Jury selection in Schrenko trial gets underway this week.

AJC: Schrenko poised for trial as jury selection begins

Nearly four years after she lost the Republican primary for governor and more than a year after being indicted, Schrenko will stand trial on charges that she helped steal more than $600,000 in federal funds meant for deaf students. Prosecutors allege that she funneled about half the money to her unsuccessful campaign and that $9,300 of it went for a face-lift.

Schrenko and two co-defendants — Atlanta computer executive A. Stephan Botes and his company’s chief financial officer, Peter Steyn of Woodstock — have pleaded not guilty. Jury selection begins Tuesday, with testimony set to start May 2.


  1. GetReal says:

    This thread is strangely quiet. I guess commenting on GOP incompetence and corruption just doesn’t have the appeal of the big Brian Kemp-Gary Black showdown.

  2. EN/OPK says:

    The players involved in this case are all corrupt. Public education and the children are always secondary.

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