1. donkeydonkey says:

    So Cathy Cox says that Mark Taylor is a liar. The Taylor camp says no we are not, yet Taylor went negative. Huh?

  2. ugadog says:

    No matter who went negative first, you’ve got to wonder why didn’t Cathy see what the legislators thought BEFORE she held a press conference. This is probably one of the most boneheaded mistakes I’ve ever seen. So she says Mark didn’t sponsor the HOPE scholarship, her own people say that’s a legitimate claim, and it turns out that Cathy claimed to create the HOPE scholaship when she wasn’t even in office, wow. I don’t care who you are, that’s just stupid.

    Next thing I know, I’ll have Cynthia spinning this into a plus for Cox. If you don’t admit that this blew up in Cox’s face, I officially lose all respect for you.

  3. amy38 says:

    oh Cynthia will weigh in, but she’ll conveniently forget that Cathy claimed she created the HOPE scholarship, in print… and available to those without lexis nexis accounts.

  4. formerCOXsupporter says:

    I imagine the conference call like this:

    COX: Go on Porter, tell ’em about how Mark didn’t really sponsor the HOPE scholarship.

    PORTER: Well, I mean he did sponsor the Senate version.

    COX: But he didn’t really sponsor it, he just kinda sponsored it, right Porter?

    PORTER: No, I mean he really did sponsor it.

    COX: I’ll get a second opinion.

    JAMIESON: “I think he can legitimately say that, because there isn’t a person in the Georgia General Assembly that hasn’t sponsored a bill that they wanted to go home and talk about, whether the bill actually passed or not. We sponsored it,

  5. donkeydonkey says:

    I certainly hope that Cynthia’s not in charge of Public Relations or research. She might not weigh in because she just lost her job.

  6. formerCOXsupporter says:

    I definitely think that Peach Pundit got the label wrong on this one. Should read,


  7. ugadog says:

    My question is, Does the Cox campaign want to publicize the fact that Taylor sponsored the HOPE scholarship more than it already has?

    Seriously, if you had to pick out who supported the HOPE scholarhip the most, would it be:

    A-Sonny Perdue – who opposed it.
    B-Cathy Cox – who wasn’t even in the legislature; or
    C-Mark Taylor who sponsored the Senate version that had the exact same language as the House version, who campaigned across the state for it and who Zell Miller says there wouldn’t be a HOPE scholarship if it weren’t for Taylor.

    (C) is the CORRECT answer.

  8. Cynthia says:

    where did this speaking tour happen that taylor keeps touting? this is a real question. i can’t find anyone mention of it on google or nexis or whatnot. the only speaking tour of i can hear concerning HOPE is one in 1995 with Perdue and Cox.

    Genuinely, I am trying to find out about Taylor’s speaking tour on behalf of HOPE. if someone could give me a cite, i’d be much obliged.

  9. amy38 says:

    Time to change those talking points again…

    February: Cathy Cox created the HOPE scholarship
    – Outcome: Silence

    Tuesday: Only DuBose Porter, Jeanette Jamieson and Thurbert Baker sponsored the HOPE Scholarship
    – Outcome: Jeanette Jamieson certainly nixed that one with her “If he put his name on it, and all the claim in the ad says is that he sponsored it, I think he can legitimately say that

  10. donkeydonkey says:

    Because Cynthia will not address anything realated to Cox’s claim that she sponsored the HOPE scholarship, or this conference call, we can assume her silence is an admission of how bad Cox screwed up, right?

  11. emily says:

    Forgive length and iritation level.

    Erick: thank you for providing a forum within which we may discuss this absurdity.

    Taylor folk: GET IT RIGHT! This BS is eating up way to much of my time! SR 7 DID NOT PASS. The reason, again, is that it was not an issue in the Senate. Done deal in the Senate. Book was already closed in the Senate. No need for Leadership in the Senate. Smartly, the Real “Big Guy” (known as Zell–you know, the guy that actally invented the lottery, HOPE, pre-K, etc.) went to his House leadership team and got the thing passed. AND, every House bill that passes has to eventually go to the Senate, necessitating a Senate sponsor. So, Taylor should have been it, right? NO! Not it. Not the Senate sponsor. This is a laughable effort by an even more laughable campaign to revise history. You may say the same thing over and over again, but it doesn’t make it true, and Cox supporters will continue to clock your lies.

    At least thanks to Taylor’s (daddy) money, he can go up on TV sooner. Fine. At least Taylor can fly around on his (daddy’s) plane and spew half-truths. Mr. Little Big Man has certainly earned it, what with the one hour per month of work, and all. There’s some elbow grease for ya. Upon further consideration, though, it must have taken lots of extra time to make up the crap he’s trying to feed the public.

  12. ugadog says:

    You might want to start convincing your own people that Mark didn’t help create the HOPE scholarship before Taylor people, it seems that Porter and Jamieson think that he did. I wonder why that is?

  13. sam says:

    Funny how Taylor people have any answer to everything but the answer is a non-answer. What in fact created the HOPE scholarship? A Resolution by definition is not a bill nor a law, right? So essentially, Mr. Taylor sponsored a resolution that did not pass and failed to sign on to the bill that in fact created the scholarship/grant program we now call HOPE. What leg is he standing on now?

  14. amy38 says:

    If Cathy wants to fly around the state telling everybody she created the HOPE scholarship (Yeah, still waiting on an answer for that one) then I’m sure her husband is more than willing to continue to let her use his plane.

  15. emily says:

    If this is truly the only thing you guys have, I am, sincerely sorry. I think looking to the future with realistic options to change Georgia for the better is our best bet. Ya’ll can keep “paying for the sins of your fathers,” but I think Cathy is looking towards the future. (We’re all still on for supper at the Wal-Mart diner with Andy, right)

  16. Cynthia says:

    Sorry Donkey, since i failed to respond to a blog posting within minutes it must mean that I am running from the issue not that I, say, am doing actual work.

    Mark Taylor did not sponsor the HOPE scholarship. He sponsored a resolution that went no where. If Zell Miller thought Taylor played such a large role in the starting HOPE, he would not have waited until the late 90s to mention it. For real. And as far as the HOPE speaking tour my question still stands. I have yet to turn up any mention of it beyond Taylor trolls on the blogs. Just wishing it happened doesn’t make it so.

    PS – amy38, bless your heart. you posted this yesterday too. being both dim and redundant is not attractive.

  17. bird says:

    I think the history behind HOPE is very interesting. The true creator of HOPE is . . . James Carville. When Carville first joined Zell’s campaign, Zell was sagging in the polls. Carville came up with the idea of a lottery to fund education, and polling proved the idea would be a winner. It was for Zell.

    Then Zell introduced Carville to the Governor of Arkansas, Zell gets to give the keynote at the Democratic convention and the rest is history. Until, of course, Zell gives the keynote at the Republican convention much later. But that is another story.

    Taylor and Cox supporters, this could get very negative very fast, so please be civil and measured about something this trivial. I am convinced that some of the more rabid voices here are Republicans trying to increase animosity between the two camps.

  18. Melb says:

    This isn’t the one issue Taylor has, it is the one issue that you want to try and discredit him on and it isn’t working. Taylor has a whole list of accomplishments, I guess you could attack him on those too.

  19. Cynthia says:

    If Wal-Mart is Mark’s vision for the future of Georgia I think we have some trouble.

    Does anyone else see the irony of Taylor running on the Health Insurance for all children while his mainspokes person is actively working for the most abusive employer in America?? Where do you think the working poor are employed?? Without Wal-Mart there would be little need for PeachCare.

  20. emily says:

    Mr./Ms. Bird: you are exactly right. There is no reason for the two Dem. candidates to attack each other. My only request would be that Mr. Taylor (or more likely his team of esteemed consultants) figure out a way to work with his actual accomplishments, instead of exaggerating his role in others. He’s tough on crime, right? Does driving with open containers count?

  21. Melb says:

    Emily, Do you mean the way the Cox team was lying about working with Reps and Dems in the legislature on the HOPE scholarship, when she wasn’t even in there or were you referring to some other candidate exaggerating their role, because Taylor actually sponosored the bill in the Senate. This whole tactic by CC is LAME and very dissappointing.

  22. Bill Simon says:

    Oy! This campaign season is going to be a headache with all these abbreviated campaigns.

    CC = Cathy Cox
    CC = Casey Cagle
    CC = Christian Coalition
    CC = Carbon Copy

  23. Franklin RD says:

    Wow. Just scanned Rick Dent’s post over on the Taylor blog. Amazing how this woman just gets under those boys’ skin. That piece reads like his head exploded.

  24. emily says:

    I’m sorry, sweetie, maybe I’m misunderstanding. Because you’re name’s on a bill, that means that it happened? I thought it had to pass, as well. While many restaurants serve sweet tea, I doubt Mr. Noel takes full credit for that. Get it?

    As for Cox’s role in HOPE–first funding: 1993. First budget vote taken by Secretary Cox: 1993. NO HOPE scholarship was presented before the fall semester of 1993. As I recall–correct me if I’m wrong–the lottery didn’t pass until November 92. Same day Cox won her first election. She did, in fact, work with Dem and Rep members to put it in motion. Read the GSFC website. What she did NOT claim was to sponsor the thing like Taylor has and continues to do.

    Let’s be honest here, gentlemen and ladies. Taylor is not going to get away with buying this election like the ones he’s bought in the past. If his camp is ready, I think it’s time to step up and tell the truth. If his record is so dang chock-full of goodies, why can’t his mouth say anything but “HOPE, HOPE, HOPE…” Is anyone else bored yet? If he needs a crutch that bad, he should get one that’s solid. He’ll need it.

  25. schleyguy says:

    I am not a big fan of Wal Mart, personally.

    That said, does Cathy Cox (or her friend Emily) want to be the anti-WalMart candidate in the primary or general election? If Emily was from the “other” Georgia she would know that rural Georgians shop at Wal Mart and they like it. In other words, they don’t shop at Wal Mart in Decatur, Ga, but they do in Decatur County.

    Wal Mart does not offer health insurance to many of its employees, but neither did the small businesses it has laregly replaced. The problem with our country’s health care system is that we depend on employers to provide coverage, instead of a more universal approach.

    Mark has a plan called Peach Kids that would take care of part of this problem by offering every parent low cost coverage for their children regardless of where they are employed. As a Democrat, I prefer this approach to bullying Wal Mart and further alienating rural voters.

    Besides, if we spend all of our time bullying Wal Mart, it may result in healthcare for Wal Mart employees (but it probably won’t) and we’ll be leaving the other 40 million Americans without healthcare out of the discussion.

    So in other words, while Cathy may be running for Governor of white liberals in Atlanta, Mark is running for governor of the whole state. He’ll tout his previous accomplishments (of which being on the team that created HOPE is one of them) and he’s also got specific policy proposals like Peach Kids moving forward. Cathy’s got this new approach — how about some specifics?

  26. emily says:

    I love how MT’s people’s language has shifted: from “sponsored” the HOPE scholarship to “being on the team that created.” That’s great.

    Now, Mr. Schley, I don’t who you think you are or where you think I’m from, but I guarantee you it ain’t from Decatur, Georgia. I don’t want to get into a debate on Wal-Mart politics and I doubt you would either unless you had to defend Taylor’s biggest fan. But don’t call a country girl “citified,” get my drift? I didn’t shop at Wal-Mart before it was popular not to shop at Wal-Mart. How’s that CWA vote coming for Taylor now?

    Young is just the lates person on the Taylor leadership team who has proven to be politically non-viable. Maybe Ambassador Young can stop by and pick up Cynthia on the way to Crazyland, USA.

  27. Melb says:

    He sponsored SB 7, which anyone who knows how the legislature works they usually put in matching bills on both sides, it just so happens that the House version passed. He did sponsor HOPE scholarship legislation, convinced others to vote for it, and was on the team that created it. You can try to argue it further but it just makes you look like you have nothing to offer.

  28. donkeydonkey says:

    Cynthia or Emily:

    Just for clarification, does the Cox campaign dispute that Taylor sponsored the Senate Bill (SB07 I think) that sponsored the lottery program that created the HOPE scholarship? Given I understand that the House version is the one that was adopted.

  29. DD is on the right track: let’s get some clarification here. What exactly is the claim being made by the MT camp? And what is the Cox response?

    Right now it looks like this:
    MT: I sponsored the senate version (sb07) of the Hope bill. Although it was not the senate bill that ultimately passed, the identical House bill did as a result of my pushing it through.

    Cox: It wasn’t your bill!!!!!!!!

    p.s. – If Taylor sponsored the senate bill (sb06), why didn’t he sponsor the house version when it crossed over?

  30. jay says:

    im not democrat, but ive been to walmart. seems like there are far more people soaking up those everyday low prices who the dems are reaching out for than working there wishing they had union jobs to get free health care. also, i love how emilys voice changes so that no one will mistake her for being from atlanta.

  31. donkeydonkey says:

    p.s. – If Taylor sponsored the senate bill (sb06), why didn’t he sponsor the house version when it crossed over?

    Answer: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think a member of the Senate can sponsor legislation in the House.

  32. L. E. Font says:

    ZELL MILLER CREATED THE HOPE SCHOLARSHIP! Let’s get that straight right now. We know how he feels about the democrats. He sure fired away at the old GA BLUE DOG DEMS with both barrel. LOL We were all standing up on our feet at the local Sports Bar yelling ‘ GIVE’EM HELL ZELL” Go getem TIGER! Wooooo Weeeeee That’s what I’m talkin about!

  33. L. E. Font says:

    ZELL MILLER CREATED THE HOPE SCHOLARSHIP! Let’s get that straight right now. We know how he feels about the democrats. He sure fired away at the old GA BLUE DOG DEMS with both barrel. LOL We were all standing up on our feet at the local Sports Bar yelling ‘ GIVE’EM HELL ZELL” Go getem TIGER! Wooooo Weeeeee That’s what I’m talkin about!

  34. L. E. Font says:

    The Left is getting LEFT BEHIND. Give it up. Sonny’s gonna kick which ever ass get’s in there. Enie Meanie Minnie Mo-
    Sonny Sonny Sonny Sonny – The people got to have him. The people really need him.

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