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Make of it what you will. I hadn’t heard Eric Johnson was being attacked — in fact I’m sure he hasn’t been attacked.

A group of Republican state senators — over half of the Senate GOP Caucus — met on Monday and resolved to defend Senate President Pro Tem Eric Johnson from Ralph Reed’s attacks on his Republican loyalty and personal integrity.

In 1998, after the disastrous (and libelous) Skandalakis for Lt. Governor campaign ended in the defeat of virtually the entire GOP ticket, Johnson conceived a plan to distance Senate Republicans from Skandalakis. He suggested that Caucus officers make contributions to Lt. Governor-Elect Mark Taylor’s debt retirement.

In an effort to discredit Senator Casey Cagle who honored Johnson’s request, Reed is now attacking the Johnson strategy, questioning Johnson’s loyalty to the GOP. Republican senators are furious that Reed is dredging up eight year old “dirt


  1. debbie0040 says:

    I have not heard Reed attack Johnson about the contribution. I am sure the State Senators were reacting to the grassroots mumblings about the matter. I do not believe the contributions should have been made and other grassroots people feel the same way.

    I have not heard anyone attack Johnson about it, but Cagle was attacked for it.It shows a pattern of caving in and just trying to get along. Johnson does not have that reputation.

    The Republican State Senators have a short, selective memory. It was Cagle that bought up the contributions. It was in Sunday’s AJC. Maybe they should read the article before they start spouting off. Maybe they just don’t care about the facts and this is just a ploy to draw Johnson into the race.

    The State Senators are the ones that are hypocrites and are hurting the GOP candidates. They and Cagle drew first blood in this race. They attacked Reed and asked him to withdraw from the race. Johnson did not sign that letter asking Reed to withdraw.

  2. Bill B. says:

    Did Eric Johnson qualify to run for a state-wide office yesterday?

    Did someone attack him yesterday?

    Or is Casey Cagle just trying to deflect the critism that is mounting about his support of Mark Taylor?

    I think he needs to answer to the Governor. Since Cagle didn’t endorse the Governor until the very end (guess he was supporting Barnes too), perhaps Cagle will be supporting Taylor and not Perdue.

  3. Former Cagle Guy says:

    Same BS from the Senators who are so afraid of Reed winning because they stuck their necks out for Cagle. They are trying for another publicity stunt.

    No one has attacked Johnson. Cagle brought this up himself and the grassroots are having a field day with it.

    No one quetions where Eric Johnson stands. Casey Cagle has a record of being a do nothing caving in senator who played games with the Democrats when they were in control.

    Yes, he does owe Perdue an answer. And he owes Georgia Republicans who will vote in the primary an answer too.

    I live in his area and I cannot back the guy. He is absolutely worthless and has no backbone.

    Reed is no saint, but I’ll take his vision, his determination, his commitment any day of the week. It is going to be fun watching the wheels come off of the Cagle bus. It is going no where.

  4. jackson says:

    Let me get this straight. Eric Johnson, as the REPUBLICAN LEADER, asks his deputy to help out and fix a mess created by the now convicted felon Mitch Skandalakis, but the deputy only gets attacked? My thought is if you are attacking Cagle for it, you are attacking Johnson. It is one in the same. While I make it a policy not to respond to debbies rant’s, it is hilarious that Johnson did not cave, but Casey did, but he was doing so at Johnsons request.

    Why would BOTH Republican Leaders give money to debt retirement? It is not like it isnt public knowledge people.

  5. Bill B. says:

    Actually Jackson, I don’t think the money was ever disclosed on Taylor’s reports. Does that suggest something is odd? I think so. And I do think Johnson has to answer for this. Perhaps you should challenge him in the Republican primary in his district. The only one I can express my feelings about giving to Democrats is Sen. Go With The Flow. And I will at the ballot box! Republicans don’t give to Democrats and if they do, they shouldn’t be allowed to call themselves Republicans.

  6. Bill B. says:

    Buzz you may be right. Now that I think about it, Cagle may has given money to Democrats before and publically supported the Republican. It’s a good strategy to have your cake and eat it too. Unless the Democrat messes up and discloses the gift.

  7. Former Cagle Guy says:

    The wheels on the bus are falling off. Cagle is being seen for who he is. The grassroots will not forgive him. His whole campaign is a sham. It is really pathetic. I can’t vote for anyone who gave money to Mark Taylor.

  8. jackson says:

    And “Former Cagle Guy”, nice moniker. It is nice to see you on these blogs. It would have been nice when you were a Cagle Guy to see you here, but, a las methinks you never were.

    However, I do know plenty of folks, my favorite being the Former Reed Steering Committee Guys (that’s plural), that I would much rather trade for you.


  9. jackson says:

    “His whole campaign is a sham.” Ironic, coming from the casino indian – money laundering guy. Why exactly did Ralph Reed need to go through 3 intermediaries to get his checks for the casinos?

    Or where you talking about Mitch Skandalakis?

  10. Bill B. says:

    Notice the typical Cagle strategy: ignore the obvious lack of character/experience/depth/ethics on their part and try to throw some mud hoping some will stick. And at no time providing a positive agenda for Georgia.

    The real question seems to be:

    Which primary will Cagle vote in? For himself in the Republican primary? Or for Taylor and against Cox in the Democratic one?

  11. Booray says:

    Bill B:

    You said: “Notice the typical Cagle strategy: ignore the obvious lack of character/experience/depth/ethics on their part and try to throw some mud hoping some will stick”

    Lack of character and ethics? No ethical blemishes of any kind vs. Abramoff/Indians/Alabama?

    Lack of experience and depth? 14 years in Senate vs. no elected experience at all?

    If you’re going to talk smack, you better be able to do better than that.

  12. nfire says:

    Casey Cagle is the one lacking in character/experience/depth/ethics? Seems like the response I’ve been expecting from the Reed camp, when under fire, point your finger at somebody else. Casey has years of legislative experience. He is not consistently under investigation for shady lobbying practices. He was never, from my understanding, an inside business associate of a convicted felon, where RR has several of those on his resume.

    It’s not Casey’s camp that has a strategy to “throw some mud”. Ralph has earned all the mud himself and has been mentioned in publications across the country for his shady undertakings. Of course, I expect RR monkeys to say that being mentioned in Time, Newsweek, NYT and other national publications for being such a questionable character to have been Casey’s doing. (laugh)

  13. The Busdriver says:

    All this talk of Casey supposedly being weak and such has me thinking . . .

    Does anyone remember Ralph Reed using his direct mail company, American Marketing, to attack 10 incumbent Republicans, one of whom was his client, Richard Shelby?

    See, Ralph was still getting his 30 pieces of silver from Abramoff. Abramoff had Ralph working to defeat Congressman Goodlatte’s anti-g*mbling bill, and Ralph worked with Luckie Louie Sheldon to attack 10 incumbent conservative Republicans who were in favor of the g*mbling ban. Among these conservatives were Goodlatte, Shelby, JC Watts (he was GOP Conference chair at the time), Bob Aderholt, and Jim DeMint.

    Ralph attacking incumbent Republicans for a price.

    This has been covered in numerous publications and the details are available in Ralph’s emails with Jack.

    BTW, for the Reed people, what you’ve just read is factual, not hyperbole and unfounded accusations. I would love for someone to show me where I’m wrong. Have at it.

    Bill B, I mean Jared Thomas, welcome to the board.


    Ralph again is showing his true colors, so be it.The truth is RR has nothing of any substance to bring to the table so he attacks our party so he, the little sissy he is can deflect another scandal the he created.You guys are all tastless and the sooner we can despose of your dribble the better our party and state will be.That day is not far away thank goodness.

  15. Jack S says:

    Ralph creates the mess. Eric and Casey try to clean it up.

    All the ranting to the contrary doesn’t change that fact.

    Ralph is a disgrace to all Christians and all Republicans.

  16. jackson says:

    “Notice the typical Cagle strategy: ignore the obvious lack of character/experience/depth/ethics on their part and try to throw some mud hoping some will stick. And at no time providing a positive agenda for Georgia.”

    Hahhahahahahahhha for so many reasons.

    Lack of experience? Huh? Your kidding right.
    Lack of depth? No positive agenda? Check out Casey Site. Then check out Ralph’s. who is the only one with issues up?
    Lack of character? Again, why did Ralph Reed have to funnel money through a now convicted felon, Grover Norquist, a now convicted child molester, to get money to himself?
    Throwing mud? Uh, remember Skandalakis vs. Clint Day?

    You guys really kill me. Whoever is running Ralph Reeds campaign, please keep them. These attacks are pitiful.

  17. jackson says:

    Sorry, I meant it to read, ” Why did Ralph Reed have to funnell money through a now convicted felon, then to Grover Norquist, then to a now convicted child molester, then to himself. ”

    I was not trying to imply Grover was a convicted felon or a child molester. Nor was I trying to imply Ralph Reed was ethical.

  18. The Busdriver says:

    Bill B/Jared Thomas (lets just call you BJ),

    The link you posted merits discussion, and it’s odd that a Ralph supporter would post it.

    Ralph’s company hemmoraged clients, and he HAS let a bunch of staffers go. Century Strategies is a vacant lot.

    Microsoft dumped Ralph. Enron, well, you know that story. Boeing? Gone. The Abramoff spigot has been cut off. Century doesn’t have any significant (if any) political clients. Puerto Rico has sent their money elsewhere.

    I think Ralph is still schlepping for Channel One, but I think that’s about it. Oh, and he’s probably doing something for Tim Echols. Oh, and he probably stands to make some royalties on “The Skandalakis Story: A Tale of Greed, Lies, and a Unethical Consultant,” which Court TV is airing during May Sweeps.

    Corporations and candidates have run from the guy with the reverse Midas touch.

  19. debbie0040 says:

    Busdriver/Ralph Kramden, I am not Sadie Fields but I don’t consider that an insult. So if your intention was to try to insult me or intimidate me, don’t waste your time. You Cagle supporters are like kindergarten kids in a school yard having arguments. You resort to childish name calling that accomplishes nothing other than to make you look like idiots. When you start the insults, it is because you are losing the debate and can’t deal with defeat.

    Cagle has plenty of legislative experience-experience of caving in under pressure. Especially during the Barnes Regime. He has experience in accepting contributions from Trial Lawyers and other Lobbyists. He has the experience of slamming Reed for the 1998 Mark Taylor ad, but hiring the consultant that starred in the ad as Mark Taylor.

    By the way Southern Comfort, I really look forward to seeing you at Ralph’s Victory Celebration…

    Republican elected officials should not EVER donate money to elected Democrats, especially Dems like Mark Taylor. That puts you in a position of weakness from the outset.

    Reed has experience on the National Scale and can bring a lot to the table to help Georgia. Cagle could not even begin to touch Reed’s national GOP and business contacts.

    Everyone makes mistakes and an error in judgment. I would rather that stands strong against the slings and arrows that fly his way than have someone like Cagle that just ducks and runs.

    You can not handle the fact that others are beginning to speak up for Reed. You attack them to try to pursuade them from posting and speaking out and it will NOT work.

    Bill B. is not Jared Thomas. You would have us believe that Jared has soooo much time on his hand he sits around and posts on this blog. Think logically for an instant if you can manage it. This blog will not make one bit of difference in the election. 90% of us have already made our minds up and will not change it. How many posters post on this blog and actually read it? Get a grip on reality.

  20. debbie0040 says:

    Bus driver, Bill B posted that link to show the hypocrisy of the Cagle Campaign when they point the finger at Ralph about dirty campaigning. Again it is a do as I say, not as I do mentality.

  21. gopdoc says:

    I cannot wait for this race to be over. The comments, especially from the Cagle camp, are so silly.

    I have said that I would vote for the winner of the primary, but I must really say now that I do not think I could vote for someone who gave Mark Taylor’s campaign $1,000.00. I don’t care what the reason might have been, I think that disqualifies Sen. Cagle.

    I have mentioned it to several Republican friends in the doctor’s lounge this morning and all agree that Taylor is such a bad character that there could be no excuse for Cagle supporting him financially.

    I think this will hurt his chances in a Republican primary, at least where I live.

    That and Giuliani coming for Reed will help him with some of the fence sitters in my area. The general view is that all Cagle has done so far is tear down Reed and their claims that Reed would be indicted or even that he broke the law are obviously untrue.

    Reed is a bit more conservative than me on the religious front, but there is no denying his accomplishments personally and for our party and our majority.

    I thought this would be a tight race, but it looks to me like Reed might be gaining the momentum once again in this race.

  22. Demonbeck says:

    What we are witnessing here is the final struggle of a dying campaign attempting to stay alive. Reed’s cronies are trying to throw any mud they can get and don’t really care where it sticks or who it hits as long as it keeps them alive for one more day.

    When Reed ran Skandalakis’ campaign in ’98, he dragged all Republicans down and we were unable to recover for four to eight years. Now that we are finally where we should have been six to eight years ago, here comes Reed again.

    Hatchet men are necessary from time to time in politics, but they are terrible leaders.

  23. larry smith says:

    I’m starting to think Jared Thomas must be spending all his time making up new identities and posting on this site.

    It’s entertaining, Jared, but a “doctor” alias? C’mon, you can do better than that. If you can show me a doctor who spends half the morning hanging out in a lounge and the other half posting on random blogs, I’ll be impressed.

    What would be really cool is if you could pretend to be each of the Village People in sequence. Now, that would be impressive.

  24. debbie0040 says:

    Larry, which of the Village People are you? Or perhaps maybe you are Larry of the Three Stooges.. 🙂 I have let quite a few people know about Peach Pundit in the past few weeks. Just like someone let me know about it the weekend of the BellSouth Classic. Word gets around on how good this blog is and how a bunch of Reed blasters post on here.

    I was at the State Capitol yesterday and activists were talking about the Cagle Contribution to Taylor. Cagle was the one criticized because he was the one that had bragged to the press about it. Talk about stupid and not thinking…

    Whether you admit it or not, Reed has the momentum. The grassroots activists are taking a look at both campaigns and are gravitating to Reed. You might not believe that now, but you will…you will…

  25. The Busdriver says:

    Crap. Cagle lost the three guys in Gopdoc’s doctor’s office? There goes all that money Casey wasted on the targeted “people in Gopdoc’s doctor’s office” direct mail campaign. Let’s pack it in boys.

  26. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Debbie has been talking to Cobb Reed people. I got scolded yesterday at a friends house/Reed Supporter. They mentioned that I should not be blogging and how much Debbie Ellis hated me now. LOL.

    Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

  27. Demonbeck says:

    Debbie said:”You Cagle supporters are like kindergarten kids in a school yard having arguments. You resort to childish name calling that accomplishes nothing other than to make you look like idiots. When you start the insults, it is because you are losing the debate and can’t deal with defeat.”

    Then Debbie said:”Larry, which of the Village People are you? Or perhaps maybe you are Larry of the Three Stooges.”


    “Busdriver/Ralph Kramden”

  28. Demonbeck says:

    “Republican elected officials should not EVER donate money to elected Democrats, especially Dems like Mark Taylor. That puts you in a position of weakness from the outset. ”

    No, debbie, Reed put the ENTIRE Georgia Republican Party in a position of weakness because of his style of campaigning in 1998. Now we are seeing the same stuff start to happen again in the LG race. How far down is Reed going to drag our entire party in an attempt to satisfy his Napoleon complex?

  29. Brian from Ellijay says:

    So will you contribute against Eric Johnson also Demonbeck? Perhaps call for him to step down from Pres Pro Tem?

    Yeah right. This was a calculated move after the 1998 election to clean up the mess that Reed and his then employees made. BTW, to say that Reed did not see the commercials, but then to say that his employees starred in them=NOW THATS CONTRADICTORY.

    RALPH CANT SEEM TO KEEP HIS FACTS STRAIGHT. Perhaps we should pray for him and his alheizmers diesease.

  30. Sandy Brothers says:

    I once was involved in a business dealing with Mr. Cagle and learned first hand his lack of character. I think you would be surprised how many people in north-east Georgia will not support him.

    As a life-long Republican, but someone who understands that Georgia has not been Republican for long, I would not necessarily hold a donation to a “D” against a candidate. But to Mark Taylor? Taylor is the highest and “bigest” example of the worst of the Democrat party. A check to Zell I could forgive, but to Mark Taylor? How stupid was that.

    I also pushed Cagle to support Perdue and he was reluctant to do so for fear of offending Roy Barnes. Cagle did not think Perdue had a chance. He was more concerned for his own “relationships” at the Capital than trying his hardest to elect a Republican.

    I am glad he will not be representing us in the Senate any longer and I will be very glad to vote for Ralph Reed, who at least has the courage of his convictions.

  31. Brian from Ellijay says:

    That was not meant to be to Demonbeck but to the person Demonbeck was quoting. 🙂

  32. debbie0040 says:

    Brian, I am sure Reed knew a commercial was being filmed but not the content.

    Cagle is dragging down the party, not Reed. It is up to the primary voters to determine who is the best nominee. You Cagle people seem to be fearful of letting GOP Primary Voters decide the race.

    We really need a Lt. Governor that is a get along type of guy. Someone that just seeks cover and ducks when trouble approaches.
    I don’t want that type of person representing me.

    My boyfiend is from the Hall County area and he thinks Cagle is totally worthless. He was at the townhall meeting in Hall County where Cagle wussed out about speaking out against the Barnes Education Package. He thinks Cagle is sleeze and so do a lot of people he represents. They are not in the majority but enough .

    Cagle bragged openly to the press about his $ 1,000 contribution to Taylor. Now he is whining like a baby because it has back fired. I know fence sitters that are enraged about that and no pathetic explanation from Cagle will ease their anger.

  33. jackson says:

    Funny. Cagle gives money to Perdue, but gets criticized because he supposesdly supported Barnes. Ralph doesnt give to Perdue, but sent GAGOP money to his own company (against the promises he gave us “grassroots” folk during his chairman race) and he doesnt get criticized?

    If Ralph was so interested in building the party, how much personal money did he ever give to Republicans in Georgia vs. Cagle. Cagle gave? But Ralph took.

    Sorry, GOPDOC/CagleGuy or whoever you are for the moment. That is what is stupid.

  34. Bill B. says:

    Get mad if you want to, but now fact are now coming out about how Cagle lacks a backbone when it comes to standing up to Democrats. He liked his democrat buddies so much, he couldn’t support and work for our Governor. He liked Mark Taylor so much, he donated to his campaign. And he likes lobbyist money so much that his voting record is…well just follow the money.

  35. Bill B. says:

    “Ralph doesnt give to Perdue, but sent GAGOP money to his own company (against the promises he gave us “grassroots

  36. jackson says:

    You do the work. It’s there. I charge by the hour since I am a working man, not a campaign operative. Give you a hint: it is in the 5 figures. 🙂

    If you cant find it by tomorrow, I will give it to you. On the condition you answer the question: Why did Ralph Reed launder money through a now convicted felon, to grover norquist, to a convicted child molester, then to himself if nothing was wrong with getting the money?

  37. Bill B. says:

    Ahh poor Jackson. Can’t back up his lie. Until he produces the line and report number, I will post only one word after ANY of his posts: LIAR!

    No discussion; no comments. Just that one word.

  38. jackson says:

    Ahh Poor Bill. Too lazy to do his own homework. Only can read talking points from the Reed Campaign, but can’t think or do research himself.

    Like I said, tomorrow. I post on here enough to not let my credibility or integrity be maligned by throwing out “lies”. But answering important questions, is something you wont even do. Why? Sounds like you just need to cover up your own lies..and your bosses.

  39. jackson says:

    Ralph Reed Avoid the Question Watch.

    Question Asked: 5 Times.

    Still no response from Reed/Reed Staff:

    Why did Ralph Reed launder money through a now convicted felon, to Grover
    Norquist, to a convicted child molester, then to himself if nothing was wrong with getting the money directly?

  40. jackson says:

    Debbie is now posting references from the AJC. Guess it okay if you think it helps your guy. So much for the AJC out to get Ralph. Funny how that works.

    And the laughs keep coming….

  41. Bull Moose says:

    Ralph Reed is a selfish egotistical jerk. PERIOD. By attacking Casey Cagle and Eric Johnson for their donations on behalf of the entire GOP Caucus in 1998 to Mark Taylor, Ralph Reed has further disgraced himself as a neophyte to Georgia politics.

    Eric and Ralph have more character and integrity in their pinkies than Ralph Reed has in his entire body. They are smart students of politics and of how to get things done in the State Senate.

    On the other hand, we have a smooth talker who doesn’t know squat about making things happen legislatively who will say anything to win a vote.

  42. Bill B. says:

    Bull S*** or Bull Moose seems about the same! Still waiting to hear how if Taylor can be made so happy with a couple of grand of ransom/contributions/bribe/dues/whatever it was, why couldnt the amazing fundraising ablity of casey cagle be utilized to raise 100 thousand in a day to get Taylor to let our conservative agenda pass.

    Oh, I know. cagle can’t really do that in a real day and it takes a lot of special interest money.

    Or is it because cagle was the most reliable Republican vote for the Democratic caucus?

    Perhaps both!

  43. Karla Stuckey says:

    Cagle has been discredited by his revelation that he supported Taylor with a $1,000.00 contribution and by his increasingly negative campaign. He makes Reed look like the victim as Cagle is guilty of what he has criticized Reed for.

    Advantage Reed.

  44. debbie0040 says:

    Bull Moose, please provide proof of Ralph attacking Eric Johnson for the bribe/donation. I guess you are trying to say if Reed attacks Cagle then he attacks Johnson. I did not know that Cagle and Johnson were Siamese Twins.

    I would say that a consultant/lobbyist knows a great deal about making legislation. Those that don’t know aren’t in business.

    My Chihuahua ChiChi has more integrity than Cagle does. For tht matter, she has more backbone, too.

  45. debbie0040 says:

    More dirty tricks from the Cagle Campaign. Brian Laurens, can you tell me why you would need “two bumperstickers, a yard sign and some stuff for you to go door to door” from Ralph Reed? You requested those items under the name of Doug Gore but was dumb enough to put your phone number. Really smart. Planning on changing sides? I thought you were on Cagle’s payroll…

  46. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Debbie, I have roommates. Doug is a roommate of mine. LOL, they were pulling a joke on me, they were going to put up a Ralph sign in my yard, and possibly on my car :O I would have been very displeased. I guess they assumed you would mail them and not be calling, as for why they put my number there, I am not sure.

    BTW-I am in no way affiliated with any campaign this cycle, I have made that clear here several times over. Thanks for the compliment though.

  47. debbie0040 says:

    Sure Brian. Your roomate played a trick on you so he used his name but your cell phone number. Don’t insult my intelligence…. You also requested material to go door to door, you forgot to find an explanation for that.

  48. 4ofspades says:

    Not affiliated with any campaign…. How come there is a picture of you on Charlie Bailey’s website in a Cagle tee shirt. Also, you were at the Christian Coalition event in a Cagle tee shirt.

  49. Former Cagle Guy says:

    Maybe Brian is having second thoughts after Cagle’s bad week. Perhaps he too will become a Former Cagle Guy. I think it will be a large club by July 18th.

  50. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Are yall really serious? Do you have to be affiliated with a campaign to support and volunteer for them? NO. As far as the Charlie Baileys website pic, Charlie put everyone up their that he could snap a pic with, even Karen. Spades Eat it.

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