1. GAPeach says:

    After a lackluster start, the Braves took the series with the Mets with some awesome pitching. Now, the season can begin!

  2. SouthernConservative says:

    Not just pitching, Andruw Jones’ bat was one fire! Majors leading 20 something RBIs, 9 HR, pretty hot bat.

  3. Fiddes says:

    Being only three games down at this point is a very nice position, indeed! Giles’ finger injury worries me, but (with luck) he’ll only be placed on a 15 day DL.

    The Braves can’t expect Smoltz, Hudson and Davies to keep throwing complete games. Furthermore, Sosa is totally unreliable. What the Braves need is another strong arm in the rotation and a slight cleaning of the proverbial house with middle relief.

    It’s fortunate that the next series is against Washington who are already 5.5 games back. That should allow the chance for another series win. Plus, the team is in disarray now that their manager is facing DUI charges in Miami and his girlfriend is facing felony obstruction charges.

    What would be keen is for the Marlins (who ARE going to move at some point in the next three seasons) and Washington to have a “fire sale” on their players since they aren’t going anywhere in the standings. Then the Braves may be able to pull some money out of the vice-like grip of AOL/Time Warner and bring over a few arms to beef up the rotation and relief.

  4. SouthernConservative says:

    I think they’ve talked about moving Chuck James into the rotation, haven’t they? Or was it someone else…

  5. JaseLP says:

    Also, isn’t Ramirez coming back soon? I think they need to send him back to Richmond. He has done nothing but struggle since is rookie year.

  6. The Busdriver says:

    . . . and then there’s Giles. Man, that kid plays hard, and his fielding has been excellent, but I swear it seems like his body is a half bone/half glass hybrid.

    I can’t believe they discussed moving Thomson, when Horacio remains so fond of giving up the long ball and and Sosa’s WHIP must be over 3.0.

  7. DoubleDawg3 says:

    When is Zane Smith going to be coming off the DL? With him in the rotation and Murph in the Outfield – we’ve got the Western division wrapped up!

  8. DoubleDawg3 says:

    But seriously — I think the Braves are finally coming back around — we’ll soon be getting Chipper back, but it looks like Giles and Edgar might be banged up.

    On another note — look at how well Maddux and Glavine are pitching this year! WOW. Both are Free Agents at the end of the year and I’ve heard/read mention that the Braves might be interested in bringing one of the two back to town (Glavine more so than Maddux). If Glavine can pitch like he has thus far – I’d love to see it – even if he did sell us out for the Mets. He could get win 300 as a Brave – that’d be pretty sweet!

    Jason Schmidt is also a FA — but I think he’s out of the Braves range (plus his injuries might be catching up with him – it’s still a young season though)

    Jermaine Dye is potentially too — I used to love that guy when he was in the Braves organization — I was convinced that he, not Andruw, was going to be the star of the team — show’s how much I know!

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