Georgia Oracle, a new columnist at Georgia Political Digest, thinks we need an investigation into the Cagle charge. In his words:

It comes down to this. Does Casey Cagle stand by his accusation of Mark Taylor? Did Mark Taylor extort money from him in exchange for protecting Republican senators and their legislation? Or, was his press release an exaggeration? Either Mark Taylor is unfit to be Governor, or Casey Cagle is lying.


  1. gopdoc says:

    According to Taylor and Eric Johnson, Cagle is lying. The “character is king” candidate has some problems. He can claim no high moral ground after this week.

  2. George Allen 08 says:

    It should absolutely be investigated. Taylor should be investigated for extortion and for failing to report the contribution, and Cagle for bribing Taylor for better committee assignments. Something is definitely wrong here.

  3. spaceygracey says:

    Jeez, annonymous scotch lovers setting the political agenda in GA. What’s new?! I bet “Georgia Oracle” plays golf too. Even worse, enjoys NASCAR events. Ugghhhh.

  4. georgia grrl says:

    i can believe it that taylor extorted the republicans. his incredible partisanship is basically why the republicans eviscerated the office when they took power.

    “cry me a river,” mark. i’m so sick of your brand of politics.

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