1. Bill Simon says:

    I gotta compliment the Stoneridge Group for producing another well-designed, well-themed Website. Lots of detail-oriented thinking went in to producing different pop-up content for each of the numbers and, everything, unlike Ralph Reed’s tangled Webs of deceit, has proof to back-up the claim.

  2. The Busdriver says:

    Interesting. The first item listed on reedfacts.com (a curious name, indeed) is “Chuck Colson Defends Ralph”, yet Ralph’s name is not mentioned once in Colson’s column. The entire text is dedicated to defending Dobson.

    Why did Ralph appropriate Colson’s defense of Dobson for himself?

    “Desparation,” btw, is spelled “desperation.” And you also lose points for lack of independent thought and poor sentence structure.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    He broke the TRUST of his fellow religious conservatives, Debbie, by deliberately manipulating them into acting for causes for which he knowingly received funds from competing gambling interests to block their competitors.

    Breaking TRUST is far more important and damaging to a person’ integrity and credibility than if someone gets arrested or charged with a crime.

    If your baseline is someone has to actually get arrested and charged with wrong-doing in order to have done something wrong, all I have to say is your standards for whom you associate with must be very, very low.

    AND, seeing whom you support in the Cobb GOP for the past 4 years, well, it actually IS no wonder.

  4. The Busdriver says:

    Debbie, you’re so wedded to the “broke the law” theme. Is that how low you’ve set the bar for Ralph. “As long as he didn’t break the law, I’m voting for Ralph.” I gather you have mighty high standards for your elected officials.

    I don’t believe that the site includes the assertion that Ralph broke the law. Ralph is unfit for office because he’s dishonest. The possibility that he may have broken the law just compounds his other shortcomings.

  5. Former Cagle Guy says:

    Well we know Cagle broke the law regarding campaign disclosures. His campaign has admitted it. We also know he lied. Mark Taylor and Eric Johnson have confirmed it.

    We know Cagle has no integrity. He has not fired Brad Alexander for dirty tricks regarding his altering the Wikipedia article on Reed.

    And no, I don’t think its against the law to use gambling money to retard the growth of gambling. Sorry, that is not a crime or sin.

    So, yes, I’m betting on Reed. I’m gambling on Reed Mr. Cagle. I hope your campaign continues to do the dirty tricks and continues the negative lies and distortions because I believe Georgia primary voters will see through them. That is all your campaign is about. You wouldn’t dare wage your campaign on the issues.

    But your bet–that the way to win is to join in the liberal media left leaning democratic attacks on Reed–will fail and you will walk away with nothing when you leave the gaming table.

    Ralph Reed will be interpreted through those who support him and Zell Miller, Rudy Giuliani, the President, and many many others, whom you will see in commercials soon, will vindicate Reed.

    Continue your slanderous accusations, but your gamble will not pay off.

    We know better.

  6. SouthernConservative says:

    It sounds like Debbie sings the same tune as you CagleCoolaiders sing when people mention Casey’s unethical disclosing habits.

    “He so didn’t break the law, so it’s totally ok…”

    This constant “My daddy’s bigger than your daddy’s” getting ridiculous.

  7. jackson says:

    “But your bet–that the way to win is to join in the liberal media left leaning democratic attacks on Reed…”

    Funny. Didnt know the Weekly Standard, World Magazine, Jim Wooten, Paul Weyrich, Phyllis Schalfly, David Brooks, and Matt Conetti were liberal media.

    You guys have got to some independant thoughts, dont you?

  8. jackson says:

    I think the problem, Southern, is that Ralph Reed has shown a pattern of deception and mistrust. Cagle’s account may or may not have not accounted for the money correctly. But do you really think that is showing a pattern of deception and dishonesty? Please.

  9. The Busdriver says:

    Interesting how the FormerCagleGuy uses the word “liberal” when explaining away his view of the press, but neglects to use said adjective when describing Guliani.

    Yeah, yeah. “America’s mayor.” I know. Let the piling on begin.

  10. Former Cagle Guy says:

    Yes, Jackson, when taken together with what is mentioned in previous posts. There is a serious pattern from someone who set himself up to be beyond reproach.

    Cagle is a hypocrite.

  11. debbie0040 says:

    Cagle is dishonest and a weak. He lied about the Taylor contribution, he blasted Reed for a commercial that Cagle’s paid consultant starred in and Cagle lied on his disclosure and that is just the half of it. Cagle thumbs his nose at the ethics law.

    The point is that Cagle will continue to blast Reed along with the liberal media. Republican officials will defend Reed along with Zell and others. Who do you think the voters will believe?

    I think Reed made an error in judgement but he is a strong leader and deserves the benefit of the doubt. Reed has publicly stated he would have done things differently.

  12. SouthernConservative says:

    I’ve heard that there is some internal concern about CC’s burn rate. Paying the Stoneridge Group out the wazoo for sites like this isn’t helping the issue. Well done sites, they’re not cheap. The problem is, a grand total of probably 14 voters will look at them between now and the election. In the words of a friend I consider much more eloquent than I, “When do they start spending money on Casey?”

  13. debbie0040 says:

    Busdriver, maybe you should take a reading course. Reed’s name is mentioned and notice Colson said Christians-plural.

    ““These Religious Leaders Have a Serious Gambling Problem . . .

  14. debbie0040 says:

    Ralph is being much smarter. He is using his to buy air time.

    Ralph is a briliant campaigner. Reed has proven himself to be able to bounce back from mistakes. Reed is a fighter. Reed is something Cagle never will be-and that is a strong leader that stands his ground and fights no matter what the odds.

    Reed is the type of leader Republicans are yearning for.

  15. GAWire says:

    I have really backed away from debating the LG race on this site, but I wanted to share something interesting. I call this … “An enlightening conversation with Former Cagle Guy” …

    “””Well we know Cagle broke the law regarding campaign disclosures””” So, where did the Cagle campaign say ‘we broke the law’? Also, if Cagle “broke the law” then when does the case go to court, Former Cagle Guy? When is the Grandy Jury meeting? When are committee hearings going to be held to discuss this? When will the Judge make a ruling?

    Oh, what’s that you say? None of this is going to happen? Did I hear that clearly? You mean to tell me that there is no case against Casey Cagle? Well, I don’t understand … You – Former Cagle Guy – said that “we know Cagle broke the law”. So, that must mean there is a case in court to get to the bottom of this issue. I see you shaking your head out there. So, I guess that comment of your’s isn’t really that accurate, then, huh? So, it might be a good idea not to say things like that, in efforts to remain credible, don’t you think?

    Also, you will need to let me know when your next class on integrity is in session, so that I can attend to learn about this new take you have on this age old characteristic. From what I understand, this week’s lesson will be about how it is integritous to lie to your supporters, your clients, your colleagues, and essentially all those you do business with for the sole benefit of making a great deal of money; however, one will lack integrity if they do not fire an employee based on accusations that are not true or accurate. This is an interesting change to the subject as I was originally taught; however, since you are an expert and have so many awards, merits, and published works on the issue, I will follow your lead. By the way, can I get a signed copy of your latest book?

    You don’t have a book? But, what about the document on which you won your Nobel prize for revolutionary theories on what you believe to be antiquated quality human traits? You didn’t win a Nobel? You don’t even have a class that is going to discuss integrity? I feel misled, duped, and utterly deceived! You just sounded so credible with that statement you made above, that I just couldn’t help but think you are an expert.

    So, what about this quote: “””And no, I don’t think its against the law to use gambling money to retard the growth of gambling””” Now, I know something is up. I always thought using money taken from a client for one purpose and then doing something else deceiving with it would be unethical, but you say it’s not wrong, or a sin. Now, surely, you have published an article in a professional journal about ethics in the workplace, and the fact that lying to clients, is not only wrong, but Christians shouldn’t worry about it either, because it isn’t even a sin.

    I could have sworn I heard you disagree with that. Yup, I’m sure of it … I heard you say that you in fact have not published any such article. Not even a white paper? Wow, I don’t know what to see. That just seemed like such a credible statement.

    On a final note, Mr. Guy … may I call you Former? Since you apparently talked to President Bush’s Director of Political Affairs, in what I assume was a joint conference call with WH CoS Bolten, about the President campaigning for Reed, can you tell me when exactly GWB will be making his appearance holding a Reed for Lt Gov sign? Is it next week, next month, or what? C’mon, FCG, the Primary is only in a couple of months, so I assume you and the Office of Presidential Advance are working out the logistics. Where will the event be held? What’s the cost for a photo with Ralph and Bush 43?

    Oh, wait a minute, I can hear something out there again … I could have sworn I heard you say: “I don’t know”. Well, how is that the case, when clearly by your statement above, George Bush will be campaigning for Ralph any day now. I mean, they’re practically brothers, right? At least, that’s how Ralph makes it out to sound, so certainly its true.

    I’m sorry, Former Cagle Guy, you’ll need to speak up for others to hear, b/c I don’t think everyone heard you admit that 1) Bush really isn’t going to endorse Reed in the Primary; 2) Cagle has not really committed a crime; 3) you have no clue about ethics, integrity, or anything that you are talking about; 4) your judgement of the facts is more distorted an inept than Kathleen Blanco’s reaction after Hurricane Katrina; and 5) you just should’nt voice your opinions anymore, b/c they just don’t help your credibility.

    Now, run along back to class … the teacher will give you another tardy if your late again, and then your computer priveleges will be taken away.

  16. debbie0040 says:

    GAWIRE, you are the that needs to go back to class. Cagle did break the law by reporting contributions that were not in receipt. Want me to provide the link for you? Notice it says DATE OF RECEIPT.


    b)(1) All reports shall list the following:
    (A) As to any contributions of $101.00 or more, its amount and date of receipt, the election for which the contribution has been accepted and allocated, along with the name and mailing address of the contributor, and, if the contributor is an individual, that individual

  17. Hissy Fit says:

    For the love of Pete, will someone give Debbie different talking points because she is wearing the current reportier flat out? I am tired of hearing how RR is a national celebrity and how Cheney (!) said hello in a crowd and how Cagle didn’t stand up to Barnes. I want to hear about issues and not the fluff stuff, Debbie.

  18. Former Cagle Guy says:

    GAWire, Joel, Brad, or whoever you are:

    You lengthy one sided conversation makes little sense at all.

    I think it has been proven that the Cagle campaign broke the state ethics law regarding proper reporting procedures in order to “puff” their numbers. Not every one who breaks the law goes to trial, much less to jail. I wouldn’t mind seeing that for Mr. Cagle given his hypocritical stance that he is so moral, but I know it is very unlikely. Seeing him defeated on July 18 will be punishment enough.

    And yes, I do think it is important to note that for all of Cagle’s attacks on Reed, together with the liberal media and dems who are out to destroy him, nothing has come of it. Nothing has been proven. No law broken, no indictment, no testimony, no grand jury, no conviction, no nothing. Giuliani, Miller, Barbour, and many other national Republicans have come forward to say, it was nothing, it means nothing, Reed has our confidence.

    And yes, I expect to see the President and VP in campaign commercials for Reed. I can assure you there is lots of great footage and there is Karl Rove’s blessing.

    You are about to see some great political advertising.

    Perhaps the Cagle campaign will eventually start spending some money on putting Cagle forward rather than all the money that has been spent thus far trying to destroy Ralph Reed, like the ridiculous web site referenced above.

    Cagle=Georgia’s chief political hypocrite.

    Reed gets the job done for Republicans. He helped build our majority and now he will help us keep it.

  19. Three Jack says:

    If he broke the law Debbie, file a complaint. Otherwise get over it. Ralph admits he committed unethical acts yet refuses to return the monetary reward for said acts. Who is the hypocrite????

    Bottom line — dems hope for an early Christmas present in the form of Ralph Reed’s name on the General Election ballot. http://www.readaboutreed.com.

  20. GAWire says:

    SouthernConservative, I don’t care much about policy proposals, but I will surely agree to talk policy acheivements.

    I propose we compare Casey Cagle’s acheivements as a GA State Senator to Ralph Reed’s acheivements as a … well, someone who has never held office, someone who has never represented any official body of people, someone who has never voted on legislation, someone who has never sat on a legislative committee, someone who has never officially authored legislation, someone who has never been a legitimate part of the public policy process, someone who has never done any good thing for the people of Georgia.

    Any takers?

  21. SouthernConservative says:

    So, GaWire, vision, as it were, isn’t an important element of governmental leadership?

  22. debbie0040 says:

    Ralph dealt with the major issues confronting Georgia. I liked his ideas on reducing traffic congestion. I think it should go further like the roadways in the D.C. area are setup. You have sections for people exiting off the main thoroughfare and sections for those just traveling straight through.

    Ralph’s proposals list the main issues facing Georgians. They are very will written and detailed. A great deal of investigation went into the proposals.

    Cagle did not even deal with traffic nor were his as detailed as Reed’s.

  23. debbie0040 says:

    GAWIRE, you have forgotten that Ralph worked for Zell Miller. He does have government experience.

    He has the experience of true leadership. He has experience enough to put together detailed policy proposals. Reed addressed the major issues confronting Georgians. Cagle did not even addressed traffic, which is a MAJOR concern for Georgians.

    Southern Conservative, I had already included that Reed Policy link in earlier threads and it was ignored. Don’t expect it to be any different now.

    I even compared how Reed would propose something, then Cagle would propose something similar a month or two later.
    Ignored as well.

  24. GAWire says:

    Well, there you have it. It’s official. Reed supporters are advocating that Georgia roadways be like Washington, D.C.’s? Wow. That pretty much sums EVERYTHING up. And I thought working with Jack Abramoff was stupid. Speaking of going backwards …

    And, SouthernConservative, that was just my sarcastic was of throwing in the fact that Reed has no experience. It is getting old saying and hearing the same old facts like Ralph Reed lies, cheats, and deceives, not to mention his lack of experience, ethics, etc. So, I am thinking of ways to make this old discussion more fun. I will have to say, though, that Ralph makes it tough – when he makes mistake after mistake, the first reaction is just to point out his obvious (and numerous) flaws as to why he shouldn’t be in office. I appreciate him making it a challenge to think of new and creative ways to point out his inadequacies. Still, it rarely gets to the point of talking policy – that just seems a little too … legitimate.

    Ralph Reed making policy proposals is like a kid making suggestions as to how to run a Fortune 500 company. He’s never had any experience making policy before, so how can he (and others) think he will be able to do it as the State’s #2 in command?

    So, why don’t I debate the candidate’s policy proposals, you ask? Because, there is only one candidate whose proposals are actually legitimate recommendations. Anything from Reed is lip service.

    To your question, though, regarding vision. Vision is important, but you can’t only accept vision without record. To understand the vision better, you must first understand the record, so we look to the records. Cagle’s record … well, you know what it is. It all supports his policy proposal very well.

    Then, we have Reed’s record … we know that is, too, and it is because of that record that I cannot, even partially, accept Reed’s vision. His negative record negates anything positive that might be in his vision. Lip service, remember? So, why debate policy proposals? There is no debate. End of story.

  25. debbie0040 says:

    When Reagan ran for President much was said of his lack of foreign policy experience. That ended up being Reagan’s strong points. Reagan was an example of true leadership. He stood by his guns no matter what or how tough it was. He would not bend.

    I would much rather a strong leader like Ralph Reed than someone with legislative experience like Cagle. Look at Cagle’s so called experience under Gov. Barnes. Cagle’s experience was duck and cover.

    A true test of leadership is how you lead when your side is not in power. Cagle failed that.

    Compare Reed’s and Cagle’s policy proposals. Reed looks like the one with experience and Cagle’s looks just like a neophyte put it together.

  26. GAWire says:

    “””you have forgotten that Ralph worked for Zell Miller. He does have government experience.”””

    By this analysis, I guess I am also suited for office. I am on the phone right now with Cathy Cox’s office, to see if I can still qualify.

    You will see notices about my announcement soon. I’m on the phone with the printers for yard signs, now. But in the meantime, here’s a little teaser for the AJC … Bill Simon will be my running mate. Erick, I would like you to run my race. Please turn PP into my campaign website.

    What’s that? I’m not qualified to run for office, you say? I’m barely qualified to even have a vote? But, but … I have worked in government service before, and have even worked for elected officials! Doesn’t that mean I’m qualified to run for office? But, but … Debbie said so.

  27. debbie0040 says:

    GA WIRE you had better learn to accept the fact Reed will win. He is the best qualified to LEAD. Voters will see that. Voters will see respected GOP leaders touting Reed’s qualifications.

    I have seen Reed and Cagle debate. Reed runs circles around Cagle.

  28. GAWire says:

    “””A true test of leadership is how you lead when your side is not in power”””

    Apparently, all of those pro-conservative votes and sponsored legislation, which improved our state, that Cagle made during his years in office went right over your head. That’s ok – reading policy, with all of that legal language, can be difficult.

    You love making my points for me, don’t you? Seriously though, it would be nice if every once in a while you made a valid point for your own guy. That would allow me to address some more real issues, and not depend on the opposition to make it easy on my guy!

  29. Demonbeck says:

    Giuliani, Miller, Barbour, and many other national Republicans have come forward to say, it was nothing, it means nothing

    I must have missed that. Where did these guys say that?

  30. GAWire says:

    Debbie, I accept one thing and one thing only: Never take to heart anything said be the person who claims to know what voters will SEE.

    “””Voters will see respected GOP leaders touting Reed’s qualifications.”””

    Just like they SEE Ralph’s method of doing business, deceiving his clients? Just like the SEE Ralph’s polling numbers and fundraising numbers dropping like the preverbial fly? Just like they SEE the majority of Georgia elected officials endorse Cagle? Just like they SEE Ralph attempting to cover up his questionable history? Just like they SEE Ralph talk about experience he doesn’t have?

    Since you seem to be an expert on what Georgia voters will SEE, why don’t you tell me this: Why can’t you SEE who the right candidate is in this race?

  31. GAWire says:

    Trust me, Ellis, there isn’t an interesting point within 20 miles of this fight! Why do you think I typed out that whole conversation thing? I felt I had to do something to bring some entertainment to this old discussion!

    And, also FYI, I have refrained from this discussion primarily because I don’t care anymore, but also, I am confident everyone (except die-hard Ralphies, who really don’t make a bit of difference in the big picture) who reads this site knows Ralph is done. I occassionaly, on a slow day like this Monday, have to put my two cents in, just to make sure that the people who make the rediculous points feel rediculous for making them.

    I, once again, am tired of this and have lost interest, so I’m going back to my political cave.

  32. Philly says:

    GA Wire, what about the votes during the Barnes years? What about voting with Barnes and 27 Democrats against a GOP Driver’s License Bill? That was conservative legislation Cagle voted against.

    It is easy to lead when your team is in power. Debbie is right about true leadership. A true leader leads when their team is not in power. A true leader leads whne it is difficult to do so.

    If Newt Gingrich had not been that type of true leader, the GOP would not have written the “Contract With America” and taken over the House. Reed is that type of leader, Cagle has shown himself not to be. Cagle just accepted the status quo under Gov. Barnes and did not buck the system. Reed has no problem bucking the system.

    What about Cagle helping kill Tort Reform in 2004? The last time I checked Tort Reform was part of the consrvative agenda.

    What about Cagle introducing legislation that would have taken away propery owners right to sue if they lived near a chicken or rendering plant? Doesn’t sound too conservative.

    What about Cagle donating 1,000 to Democrat Mark Taylor? Doesn’t sound too conservative to me.

  33. Bill Simon says:

    Philly, as far as “Tort Reform” being on the GOP agenda, not everyone in the GOP, both legislators and voters, agree on the right form of “tort reform.”

    This concept of allowng a cap of only $350,000 in punitive damages is bogus on the face and it proves to me that the GOP in the House and Senate who voted for this all operate on the basis that the little guy/girl can just go to hell if a ton of bricks falls on them in a Home Depot. As long as they’re allowed to wine and dine with crooked lobbyists like Jack Abramoff and his ilk, tort reform is something Eric Johnson of Glenn Richardson will, apparently, NEVER have to experience the bad side of.

  34. bowersville says:

    Debbie(nothing personal) but a quote from our 40th President “there you go again.” The next thing I expect, after Zell doesn’t work for Ralph as well as you believe, is dragging out “ole” Jimmy Carter for an endorsement and beating off a “mean rabbit(Casey Cagle) with a paddle!” As far as Reagan, I was at the Daytona 500 when Reagan flew in and the loud speakers announced “there is Airforce Force One with Ronald Reagan, he’s here to speak with Richard Petty.” And lo and behold, on the loud speakers, I listened to the the KING(Petty) speaking with REAGAN. REAGAN, stooping to speak with the “bootleger” NASCAR driver Richard Petty? NOT!!! Don’t ever compare Ralph Reed to Ronald Reagan, I met Reagan, and Ralph, you are no Reagan!!!

  35. JoshA says:

    So Reed will shut down the government, cause a few inner-party coup attemps, become an easy punching bag for democrats nationwide, and then flame out after only four years in power? It almost makes me want to vote in the GOP primary.

  36. Maurice Atkinson says:

    SouthernConservative, my momma always told me it was not polite to tell someone to shut up. Need some soap?

    This drivel is useless.

  37. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, there is no way that an intelligent conversation or debate can be had with Debbie on the prawl here. She is blindly loyal to Ralph Reed. Nothing can be said here to change Debbie’s mind, so stop trying. We should ignore her for the ignorant neophyte that she is.

    Let’s face it, the folks that back Ralph at this point are practically unheard of in politics anymore – loyal. I’ll give them their due, they are true to their man. Even given the facts of the matter and his unethical behavior and lying they still support him.

    In the end, good will triumph and Casey Cagle will be our nominee for Lt. Governor.

  38. debbie0040 says:

    Neophyte, Bull Moose? I have been a Republican activist since 1976 and attended the 1988 GOP Convention as a delegate.

    Your arrogance astounds me. You think anyone that doesn’t share your viewpoint is inferior to you. You sound just like Michael Moore and company.

    I do not blindly follow Reed. I just value strong leadership and detest cowardice and weakness.

    There is no talking to you or trying to change your mind. Your hatred of Reed has blinded you to Cagle’s sleaziness and dishonesty.

  39. SouthernConservative says:

    Maurice, maybe we all need some soap. You’re right, this is drivel, and it is useless. It’s unbelievable how some people just cannot, and do not, get it.

  40. debbie0040 says:

    Show me how I am lying to support Reed, Bull Moose. Put up or shut. That is all you Cagle people have is twisted innunendo and rumors.

  41. larry smith says:

    Good point, Debbie …

    I guess the protests will be a moot point after Ralph Reed gets his way and enacts his “responsible policy” of giving every illegal in the U.S. amnesty, right?

  42. debbie0040 says:

    LArry, that Reed was articulating W’s position. Reed was Southeast Regional manager of the Bush Cheney campaign.

    If the Repbulicans do not address illegal immigration and secure our borders, we will lose in November. This should be a concern to all Republicans.

    The latest poll by Rasmussen Reports shows 70% want strict penalties for employers that knowingly hire illegals.


    Perdue Chicken should be thoroughly investigated. They had to close several plants because of the protests.

  43. larry smith says:

    But, he didn’t say “President Bush believes it’s a responsible policy,” but that he believes it’s a responsible policy.

    Besides, it wasn’t Ralph’s job on the campaign to go on national TV. He was doing it because he wanted to.

    Now, the political wins have shifted and he is ducking for cover by flip flopping on amnesty.

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