realize this if you have never bought media before, but one would think the Dem Party Chairman would understand that making a claim like the one above is not just rediculous, it’s borderline humerous. Thanks for the laugh.

    So, now that you all have heard a lesson in Political Media 101, you will receive my bill in the mail – remittance is expected in 30 days.

    On another note, I don’t think the ads are very good. Sorry, Sonny. Sorry, Nick. All that production money you spent on the 400 consultants the campaign hired would have been better served hiring a qualified voice-over and some better footage.

  20. jsm says:

    I’d bet we’d all be surprised how many people sitting beside us at church on Sunday morning watched Desperate Housewives.

    Nevertheless, the audience for the ad does not define the values of the candidate. If I’m a candidate, I’m going to tap every market I can and fight for every vote I can muster. I’d even have a Myspace account! A good candidate does not ignore certain audiences unless the audience is clearly hostile to him, and I’m willing to bet that Sonny reached a LOT of conservative voters during Desperate Housewives.

  21. jacewalden says:

    Okay, GAWire,

    Since we’re going to throw out accusations. I’m going to say that you are both ignorant and illiterate. If you had actually read my posts…the premise of my arguments was that there was no connection between desperate housewives and the quality of Sonny’s character.

    If you had actually read my posts you would have discovered that I completely agree with your argument:
    “Media buying has nothing to do with communicating family values in certain shows – sure, that can take place sometimes, but it just doesn’t matter. You buy where you will get the most penetration. Obviously, Desp Housewives will get you a lot of tv penetration with all kinds of voters”.

    Now, if you had actually bothered to read my first post, you might have read this: “This has nothing to do with values. It has everything to do with the fact that Desperate Housewives is one of the highest rated shows on television. More viewers means more people who saw the ad”

    I think it was smart to place the ad where it has the greatest potential for being seen.

    I happen to think its smart to reach as many voters as you can (the most penetration)…

    So, GAWire, If I were you, I would take all of the money I earned teaching political media classes and invest it in a program to help your critical reading skills. Thank you.

  22. flamingmoderate says:

    jace, gawire, chris,

    it looks like you’re all trying to make the same point.

  23. Would you guys think there would be a problem with Perdue buying web ads on a blog run by a flagger? What about Mark Taylor or Cathy Cox? Or does the advertising exist separately from the medium it is placed in/on?

  24. GAWire says:

    Jace, since I can’t read, I have a difficult time specifying to whom my points are directed. I was directed my points towards the original author(s) of the argument (i.e. Bobby K). I was further emphasizing the points related to media buying that had already been made. Fuzzyslippers, I believe, also made a point to which I was arguing – the $30K vs NBA comment … Again, I am aliterit, so sorry if you got mixed up in that. Finally, if I took all of the money from media classes to start a critical reading skills program, it would be pretty sorry; however, more well funded than the GA Dem Party.

  25. jacewalden says:

    “Finally, if I took all of the money from media classes to start a critical reading skills program, it would be pretty sorry; however, more well funded than the GA Dem Party.”

    Now that is an awesome statement! And probably true.

  26. Bill Simon says:


    I watched Meet The Depressed as well on Sunday. You do know that when a politician like Pelosi says “No Deficit Spending,” that means rack-up taxes to pay for whatever additional programs they care to cram into a budget, right?

    It doesn’t mean she and the Dems will cut spending. In fact, Tim Russert did ask her specifically about cutting spending, and all she answered was “There will be no deficit spending.”

    The GOP’s leadership in Congress sucks because they’ve cut taxes AND tripled spending. Having the Dems back in power so they will stop cutting taxes and raise them to pay for these programs is not a great option either.

    Say…I think I’ll go find a nice rusty nail to step-on barefoot…I think it would be less painful than having either party in charge of Congress for the nesxt 10 years.

  27. Jace thanks for your honesty. So if the Democratic Party starts buying ads on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Jerry Springer as well as web ads on Southern Heritage sites you will be the one person that I won’t expect to hear any carping from 🙂

  28. Eddie T says:

    So wait, let’s review.

    A Republican notes the hypocrisy of preaching moralistic family values while supporting a show like Desperate Housewives with your advertising dollars. (Say one thing and do another? Sounds like Ralph Reed and Sonny Perdue have even more in common than I previously thought.)

    Bobby Kahn provides a link to that commentary.

    I swear, Bobby could note the blueness of the sky and you’d all disagree–and then try to mock him for wasting time trying to convince you all the sky was blue. In fact, his belief that the sky is blue is the exact reason why Republicans will win in November.

    The hackery is indeed impressive.

  29. jacewalden says:

    You won’t. Like I said, it shouldn’t matter what stations or shows the ads show up on. What should matter is the honesty of the ad.

  30. Romegaguy says:

    With a close friend of Bill “Adulerating Sodomite” Clinton doing the voiceover for Sonny, I thought that running the ad on Desperate Housewives was appropriate.

  31. Eddie T says:


    You are living on an entirely different planet from most people. No better, no worse, just different.

    Most people think advertisers should be held, on some level, accountable to the medium in which they advertise. If the Georgia Democratic Party were running ads in the Daily Worker the uproar would be pretty enormous. As it should be.

    I don’t know how you can’t pick up the hypocrisy of financially supporting a show about morally bankrupt suburbanites while preaching your own moral superiority. Especially when most of your constituents would probably agree that prime time television has gotten away from being family-friendly.

    UNLESS your constituents are hypocrites too, in which case…hey, what can you do?

  32. jacewalden says:


    You’re right. I am on planet earth. Why don’t you come join me someday. It’s pretty fun down here actually.

    Look, here’s how I “can’t pick up the hypocrisy”. First, because the money is paid to the network…not the show. Second, because when it comes to politics, there are more important things to worry about than what shows are playing certain ads.

    Tell me your solution please Eddie? Should Sonny only air his product during episodes of Barney and Sesame Street?

    –Do you see what I’m getting at here, Eddie? Although Barney is probably morally superior to Housewives, he’s probably not going to reach registered voters. The point of placing an add is to reach the greatest number of people possible. Just because someone watches a “morally bankrupt” show doesn not make that person morally bankrupt. Does it? Of course not. Therefore, someone who advertises during a “morally bankrupt” show is not necessarily “morally bankrupt” either, nor is he hypocritical.

    The point is, a lot of Georgians (and a lot of Americans) watch Desperate Housewives. And contrary to your belief that “most people believe that advertisers should be held accountable”, Most people could CARE LESS what show the ad appeared on. What most REASONABLE, NORMAL, people from this planet care about is the honesty of the message contained in the ad.

    And guess what? No one on this thread has been able to muster an attack on the info in the add. All I’ve seen is petty squabbling over time placement.

    So I offer one of my previous statements to you:

    People with so little political ammunition that the only thing about an ad they have to criticize is it’s time of appearance are beyond the point were they can be drawn into a logical debate.

    Come visit us on Earth if you get a chance!

  33. GAWire says:

    I take issue with the idea that we would argue with Bobby Kahn if he said the sky were blue. I take issue b/c I probably would argue with that claim. I would argue with that claim b/c Bobby K would only claim the sky was blue, only if it were a dark grey and cloudy day when the sky was not blue, however, he would be claiming it is blue b/c he thinks that his rediculous accusations and sorry attempts at political spin works with legitimate voters. I think Bobby would claim the sky is blue on a cloudy day, and then blame the clouds on Republicans, saying that it was our harsh policy that turned the sky grey when it should be blue. Bobby would then bring on “The Big Guy” and Cathy-with-a-C Cox to argue with each whether or not a blue sky is really what the voters want. By the time they would come to a conclusion, the election would be over, and once again, Bobby K would be left in the rainy weather wondering what the heck happened to his party. What’s the point, you ask? The point, friends, is that Bobby K doesn’t have a clue whether the sky is blue or grey, anymore than he has a clue what the people of Georgia want out of their elected officials. Make sense? Good.

  34. GAWire says:

    So, what you’re saying then, Bill, is that Bobby Kahn is a horrible political leader or just an moron?

  35. Bill Simon says:

    I haven’t yet heard Bobby Kahn claiming anything about the sky being blue or otherwise.

    But, I don’t think Bobby’s a moron…and, to put a positive spin on him, he’s been a great political leader for US, the GOP in Georgia, hasn’t he? 😉

  36. caroline says:

    First time poster here.

    So is this the extent of Sonny’s campaign? He’s going to run against the gay “boogey man”? I guess this is the kind of campaign you run when you don’t have any issues.

    Of course, here in GA, that may be all a candidate needs. Plenty of fundamentalists who would get whacked out by this stuff.

    Sonny has turned GA into a laughingstock. Why not keep it up?

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