Tucker turns on Cross

Cynthia Tucker laments the downfall of Dolores Cross former President of Morris Brown, who this week pleaded guilty to one count of embezzlement. Tucker takes her to task, but inserts this comment:

Federal investigators say she used the money to pay bills at the cash-strapped school, not to benefit personally. I’d like to think her only motive was to enhance the educational opportunities for the school’s core students, who are mostly from poor and working-class homes and who lacked the academic preparation required for more competitive colleges.

No matter her motives, Morris Brown has been run into the ground, and may never recover.  As they say “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”


  1. L. E. Font says:

    Cynthia Tucker needs to cling to the CROSS and get saved. She actually told a Republican Candidate that “Abortion” was not in the Bible. Can you believe that? She said “Aboortion was NOT murder”. Can you believe that? Little does she know that the BIBLE clearly calls a woman with a “fetus” in het womb… A WOMAN WITH CHILD! If the CHILD she is with is terminated – it is a murder. Let it be known that GOD forgives all women who have had an abortion thinking it was okay an “not murder”. My prayer is that all whom have had an abortion get help from caring Christians who will show mercy and healing.

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