I’m Jealous of Chris Huttman

ImageYou all know that I’m a Republican. You all probably also know that I love Cathy Cox. Yeah, yeah, yeah, should she make it through the primary Sonny has my vote, but I really like Cathy Cox, even though I am doubtful that she can actually pick off the Big ManTM (no, not that one, the other one).

Not only is she one of the best looking politicians in the state, that voice of hers does something to me. It’s like Reba McEntire, that deep, sultry, sexy voice of hers. Oh, and she’s a Mercer grad.

Feel free to ridicule me — particularly my fellow Republicans. But I am really jealous of Chris — really, really jealous. I’d say Chris sucks, but it would just be my envy coming out.

That is all. You suck, Chris!

By the way, the photo is from Kimberly Smith at the AJC.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Good one, Spacey!

    But, Erick, I suspect that there will be a fundraiser for Cathy down ‘tonder in Macon someday. Maybe you’ll have a chance to sneak-in and admire her in person, eh?

  2. Fuzzyslippers says:

    I think she’s just leaning in closer to spray him in the face with that flower that she lifted off of a clown.

    Looks like she got his lipstick too.

  3. atlantaman says:

    “though I am doubtful that she can actually pick off the Big ManTM ”

    You got to hand it to Mark Taylor, most politicians try to lose weight during campaign season; i.e. Sonny Perdue. But Taylor has incorporated his girth into his campaign…pure genius. He’s almost obligated now to biggie size at Wendy’s and stop at every Krispy Kreme from here to Valdosta.

  4. georgia grrl says:

    erick, this post makes me like you a little bit more.

    cathy rules because her bi-partisanship is no scam. she’s so cool even mr. voter-id himself likes her.

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