Fight! Fight!

Well, after the Savannah Morning News story came out about the $100,000.00 raised by the Cagle Campaign, the Reed campaign decided to attack on the merits. They issued a press release, which said in part:

“The Cagle ‘race team’ would be best served by observing the legal speed limit and obeying the law,


  1. Jack S says:

    Reed morons, face it, your boy Ralph has blown it.

    Cagle raised the money. You are nitpicking some disclosure nuance but he still raised the money.

    Your boy Ralph is dead in the water. In 3 months he barely put together a couple a hundred thousand and Cagle matched half that in a few days.

    Talk about a stupid move – highlight for the world that your opponent is raising money at a substantially better rate than your guy. Yeah, brilliant. No wonder Ralph is losing this race.

  2. debbie0040 says:

    I appreciate Brad Alexander including that link. It will make it easier for the grassroots to take action and not wait on the Reed campaign. Notice the date of receipt is mentioned. How can a contribution be received if you don’t have the check?

    b)(1) All reports shall list the following:
    (A) As to any contributions of $101.00 or more, its amount and date of receipt, the election for which the contribution has been accepted and allocated, along with the name and mailing address of the contributor, and, if the contributor is an individual, that individual

  3. Bill B. says:

    They just want real Republicans (not the RINOs that support Cagle) to forget that Cagle donated to Mark Taylor.

    Cagle supports Democrats! Reed supports Republicans! The choice couldn’t be any clearer!

  4. jackson says:

    Reed supports Republicans…unless he is being paid to attack them, like the 10 who opposed Internet Gambling.

  5. shep1975 says:

    Statehood for PR has been part of the GOP platform for over 100 years. PR also has a GOP State House, a GOP delegate to the US Congress and a GOP majority among mayors and other locally elected officials. Despite commonly held perceptions, PR is more GOP than GA!

  6. George Allen 08 says:

    Good job by the Cagle campaign to switch the subject of debate from Cagle donating money to a Democrat after getting threatened by Mark Taylor to the intricacies of campaign contributions.

  7. The Busdriver says:

    89% of Puerto Ricans live below the poverty line. Yeah, our social service safety net should be able to handle that just fine . . .

    Sure, it’s in the GOP platform, but Ralph WAS PAID to support Puerto Rican statehood. He was paid by the PR Chamber of Commerce to lobby on their behalf. You can use Google to find the speech Ralph gave in Puerto Rico. Then you can read about how Ralph’s firm, Century Strategies, was paid to draft letters that would later be signed by “grassroots activists”, and then sent to the Chairman of the relevant House and Senate committees.

    Ralph and his values go where the money is.

  8. Jack S says:

    I don’t htink the Cagle folks or anybody else for that matter should be taking ethics compliance advice from a guy who launders money from indian casinos through a group run by a child molester.

  9. jackson says:

    For those who are interested:

    Scroll down to the bottom. Notice the brochures and handouts? I handed them out as a volunteer for the GOP in 2002.

    They were done by Ralph Reed’s firm…while he was Chairman. Coincidence? How did they get paid? Did they print thousands of these for free? If so, where is the in-kind contribution on the GOP disclosure? If not, then….

    More to come when someone from the Reed campaign can answer my earlier questions….since we are still talking about money laundering.

    Enjoy explaining this…..

  10. shep1975 says:

    Right now PR gets welfare dollars and DOESN’T pay any taxes. Statehood would mean that they would pay their fair share. Also, it does bring up an interesting point…if the vast majority of PR is below the poverty line and the GOP controls most of the government…does that mean Republicans can no longer be called the “Party of the Rich” by Democrats?

    All of this is off topic, but it’s still fun.

  11. The Busdriver says:

    Yeah, and Puerto Ricans love us so much they made us shut down our military test site, much to the chagrin of our military brass.

  12. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, I was travelling a lot the past couple of days, do I really understand it that Ralph Reed and company are trying to make up some charge about Casey on ethical and fundraising issues?

    Come on. That’s a joke. Ralph Reed doesn’t know the meaning of ethical. And as for fundraising, Greedy Reed is desperately trying to change the subject from his own issues with Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon, and Tony Rudy. Remember, Ralph Reed is the one who made up the rumor about John McCain and the black baby (totally untrue by the way), so this man will say or do anything for a little bit of ink in the press.

    He’s a leach on our political system and a dissapointment to the conservative cause.

  13. debbie0040 says:

    Cagle illegally reported funds that he had not received. I would imagine some individual will file a complaint over it. In fact, you can count on it. No, it won’t be me, but I know several that are talking about it. The law is clear. How can you receive something you don’t have? Cagle has been arrogant in calling Reed unethical. The chickens are now coming home to roost for Cagle.

    Jackson, if you have proof of Ralph breaking the law then produce it. Money laundering is illegal. If you think Ralph violated ethics in that brochure then file a complaint. Put up or shut up. You have proven nothing except you are desparately reaching for straws to save the Cagle campaign. It is quite pathetic and it will not work. The campaign will implode.

    There have been questions asked of Cagle supporters that have not been answered. IE: Why did Cagle vote with Roy and 27 Democrats against the GOP Driver’s License bill? Was it because “Cave In” Casey was frightened of Roy or because he did not care if non citizens received services that should not receive?

    Why did Cagle kill Tort Reform in 2004 and vote for it in 2005? Was it because he did not receive contributions from Trial Lawyers as he did in 2004 or was it because he did not receive enough contributions?


    Ralphie is reeling that Casey actually has supporters he can rally without promise of compensation…boy child is going to be so upset as things fallout in the coming weeks.Carrottop you need to go to Campaign managment school 101, you are pretty rusty but you’re just a puppet anyway I suppose…

  15. debbie0040 says:

    Let’s see proof that Ralph paid volunteers to show up. Has Cagle ever paid anyone to show up for events? He has more paid staff than Reed does.

    You guys are complete idiots if you think Ralph doesn’t have an army of volunteers. You will soon see how totally laughable your accusations are.

    Quit trying to distract from the ethics complaint about to be filed against your guy.

    The law is clear. Why didn’t Cagle simply file an ammended disclosure? What is he hiding? It must be worse than having an ethics complaint filed.


    Debbie are you including Ralphie’s legal team in your numbers…did’nt think so.Damaged goods only sale in discount stores, unfortunately for you clowns that are going off the cliff with RR our party only buys quality.

  17. Michael C says:

    Bill B. Ralph supports himself and no one else.

    Debbie, you are pretty good at talking down to people from your high horse. Its the same tone of most establishment Republicans. Do as we say or else just does not cut it anymore. I am tired of a GOP that spends like there is no tomorrow, and acts more like Democrats. Debbie this is you and your cohorts in the Reed campaign. You are the establishment. That is why you support Reed despite his questionable background. Its all about the party and attaining power. Exactly what we accuse Democrats of doing. If you honestly believe Ralph is the best guy for the job, then so be it but don’t do it because he is next in line and you think he deserves it. The Grass Roots you talk about are behind Casey. On paper Casey never should have had a chance in this race against Reed. But something is happening here. Conservatives are taking a stand against Ralph. We are tired of his smarmy type of politics. And the ground swell will lead Cagle to victory in July. I know you are desperate because you see your gravy train coming to an end.

    I support Cagle because I believe him to be a sincere conservative. He has principles. He is a self made man. He built a successful business. Most importantly he actualy has experience in the Georgia Senate. Succesful experience. So when he wins on July 18th and again in Nov he can hit the ground rolling in the next session.

  18. nfire says:


    Aren’t you a member of Cobb GOP? Why didn’t you ask Sen. Cagle these two questions (Tort reform and I.D.) when he came up to the Cobb GOP breakfast a couple weeks ago? Would it rain on your parade to find out that he’s proud of his voting record and has good reasons why he voted the way he did? Other folks at that breakfast asked him tough questions about his voting record, and received straight answers.

  19. debbie0040 says:

    I have never stated I was a member of the Cobb GOP. Cagle was asked the Tort Reform question at that breakfast in question and he stated he thought the Judiciary Committee was the committee that should handle Tort Reform. That is a ploy used when Senators want a billed killed but they don’t want to go on record as voting against it. Typical BS from Cagle.

    I was not at the breakfast, I was out of town or I would have asked about the Driver’s License.

    Cagle caves in to pressure when things get tough and he is a wuss. I don’t want someone like that.

    I want someone that stands his ground.

    True leadership is standing your ground when it is difficult to do so. Cagle caved in many, many times in the Barnes regime.

    Nfire, I am sick of Republicans that are big spenders. I am sick of politicians being elected to office then they lose their guts when they take office.

    I think Cagle is very sleazy and so do some in his district.

    I can assure you I don’t support Ralph because he is next in line. I have never believed in that and thought Dole got the nomination in 1996 because everyone thought he deserved and it was wrong. I do not blindly support the political establishment. I am against Bush’s and the current Congress big spending. I was against the Dubai Ports Deal. I very strongly oppose W’s anti illegal immigration policies. Who is the establishment candidate here? What is the establishment in Georgia? Is it the State Senators or the local grassroots?

    You are wrong about the grassroots. There has been a surge of support for Ralph and it will continue to snowball.

    July 18th will show which of us are right.

    I support Ralph because he stands his ground and he is a strong leader and he will not waiver or compromise. Ralph is not afraid to make waves and make people angry. He is an in your face sort of guy. Ralph will not run when things get tough. He stands and fights. I respect that and will overlook mistakes. When you take a strong stand, you will be attacked constantly. I have no respect for someone weak and gutless like Cagle is. People like that disgust me.

  20. Bill B. says:

    Jackson, thanks for finally replying. However, I asked for the date of the report and line number from the disclosure. The web link you provided is from Millennium Marketing. My understanding is that Reed owns Century Strategies. There is no way to know who paid for what without looking at the actual disclosure. The Bush folks might have gotten MM to do that. Who knows? Still asking for the date of the disclosure report and line #.

  21. gopdoc says:

    Most importantly, this week has shown that Cagle and his whole campaign has been hypocritical from the start. They have lost the moral high ground they claimed to possess in this campaign.

    Cagle has been lying.

    This is sad and it only makes ordinary voters more cynical.

  22. Bill Simon says:

    Say, Debbie? Are you denying that you are a member of the Cobb GOP?

    ‘Cause, just in case, this is a list of the current members of the Executive Committee of the Cobb GOP:


    Chairman Anthony-Scott Hobbs
    First Vice Chair Michael Altman
    Vice Chair Debbie Ellis
    Treasurer Keith Barthelme
    Assistant Treasurer John McWilliams
    Secretary Peggy Henderson
    Assistant Secretary David McDonald
    General Counsel Martin O’Toole
    Legislative Liaison Anthony-Scott Hobbs

    Have you resigned your position, Debbie? Have you canceled your membership?

    OR, are you on crack?

  23. Bill Simon says:

    Oops! Wait…I do know Keith Bartholme is not on the Committee because he went to Florida. Did you go to Florida, Debbie? Have you stopped being ASH’s apologist and left him to become a member of the normal people?

  24. nfire says:

    She makes all sorts of noise every day but when it’s her opportunity to ask the candidate face to face, she’s got better things to do.

    Its as though her sole source of info is the Reed talking points memo and she goes out of her way not to hear anything other than what she wants to hear.

  25. Michael C says:

    Debbie Ellis said, “Ralph is not afraid to make waves and make people angry. He is an in your face sort of guy. Ralph will not run when things get tough. He stands and fights. I respect that and will overlook mistakes.”

    First why make waves if you don’t have too, and second you will overlook mistakes? Mistakes like bilking Indian Casinos for money, Lying about John McCain (I am not a fan), etc. etc. I am sorry I can not overlook these things.

  26. debbie0040 says:

    nfire, I can assure you I don’t use Reed talking points memos.

    It has been a pretty rough week for you Cagle people. I can see why you are on edge and desparate. Get used to it. It will get rougher.

  27. debbie0040 says:

    Michael C, If Ralph had bilked the Indian Casinos out of money, he would have been charged. Where are the charges?

    I can not overlook the fact Cagle is weak.

    Believe it or not some people in Cagle’s Senate District consider him pretty sleazy.

  28. Philly says:

    Nfire, why would she want to ask Cagle something face to face? He would just lie about it like he did the Taylor contribution.

    We hear what you Cagle supporters have to say. We have heard for over a year from Cagle that Reed would be charged with a crime. Reed is sleaze and would take the party down. Nothing has happened. GOP dignitaries like Rudy Giuliani, Haley Barbor, Newt Gingrich, Zell Miller all defend Reed and hold fundraisers for him. They don’t think he is sleaze. If you want to value Cagle’s opinion over those , then that is your right. I don’t choose to.

  29. Bill Simon says:

    You know what, Philly? You’re lying with respect to one thing you and Debbie like to claim.

    In every piece that has ever been written about Ralph, whether by me or someone else, we’ve always had the disclaimer that “Ralph has not been charged with any crime.”

    No, it has not been the Cagle people telling people Ralph might get charged because, really, that is NOT the baseline for deciidng whether a candidate is ethical or not. It is whether their actions demonstrate an ethical person.

    AND, when I say “ethics” I’m talking about morals and ethics, NOT some bullshit dreamed-up by a legislative body to decide what is and what is not “ethical” in terms of disclosures.

    So, drop the bullshit, Philly, about the Cagle supporters claiming ralph will be indicted all this time. I think he should be indicted, but that’s different from claiming he will be indicted.

  30. jackson says:

    Bill B.S. –

    “The web link you provided is from Millennium Marketing. My understanding is that Reed owns Century Strategies. ”

    Ralph Reed owns Millennium Marketing. If you dont believe me, why is the email address for the contact

    I dont care what you asked for. I asked a question and said I would provide the info if you answered my question. You haven’t. So find the information yourself, or answer my question.

  31. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Ralph owns Millenium Marketing. It is my understanding they are responsible for the smear campaign against Herman Cain the weekend before the primary. The flyer was filled with innuendo and deceit, which seems to be par these days for Reed.

    Senator Cagle filed his disclosures, listed his contributors and his expenses. When he contributed, for whatever reason, to Taylor it was public. I don’t believe he set up entities to hide his slimy schemes as is typical with Reed.


    gopdoc stay in medicine (if your really a physician I have serious doubts) beceuse you are truly ignorant and besides your true talents will be needed to nurse yourself and the rest of the imbusils back to health in guys are weak…

  33. Bill Simon says:

    VERY good point, Maurice. Cagle’s disclosure did disclose the contribution. Ralph Reed STILL hasn’t disclosed all of the money he helped launder through various other entities.

  34. debbie0040 says:

    Maurice, Isakson is a much to blame for that flyer as Reed is. He approved it. Reed does the job he is paid for. Do you think Reed would be in business if he was not successful? I believe in doing what it takes to win. All is fair in love and politics. People criticized Atwater in 1988 for the “Willie Horton” ad but it was successful.

    Cagle deliberately over disclosed contributions to make his campaign look good. He even bragged to the press about how much money he had received in one day.

    Why hasn’t filed an ammended report if it ws unintentional?
    What is he hiding?

    I don’t believe Cagle will file one unless someone files a complaint and he is forced to.

  35. Maurice Atkinson says:

    “”””I believe in doing what it takes to win. All is fair in love and politics. People criticized Atwater in 1988 for the “Willie Horton

  36. debbie0040 says:

    What organization are you speaking of Maurice? I am active with the GOP. That is why I will not give my name.

    Maurice, you criticized Reed for the flyer but you did not criticvize the man that approved it. You hate Reed so much, you wear blinders.

    Cagle has lost everything then, because he has lost his integrity.

    He kills Tort Reform in 2004 and takes contributions from Trial Attorneys.
    Cagle votes with Gov. Barnes and 27 other Democrats against the GOP Driver’s License Bill in 2002.
    Cagle tread lightly on controversy so he does not offend Roy Barnes.
    Cagle criticizes Reed’s part in the 1998 Taylor ad, yet Cagle’s paid consultant stars in the ad.
    Cagle lies about the reason he gave Taylor a contribution.
    Cagle lies on his financial disclosure form and puffs up his contributions.

  37. Bill Simon says:

    Tort Reform was “killed” in 2004 due to Tom Price wishing for it to remain as a live issue for him to use in his primary. Price had it killed in the conference committee between the house and senate versions.

    Debbie, honestly, you don’t know about anything that goes on in the legislature. You get all your info from 1) Anthony-Scott Hobbs, or 2) Ralph Reed fruitcakes, neither of which has spent ANY time down at the capitol dome.

    And, speaking of Ralph Reed fruitcakes, Linda Hamrick and Elizabeth LaVack are NOT reliable lobbyists for info on what goes on down at the legislature.

  38. Karla Stuckey says:

    I think a few of the Cagle supporters do wear blinders Debbie.

    Even though it is very clear their candidate is a hypocrite. He slings his arrows toward Reed, but is guilty of lies, breaking the law, and dirty tricks himself.

    And we are all still shaking our heads about the $1,000 campaign contribution to Mark Taylor. That is bad enough, but being caught in a lie and having both Taylor and Sen. Johnson confirm it is really bad.

    I’m thinking of taking a couple of my vacation weeks and coming home to work for Reed.

  39. Demonbeck says:

    Reed is going to be hard pressed to get to Brad Alexander. He is a former Bob Barr Press Secretary, so he is very familiar with dealing with the type of wild and ludicrous accusations like those being flitted about by gReed and his supporters.

    Maybe gReed could try dealing with the issues? Oh that’s right, he doesn’t know the issues, since he has never worked with state government nor had any involvement in anything as an elected representative.

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