$100,000 In A Day

This article from the Savannah paper sheds some light on the efforts by the Cagle campaign’s fundraising efforts at the end of the session.

Having conducted fundraising by email, let me say that their efforts were extremely valiant and impressive — heck, they probably set a record. But, it also appears that not all the money they reported was actually in hand when they reported it, which they really should not have done.

My personal opinion on the matter is that I am (A) skeptical that all that money was really raised in one day and (B) fairly sure that a sizable portion of that money was raised very, very rapidly and for that the campaign should be commended.

it will, however, be interesting to see if they rouse the temper of George Anderson, the notorious filer of state ethics complaints, based on this passage:

[Brad Alexander] acknowledged that some contribution checks dated the 3lst arrived later.

“I don’t know exactly how many,


  1. tobin smith says:

    So much for there being an “ethical” candidate in the race. Seems like Cagle’s criticisms of Reed are a great example of the pot calling the kettle black!

  2. Jack S says:

    I think the Reed folks can’t get over the fact that in just a week of fundraising, Cagle raised almost half as much as Ralph – who had three months.

    If anything, the Cagle team overdisclosed, big deal.

    I love this new line of attack from Reed – vote for me becuase the other guy is just as big a slimeball as me.

  3. debbie0040 says:

    Cagle is hypocritical.

    Interesting part of the story:
    “Thompson said it was legal to prepare the solicitation blitz during the session as long as it wasn’t launched until the session’s final gavel.
    Savannah political consultant David Simons stopped short of speculating that it was. But Simons said it’s “almost impossible

  4. landman says:

    Once again Erick and the other Reed supporters try to make a story where there is none.

    The story here is the money was raised legitimately and the amount is very impressive. Im sure its not good news for the Reed team considering they had 3 months of an advantage and their fundraising ability has tanked.


  5. Erick says:

    Landman, I love your taunts of me being a Reed supporter. They have as much merit as the Reedites taunting me for being a Cagle supporter.

  6. debbie0040 says:

    landman, you said, “The story here is the money was raised legitimately and the amount is very impressive.”

    That is yet to be seen now isn’t it?

    The Cagle campaign illegally reported contributions they had not received.

    I am sure Rudy will raise a lot of money for Ralph. Probably a good bit more than Cagle will raise with his “Bill Elliot BBQ”.

    Don’t keep saying Erick is a Reed supporter. It is very well known that he is neutral in this race.

  7. Erick says:

    It is very well known that he is neutral in this race.

    No, actually judging from the emails I get frequently, it all depends on whom I am talking about. I will say though that the Cagle folks are more thin skinned in coverage over here — to their credit, they are aggressive in combatting anything they think is unfair, inaccurate, or out of place. The Reed folks for the most part just don’t care.

  8. landman says:

    So Debbie how much will Rudy raise for Ralph?

    Better yet how much will he raise this entire reporting period?

    The money is LEGIT and very IMPRESSIVE

  9. larry smith says:

    Reed Attacked Republicans for Money

    Gainesville, GA — In a statement today, the Casey Cagle for Lt. Governor campaign slammed primary opponent Ralph Reed for saying he has helped build the Republican Party in public, and then attacking top national Republican leaders on behalf of the gambling industry.

    Ralph Reed’s own emails with convicted felon Jack Abramoff show that he spent large sums of money attacking 10 Republican Members of the U.S. House because they supported a ban on online gambling. The specific members Ralph attacked included Congressman J.C. Watts (a top Republican leader) and other Republicans in vulnerable districts. Additionally, one of the individuals targeted by Reed’s attack campaign (Clinton Impeachment Manager Jim Rogan) was later defeated by a Democrat in one of the hardest fought elections of that cycle, and another member (Congressman Robert Aderholt) was hit by a Democrat attack ad based on the Reed flyer.

    Ralph Reed says he helped build the GOP majority, but his actions show exactly the opposite: “Using money from a gambling services company, Republican strategist Ralph Reed helped wage a direct-mail campaign against 10 GOP members of Congress who voted in favor of a ban on Internet gambling in 2000, according to The Washington Post.” (Atlanta Journal Constitution, 10/17/05).

    Emails to Reed from convicted felon Jack Abramoff show gambling money funded Ralph’s attacks on Republicans, and that Ralph was fully aware of that fact: ‘I have chatted with Ralph and we need to get the funding moving on the effort in the 10 congressional districts,’ Abramoff wrote in a fax to an eLottery executive. ‘Please get me a check as soon as possible for $150,000 made payable to American Marketing Inc. This is the company Ralph is using.’ (Jack Abramoff Email, Washington Post, 10/16/2005).

    Ralph’s own emails show he was behind the attacks on vulnerable Republican House Members: Days later, Abramoff e-mailed Reed to determine if the money had arrived. Reed replied, “1. Yes, they got it. 2. Yes, all systems go,’ (Ralph Reed Email, Washington Post, 10/16/2005).

    “Ralph Reed insists he helped elect Republicans, but his own words show he lined his pockets with large sums in return for attacking vulnerable Republicans on behalf of the gambling industry. Ralph should be ashamed for working to hand the U.S. House back to the Democrats and then lying about it. This kind of despicable conduct and dishonesty is exactly why Ralph Reed served only one term as Republican Party chairman in Georgia, and why he continues to drag down our ticket today,” said Cagle spokesman Brad Alexander.


  10. debbie0040 says:

    Ralph Reed did help build a GOP Majority in Georgia. This shows that when Reed takes a job, he gives it 110%. This is old news being re-hashed to distract from Cagle’s lies and illegal reporting.

    Looks like Galloway with the AJC was right on target with how Cagle would try to distract from his contribution to Taylor and the fact Cagle outright lied about the threats.

    The bottom line is that the National GOP leaders think Reed did a great job in helping the GOP on the national scale.

    Do you really think The Whitehouse, Rudy Giuliani, Sean Hannity, Sen. Kay Bailey-Hutchison, Gov. Haley Barbour, Newt Gingrich would stand behind and help someone that had hurt the party?

    This is old news and has been around time and time again.

    Do you think Vice President Dick Cheney would announce to the crowd at the Smyrna Town Hall meeting, “I see my friend of many years, Ralph Reed, in the audience”.

    The voters see desparation in the Cagle campaign. They see Cagle and the press slamming Ralph, but leaders they know and trust praising Reed and coming to his defense. Who do you think they will believe? Cagle and the liberal press or Zell Miller, Sean Hannity, Gingrich, Rudy, etal?

  11. Bill Simon says:

    Newt Gingrich and Sean Hannity are whiny putzes.

    However, Debbie, I understand there is a sale going on at KneePadsOnline.com, so, you can go stock-up…because with that list of “luminaries” who support Ralph, it looks like you will have a very busy time ahead of you.

  12. Booray says:

    This is perhaps the biggest non-story in political history.

    Cagle is “unethical” and “broke the law” because he disclosed contributions EARLIER than required?

    Let’s amend the Bible and add the sin of overdisclosure to stoning offenses. Maybe Ralph can get a contract from the stone-making people to convince Christian activists to buy into the amendment.

  13. grassrootsguy says:

    Interesting release and an interesting problem for Cagle. Will he come clean?


    Cagle Claimed Contributions on March 31 Report That He Had Not Received—and Violated State Ethics Law

    April 27, 2006 Contact: Jared S. Thomas
    For Immediate Release 678-957-0000

    Casey Cagle claims that his “walk matches his talk.

  14. SouthernConservative says:

    Booray, as much of a non-story as Ralph making a few calls and writing a few letters in Texas without a badge? Sweetie, ya’ll’s hypocrisy knows no bounds, does it?

    This is a lose/lose for CC. If Cagle amends, he has to admit how much he accepted outside the limits – which, I think, is probably alot. If he doesn’t, Reed calls on him for having something to hide. Either way Casey loses.

    If he was really interested in honesty, between internal records and the USPS, they could figure it out pretty quickly.

    The question is this, and I’m just thinking out loud, but if Cagle could report before recieving checks THEN, is it possible that there are a few checks on that report that have been promised but not yet recieved, even now?

  15. grassrootsguy says:

    Here is even more of a non-story Booray– Reed making money off of political consulting. Surprise, surprise . . .

  16. Former Cagle Guy says:

    It is not even 4pm and I already have to update my post of earlier this morning with another Cagle gaffe, now number 5! Keep it up boys. This is too fun to watch.


    This has been a bad, bad, week for the Cagle campaign.

    1. Cagle admits he gave the Mark Taylor campaign a $1,000 campaign contribution because of fear and intimidation revealing his weak-kneed approach to governing. Isn’t that just what we need in the LG office?

    2. Giuliani comes out to endorse Reed and to host a fundraiser thus revealing that national Republicans put no stock in the Cagle slander campaign against Reed. It is clear Cagle’s only strategy for winning is to align himself with the left-leaning liberal media driven Republican haters who will do anything to take down Republican leaders.

    3. Eric Johnson, Senate Pro Tem, says Cagle lied—he does not recollect any intimidation from the Taylor campaign. Spin it any way you wish, but that is the intent of what Johnson says.

    4. Brad Alexander of the Cagle campaign admits that like Cathy Cox’s staffer, he changed Reed’s article in the online encyclopedia. Cox, showing some integrity, fires her staffer for changing Taylor’s article, but Cagle does nothing to Alexander. Why am I surprised? Spin away, but this is the same negative campaigning tactics that they accuse Reed of. The Cagle campaign reveals its hypocrisy.

    5. Cagle now admits he didn’t rake in all that $100,000 dollars in cash in one day like he made so much of. In fact, he broke Georgia ethics laws right and left by disclosing contributions before they were actually received. I guess it is ok to disclose pledges now so as to inflate fundraising results!

    What a week for Cagle! And this is saint Cagle, Mr. Integrity we’re talking about here. I can’t wait to see what gaffes his campaign makes between now and July 18.

    The Cagle campaign has lost all credibility this week.

    Sign me,

    a former Cagle guy now proud to be with Reed

  17. jackson says:

    “I guess it is ok to disclose pledges now so as to inflate fundraising results!”

    This from the team that says it has 5000 unverifiable grassroots activists when only about 40 show up to its statewide grassroots meeting.

    So tell me again, why is it such a big deal? Plenty of folks amend their reports if they find errors or did something wrong.

    If amending your report is such a big deal, then why did Ralph do it just 9 month ago

    2005 Non-Election Year: June 30 – Amendment 1 (Filed electronically on: 7/11/2005 4:55:00 PM)

    Its not illegal if it is not accounted for properly and amended.

    At least Cagles records are open. Why wont Ralph Reed disclose who he got his money from?

  18. jackson says:

    Sorry, his money in the chairmans race or his clients.

    In fact, I challenge him to name his 5000 state activists. It wont happen because they dont exist.

  19. SouthernConservative says:

    I think that’s a legally protected, proprietary email list. Would Casey disclose his? How many does he have?

  20. landman says:

    The euphoria abounds on the Reed team because of this non-story,it speaks volumes on how thirsty they are for something positive to cling to,albeit minutia irrelevent ramblings.

    If Jared were a seasoned experienced Campaign Manager he would be more concerned about the fact that his campaign is getting killed in the fundraising area,instead of trying to be a paralegal and quote law on PeachPundit.

    I think if I were JT I would also be worried about the statement Cagle’s Treasurer made regarding the growing concern of Reed being on the ticket hurting Sonny being the driving force behind the Cagle growing momentum in both money and supporters.

    Reed will attack, Cagle will answer, it will get ugly,but when the dust settles CAGLE will be the next LT.

  21. Jack S says:

    If Reed’s team think the law is broken file an ethics complaint.

    They won’t cause Casey’s done nothing wrong except gain the momentum in the race and they just can’t figure out how.

  22. jackson says:

    I am not talking about his email list Southern Comfort…we all know he stole that list from the GAGOP. I am talking about the fact that he says he has 5000 activistis working for him. We all know that is a lie.

  23. jackson says:

    More spin? Tell me why Ralph Reed can amend his reports but not Casey Cagle?

    You guys dont even follow your own logic.

  24. Jack S says:

    Ralph claims thousands and thousands of volunteers and yet he can’t get them to show up anywhere and he won’t release the list of his supposed grassroots army.

    he won’t release them because they don’t exist.

  25. debbie0040 says:

    Bill, I really don’t need any knee pads but I really appreciate you being so neighborly and wanting to share with me where you buy yours.

    Reed has 5,000 activists that have signed up to help or volunteered.

    As far as the Grassroots meeting in Warner Robins, only leader ship was supposed to be there. It was also a Saturday morning.

    We will see July 18th who is right.

    Cagle illegally posted contributions that he did not have. It would not be such a big deal had he not been hypocritical by pointing the finger Reed about ethics. That is like the pot calling the kettle black.

    If you Cagle people find things a little tough this week, then you will not want to stick around . It will get much tougher…

  26. debbie0040 says:

    landman, who has more money raised to date? Cagle or Reed? Who has an upcoming fundraiser headlined by Rudy Giuliani? There will be more to come. I also hear that some D.C. fans have money to send Ralph’s way.

    I hope we will see all you guys at the Reed Victory Celebration on July 18th.

  27. jackson says:

    “As far as the Grassroots meeting in Warner Robins, only leader ship was supposed to be there.””

    Thats bull. Then why did I get an email invite?

    I normally dont respond to Debbie, but this has gone to far.

    They dont have 5000 people. They never did.

    IF it is illegal, then file a complaint.

    Again, why can Ralph Reed amend his report, but Cagle can’t?

  28. jackson says:

    BTW, I was wrong, it’s 5614. This is from Ralph Reed.com

    “The Reed for Lieutenant Governor Campaign today announced that it had recruited 5,614 Team Leaders and volunteers through January 23.”

    That is not an email list. That is an outright lie.

  29. landman says:

    Why,Debbie that would be a novel idea,Ralph can go out of state for MORE OF HIS MONEY.The money will spend and be of help in trying to control those unprecedented negatives among a candidates own party,but the out of state cash is void of one important thing….VOTES

  30. Bill B. says:

    For those that wonder why I call Jackson a liar…

    1. jackson Apr 25th, 2006 at 4:42 pm
    Funny. Cagle gives money to Perdue, but gets criticized because he supposesdly supported Barnes. Ralph doesnt give to Perdue, but sent GAGOP money to his own company (against the promises he gave us “grassroots

  31. jackson says:

    Jared, I am not going to do your work for you. IF you want my work, anwer my question. You wont. Why? Only God knows. Or Debbie.

  32. jackson says:

    “For those that wonder why I call Jackson a liar…”

    “I will post only one word after ANY of his posts: LIAR!
    No discussion; no comments. Just that one word.”

    Do you even read your own posts?

  33. Bill B. says:

    So others won’t forget but not in reply to the LIAR….

    “Like I said, tomorrow. I post on here enough to not let my credibility or integrity be maligned by throwing out “lies

  34. jackson says:

    “I will post only one word after ANY of his posts: LIAR!
    No discussion; no comments. Just that one word.

  35. Bill B. says:

    Now that this isn’t right after the Liar’s post, I want to make this very clear.

    The Cagle campaign and its staffers are liars. They do not have the truth in them. Their whole campaign is based upon lies and exaggerations of the truth.

    Jackson is the perfect example. He made a claim. I called his hand on the lie. He promised on April 25th at 7:38 p.m. to provide the link. He has not done so and rightly can be called a liar.

    This is one example of an entire campaign built on lies and those that tell them.

  36. nfire says:

    Well, if Ralphie has so many grassroots volunteers, why did he have to pay people to show up at the Christian Coalition event? And how come so many of them had car tags from other states? Shouldn’t that have been his strong event? There weren’t more than 50 Ralphie folks at that event, and I bet only 20 or so would have shown up if he hadn’t paid them to be there.

  37. jackson says:

    Actually, that is not what I said. But who really cares about the truth? Its only a political campaign? Right, Ralph?

    Bill is a pefect example of Ralph Reed. Take part of what someone says, fix it to what you want it to say, then pretend that was all that was said. Its ridiculous, but it shows the Reed team is more about parsing words and statements than really getting to the truth.

    Frankly, I am growing bored of this tiring juvenile game. I am not opposed to admitting if I am wrong. I have in the past on this site. We all want to discuss the important issues of this race. I am not going to do Bills work if he (or any other Reed supporter ) cant even answer a simple question.

    So enough of you Bill.

    For any other Reed supporter, answer my question and I will provide you…and everyone else the details. That was what I said. Good thing we have my posts to back it up.

    (what’s funny, though, is I gave you all a little taste of it on another post, only to not have you respond.)

    Or are you still looking at the disclosures, Jared?

  38. debbie0040 says:

    Ralph did not launder the money. Money laundering is llegal. Everyone got a percentage of the money so it went through them. I have not problem with where Reed got the money from. Money was needed to fight the casino and no other person was coming forward with funding. If he had not accepted the money , the casino waould have opened. The national GOP stands behind Ralph and doesn’t think he has done wrong. I asked you to provide proof of how Reed broke the law. You have not done so.

    Jackson, you still have not answered why Cagle caved in to Roy so much. Why did Cagle vote with Roy and 27 Democrats against the Republican Driver’s License bill? Was it because he was scared of Roy or because he did not care if non citizens received government services they were not entitled to.

    Also why did Cagle vote to kill Tort Reform in 2004, but accept contributions form Trial lawyers? Was it a bribe?

  39. debbie0040 says:

    As far as the ethics complaint, I know of individuals that will probably end up filing a complaint.

  40. Booray says:


    Go ahead and file an ethics complaint for overdisclosing.

    If Cagle is found guilty of overdisclosing, that will make a great contrast to Ralph – who will certainly never be found guilty of public disclosure, since he washed Abramoff’s money through three folks before he cashed it.

    You and the Ralph-heads are a disgrace to the Republican Party. Not because of your political views or passion, but because you don’t know when the party’s good overcomes the good of a candidate who is obviously so damaged he needs to step aside.

    Instead of doing the honorable thing, you create BS non-stories against other good candidates in the race.

    This is the Republican Party, not the Ralph Reed Groupie Party. Grow up.

  41. debbie0040 says:

    Booray, you grow up. You Cagle guys are the disgrace to the party. Trying to handpick the party nominee and not let the primary voters decide what is best for the party.You are a disgrace because you think only backroom elitists should decide what is best for the party. Who do you think you are that you should decide what is best? What gives you that right? I have worked in GOP politics since 1976. You have the same attitude that liberal elitists like Hillary Clinton have and you disgust me.

    You said:, “but because you don’t know when the party’s good overcomes the good of a candidate who is obviously so damaged he needs to step aside.” You should have added:”We are the Borg. We will assimilate you. Resistance is futile..”
    “We have to do what is best for the collective good..” The line of thought is the same.


    Debbie the only person that has disgraced his party, family, religion and reputation is your boy. You guys are the most gullable or ignorant people I have ever seen. We are not going to sit idle and let Ralphie whore our party and state like he’s doing you and anybody he deals with. So rest assured we will not stop hammering boy child.

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