Senator Cagle Reponds to Reeds attacks.

Here is the email that the Cagle campaign just sent out regarding Ralphs desperate attacks and attempts to slander Our Republican leaders in the Senate and Senator Casey Cagle

My Fellow Republicans,

Ralph Reed’s attacks on me have been outrageous distortions of the truth and often outright lies. It’s time to set the record straight.

Since leaving the Christian Coalition, Ralph Reed has made millions doing two things. First, he sold his influence with Christian conservatives to the highest corporate bidder as a DC lobbyist. If an elected official did the things Ralph has done for the last 8 years, he would be in jail.

Second, Ralph has run political campaigns such as Mitch Skandalakis’ campaign in 1998 that sank the entire GOP ticket.

Most of the campaigns he has “consulted


  1. Former Cagle Guy says:

    How pathetic Cagle. Surely you can do better than that. For a year you have been telling us that Reed was going to jail, would be convicted, and you have hurled insults and half-truths joining in with a liberal media driven attempt to destroy a Republican icon who has done more than you ever will to better this country and to create a permanent Republican majority.

    Now when your record is exposed, even evidence of your $1,000 campaign contribution to Mark Taylor (!) now you come whinning about being attacked.

    Give me a break. You were a pathetic state senator who had more in common with Roy Barnes than Sonny Perdue and you would be a disaster for this state as LG.

    I am going to support a man who has the b*lls to stand up to Democrats, not give them money to appease them.

    Go cry somewhere else. The grassroots folk have seen you for the hypocrit you are.

  2. jackson says:

    “You were a pathetic state senator”. Then why are you a former Cagle guy. Even the campaign minions on the site lie about who they are . Hilarious! Almost as funny as debbies posts.

  3. jackson says:

    Debbie, your posts border on the ridiculous. “Cagle donated money to Taylor because he was fearful of what Taylor may do.” Then why did Eric Johnson lead the charge to do it.

    Cagle is a hypocrite for hiring the guy that was in the ad, but Ralph Reed is NOT a hypocrite for working for felon Mitch Skandalakis?

    You and your friend (which is probably you) Former Cagle Guy have absolutely lost it.

  4. George Allen 08 says:

    Is it common for state senators to donate money to the LG after elections are over in exchange for better committee selections? If so, that should be made illegal, because that sounds more like a bribe than a campaign donation.

  5. debbie0040 says:

    Taylor probably saw it as a bribe because he did not report it on his discosure form.

    Reed took the job before Skandalakis was convicted.

    Johnson was wrong too but he did not openly brag about it to the press like Cagle did. Cagle has a pattern of caving in and trying to get along. Johnson does not have that pattern.Cagle is such a pathetic wuss he is trying to hide behind Johnson to shield him.

  6. Three Jack says:

    Debbie wrote — “Does anyone out there think Reed would have been fearful?” Had Reed not orchestrated one of the most ill conceived, race based campaigns in recent GA history, it would not have been an issue. But he did which put Johnson, Cagle, et al in the untenable position of having to bail out the state GOP by kissing a big guy ass momentarily.

    Reed should be fearful because he is once again trying to punish the entire party to satisfy his own selfish desire for power. The press release from his campaign sent today is full of out of context statements, lies and blatant attempts to mischaracterize Cagle’s exemplarily public career. Reed is scared, just observe his actions…

  7. bird says:

    “First, he sold his influence with Christian conservatives to the highest corporate bidder as a DC lobbyist. If an elected official did the things Ralph has done for the last 8 years, he would be in jail.”

    Well, the point is he was not an elected official the last 8 years. And though I don’t have a dog in this fight, I am certain that Reed wouldn’t have been a lobbyist if he was an elected official. This is a very weak line of attack. It is especially noticeable because it is at the beginning of the missive, where the strongest points should be.

  8. George Allen 08 says:

    Yeah bird, I thought that line was interesting too. The email probably would have been more effective without it.

  9. Bill B. says:

    If this wasn’t so shameful, it would be funny.

    “If an elected official did the things Ralph has done for the last 8 years, he would be in jail” So if Casey NEVER abstained from a vote on the Senate Banking Committee and stood to profit based upon his vote, he should go to jail, right? Why did he NEVER EVER recuse himself???????

    “The Cagle campaign has sought a debate of the issues while Ralph has resorted to the same old trash and it will not go unanswered. Allow me to share with you the truth.” No, let me share the truth. Since DAY 1, the Cagle campaign began its false email campaign against Ralph to the delegates of the State Convention and the lies continue today. Still no agenda for Georgia; still just hatred of a real conservative leader.

    “Taylor threatened the Republican Senate leadership, of which I was a member. If we did not make a contribution to him to “bury the hatchet

  10. Groseclose says:

    With this email, I am not sure Cagle did any favors for himself in the eyes of us undecided voters.

  11. debbie0040 says:

    I think Cagle is the one taking down the party. Cagle and the State Senators are the ones that are ticking off the Christian Conservative base and dividing the party into us against them camps. If the Christian Conservatives don’t turn out to vote, the GOP LOSES in November.

    It is up to the voter to decide who would take down the party. What is so hard about that to understand? I have complete faith in the GOP Primary voters to decide who is best for the party. The decision should be theirs, not some “think they know what is best, back room party elitist”.

  12. landman says:

    Bill B. your assertion that Cagle’s values are liberal is a joke,check the 12 year voting record and compare it to Reed’s,oh thats right he doesnt have a public record.Instead he just has a history of character assasination,selling out christian groups and doing whatever to whoever for the right amount of money and then trying to cover his tracks when he is caught.

    The REED RESONSE #1- I DIDNT KNOW as in ….I didnt know that 4 million came from Gambling interest,I didnt know about that commercial…etc. ect.

    The REED RESPONSE #2- Had I known then what I know now…..sure Ralph we know you would have never sent those emails to Abramnoff so only the feeble of mind could read them and belive your pathetic lies and cover stories….

    The REED RESPONSE ON JULY 19TH #1-I DIDNT KNOW as in ……I didnt know thatI had really lost all my credibility with the majority of Republican voters of Georgia and that they are not as gullible as my 6000 grassroots operatives ARE……



    Landman I couldn’t agree with you more….these blind followers are embarrassment to our great party as much as Ralphie is himself…

  14. Jack S says:

    I continued to be amazed at how ridiculous the Reed people really are. Ralph Reed, and his kool aide drinking morons, embarrass all Republicans and read like a textbook of all that is wrong with the GOP.

    You people are ridiculous.

  15. Bill B. says:

    I guess Cagle is not embarassed to be on every Democratic fundraising list. I wonder if he has given to other Democrats running for other offices? How could we find out if they aren’t reporting the donations?

    And why didn’t Taylor list Cagle’s donation? Maybe Taylor thinks Cagle is too liberal for even the Democrats and was ashamed of his support?

  16. George Allen 08 says:

    Does no one agree with me that it seems unethical for state senators to contribute money to the LG so they can secure favorable committee selection? I’m not saying that Senators Cagle or Johnson were unethical or that they deliberately bribed Taylor, but this seems like something that should be avoided in the future. To be honest, I’m not seeing the difference between a contribution to “bury the hatchet” and a bribe. Then again, I’m not familiar with the workings of the state senate.

  17. Philly says:

    You Cagle supporters and your insults are an embarassment to the GOP. Finally understanding your candidate is doomed to lose and you are beginning to wildly swing. Really pathetic that you would want to go down with the Cagle tug boat when you could be on the Reed Destroyer.

    I have a news flash for you Cagle supporters. You can insult Reed and his supporters but it will not dissuade us from posting or defending Reed. In fact, your insults just add fuel to our fire and motivate us to march on even harder.

    The people out in the trenches have begun to see other supporters like Debbie vigorously defend Reed and a ground swell of grassroots Reed defenders has just began to become active and we will march on to victory. We will just snowball and get larger and larger and become more vocal in our defense of Reed. So just prepare yourselves …

  18. jackson says:

    Ralph didnt know mitch, but took a ton of money from him to make him look like a christian.

    It’s funny. A 24 year old unpaid volunteer knew about the ad, but Reed was taking thousands and thousands every month, but had no clue. Give me a break.

  19. Three Jack says:

    Debbie wrote — “Cagle and the State Senators are the ones that are ticking off the Christian Conservative base” — if so, it would be the best thing to ever happen to the GOP. The threat, “if CC’s don’t turn out to vote, GOP loses in November” is such an old, tired threat. Let’s find out. Lead the CC revolt Debbie. Maybe the GOP could finally get around to doing GOP things like cutting taxes (start w/the $1B “surplus”), eliminating duplicitous govt. bureaucracy, etc.

  20. jackson says:

    I think Christians are good for the Party, Three Jack. The problem is the folks some christians are duped into voting for.

    You’re right. We need to cut goverment and taxes. But losing the support of christians isnt the way to do it. Cleaning out the deadbeats, hypocrites, and duplicitous politicians (and I am talking about Republicans) is what we need to do.

    Ralph Reed would be a good start.

  21. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Ralph against the world. His messianic complex is repugnant. But Ralph knows how to work that with finesse. Someone penned it right some weeks ago. It’s the Jimmy Swaggart complex. Problem is Jimmy Swaggart made a public confession, Ralph refuses to answer tough questions and allows his surrogates to make alibis for his mess.

    What humors me to massive irritation is that you are so willing to trash someones name yet hide behind a moniker because of your embarrassment of what you hae to say.

  22. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Now the question should be did Senator Cagle and Senator Johnson create an entity to launder the money before giving it to the Taylor campaign?

  23. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Debbie, what should concern you is that Christians are waking up to the manipulation of your man that you so readily pardon.

    I honestly don’t know of one Christian Coalition member, from Middle Georgia, that is supporting Cagle. I do know for a fact that Sadie has made some phone calls to individuals fuming over the fact that they were willing to speak with the media.

  24. Bull Moose says:

    First of all, I want to apologize for the time of the post. I’m in DC and am just getting to a computer. Secondly, I want to associate myself with the comments made by Landman and Maurice.

    If the candidate’s name wasn’t Ralph Reed and he had the same background and issues against him, he’d be TOAST right now in the eyes of the far far right.

    It is a disgrace to this party that some would still think Ralph Reed is qualified to be a candidate for any office, let alone that of Lt. Governor. He has no experience, no qualifications (he told me his qualifications included being an intern for Zell Miller back in the late 70’s early 80’s), and he faces the most daunting corruption of Congress investigation in this nation’s history due to his ties with convicted felons Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon, and Tony Rudy.

    I’m sorry, I’ll lay it on the ground right now, I don’t know how the Reed supporters can continue to promote this man for office given his lack of honesty and respect for the voters of Georgia.

    I’m fully behind Casey Cagle and the reasons far outway the fact that he isn’t Ralph Reed. I’m for Casey Cagle because he is a man that is fully committed to serving FOR GEORGIA and not for his own self interests. I am for Casey Cagle because he has the experience in the State Senate to begin leading from day one. I am for Casey Cagle because we need more people of honor and integrity to step forward and put their names and reputation on the line for statewide office. I am confident that Casey Cagle is the best qualified for this task and I look forward to his victory in July and in November.

  25. debbie0040 says:

    Maurice, I know the overwhelming majority of Christian Coalition members are standing beside Ralph. I am not a Christian Coalition member but I know tons of people tht are. I know there are pastors backing Reed. In fact one pastor’s wife actually serves on one of the county Reed steering committees.

    Cagle should have put his brain in gear before he put his mouth in action with the whole thinkg about the Taylor ad and the $1,000 contribution/bribe. It backfired big time. People see Cagle for the person he is-weak, cowardly and a hypocrite. Jim Galloway even wrote about the”irony” of it.

    Maurice, you are a hypocrite. You don’t have a problem with Cagle supporters trashing Reed’s name and hiding behind a monicker now do you? Check out what I have said about Cagle and you will find out it is true. I don’t have a problem at all saying to Cagle’s face what I have said here. In fact, I have blasted some State Senators to their face for urging Reed to step down.

    I have been a Republican activist since 1976.

    Three Jack, you said “Cleaning out the deadbeats, hypocrites, and duplicitous politicians (and I am talking about Republicans) is what we need to do.” You just described Cagle perfectedly.

    Cagle has experiecne in the State Senate of caving in. Especially under the Barnes regime. He hesitated angering Barnes. He even sided with 27 Democrats and Barnes against the other Republican State Senators on the Driver’s License Bill.

    Reed is the best qualified to serve Georgia. He has bee an stron unwavering leader that does not back down. Cgle has not, just ask some of the people in his district how he behaved under the Barnes Regime.

    I have heard you Cagle people slam Reed for hurting the GOP in 1998. That article quotes Skandalakis own people saying that Reed did not do much with the campaign after the primary. You Cagle supporters are just like Cagle, you never let facts get in your way. Clint Day lost. Get over it. Mudlsinging and dirty tricks happen every day in politics.

    George Allen 08, yes I agree the bribe/contribution was wrong and unethical. But Cagle never seemed to be bothered much by ethics until he decided to run for Lt. Governor. It did not bother Cagle to kill Tort Reform in 2004 and accept contributions from Trial Attorneys at the same time. Don’t take my word for it, look it up yourselves.

  26. Maurice Atkinson says:

    As far as hypocracy Debbie, speak for yourself. Look in the mirror.

    You have yet to answer a question directly from me.
    For the fourth time, what knowledge of the operation of government are you in the least familiar with?

    The fact again is that so many arm chair politicos are so willing to hide behind a moniker and lob trash (both sides) yet they lack the conviction to stand behind their words.

    Virtually anything and everything Ralph says at this point, in my opinion, is suspect. He’s a proven liar, manipulator and a deceiver. There is not one person who posts on this board that can say (with any amount of honesty) that they are undecided. Get real. I am not going to change your mind, and could care less to.

    “Truth will be Truth, regardless of a closed mind, ignorance or the refusal to believe.”

  27. landman says:

    Lets be clear here there is a big difference in the Christian voters of Georgia and the Christian Coalition of Georgia.The CC here in Georgia doesnt carry nowhere near the weight it once did and certainly cant decide a primary in and of itself.Their credibilty after their willingness to accept obvious lies and alibi’s from RR is laughable and even more marginalizes their clout.

    The fact is if the CC of Georgia had the stroke Debbie so loudly proclaims Cain would be our US Senator instead of Johnny,instead we cleaned up and won overwhemingly,despite those trying to paint Johnny as some ultra liberal.Many christians voted for Johnny,but I would be willing to bet not many CC members did.The CC was out of touch with the Republican voter on that race and they are on this one as well.

    The fact is the real grassroots groups that can talk the talk and walk the walk are the Bankers,Builders and Realtors and guess who these groups are overwhelmingly supportring?Yes,that would be Cagle.

    So to sum it up you are correct Debbie the CC of Georgia is willing to follow blindly behind Ralph and accept excuses for moral and ethical lapses of extreme proportions,but not all Christians are naive enough and on the same hyprocrisy level that Sadie and the Coalition are and thus will not follow their lead.

  28. Michael C says:

    I am a Cagle supporter. I campaign for him. I walked for him in the Big Shanty parade this past weekend in Kennesaw. And I was bothered by the email. Especialy the contribution to Mark Taylor to “make nice”. Politics is a game and Casey made a play that he felt was to his advantage and ultimately to the advantage of his contituents. Had I wished he would have held firm. yeah probaly. But I don’t know the inner working os the State Senate. I know and trust Casey so I believe his reasoning. He is honest about it. Why would he own up to something that could hurt him politically?

    Casey has stated exactly the reason why he did it. He owned up to it. That is not caving in. That is honarable and the Christian thing to do and it distinguishes him from Ralph. When has Ralph done that? When has Ralph come clean? Never. When has Ralph explained his invoolvement to wrongly attack Clint Day? When has Ralph owned up to taking millions from Indian casinos to fight gambling and give the casinos a monopoly? When has he owned up to lying about John McCain having an illigitimate black child in 2000? When has he owened up to his emails to his mentor Jack Abramoff? Ralph’s answer “Had I known”. His answer for everything just doesn’t cut it.

    Debbie you say Casey is weak, well why does Ralph let everyone walk all over him and use his nameto sully their political opponents? On so many occasions he was unaware of what was going on around him. All these other people in the campaigns he was associated did the unethical, unchristian things. Not Ralph. He is Just a victim of circumstance for his over and over again. When will Ralph own up to his actions?

    Ralph Reed is putting the GOP in a very tenable position. We must police our own. Casey Cagle is better qualified than Ralph Reed to be Georgia’s next Lt Governor. Reed is seeking power and this election is just a stepping stone to the Governors mansion. Casey Cagle is the conservative Christian in this race. He is the only one acting as such.

  29. JP says:

    I’m with Michael, at least from a Democratic standpoint. “Ralph Reed is putting the GOP in a very tenable position. We must police our own. Casey Cagle is better qualified than Ralph Reed to be Georgia’s next Lt Governor. Reed is seeking power and this election is just a stepping stone to the Governors mansion. Casey Cagle is the conservative Christian in this race. He is the only one acting as such.”

    I am not GOP and do not vote GOP, but the last thing Georgia needs is someone linked to Abramoff so strongly to be in the Lt. Governor’s chair. We don’t really even need him on the ballot after the primary. Isn’t labeling science books and trying to ban Harry Potter enough?

    Here’s to Cagle.

  30. Bill B. says:

    The Democrats love Cagle. He gives them money. He’s not a real conservative. He will accecpt huge checks from special interest groups and then rant and rave about how special interests are evil. That does take skill!

    But the real reason they love Cagle is simple. They are scared to death of Ralph Reed. Reed has been a leader in the Republican party for 20 years. He refuses to let their liberal agenda pass by without a fight. He is a unashamed conservative and is willing to live or die on those principles.

    Continue to watch as the AJC, DNC, RINOs, and other non-conservatives take potshots at Ralph. Ralph will continue to smile, present his message of conservative values to the voters, and eventually win this race.

  31. landman says:

    Bill,how conservative is Ralphs buddy Rudy?Lets see he is PRO-CHOICE,PRO-GAY RIGHTS,PRO-GUN CONTROL,Boy,that is some solid conservative credentials there,yes sir.

    If all you have is this weak attempt to paint Casey as a liberal you guys are leaking oil much worse than I thought.

  32. Bill B. says:


    And how conservative is Caseys buddy MARK TAYLOR? At least Rudy is in our party AND is a hero of 9-11!

    Oh yeah, the guy wants to be President and this is his second visit on Ralph’s behalf. Guess he isn’t too worried about the Abramhoff stuff? The reality is he knows, like everybody thats not trying to spin this, that there is NOTHING there.

  33. debbie0040 says:

    Maurice, I have been involved with numerous campaigns since 1976. Before that time, as a young child I went with my grandfather to numerous political meetings in Louisiana while growing up. He was close friends with most of the elected officials in my hometown. If you guys think the 1998 Lt. Governor’s Primary was dirty politics, then the politicians in Louisiana could really teach you some things. They would consider that amateurish dirty campaigning. They are masters at it.

    I was a volunteer on Ford’s campaign in 1976. In the 1980 GOP Primary, I supported Bush 41 over Reagan. I became a Reagan convert. I supported Bush 41 over Pat Robertson in 1988. I was a delegate to the GOP Convention in New Orleans in 1988.

    I know how government operates or how it should operate. I have been to many legislative sessions. If you are saying that because I have not worked in the government sector I have no right to criticize those that are, then I am astounded by your arrogance. If you have not been a consultant or lobbyists then you have no right to criticize Ralph . Your reasoning sounds very liberal elitist.

    I will not reveal who I am. I don’t see you criticizing the Cagle supporters that slam Reed or trying to find out who they are. I am very active in the GOP in Georgia.

    The bottom line is Clint Day lost. Ralph Reed did his job 110%. You Day supporters quit living in the past and get over it.

  34. debbie0040 says:

    You Cagle supporters had better learn to deal with the fact that the GOP Primary voters will decide who is best to lead the party. The State Senators and back room GOP elitists should not.

    Things are going to heat up and I am very happy that the voters choose the nominee of the party.

    On July 18th, we will all see which side is right about their candidate and I can not wait to see the look on you Cagle supporters face when your world starts crumbling down. I can’t wait to see the look on Cagle’s face when he realizes his mudslinging, lies and innuendo has back fired and cost him the election.

  35. landman says:

    Bill,the answer to your first question is that as much I admire Rudy for his management of the post 9-11 process,Taylor is more conservative on the issues that I stated on the previous post than Rudy is.Secondly,you seem a little green to politics so I will excuse your ignorance if you cant grasp why Eric and Casey did what they did in regards to the 1000 dollars.You guys spin it however you choose,but it will not sell,period.

    Rudy will not ever undereline ever make a National ticket,and what does he have to lose being seen with Reed.Pigs will fly before Rudy will ever carry a Southern State in a Primary.

  36. Philly says:

    Landman, you have not seen the polls that show Rudy defeating Hillary in 2008. Rudy is very popular among the GOP voters. You would be singing a different tune had Rudy endorsed Cagle. Well, Cagle has Bill Elliot’s endorsement, he doesn’t need anyone else… The voters are taking notice of the fact the Cagle team has started condemning Rudy, the hero of 9-11.

    Your smarter than thou attitude is funny. I have seen a lot of LONG TIME GOP activists criticize that so called contribution/bribe so don’t try to reduce it’s significance or call someone ignorant if they disagree with it. And tell Cagle to stop hiding behind Eric Johnson. And it is hurting Cagle, you are ignorant and have your head buried in the sand if you don’t think it is.

    Cagle is also being hurt by the fact he criticizes Reed for that infamous 1998 Taylor ad, yet his campaign consultant was the star of the ad. Joel admitted to being in that ad. I suggest you read the link Debbie posted.
    Cagle’s campaign is going to implode and it could not happen to a sleezier guy.

  37. Michael C says:

    Debbie, you sure are confident. No matter how many times you say it does not make it true.

    Question, with Ralph’s baggage which is self-imposed because he chose to involve himself with shady characters, why do you support him?

  38. George Allen 08 says:

    I agree that Rudy has little to no chance of ever carrying a southern state in a primary, but the latest Strategic Vision polls show Rudy with the lead in Georgia at 27% with John McCain in second with 23%. Now I couldn’t imagine either of these moderates actually carrying Georgia, so say what you will about the accuracy of this poll.

    Also, landman, something tells me the Republican voters of Georgia would favor Giuliani over Mark Taylor. I would not suggest Cagle playing the “Taylor is more conservative than Rudy is” card.

  39. tobin smith says:

    What I find just a little funny is that Reed is criticized and blamed for the Republican debacle of 98 and now Joel, who starred in the infamous Taylor ad as Taylor himself, is now orchestrating a campaign far worse than 98 in terms of its negativity. This campaign is not about Cagle. It is about destroying Ralph Reed.

    I have hurled some negative stuff myself, but we all need to remember that whatever the outcome of July 18, we all have to pick up the pieces and try to win this thing in November. I, for one, don’t want Steen Miles to be LG.

    I will not pretend to understand the hatred and venom that is coming Reed’s way, but I do not believe his actions or his past deserve that or that it serves the interests of our party for it to be done.

    1998 is in the past. The unpardonable sin of 2006 for me is running a campaign that joins in with the liberal media and the Democrats in trying to destroy Reed. Like him or hate him, you can’t argue with his qualifications and his accomplishments. This campaign should have been run on the issues and not on destroying Reed.

    I don’t think Reed’s sins disqualify him or come near the level of some of the terrible things said in many of the posts on this thread. But even if you do, destroying our chances to come out of this with any kind of chance to win in November is simply unforgiveable.

    I think in the end, that kind of campaign is what will cost Cagle any chance of becoming our LG, just like it did our candidate in 98.

  40. landman says:

    George Allen ’08-you are putting words in my mouth,I never said Taylor was more conservative than Rudy,I said he is more conservative on the issues that I listed.I could careless either way,I was making a point in reference to Bill’s innaccurate statement concerning Cagle being big buddies with Taylor and trying to paint Cagle as being liberal.

    Secondly I qualified my statement with the fact that I admire Rudy for his handling of the post-911 process,but I stand behind my statement he will not ever be on a National ticket and could never win a Southern State Primary.I think he has served his city well but his politics are a little too left of mainstream Southern Republicans.

    Im actually a Allen fan also and think it will be Allen and McCain battling it out for the Republican side the race. in ’08.

    Philly you keep beleving those talking points,Cagle is real sleazy and your boy is an alter boy,yea right.


    If you guys think the 1000.00 is the same as 4million it totally explains why you follow the boy child.His self serving ego may sell to you blind worshipers but it will not resonate with the educated in our party.It was me MAURICE who stated it’s Jimmy Swaggart complex, and I hear it everywhere followed by alot of laughter, it’s a joke.Everyone also realizes that just by chance RR were on the ticket in November Sonny loses so the troops will fall in line in July to make sure we retain the leadership we gained in spite of ol Ralphie and his band of self serving hawkers.I’ll say it again there is a special HELL for those that use the BIBLE for self service….


    I’ll call them blind to good morals and weak on good judgment, and one other thing…. runners up on the evening of July 18…

  43. SouthernConservative says:

    landman, I think the point is not to say that Casey is a sleazeball and that Ralph is an alter – boy. Ralph is. But neither is Casey. The point is that it’s hypocritical for Casey to point the finger at Ralph. They’ve both played the game. They’ve both thrown some money around, and accepted some. They’ve pulled some strings, cut some throats, and done what it took to get the job done. That’s why I’m dying for both campaigns to shut the heck up and talk about issues. Problem is, if Casey goes head to head with Ralph on the issues, he loses. And that’s a direct admission by one of the state legislators that so proudly endorsed Casey.

  44. Three Jack says:

    Ralph claims “that if I had known then what I know now, I would not have participated”. Additionally he repeatedly says, “I have taken responsibility for my actions.”

    If Ralph really wants to take responsibility, return the millions accepted as payment for supporting casino gambling. Donate the money to an anti-gambling group, whatever. Otherwise Ralph cannot honestly make those statements.

    Casey governs while Ralph attempts to defend the indefensible (unless your name is Debbie or Sadie).

  45. landman says:

    SouthernConservative,once again Im not questioning Rudy’s popularity and do not doubt he could beat Hillary,but I dont think Hillary will be running in our Republican Primary in ’08.Hillary is a very polarizing national figure much like Ralph and whomever we choose in ’08 will be able to beat Hillary,because she has ZERO ABILTY to pull any of our party over to the Dems.

    I was at a gathering in Middle Georgia on Monday for a state rep and there were probally 200 people there and the talk was pretty much,how important it was for everyone that Casey wins this race,attack me as I know you will but its a fact.There was no State Senators and about 11 state reps and three guys running for the first time on the house side and they all were supporting Cagle.

    The names you listed are good people for the most part,but they are the same ones that have been with Ralph from the beginning,so its really not big news,they have cast their bet on Reed and it stands to reason that they are on this list.

  46. SouthernConservative says:

    Yep, and some of those fellas (and/or ladies, as appropriate) at that event probably share a consultant with CC, as well, so it stands to reason they’d endorse.

  47. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Actually no SoCo. It does not stand to reason that any candidate up for re-election, or especially election would endorse in a primary. Consultants usually advise against that, even if they share the same consultant.

  48. Brian from Ellijay says:

    The handful of vulnerable seats in Dekalb are worried that Ralph will mean they do not return to the House.

    I’ll cast a bet. If Ralph wins the primary as Debbie Ellis loves to say, who goes down? I bet:

    Kathy Cox
    Rep. Jill Chambers
    Steve Shultz (running for Paul Jennings seat)
    Rep. Fran Miller

  49. Karla Stuckey says:

    The wisdom here in DC of the Georgia gang is that if Cagle continues negative he is done for. Word from the districts is that people are beginning to be turned off. It really hurt Cagle to have to admit that he gave Taylor $1,000.00. Even Linder is bothered by that.

    Word is there are a number of other Republican luminaries who are willing to come down as a way of saying that the Abramoff stuff is without substance.

    Republicans need to absolve themselves of Abramoff and one important way to do that is to show solidarity with Reed. There is considerable alarm that some Republicans in Georgia are joining in keeping the Abramoff flames high as a way to destroy Reed.

    They are getting angry about it. Look for more voices to come out in support of Reed and for Cagle to be criticized in some of the districts for running this kind of campaign.

    Cagle must get to the issues or else he will be known for what he has criticized Reed for–very negative campaiging. He may turn Reed into a martyr unintentionally.

  50. SouthernConservative says:

    Well, then, Brian, several of the venerable legislators, alot of them, actually, are either deaf, stupid, or they have stupid consultants. The ones who endorsed Casey, I mean. Thanks for clarifying that.

  51. Three Jack says:

    “Cagle must get to the issues” — from Cagle’s website —

    Checked Ralph’s site, no issues.

    Karla, maybe you are just full of it like Debbie, so consumed with rehabilitating Ralph’s image that you fail to notice the obvious. Cagle has been on issue since the beginning while Ralph has been busy trying to run from his past indiscretions. If DC really supports Ralph, then why no endorsements, no appearances, what are they waiting for?

  52. Brian from Ellijay says:

    You trying to put words in peoples mouth SoCo. Sorry. I think most on here are smarter than that (well maybe not the koolaid drinking Reed worshippers)

    The legislators who have gone against common practice and endorsed Cagle have done it for the good of the state at their own risk.

    The vulnerable legislators in N Dekalb and statewide have mainly stayed out of it but crossed their fingers hoping Ralph is not on the ballot come November. Hence the Cagle money. Get it straight SouthernConservationist.

  53. Bull Moose says:

    Karla, I don’t know where in DC you’re circulating, but I’ve been up here all day and the feeling I get is that everyone is quietly supporting Casey Cagle because they know that Ralph Reed will be toxic come November in the General Election.

    I would submit that some are supporting him just so he can lose come November and the party will be done with him once and for all.

    If you think it’s weak for Cagle to defend himself against Ralph Reed’s campaign of distortion, than you are very much a newbie to politics.

  54. Bill Simon says:

    “Wisdom?” In D.C.??? that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard today, Karla! Really, you gotta take your show on the road! We haven’t had a good deadpan comedian/-ienne since Steven Wright.

  55. SouthernConservative says:

    Three Jack – did you miss the banner across the top of Ralph’s site pointing to Ralph’s plan? If so, I’ll provide you a link to Ralph’s 41 page plan here.

    Brian, makes no sense. You’re crossing yourself up.

  56. SouthernConservative says:

    Um, I completely missed the fact that Congressman Lynn Westmoreland has endorsed Ralph Reed. Wow.

  57. SouthernConservative says:

    …and John Smoltz…

    …and Zell Miller…

    …and Sean Hannity…

    …and Rudy Guliani…

    …and Haley Barbour…

    …and Nancy Coverdell…

  58. landman says:

    …REPUBLICANS NEED TO ABSOLVE THEMSELVES OF ABRAMNOFF ONE IMPORTANT WAY TO DO THAT IS TO SHOW SOLIDARITY WITH REED” Karla that is the dumbest logic I have heard yet and while you may have devised this great strategy all on your own I think the Ga.Dem delegation would be proud to take credit for it back home. I know thats not how my Rep is thinking and the US Senator that I had a private lunch with last week.

    Cagle has been talking issues from day one,its not his responsibilty to keep the press hounds off of reporting about Ralphs many ethical issues,get real.

    We wonder why the budget never gets balanced in Washington?This is classic I cant wait to run this by my Rep.

  59. debbie0040 says:

    Brian, you can stop the scare tactics. It will not work. Reed will only help the ticket and drive conservatives out to vote. You in the Cagle campaign use scare tactics just like the Democrats do. That will not work in the GOP Primary.

    Wait until the defense of Ralph comes from GOP dignataries on the national level. Wait until the ads start running with Zell Miller, Sean Hannity, Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, John Smoltz, Sen. Kay Bailey-Hutchison,etal. Wait until clear signals are sent on whom the Whitehouse is supporting. Wait until Reed runs ads with Dick Cheney saying, “I see my friend of many years, Ralph Reed in the audience”. Wait until the ads start with W praising Reed.

    Landman, if the Congressman and U.S. Senator feel that way, then why are they staying clear of the race? After all we just have your word on the way they feel. Anyone could say they met with anyone and they felt a certain way now can’t they? Just remember the Reed supporters are probably being told what they want to hear, too.

    Bull Moose, keep dreaming.

    Brian, how have the legislators gone against common practice? You are outright wrong on that point. It is common practice for them to endorse their own. Look at those that endorsed Stephens and Kemp. I guess they went against common practice in those instances, too.

    I am really disappointed with you Cagle supporters that call Reed supporters koolaid drinkers. I thought yo would have more creativity than that. Kool aid drinkers is the best you can come with? Let’s see I can think of more creative descriptions than that. Like say Reed’s Rottweilers, Reed Groupies, etc.

    You Cagle people will find on July 18th that kool-aid will replace Coca Cola as the most popular beverage in Georgia. Can’t wait until that happens:) 🙂

  60. Maurice Atkinson says:

    oops, I erred on an earlier post. It should be, I did not know one Christian Coalition member from Middle Georgia that is supporting Reed. Quite the contrary, they have been strong supporters of Cagle. When one member spoke to the Washington Post and said they were going to “righteously cast him out”, he received the phone call from Sadie basically asking him to not talk to the press.

    Debbie, my point in asking you whether you have served in government was for a purpose. Most people have no inkling how a piece of legislation becomes law or how the various departments in local government work, or the roll of various elected officials in making your life better.

    An elected official represents ALL the people. Based on your criticisms of Senator Cagle and others, you say they are weak because they voted for this or that. I’m sorry they represent ALL the people, not just your viewpoint.

    My criticism of posters trashing each other without having the spine to use their names definitely goes both ways. If your conviction is strong enough you should stand behind your comment with all of your character and integrity. Otherwise, it is useless drivel and should be considered suspect.

  61. debbie0040 says:

    I know exactly how legislation becomes law.

    Rep. Bobby Franklin did not have one bit of problem standing up to Gov. Barnes and he did so many times. The difference is that Bobby has backbone and Cagle does not.

    Cagle says one thing and does another. As for the Driver’s License bill, either Cagle did not care if non citizens received government services they were not entitled to or he buckled under to Gov. Barnes. He voted with 27 Democrats and Barnes against the GOP backed bill. He voted against the GOP viewpoint on that bill.

    One year Cagle helps kills Tort Reform , the next year he supports it.

  62. nfire says:

    From what little I know about it, and from the way Debbie puts it, it sounds to me like he voted his conscience and didn’t act like a robot who does nothing but vote the party line.

    Takes a lot of backbone to put up with kooks like you barking down his throat every time he believes in something thats not straight down the party line.

  63. SouthernConservative says:

    Yeah, Maurice, that’s the same fella that told me he was personally going to see Ralph put in a bodybag…

  64. Former Cagle Guy says:

    Please change the headline of this thread. Cagle is not responding to Reed attacks. He he continuing his attacks on Reed. Give me a break.

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