This is rather interesting, via the AJC Political Insider Blog. It seems that the Cagle Campaign might have overreached.

Now, let me give some background that can make some of you angry. A good friend tried to persuade me that because Ralph was slamming Casey over giving money to Mark Taylor, it was a slam of Eric Johnson. I said that was an overreach and we went back and forth to no consensus. My point was that it was only a slam of Eric Johnson if Cagle dragged Eric into the mess because the Reed people never mentioned Eric. We did not have a meeting of the minds on that topic.

Well, it appears that when Casey sought to explain it and bring Eric into the situation, the campaign accused Mark Taylor of extortion. From their press release:

“Taylor threatened the Republican Senate leadership, of which I was a member. If we did not make a contribution to him to ‘bury the hatchet,’ then Taylor would strip all Republicans of their committee assignments and kill all Republican legislation.


  1. SouthernConservative says:

    Eventually spin stopped working for Bill Clinton.

    Eventually, negative campaigning caught up with Mitch Skandaliakis, as our Cagle friends are so fond of reminding us.

    Quoting our friend Bill O’Rielly, “The spin stops here.”

    It’s time for Cagle to own up to the fact that he’s a politician, just like Ralph Reed, and start talking about issues that matter to all of Georgians, not little tidbits that matter only to political junkies like us.

  2. Former Cagle Guy says:

    This has been a bad, bad, week for the Cagle campaign.

    1. Cagle admits he gave the Mark Taylor campaign a $1,000 campaign contribution because of fear and intimidation revealing his weak-kneed approach to governing. Isn’t that just what we need in the LG office?

    2. Giuliani comes out to endorse Reed and to host a fundraiser thus revealing that national Republicans put no stock in the Cagle slander campaign against Reed. It is clear Cagle’s only strategy for winning is to align himself with the left-leaning liberal media driven Republican haters who will do anything to take down Republican leaders.

    3. Eric Johnson, Senate Pro Tem, says Cagle lied—he does not recollect any intimidation from the Taylor campaign. Spin it any way you wish, but that is the intent of what Johnson says.

    4. Brad Alexander of the Cagle campaign admits that like Cathy Cox’s staffer, he changed Reed’s article in the online encyclopedia. Cox, showing some integrity, fires her staffer for changing Taylor’s article, but Cagle does nothing to Alexander. Why am I surprised? Spin away, but this is the same negative campaigning tactics that they accuse Reed of. The Cagle campaign reveals its hypocrisy.

    What a week for Cagle! I can’t wait to see what gaffes his campaign makes between now and July 18.

    The Cagle campaign has lost all credibility this week.

    Sign me,

    a former Cagle guy now proud to be with Reed

  3. Bill Simon says:

    Okay…ummm…I don’t quite understand the statements from Eric Johnson on this whole matter.

    1) I recall asking Eric personally several years ago when I first discovered HIS $1000 donation to Taylor, Eric responded to me that he did it as a “joke” to Taylor.

    2) In the April 23, 2006 edition of the AJC, in Jim Galloway’s article, this is how Eric’s involvement is described by Galloway: Contacted by telephone on Saturday, Johnson said he, too, gave Taylor’s campaign a $1,000 peace-making donation after his victory over Skandalakis.

    “It got ugly and it got personal. It was a way of saying I had nothing to do with that campaign,” said Johnson, who is neutral in the Republican contest to replace Taylor.

    3) Now Eric Johnson is claiming that he doesn’t remember Taylor threatening any Republican with any retribution that would have caused Cagle or Johnson to cough-up a contribution of $1000 to him.

    Something is f***ed-up here with regards to Senator Johnson and his contribution to Taylor. If no one has threatened you with anything, why do you give money? Johnson had nothing to do with the Skandalakis ad, so why does he take responsibility for the blame? (I should add that I didn’t know Johnson was Jewish/Catholic, but most of you will likely misread that joke.)

    Senator Johnson, the floor is open for you to come-on here and explain yourself. (Note to “formerCagleCupporter”: I’m not interested in hearing from you…Sen. Johnson is the only person who should be answering this post).

  4. Bill Simon says:

    There would be no need, SC. Eric Johnson has been on here under his own name before and is unafraid to post under his own name. Unlike YOU, of course… 😉

  5. landman says:

    Erick,you and the other Reed supporters can spin this anyway you like but the fact is Johnson and Cagle made a decision based on the circumstances at the time to give Taylor the donation.Its very disingenious of you to try and split hairs and attack Cagle and try to admonish Johnson of the very same action.The facts are that Reed ran a dirty race and these leaders had to deal with the mess that was left behind,bottom line.

    Johnson was pretty clear in his quotes on Saturday concerning the enviroment at the time and the reason he made the donation.It is rather nice to see candidates that do not try and revise their actions after the fact but stand behind their actions,Erick you may want to tell your boy Ralph this and he may gain some of his credibility back from people other than the stargazers who are blind to his actions.

  6. SouthernConservative says:

    This is my real name, Bill, my parents believe in old school Puritanism, you know, Blessing, Wrestling, etc…:P

  7. tobin smith says:

    Sounds like Johnson is contradicting Cagle’s release to me. Cagle says he was responding to intimidation and fear. Johnson says they were not threatened. Clear contrast to me landman.

  8. debbie0040 says:

    I do not see any contradictions in what JOHNSON said. I don’t see where Johnson mentions threats. He did say it got ugly and personal, but it is clear he was speaking of the Skandalakis campaign.

    Funny to watch you Cagle supporters scrambling around like rats…

  9. larry smith says:

    Reed Attacked Republicans for Money

    Gainesville, GA — In a statement today, the Casey Cagle for Lt. Governor campaign slammed primary opponent Ralph Reed for saying he has helped build the Republican Party in public, and then attacking top national Republican leaders on behalf of the gambling industry.

    Ralph Reed’s own emails with convicted felon Jack Abramoff show that he spent large sums of money attacking 10 Republican Members of the U.S. House because they supported a ban on online gambling. The specific members Ralph attacked included Congressman J.C. Watts (a top Republican leader) and other Republicans in vulnerable districts. Additionally, one of the individuals targeted by Reed’s attack campaign (Clinton Impeachment Manager Jim Rogan) was later defeated by a Democrat in one of the hardest fought elections of that cycle, and another member (Congressman Robert Aderholt) was hit by a Democrat attack ad based on the Reed flyer.

    Ralph Reed says he helped build the GOP majority, but his actions show exactly the opposite: “Using money from a gambling services company, Republican strategist Ralph Reed helped wage a direct-mail campaign against 10 GOP members of Congress who voted in favor of a ban on Internet gambling in 2000, according to The Washington Post.” (Atlanta Journal Constitution, 10/17/05).

    Emails to Reed from convicted felon Jack Abramoff show gambling money funded Ralph’s attacks on Republicans, and that Ralph was fully aware of that fact: ‘I have chatted with Ralph and we need to get the funding moving on the effort in the 10 congressional districts,’ Abramoff wrote in a fax to an eLottery executive. ‘Please get me a check as soon as possible for $150,000 made payable to American Marketing Inc. This is the company Ralph is using.’ (Jack Abramoff Email, Washington Post, 10/16/2005).

    Ralph’s own emails show he was behind the attacks on vulnerable Republican House Members: Days later, Abramoff e-mailed Reed to determine if the money had arrived. Reed replied, “1. Yes, they got it. 2. Yes, all systems go,’ (Ralph Reed Email, Washington Post, 10/16/2005).

    “Ralph Reed insists he helped elect Republicans, but his own words show he lined his pockets with large sums in return for attacking vulnerable Republicans on behalf of the gambling industry. Ralph should be ashamed for working to hand the U.S. House back to the Democrats and then lying about it. This kind of despicable conduct and dishonesty is exactly why Ralph Reed served only one term as Republican Party chairman in Georgia, and why he continues to drag down our ticket today,” said Cagle spokesman Brad Alexander.


  10. debbie0040 says:

    Typical Cagle tactics, keep re-hashing old news. Shows real desparation.

    The Whitehouse and national GOP leaders are clearly backing Reed. Who in their right mind will believe they would be backing and defending Reed if he had not helped the party?

    How gulible does Cagle think voters are? He must think they are pretty gulible if he is running for statewide office…

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