Attention. Attention.

This is really getting funny. I just want to say this:

The Kemp campaign is accusing the Black campaign of causing the Kemp campaign’s website to be shut down.

Now, I know some of you Gary Black supporters may think this is crap. And I don’t know one way or the other what actually happened. I suspect, if asked, the Black people would deny it.

But one way or the other, I’m not your dad. So there is no need to start sending me a bunch of emails saying “Nu-uh, Brian did it to himself so he could blame Gary.


  1. GAWire says:

    It’s that Evelyn Erickson scheming again to take over GA Republicans! 🙂

    Seriously, though, let’s say, for hypothetical purposes, that this “issue” with the website makes a heap of difference in this little (and I do mean little) race.

    Firstly, maybe two voters have actually heard about this little scenario, and only one of them thought further than the idea of it not just being regular site maintenance, and that one person didn’t even consider the fact that there might be some scheming within the campaigns.

    The point: NO ONE CARES!!!!!

    This is another something-out-of-nothing story that college republican types try to insert into politics, but rarely – very rarely – are an actual reality. Why are these “conspiracy” things not a reality in politics? Because they don’t matter to voters and just don’t work. Maybe there is some of this at the higher levels, i.e. presidential races, etc, but not in an Ag Comm race (and even in the big races, these things have little affect, b/c run of the mill voters hate that stuff).

    So, my recommendation to everyone … shut it with the rediculous conspiracies. You are not a spies. You do not work for the CIA. Your phones are not being monitored by the NSA. Tom Clancy not only doesn’t know your name, but he doesn’t care to know it or even what you do, or think you do.

    As a matter of fact, the term “Political Operative” stands for “someone that does grunt work, without health benefits or a nice office, and is forced to deal with demanding voters, most of the time for candidates they don’t even like”. So, quit trying to make campaigns something they are not.

    I will say this, though. If that really is Joel M commenting on the previous post, then you did indeed get duped, Joel. Not b/c of the website deal (b/c who really cares about that?), but b/c you actually responded to it on this site. Perhaps Scottie did cook that little “operation” up, and if so, he gotchya (kind of), but both should be focusing on your candidates and how a Republican is going to win this office in Nov.

  2. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Joel’s assertion that his opponent’s campaign did this is plausible. Whether they did or didn’t who knows.

    We have a local GOP site someone has bought the name and has had it up for several years. They did the same with After doing a whois search the owner had a bogus address and phone number.

    Several of us have attempted to shut it down but to no avail. Last month I contacted the server via email, then by phone. They did shut it down for a short time. My complaint was that they had violated copyright laws. Originally they linked up to an old site from the University of Virginia with a history of the Ku Klux Klan in Georgia. They have since shut it down and come up with something equally as irritating, but without the copyright problems. They also put a disclaimer and hidden the site owner’s info.

    I sent another email to the servor to have forwarded to the owner. He sent an email criticising the Party suggesting our core was racist, but not all.

    In the end, who really cares. This stuff is irritating but doesn’t really deter what is trying to be accomplished.

  3. Cotton Boll says:

    Gary Black has the knowledge (more tan 25 years in the farming industry), the support (at least four Georgia Congressmen, a bunch of state leaders and republican leaders and a massive list of supporters from all over the state) and the funding (well over $500K from what I saw and most of it is cash on hand – well above what any other R candidate has) and more class than anyone in the race.

    Who cares about the web site? Gary Black is mopping the floor with the rest of the field. Keep blabbering and whining about the web. The facts above are what will win the race, not a stupid web site.

  4. Rusty Paw says:

    Guys Guys Guys, it was the Strickland folks. No one thinks of the Strickland folks. She’s out there circling, and then strikes so covertly that it ends up getting blamed on Black.


  5. Groseclose says:

    GaWire, you are right. Within, and of itself, a website failure is a non-issue. But, as I mentioned in an earlier post, such a failure is once again indicative of the pervasive, systemic missteps and miscalculations of the Kemp campaign.

    Maurice, you suggest that Joel’s description of the website failure is plausible. Sure, it is plausible. But, what it is deserving of scrutiny is Joel’s automatic blame game absence any evidence of Gary’s culpability. Speculation and hyperbole by the Kemp campaign has now became the relevant story. One would think that PeachPundit readers would apply some skepticism before they accept Joel’s self-serving explanation at face value.

    One other observation: All the Kemp supporters were noticeable absent before Joel made his post. Now, these fair-weather supporters are talking about nuclear attacks–as if this primary race is some kind of war video game. Interesting!?!?

  6. Groseclose says:


    I am not going to give you the satisfaction of knowing who I am and quite frankly you seem to be the only one concerned about it. Besides, even if I revealed my identity, it would mean nothing to you or to anyone on this thread—unless, of course, they were in the agriculture industry.

    The reason I began contributing to peachpundit was because I believe we need a change at the agriculture commissioner post and Gary Black is the right man for the job. I know Brian and Marty Kemp and they are fine folks. Brian has been a good state senator (with a few exceptions this session) and would have been well served to stay in his current seat. I have chosen to reserve my anonymity where I can freely criticize Brian’s campaign for this post and ardently support Gary’s campaign, without my attack or support being perceived as personal. In the real world, Brian knows I support Gary, but only on this website are my true, unfiltered thoughts expressed. Call it gutless, if you must, but I think of it as respect for something larger than politics—relationships.

  7. Bill Simon says:

    Yes, well, Grose, I would imagine that you also like to express your “true, unfiltered thoughts” in other arenas. Say, have you been lurking in the teen chatrooms with those thoughts?

  8. Groseclose says:

    Bill, trains of thought like the one expressed in your previous post, makes me think you are a very sick man!

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