Home Depot Moving?

Insider Advantage is reporting that Home Depot is considering a move of its corporate offices to Jacksonville, FL. That would be really bad for the state and could potentially cause problems for the Republican leadership if they can’t do what it takes to keep them.

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  1. spaceygracey says:

    Oh please. So Big Swingin’ D*$ks like Nardelli, Marcus, etc. tremble in fear every time a black woman flaps her lips? Well, put that one down for the history books, cause it’ll sure be a first!

    Hmmm… wonder what Strom would’ve said on the matter?

  2. GAWire says:

    I don’t think Gracey understands my tendancy to blame these gals for everything bad. It is a habit I am trying to break (not really). I try to milk as much positive out of everything!

  3. I blame Lynn Westmoreland. As a corporation, Home Depot took the lead in donating to Katrina relief. Then Westmoreland, who represents Metro Atlanta, becomes one of only a handful of Congressmen to vote against the Katrina Relief Package that President Bush put forward. What kind of message does that send about Georgia’s compassionate conservative credentials to businesses looking to either locate or stay in state?

  4. atlantaman says:

    The Katrina relief package was a joke, basically a $30 billion number pulled out of thin air with about 10 accounting line items. Everytime the black leaders accused Bush of being a racist or the press accused him of being cold-hearted he added $1 billion to the kitty.

    I’m surprised you continue to criticize Westmoreland on this front since he’s basically been vindicated through reports that much of the $30 billion was wasted or went to fraud.

    Since you seem to think opening the flood gates and throwing $30 billion at Katrina relief without much oversight was the correct thing to do, where would you have drawn the line…$500 billion?

  5. Bull Moose says:

    Home Depot leaves Georgia and Sonny should start packing up… It would be a disgrace if Home Depot leaves and the blame has to go somewhere…

  6. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Flordia has no income tax, only sales tax. Maybe we should implement their system.

  7. landman says:

    They have been looking at different locations in Florida since the 4th Quarter of ’05,but I think they end up staying,if not it will be a huge loss for the ATL.

  8. Blaming Westmoreland isn’t any more ridiculous than blaming Shirley Franklin who by all accounts (other than on this board) has done an outstanding job as Atlanta’s mayor, and has also worked hand in hand with the business community to implement a collective vision for the city shared by political, business and community leaders. That was kind of the point of my post.

  9. Bill Simon says:

    I have no doubt that when Shirley leaves, the next mayor will find the financial health of the City of Atlanta in question. The money collected from the SPLOST for the sewer repair will be found in the retirment accounts of Franklin and her cronies.

    Face it, Chris: Dem control of the City of Atlanta has not, cannot, and will not ever leave the city in better health than when they first took over. Book-cookng is so commonplace, the city controller probably has 5 different sets of books he/she keeps records in.

  10. atlantaman says:

    Agreed Bill.

    I’ve never understood what the lovefest was with Shirley. People love to talk about how brave she was for raising taxes to pay for the sewers. Well she decided to fix the sewers kicking and screaming after a Federal Judge made the city do it. Where is the bravery in that?

    People talk about how great she is compared to Campbell. Well that might be true, but do we really want Bill Campbell to be the standard by which future Atlanta mayors are judged?

    I’m trying to figure out what the collective vision is for the city. Recruit more hip-hop folks to Atlanta with an advertising campaign they can identiy with.

    I’ve lived in Atlanta during Campbell and Franklin. One thing I know is my taxes have gone way up, my water bill has gone way up, my garbage does not always get picked up (the refuse will sometimes sits on the curb for 3 weeks), the city schools are still awful (but have the biggest budget per student in the state) and the population in Buckhead has skyrocketed but the Police Precinct’s budget hasn’t moved.

    I would say no real increase in the quality of life, and perhaps a decrease, in spite of the fact a tremendous amount of money has moved into the City over the last 10 years.

    I’m in awe of her PR abilities, but it’s all fluff.

  11. GaMongrel says:

    Guys, Home Depot corporate is at the corner of Paces and 285. That’s outside of Atlanta/Fulton County. North of the ‘hooch in Cobb County, right? So blaming Franklin seems awfully silly to me.

    And blame Purdue if they leave? Why? Because he didn’t hold a big enough tax incentive to stay? I doubt HD will depart for FL but anything is possible, especially if the financial-business numbers make sense.

    And why not adopt a Floridian tax? No, we don’t have nice gulf beaches but we do have beaches and MANY folks come to Atlanta. Not to mention all the illegals would then pay their fair share.

  12. JP says:

    Interesting how someone can pull Illegals into this.

    Home Depot just wants their offices in Florida so next hurricane, they can increase revenue by rebuilding their headquarters.

  13. Harry says:

    Home Depot is NOT moving to Florida. Not going to happen. Somebody floated a bad rumor.

    By the way, Florida has corporate income tax….not individual, but corporate. Georgia should eliminate both.

  14. Decaturguy says:

    Maybe Home Depot is considering leaving because of the poor business environment created in Georgia since the election of a Republcian Governor and Republican Legsilature in Georgia.

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