We hear that the Reed campaign has not filed and probably does not intend to file a State Ethics Commission complaint against the Cagle camp. We also hear that several Reed supporters are trying to get the State Ethics Commission to start its own investigation without a formal complaint — as if none of us will know what happened.

Also, from the tip line, Chris Riggal has left the Secretary of State’s office to become her new campaign manager.

The AJC Political Insider reports that Governor Perdue is about to go up with a $2 million ad buy.


  1. larry smith says:

    Stunned that Ralph Reed doesn’t have the guts to personally stand behind his charge and is looking for someone else to do his dirty work? I’m not.

  2. debbie0040 says:

    If Cagle does not ammend his report a complaint will be filed. That is fact.

    What is Cagle hiding?

  3. debbie0040 says:

    Why would the Reed campaign file one? It is a smarter political move to the let the grassroots do it. The Reed campaign is not going to lower themselves like the Cagle campaign has.

    Again, Cagle supporters, I ask you. Why has Cagle not already filed an ammended return? What is he hiding? If it were unintentional, then it would stand to reason he would have ammended it. We Reed grassroots supporters are giving him that chance to do the right thing and ammend it.

    If he doesn’t then we know he is hiding something and a complaint will be filed.

  4. larry smith says:

    I’m sure not inclined to listen to an ethics lecture from someone who’s supporting a guy that has:

    1) Overbilled and underperformed every client he has served, often fraudulently.
    2) Hurt the entire party by running for office in the same cycle he’s a key figure in the biggest scandal to hit Washington in the past decade.
    3) Rented out his social conservative supporters to gambling casinos, the cable industry, Enron, Mitch Skandalkis, and anyone else willing to pay.
    4) Lied repeatedly and intentionally about all of the above.
    5) Refused to this day to even say who his clients are.

    That said, if you want to play ethics war, Debbie, pony up … sign that bad boy, stamp it, and mail it. The reason Ralph won’t do it is that the last thing he wants to do is spend this election talking about honesty, trust, integrity and ethics.

  5. larry smith says:

    It’s a completely frivolous joke. Why would Cagle even want to waste his time bothering with it?

  6. Jack S says:

    Hiding?! He supposedly over disclosed his contributions. He’s not hiding anything. He’s over reporting.

  7. Jack S says:

    I think the problem here is that Ralph is used to running slanderous campaigns that rely on whispers and threats and phone calls but he’s never had anyone fight back.

    Now he’s got a candidate (Cagle) and a team around the state that won’t stand for it. They’re standing up to his bullying and that of his fanatical, looney fringe, dozen supporters aroudn the state.

    The table has turned and they don’t have any idea how to handle someone who stands up and says “To Hell with you, I’m gonna expose you for what you are – a fraud!”

    They’ve never met a group of people who won’t be intimidated by their chest thumping.

    scary, ain’t it. We’re about to see the end of the Reedites.

  8. debbie0040 says:

    Cagle is hiding something. It would have easier for him to file an ammended form and put all this to rest. He has not done that. Why? He reported contributions he had not yet received in hand. He outright lied. What is he hiding? Maybe he still has not received the contributions reported.

    Cagle is the fraud and coward.

    Larry, let me understand your line of thought. It sounds like you are saying why should Cagle waste his time following the law. The law is clear. It says DATE OF RECEIPT. It seems you want to exempt Cagle from the law.

  9. larry smith says:

    Put all what to rest, Debbie? A crank on a message board?

    Call me crazy, but I doubt he’s losing a lot of sleep over you.

  10. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Debbie, you’re fraud and a coward. You have the audacity to post your drivel and hide behind the fact you are active in the Party. You are doing an incredibly huge disservice to the county you work with. Anyone who would advocate deceit, lies, innuendo and fraud and defend those actions are ok, because it’s politics, is nothing more than a fool.

    I serve the Party as well, and stand on my own integrity.

    You calling Senator Cagle a coward, while hiding behind a moniker, is hilarious.

    If I said the trash you talk I would probably hide too.

  11. Three Jack says:

    Where was Ralph on Saturday?

    Casey had a couple of hundred supporters at his Thunderoad rally in Dawsonville including a number of elected officials.

    Where was Ralph Saturday night?

    Cherokee County GOP welcomed about 200 people (Senator Chambliss and Congressman Price headlining) to its Gala including most running for office. Casey worked the crowd, nobody from Ralph’s camp bothered to show (or Perdue’s for that matter). Cherokee used to be Reed country. Not now with even his most devout followers jumping ship.

    The mo is with Casey. Ralph is playing catch up trying to fend off substantial allegations of corruption, lies and deceit. There is still time to join the winning team Deb.

  12. debbie0040 says:

    Maurice, you said:”Anyone who would advocate deceit, lies, innuendo and fraud and defend those actions are ok, because it’s politics, is nothing more than a fool.”

    You just described Cagle perfectedly so stop being a hypocrite!

    I am on the winning side, Three Jack. There were other functions in other parts of the state and I am sure those people were asking where is Senator Cagle?

    Cagle is the one trying fend off allegations of corruption, lies and deceit this week.

    A few hundred is all Cagle could muster? With the low cost and the publicity? Gee, and you guys are not worried?

    July 18th will determine once and for all who is correct and who has the momentum.

  13. debbie0040 says:

    Maurice, next time I see Sen. Cagle I will let him know what I think of him, trust me. I have already told some Senators close to him.

  14. Bull Moose says:

    Just for clarifications sake, Ralph Reed is the candidate with the criminal defense attorney.

    Casey Cagle is the candidate with momentum on his side in the state of Georgia.

    What we have here with this disclosure matter is just a disagreement over semantics. That is all.

    Reed has no basis to attack anyone given his boat load of ethical issues. If he’s so certain he hasn’t done anything wrong, he should fire his criminal defense attorney.

  15. McCain-Rice \\\'08 says:

    Hey yall..Im new to the site, and I know a few of yall from political functions. I used to be an active supporter of Ralph Reed but a few months ago when I truly began to understand the gravity of the Abramof/Reed Scandal I qusestioned if I wanted Ralph Reed representing the Republicans on the ballot. I had met Cagle a few times, and started attending events for him..I saw a hardworking, honest man, who really cared about every one he met and wanted very badly to serve us as the Lt. Governor. In Ralph Reed who Ive also met many many times, I see an ambitious, sketchy man who I have alot of trouble trusting, I know that he does not want to be Lt. Governor for the right reasons..this is merely a stepping stone for higher office. Ive heard yall talk about endorsements and I admire all those big names endorsing Reed, but what matters more to me is that all the Republican State Senators (except one) endorsed Cagle..that speaks volumes to me…he has the trust and respect of the very people he will lead…I cant see Reed being very effective in garnering up support on issues, at least not near as effective as Cagle. Now, I have heard the BS from the Ralph Reed supporters “Dont believe the media”, “they lie!!”, “theyre just out to get Reed!”..I have news for yall, The media might slant a stories to look ngative or positve but they rarely lie…and I think I believe the media more than Ralph Reed. Reguardless of if your behind Reed or Cagle, I encourage yall to read this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ralph_E_Reed%2C_Jr.
    After reading that, just think if this man gets the Republican nomination for Lt. Governor, ask your self will this man survive the attacks the Democrats are licking their lips to use. They want him to win because they know they can beat him, I know were all devout Republicans..but if Greg Hect or Jim Martin play to the Conservative side while attacking Reed, they will get a lot of the less active Republican votes…The man can not win, and he will be a bad effect on the ballot for all the rest of our candidates. We sat there wondering why the Democrats even considerd Howard Dean to be their Presidential nominee, we wanted him to win b/c he was an easy fight…the Democrats are doing the same thing with Reed, they are anticipating a firestorm of attacks on Reed..we can prevent it all by causing a major upset when we elect Casey Cagle..they think he has no chance, but we know better.

  16. JP says:

    Noone should be surprised Reed doesn’t file an ethics complaint, he has absolutely zero ground to stand on. Pot, calling kettle?

  17. landman says:

    Debbie,this is a non story bottom line,you need to move on and try to tag Cagle with something else.

    I spoke with Cagle’s Treasurer and he re-confirmed that the only story here is that the money is completely legit and the momentum in support and fundraising is growing at a very impressive rate.There is alot of concern across the state that Reed will be a drag on the party if he were to win and its motivating people to give money and support.

    Ok, now you can attack me ,so have at it.

  18. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Debbie, please resign your position representing the GOP. Your doing a terrible service to a lot of hard working Cobb Activists. Your almost as bad at Anthony.

  19. debbie0040 says:

    McCain/Rice, funny how you mention Wilkipedia. Cox recently fired her manager for posting stuff on wilkipedia about Taylor and one of Cagle’s staff admitted to doing the same about Reed. Cagle did not fire him. so don’t insult my intelligence by quoting something Cagle’s staff posted on wilkipedia. You look foolish.

    Why has not Cagle ammended his report then? What is he hiding? He illegally reported contributions he had not received and a complaint will be filed this week if it is not ammended. He needs to follow the law and not think he is above it.

    Reed is winning the fund raising race and will not be a drag on the party. More scare tactics from you Cagle supporters and Cagle. Pretty pathetic that Cagle has to run a scare campaign.

    Cagle is losing credibility with lying about the Taylor contribution, criticizing Reed for the Taylor when his paid consultant starred in the ad and ow with him lying about contributions to puff up his disclosure.

    Cagle is a liar.

    Brian Laurens, I have never said I was associated with the Cobb GOP, you said that.

    I know you are with the right campaign. Cagle is known for dirty and so are you. Tell me Brian, why did you order campaign supplies from Reed’s web site to go door to door? Pathetic on how stupid you were in doing so. You listed someone else’s name but your cell phone number.

    And don’t go showing up at any more Reed events like you did the Hannity/Miller one. That was really pathetic you would try to crash the event to see celebrities that your candidate can not attract.
    With your past history, you are the last one to be casting stones…

  20. Philly says:

    McCain/Rice, I guess that means you are also supporting Bill Stephens and Brian Kemp. They received the same endorsements from the State Senators.

    Where is the evidence that Reed committed a crime?

    Your candidate Cagle did not commit a crime by listing contributions he had not yet received on his disclosure form. He has not ammended his form, so what gives? Does he think he does not have to follow the law or is he hiding something?

    Cagle will not stand up to the attacks from the Dems. He will cower and not fight. Reed has proven he will stand up to attacks.

    You are behind the times, McCain/Rice. One of Cagle’s staff admitted to altering Reed’s entry on Wilkipedia. More bull crap spread by the Cagle Campaign.

  21. gopdoc says:

    A message for Maurice, Brian, landman, McCain-Rice, Bull Moose, Three Jack, and all the other Cagle mouths on this blog:

    You have no moral high ground to stand upon. For months you have slandered Ralph Reed with underserved attacks and you have been the mouths of the liberal left who are out to get effective Republicans like Reed, Karl Rove, and Tom Delay.

    Then comes evidence that your candidate, Casey Cagle, lied about giving a contribution to Mark Taylor’s campaign of $1,000 because Taylor intimidated him. Both Taylor and Eric Johnson have denied this.

    Your candidate lied about how much money he collected in one day. He puffed up his numbers, breaking state ethics laws, in order to make us think he had money that was not even in hand.

    Cagle’s staffer, Brad Alexander, joined in the dirty tricks game by altering Reed’s Wikipedia entry. Even Cathy Cox had the integrity to fire her staffer who did this to Taylor. Cagle’s campaign brags about this.

    And the list goes on and on. Now I know you want to say these are minor things. But so is working to stop gambling with gabling money, if that is what Reed did. That is not high on the list of moral sins in my book. Its like the old Baptist church I grew up in in NC. We were glad to have that tobacco money in the offering plate and we knew exactly how to “redeem” it in order to pay the preacher and keep the lights on.

    You Cagle mouth pieces nauseate me. Your candidate is no moral example for any of us.

    But the real point is this. We need Ralph Reed. Our party is in trouble in DC and perhaps in Georgia too. We need people who are effective and can get the job done–lower taxes, less government, personal responsibility. Neither candidate is a choir boy, but there is nothing about Reed that rises to the level of your hatred and venom.

    What value is there in a campaign that hurts Republicans. I know this is going to get even more dirty before it is over, but stop the whining about Reed. Stop the dirty tricks and dirty campaigning and talk about some issues for God’s sake.

    Cagle is not morally superior and you Cagle mouth pieces are not either. Give it a rest, or I will join others in making sure everyone within my influence knows of Cagle’s sins too.

    Give me a break.

  22. Brian from Ellijay says:


    So do you or don’t hold a position on the Cobb Executive committee for the county party?

  23. nfire says:

    Did anybody read what gopdoc had to say? I stopped when he tried to talk us into thinking we should support Ralphie because he’s a good republican like Tom DeLay. If he made any good points in that REALLY long post, they were negated immdediately by that first point.

  24. Karla Stuckey says:

    Buzz this morning is about Governor Perdue’s TV spots, voiced by Zell Miller!

    Zell Miller will also be helping Ralph Reed. Guess the Zell ticket is Perdue and Reed! One congressman told me, Karl Rove thinks it is in the bag for Reed.

    I agree that Cagle is a hypocrite!

  25. landman says:

    GOPDOC-get over yourself,I havent attacked Rove or Delay so stop doing what Reed does by hiding behind national figures.This mentality is exactly why you guys are going to get beat.This race is about Cagle and Reed and the STATE of GEORGIA NOT DC PERSONALITIES.

    The fact is, unlike Reed’s races in the past he will not be able to intimidate anyone with his scare tactics and is having to be a candidate instead of a hatchett man that hides behinds the scene and blames someone else for his dirty work.

    I do agree that our party is in trouble but its because of operatives like Abramnoff,Reed and there like.He will kill our ticket in November if he is on it PERIOD,AND MORE AND MORE PEOPLE ARE COMING TO THIS CONCLUSION.

  26. Former Cagle Guy says:

    Sorry nfire and landman. The mention of Delay cannot deflect your need to respond to gopdoc’s statements about what your candidate-Cagle-has done.

    You must respond. Is Cagle a hypocrite or not? It clearly appears that he has his own sins and secrets in the closet.

    Unfortunate for Cagle, his actions now negate his claim that he is ethically superior to Reed.

    Obviously he is not.

    Republican primary voters tend not to like hypocrites.

    Cagle must answer. You guys are in trouble.

  27. Sandy Brothers says:

    I agree that it is a great coup for Sonny and Ralph to get Miller’s endorsement and Miller for media.

    I don’t think Zell would give his endorsement if he had concerns about Reed’s ethics? With Miller, Giuliani, and other national figures coming out for Reed, Cagle–the glass house hypocrite–will be neutered.

  28. Demonbeck says:

    I forgot, how many electoral votes will RR pick up in NY if he wins because of Giuliani’s endorsement?

    RR can claim all the Yankee votes he wants. Unless he is Diebold’s representative, he ain’t winning this race.

    BTW, for all of you Christian Coalition types, what did Jesus say about money changers?

    “Jesus entered the Temple area and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves. ‘It is written,’ he said to them, ‘My house will be called a house of prayer but you are making it a den of robbers.'” (Matthew 21:12-13)

    Ralph Reed et al. have made careers out of turning religion into an ATM card. Regardless of the results in the coming primary, he’ll have hell to pay in the afterlife…literally.

  29. landman says:


  30. debbie0040 says:

    Voters have heard the Cagle campaign tell us what a bad person Reed is. They have heard the Cagle campaign spreading rumors about Reed’s imminent arrest for criminal activity.

    The voters then see National Figures supporting Reed and defending him. It will boil down to who the voters believe. Cagle and the liberal press or Zell Miller, Sean Hannity, Rudy Giuliani, Guy Milner, Congressman Lynn Westmoreland, Former U.S. Senator Mack Mattingly, Nancy Coverdell, Bernie Marcus, Fred Cooper, Bo Callaway, Gov. Haley Barbour, etal.

    Voters will see that Gov. Perdue has Zell campaigning for him so he must be pretty reliable.

    Cagle has been shown to be a hypocrite this past week with him lying about the Taylor donation. Cagle slamming Reed about the Taylor ad, but his own campaign consultant appeared in the ad as Taylor and with Cagle puffing up his disclosure form and lying about how much he had received.

  31. Demonbeck says:

    Tell you what Debbie, I’ll pit Reed and all the star f#[email protected] against Cagle and the hundreds of state and local officials any day of the week. I guarantee you that Cagle’s endorsers pull more supporters in Georgia then gReed’s endorsers any day of the week.

  32. debbie0040 says:

    My,My aren’t we a little terse today. It is a bet. Ralph will emerge victorious July 18th. He has plenty of money to buy air time for campaign ads. Timing is everything in politics….

    Cagle will continue his negative campaign of desparation and lose.

    Using your logic we can also expect Stephens and Kemp to win. After all they mostly had the same endrosements.

  33. Bill Simon says:

    I think I’m finally sick of Cagle/Reed threads. Debbie Ellis has lost her ability to yap intelligently about anything and sounds more like a rabid whack-job than a Republican activist.

  34. Demonbeck says:

    At least my tripe is original and unscripted by anyone but me. The fact of the matter is, Debbie, I am tired of arguing the same thing over and over with you. Every thread you post in, you say the same thing yuo have been saying since you first started posting. Your bullets are getting worn out.

  35. Former Cagle Guy says:

    I’m not going to stop saying it.

    Cagle is Georgi’s chief political hypocrite.

  36. Demonbeck says:

    You’re right Debbie, I have been regurgitating my comments over and over for all to see, which is why everyone complains about my posts on here being repetitive.

    I swear if I said Atlanta was in North Georgia, you’d probably argue with me.

  37. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    Hey Yall,
    It’s amusing to me how some of yall have refferd to me as a “Cagle Mouth Piece” seeing as how I was an active volunteer for the Reed campaign up until I switched back in January. I must admit, I have not looked in to what ever “amended” document Cagle is in trouble for..but if that allegation is true it pales in comparison to the closets full of skeletons Ralph Reed owns.
    Yall keep trying to pin the man on condributing to Mark Taylor back in 1998…that makes me like him even more, he disreguarded party lines and supported the right man. Yall can say what you want but Taylor has done a pretty good job for a Democrat and I supported him in ’98 and ’02…don’t get me wrong, he has his faults but he was much better that Skandalakis would have been. I will actively support Governor Perdue but I still have alot of respect for Taylor. And when you Ralph Reed followers try to get Cagle on supporting Taylor against the most corrupt Republican since I can remember, than that shows your ignorance and extreme partisanship.
    You Reed folowers can think what you want, but I know there are many in our party in the same boat I am..we were attracted to Ralph Reed over name ID and for what he has done for the party…but the more we looked in to it we realized that we could not support such an un-ethical man. I dont know about you and ethics is very important to me, and Reed simply has way to much sketchyness in his past…I dont mind If Cagle’s people added on to Wikipedia the difference, Debbie, is that Cox attacked Taylor’s FAMILY BUSINESS…Cagles team has every right to bring up the scandolus past of Mr. Reed. If Reed wins I may even consider voting for the Democrat, I dont want to…but the man seriously scares me…and Im not brainwashed by the media, you are brainwashed by Ralph Reed!

  38. debbie0040 says:

    I am not a bit suprised that you support Cagle considering the fact you voted for Taylor in 1998 and 2002. After all Cagle donated a 1,000 to Taylor…

    Reed can attrack a lot of talent and resourses to Georgia with his national and international contacts. Reed offers Georgia far more than Cagle can possibly imagine..

    Reed offers vision and policy proposals. Reed offers strong leadership.

  39. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    And youre going to tout the fact that you voted for Scandalakis and I guess I can understand Stancil(who never held elected office)..but Taylor was not bad for a Democrat. He was a driving force behind the HOPE, Peach Care, the GI bill, and 2 strikes and your out. But have you honestly ever voted Democrat in your life?? what about Zell??. Reed is relying way to much on endorsements, more than any other politician Ive seen…and thats sad that he can not survive with out them. I respect these people, but because of the fact that I admire them donsnt mean I will all the sudden disreguared Reeds numerous scandals and vote for him. To provide real leadership, you must have the trust and respect of those you lead (for the L.T. Gov. That’s the state senators: that’s Chip Rogers, John Wiles, and Judson Hill) Do you honestly think a man who is only using this imortant office to play hop-scotch to the Governor’s mansion, and in his fantasy world maybe even the White House will comend the Respect of the State Senators after he is attacking a close friend of theirs left and right. I don’t think so. The Democrats want Reed to win this primary and I’ll leave you to wonder why.
    As for these talents and resources and national and international conections..thats all fine and dandy but in the end how does that make him more qualified then Cagle who has served in the State Senate and will lead the state senate…that is more of a qualification to me. And as for the vision and policy proposals..which one’s??? Im on his e-mail list and I havent seen any!! If Reed wins in July it will be simply over name ID and the fact that most Georgia Republican Voters did not research the candidates. The only Reed Supporters Ive met (and Ive met a lot) know him very well..so their bias gets in the way when they review the candidates. I was a Reed supporter, Ive met him just as much as Ive met Cagle..the only reason Im with the Cagle campaign now is that I considerd the 2 opptions and chose who was best for my State and the Republican party.

  40. larry smith says:

    Did you notice that the first thing the Democrats did after Zell cut an ad for Sonny was bring up Ralph Reed?

    That wasn’t an accident. They know Ralph is the Cynthia McKinney of the Republican Party and that he’s their only chance at beating Sonny.

  41. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    I wouldnt call him the Cynthia McKinney of the Republican Party…but I would say he is the Republican equivilent of Howard Dean. The Democrats want him to win bad, because they know that they have a better chance at beating him than they would Cagle. We need to show that we are smarter than Dean lovin’ Democrats by making sure our candidate has the expierence and MORAL VALUES necessary to be Lt. Governor. Casey Cagle is the only candidate that has the qualifications and the ability to win in November. Ralph Reed would do more for the Georgia GOP than he could ever imagine by simply dropping out know…but he wont and when he looses in July his political career will be over as far as holding an elected office is concerned.

  42. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    Debbie, why do you keep bringing up that Reed is leading in Fundraising?? do you think political office should be bought??..
    Ralph Reed has been involved in numerous scandals, he was even corrupt as a CR, where he began a life long friendship with his best buddy Jack Abramoff. He latter showed his disreguard to orthodox style campaigning by constant mudslinging while helpig Mitch Skandalakis. Karl Rove who isn’t a whole lot better said in 1999 that Reed was to dirty to work on the George W. Bush Campaign. I supported Bush in the 2000 primary, but out of disgust nearly switched to McCain after that repulsive blow below the Belt in which the Bush campaign accused McCain of having an “illigitement African Love Child” because the McCain family was generous enough to adopt a foreign born child. It turns out, the orchastrater of of that attack, one of the lowest attacks in Political history, was RALPH REED. The Former President of (Pat Robertson’s) Christian Coalition forgot about one of those comandments..”THOU SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS.” Besides the fact that Ralph Reed is a liability to the Georgia Republican Party (who with out him will do very well come November), a man that is willing to stoop to the lowest levels of political attacks does not deserve to be elected do catcher, let alone Lt. Governor of Georgia!

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