Double Standard?

Cynthia McKinney faces a Grand Jury indictment while Patrick Kennedy faces nothing (so far).

From The American Thinker:

She faces potential legal jeopardy, and now a rich white boy walks away without so much as a breathalyzer test from circumstances that would ordinarily demand a drunk driving investigation. At least one cop reportedly says he smelled alcohol.

And this:

Never known for self-control or thoughtfulness, Representative McKinney is going to have a hard time keeping her mouth shut.

She could denounce favoritism, of course. But she is asking for favoritism herself, so that won’t work out too well. Even McKinney can see this.

So she will demand “equal treatment


  1. Demonbeck says:

    Patrick could have driven off a bridge and killed someone and gotten away with it. He’s a Kennedy after all!

    The fact that no charges are pending, no investigation is going on and there is no huge public outcry over this incident is sad. However, in no way does this justify McKinney’s actions.

    Patrick Kennedy is readily admitting that he was driving under the influence. The issue is whether he is telling the truth about what he was influenced by.

    Regardless, this is par for the course for the Kennedy family and par for the course for McKinney.

  2. GAWire says:

    There is a double standard here, Buzz, but it is not between McKinney and Kennedy. It is the double standard that says Democrats can do anything and the outcry will inevitably by limited. If a Republican does something illegal, or makes a mistake, then the maximum penalty is never enough, according to the opposition and most of the mainstream media.

    Let’s do an evaluation from history … we’ve got a Kennedy that has been caught up in numerous scandals, one of which resulted in a death. There was Bill Clinton, who not only cheated on his wife in the WH, while he was supposed to be doing the country’s business, but he lied under oath about it. If that wasn’t bad enough, his lack of care for the appropriate national security and defense procedures is alarming at best, i.e. neglect of proper procedures of the nuclear football, allowing the most wanted to terrorist in the world get away (which later led to 9/11), allowing dictators to lead genocide and kill wontonly kill innocent people, etc. Then you have Cynthia McKinney punch a police officer (’nuff said) – she will get little penalty. Then, another Kennedy runs into a police baracade and attempts to use immunity, saying that he needs to get to a vote, when Congress had been adjourned for 3 hours. Finally, there is William Jefferson (D-LA), who was involved in an African internet company scam, and accepted bribes to try and get our own government involved.

    On the other side, there is George W. Bush, who has NEVER been even remotely connected to such behavior. He admitted to making mistakes in his young years, but has since matured and proven to be a formidable leader. Except, many Dems (including McKinney) accuse him of being in cahoots with terrorists, for oil profits. Furthermore, even when the liberal media attempted to doctor documents, which attempt to discredit him, they are proven wrong, desparate, and shameful.

    Finally, speaking about equal treatment under the law … when our people make mistakes, we make sure they are treated as the law dictates, i.e. Duke Cunningham, Ralph Reed, etc. Even Newt admitted unethical conduct and paid his price, both literally speaking and politically. Same thing with Tom DeLay (even though there has been no proof of wrongdoing). Ollie North took the blame for his misconduct. Then, they step aside for the good of the People and the Party (of course, Ralph is the exception there).

    Dems, on the other hand, make excuses, attempt to shift blame, make irrational accusations, and essentially become incredible cowards in the face of the public. HHHMMM, and I wonder why there are more Democratic defectors to the GOP than vice versa.

  3. debbie0040 says:

    He should have been arrested. If his last name were not Kennedy, he would have.

    The police supervisors that helped cover it up should be fired.

    If that were Barbara or Jenna Bush, the headlines would be screaming about the injustice.

    If it were a Republican Congressman, the press would be asking for his resignation.

  4. buzzbrockway says:

    All of the above comments are certianly true, but won’t this play into McKinney’s hand? It ads credence to her claim that she’s a target because of her outspoken nature, or that she’s a black woman. Won’t this help her in the 4th CD?

  5. Three Jack says:

    She needs to win the 4th CD. The GOP needs her to win, just one less effective dem in Congress. Elect a sensible, sane, well spoken rep. and something might actually get done.

    If the DUI driver were a Republican, Pelosi would be calling for a special prosecutor demanding all records including cell phone calls, credit card transactions, gas receipts etc. to determine the whereabouts of the culprit during the three hours after the session ended. It should be simple enough to find out if Kennedy was bar hopping / drinking from midnight to crash time, just demand the records.

  6. Skeptical says:

    There’s a double standard going all right, but I don’t think any of you even realize it. I particularly like this gem from GAWire:

    “It is the double standard that says Democrats can do anything and the outcry will inevitably by limited. If a Republican does something illegal, or makes a mistake, then the maximum penalty is never enough, according to the opposition and most of the mainstream media.”

    Just who are you kidding? By these witch hunt standards, OxyContin boy should have been in jail a long time ago. Where is the outrage now?

    Porter Goss is resigning because he is neck high in the Hookergate scandal, but I don’t hear any screaming going on. I see it’s only when a Democrat is getting a little action that the moral police show up.

    Tit for tat kids. I’ll use the phrase you love so much: Get over it.

  7. debbie0040 says:

    Skeptical, his Dad got way with murder. If Patrick were an average citizen, his butt would have been thrown in jail.

    Another Kennedy escapes justice.

    This came to light because the police union complained.

    ROLL CALL reports: According to a letter sent by Officer Greg Baird, acting chairman of the USCP FOP, the wreck took place at approximately 2:45 a.m. Thursday when Kennedy’s car, operating with its running lights turned off, narrowly missed colliding with a Capitol Police cruiser and smashed into a security barricade at First and C streets Southeast.

    “The driver exited the vehicle and he was observed to be staggering,

  8. Skeptical says:

    The Kennedy hard on that the Right has for these people is amazing.

    Debbie, I’m not saying what he did is acceptable. Quite the contrary. Anyone who foolishly puts the public in danger angers me to no end. And he put the general public in danger.

    But do you really want to talk about daddy’s getting their kids out of “sticky situations” because I’ve been dying for this one. Let’s talk about a certain Texas Congressman getting his son into the Texas Air National Guard during Vietnam. Let’s talk about that Congressman getting his son out of trouble when he was arrested for drug possession (cocaine is a hell of a drug I hear). Let’s talk about that Texas Congressman getting his son transferred to a champagne unit during the Vietnam conflict so he wouldn’t be sent over to a “conflict” that killed thousands.

    And please don’t lecture about if he “were an average citizen”. Like I said, if Rush were an average citizen, he’d be in jail too. I particularly like how he rails against drug addicts then turns out to be one himself. Nope, no hypocrisy there.

    Before you begin the lecture circuit for the moral high ground, should I also point out all the recent “discoveries” of those good, Christian Republicans who have been outed as child molesters, adulterers, etc.

    And getting back to dear Patrick, driving under the influence of prescription drugs is still driving under the influence and any preferential treatment from the Capitol Police is unacceptable. He needs to be treated just like any other citizen would be. He probably won’t and this is why ordinary people don’t trust “the system” anymore.

    But make no mistake about it, if this were any republican and he said hey I’m a congressman, the capitol police would have done the same thing in that instance, except that we’d never hear about it.

  9. GAWire says:

    Skeptical, I’m skeptical about your knowledge of … well, anything. You can’t say that Capitol Police would have done the same thing, without the public hearing about it. If that would have been a Republican, then hopefully the consequences would have been based on the law – not Party status.

    Secondly, your assertions about Rush … I don’t like Rush and I think he is full of babbling crap most of the time. But the point is, he isn’t an elected official. What he does has no affect on me. What Members of Congress do have a direct impact on my life and well being.

    Finally, your claims about a “Texas Congressman” show just how little ground you have in this argument. Last I heard, it is honorably to serve in the military, regardless of active duty, reserve, national guard, etc. It is insulting to insinuate that for whatever reason, serving in the TX National Guard is any less honorable or deserving of credit than serving in Saigon.

    Furthermore, where is your proof that “daddy got his son out of duty”? Where are the documents? Where are the people? Oh yeah, I remember now … they are all drinking cheap scotch with Dan Rather before noon everyday, b/c they are out of a job for making false allegations. And their documents? Well, those vietnam-era documents are still being printed in a post-vietnam era typewriter.

    You must have missed that story when the rest of the world heard about it. Perhaps you should have been waiting to respond on a subject about which you actually have a clue.

  10. atlantaman says:

    Lots of interesting questions. They’ve tried to answer some with their belated explanations. If he was taking sleeping medication, what was he doing driving a car at 3:00 am?

    What is the point of drunk driving laws. Well it’s to keep people who are mentally and visually impared off the roads so they don’t kill or injure someone. So if you are mentally and visually impared enough to crash into a barrier from sleep medication then why would that be anymore forgiveable then drunk driving?

  11. Three Jack says:

    Patrick Kennedy — “I take full responsibility for my actions”

    Ralph Reed — “I take full responsibility for my actions”

    Kennedy checks into a rehab clinic for at least the third time, the most recent back in December.

    Reed runs for Lt. Governor.

    Both are recollectionally challenged to the point of making Hillary Clinton seem pachydermish.

    Anybody else disgusted with pols “taking full responsibility” in words while getting off scott free in reality?


    I was wondering when someone would compare this to the RR explanations.. I bet the Reed camp wants this story to grow legs to devert some attention of lame excuses away from them for a day or two..

  13. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    I dont think there was a double standard. I believe Patrick Kenedy was effected by sleep medication, because he was in rehab from December to January for his addiction to pain killers. I know yall just want the book thrown at him because he is a Kennedy, the son of Ted Kennedy at that, and while his dad is not exactlly the best Senator he has done alot for America that is positive.Patrick Kennedy has handeled him self well over the incident, he publicly announced he was going to re-enter rehab…that would have been the equivalent of Congresswoman McKinney publicly appologizing to the Capitol Police officer…and we all know that her news conference featureing Harry Belefonte and Danny Glover to announce her self as a victim of racism was about as far away from an appology as it gets.
    I sincerily hope that Hank Johnson can convince the Republicans of the 4th dist (which now includes Republican Rockdale County, but lost Republican North Dekalb) to crossover vote again and get McKinny out once and for all. Hank Johnson said it best the other day on the news “We need someone to represent the 4th district who can gain the respect of Republicans and Democrats, rather than be the embarassment of the U.S. Congress”. This guy has got it together, unlike Majette..who is now running for School Superintendent…I seriously think she has a mental problem…first she gives up her SAFE house seat to run for U.S. Senate with absolutley no hope of winning, and now she is running against Kathy Cox despite the fact that she has never been a teacher or had any profesional connection to the Education system.

  14. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    GAwire, I agree there is a double standard in the Media…but I think you are a little to harsh in your views on the Clinton Administration. While I supported Bush in ’92 and Dole in ’96 and I thought Clinton should have been impeached over Perjury only (the other stuff was a bunch of B.S. to me). I must admit President Clinton was a decent President, he had a good foreign policy and the economy was booming in the 90’s, and hey..We had a surplus back then (which was also partly because we had Newt in charge of Congress). But I can not believe that you would blame President Clinton for 9/11..that is rediculous, you are just as bad a the Ultra-Liberals that say that Bush knew all abot 9/11 and just let it happen. Sure I think he could have responded to the attacks in Nairobi and the bombing of the Twin Towers in ’93 and the USS Cole with more force, but he was in no way responsible for what happend on September 11th, 2001. Al Qiada was the evil ones behind it, did you forgeT??…..People like you need to realize that Democrats are not the enemy in this war, terrorists are..and the more people like you blame Clinton, the more ignorant you make our party look. Democrats are Americans to and 99% of them love this country, they just have a different view on whats best for this country. I have always had a sence of respect for the other side, and if more people had respect for both sides of the asile..the less partisan problems we’d have in D.C.

  15. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    And while Im on the Clintons ( I know many of yall will hate me for saying it) but I have a lot of respect for Hillary Clinton. She is a women of strength and of great intellect. She has been an inspiration to alot of young women, and I love how she can make an indirect political statement..many times I dont agree with what she says but rather than name who/what she is talkinig about…she uses other ways to let you know what she is saying. I went to hear her speak one time and I was very impressed, she did say some stuff that I disagreed with..but 2/3 of what she said I agreed with and most people would have to..I thought maybe she was just trying to appeal to Georgian’s but I came across her speaking on C-Span to Brown University in Rhode Island..and she still sounded the same moderate way in such a liberal state. While I would not vote for her in ’08, I think the Democrats are smart to choose her and she will (even with McCain) be a challenge to beat. I think she would be an OK President, but McCain will be a GREAT one. I just cant stand it when people like ANN COULTER say that “A woman is not suitable to be President” because there are women that are certainly qualified like Condi Rice, and Hillary is qualified but there are certainly better opptions out there..but Hillary is better than Kerry, Edwards, or Dean any day. Now (lol) I know Im going to get attacked like crazy for that fire away.

  16. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    Before yall attack, I forgot to mention that Hillary Clinton (unlike most of her Democratic collegues) has been cosistatly supportive of the troops and of the War in Iraq. She voted to invade Iraq back in ’03, and since then she has voted for every single piece of legislation that offerd support to the brave men and women fighting over there..she voted for the infamous $87 billion that Kerry and Edwards voted against, and she has been a leading advocate for more protective gear for the troops. So I just think yall needed to consider what she has done for our troops before you attack.

  17. GAWire says:

    >>”””he had a good foreign policy and the economy was booming in the 90’s, and hey..We had a surplus back then (which was also partly because we had Newt in charge of Congress).”””

    Clinton’s good economy was inherited from his predecessors. The economy during a President’s term is rarely eximplary of that particular Administration’s economic initiatives. I’m tired of people saying Clinton was a good President b/c the economy was good during his term – the economy was good b/c Ronald Reagan was a brilliant President, especially when it came to the economy.

    Furthermore, we cannot gauge George W Bush based on the current economy – indeed a lot of our current economic problems are the result of failing Clinton policies, i.e. healthcare, welfare, budget deficits, etc.

    We will not be able to gauge this President’s affects on the economy until well after ’08.

  18. debbie0040 says:

    Reed did nothing wrong. He did not break the law nor have any of his aides been indicted.

    I am glad Reed is a fighter and not someone that caves in.

    Patrick Kennedy has had 2 wrecks in three weeks. He should have been arrested by the police and sent to jail.

    Skeptical, you may be right about if a GOP Congressman had d one the same thing, the police would have reacted similarly. I am skeptical about that.

    What is a double standard is the way the national press would have reacted. If Kennedy would have been a GOP Congressman, there would be calls for his resignation.

    Contrast the way the press covered the Clinton Presidency and the way they covered the Reagan and Bush Presidency.

    Skeptical, you try to demean Bush because he served in the National Guard.

    My cousin is a full time warrior in the Louisiana National Guard. He spent 18 months in Iraq at Camp Anaconda and his helicoptor was shot at almost daily. He came back home and was shot at trying to rescue Katrina victims from rooftops. He has seen combat, so don’t demean Guard service!

    McCain/Rice: Clinton set the stage for 9-11 when he retreated and ran after our servicemen’s bodies were dragged throught the streets of Mogadishu. That entire operation was FUBAR and Clinton was to blame.

    Bin Laden saw that and believed that if Americans see blood they will retreat.

    Is there any doubt that W woukd not have retreated?

  19. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    “Reed did nothing wrong”…now tell me, how much more brainwashed can you get. Even when I was an active volunteer for the Reed Campaign, I realized he had some wrong doings in the past. That last comment right there from Debbie pretty much takes all her credibility away due to a deep biasness. You my friend are no doubt a Reed Follower, you need to start thinking for your self more.

  20. Philly says:

    McCain, you need to stop insulting people just because they support Reed and don’t think he did anything wrong.

    I could call you a coward because you support Cagle and he is one.

    I have read what you said about Hillary and with your support of MCain, as far as I am concerned you have no credibility.

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