The Battle Over Who Sponsored HOPE

When the HOPE Scholorship was passed in 1992, it was the House version of the bill that ultimately was passed and signed by Governor Miller.  Mark Taylor, who was in the State Senate at the time, has been claiming that he was the “sponsor” of the legislation to establish the HOPE scholorship.  Since it was the House version that passed, not the Senate, Taylor, officially, could not have sponsored legislation, nor could any other Senator.

Yesterday, the Cathy Cox campaign called Taylor out on this.

To me, this really seems to be much to do about nothing.  On the one hand, Taylor is being quite braggadocious about his involvement with creating the HOPE Scholorship, and is probably overstating his involvement.  On the other hand, Cox is probably making too big a deal out of this, given that Taylor did “sponsor” the Senate version of the HOPE legislation.

Will this make any difference in the outcome of the Democratic Primary or the General Election?  Probably not. 

While there is much concern by “political analyists” about Cox and Taylor beating each other up over this, I don’t see any fallout for either candidate in the General Election over this issue, since either one of them can nail Perdue for voting against the HOPE Scholorship at the time. 


  1. SouthernConservative says:

    I’m sure there are much bigger issues for them to tear each other apart over. Sugar coated rhetoric, isn’t that what this game is all about? 😀

  2. amy38 says:

    Don’t forget that Cathy had already released a statement saying that she created the HOPE scholarship. Why didn’t they stand by their earlier statement yesterday?

  3. Skeptical says:

    I think the issue is beyond what he says/she says about the Hope Scholarship. It is ultimately about the fact that the “Big Guy” in every sense of the word is more than willing to take credit for something that wasn’t his doing. I’ve been around Democratic politics and events long enough to tell you that I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him and I haven’t been working on my upper body strength! Not that she’s much better…

  4. ugadog says:

    “There would be no HOPE scholarship if it weren’t for the work of Mark Taylor right there in the beginning.” – Zell Miller.

    He sponsored the Senate version of the HOPE scholarship. Therefore, he sponsored the HOPE scholarship. Sure, the House version is the one that passed because everybody knew that it was going to pass in the Senate largely because of the work of people like Mark Taylor. Did I mention that the Senate version had the exact same wording as the House version?

    I hope (no-pun) that Cox keeps on with this attack because it only reinforces the connection between Taylor and HOPE, publicizes the fact that she did nothing with regards to HOPE, and wastes resources to do it.

  5. ugadog says:

    The other day, Cathy accused Taylor of running a resume campaign. She might want to think about having one the next time she runs for Governor.

  6. Skeptical says:

    Wow. So much opposition to CC here. I guess the rumors are true that the GAGOP is scared to death that the soccer moms are going to flock to her. I’ve already seen her bumpersticker next to the W stickers on the huge SUVs in my county.

  7. emily says:

    Alright, people. Let’s get the facts straight. HB 7 (which Taylor did not sponsor or create or handle) in 91 did not, in fact, create the HOPE scholarship. It allowed our very aware public to vote for a lottery for eduation. The “law” that created the HOPE scholarship was, in fact, HB 1541. No Taylor name on that one, so much. Did he speak about it on the Senate floor..probably. Did he vote for it? Sure–so did everyone else in the senate with a brain in their heads! Sponsor? No, not so much.

    Is Taylor overstepping his sponsorship of the only thing that polls well in Georgia..ummm…for you to decide. But let’s be truthful. We all have lexix-nexis access, right? Here are some search terms for ya: “Mark w/3 Taylor and HOPE” If you can up with one before his run for lt. gov., let me know.

    If he is such a “champion” of the dang thing, shouldn’t someone have mentioned it?! Nope, nothing. He put his name on this thing when it was politically expediant and is making it the cornerstone of his current campaign for gov. His campaign’s answer, by the way, is that “Zell said that I rule!”

    I didn’t think I’d ever ask for the big Z’s opinion, but I sure would like to get it now. Anyone got contact info?

  8. Nativeson says:

    Man, this is awfully pale beer for Cathy and Mark to be fighting over. For one thing, who cares? This is 2006, a world away from the creation of the Lottery. This tempest in a teapot makes both of them look like petty idiots. As a lifelong Georgia Democrat, I’m aleady leaning toward voting in the GOP primary this summer. To heck with these clowns.

  9. Bill Simon says:


    Would you be kind enough to share your User Name and Password for LexisNexis. Not everyone has “access” to check these things out… 🙂

  10. amy38 says:

    The kool-aid must be really tasty over in Decatur today.

    Lets refresh some of the Cathy Cox talking points.

    February: Cathy Cox created the HOPE scholarship
    – Outcome: silence and laughter

    Tuesday: Only DuBose Porter, Jeanette Jamieson and Thurbert Baker sponsored the HOPE Scholarship
    – Outcome: Jeanette Jamieson certainly nixed that one with her “If he put his name on it, and all the claim in the ad says is that he sponsored it, I think he can legitimately say that” quote.

    Today: Oh I’m sorry we don’t know what we were talking about, actually its HB 1541 that created the HOPE Scholarship.

  11. amy38 says:

    Kool-Aid must be mighty tasty in Decatur today.

    Thanks to Emily we have a new addition to the Cathy Cox Talking Points, but there has been so many its hard to keep track.

    February: Cathy Cox created the HOPE Scholarship
    – Outcome: silence

    Tuesday: DuBose Porter, Jeanette Jamieson and Thurbert Baker sponsored the HOPE Scholarship
    – Outcome: Well since on Cox’s own call Jamieson said “If he put his name on it, and all the claim in the ad says is that he sponsored it, I think he can legitimately say that.” I think thats pretty much a non issue now.

    Today: Oh, we’ve been wrong the past few months. HR 7 had nothing to go with HOPE in the first place, actually its HB 1541.
    – Outcome: Stay tuned… until tommorrow same Cox Time same Cox Channel.

  12. emily says:

    Sadly, can’t do it Bill (contract wise). The Lexis-Nexis mafia are to be feared. Take my word for it. You can do a cursory google search, though, and the same will be true. Or, if what I say is untrue, perhaps the Taylor folks, who pay for Lexis-Nexis according to their latest disclosure, will do the search for you and share it with the masses. My guess is that they won’t.

    I think it’s telling that there is no real response to the facts presented in my earlier post by the Taylor folks. They MT camp is just going to throw everything they can against the wall and see what sticks against Cox. Poll, poll away. It’s not happening, kids–cut bait while you can, Taylor staffers.

  13. schleyguy says:

    I had an associate at my firm do a Lexis search for the following items:
    Dubose /3 Porter and Hope Scholarship
    Janeatte /3 Jamieson and Hope Scholarship

    with the caveat being that the articles appear before 1995. And guess what — no hits!

    So I guess by Emily’s Brilliant logic, Jamieson and Porter had nothing to do with the Hope Scholarship either. There’s a lot of stuff you won’t find on Google or Lexis, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true or didn’t happen. I sure hope the Cox campaign hasn’t strictly relied on Google and Nexis to do research on their own candidate, or they will be missing a lot of bad votes and bills.

  14. GetReal says:

    I’ve heard that the disaster of the last two days has Cox thinking about running for Lt. Governor.

  15. emily says:

    Schleyguy, you’re lying. Your lexis friend is either wholly non-existent or completely incompetent. In 1991 alone, there are 36 hits for Porter. Add 92 and there are over 70. One my favorites points out that Porter was Zell’s “point man” for the lottery. Educate yourself, darlin. Try AJC 2/1/91, 2/7/92, 7/2/92.

    GetReal–get real.

  16. falco says:

    Taking emily’s brilliant advise I tried to do a search on Cathy Cox and the HOPE scholarship. The first mention I see about her role is when her campaign said she created it in February of this year… when she was running for Govenor. Still trying to find something from Porter, Jamieson, Zell about that; but maybe emily or Cynthia could help us out with a nexis search.

  17. emily says:

    I don’t know if you people have some lexis-nexis deficiency, but falco, you’re also totally wrong. Sorry, but L-N is just not that hard. Cathy went on a statewide tour to promote HOPE (for you Lexis Nexis incapable, the cite is 3/24/95). She never claimed to invent the whole thing like Taylor (he also invented the internet and sliced bread, I think). She’s voted to strengthen it, fund it, and has plans to further improve it. She’s always supported HOPE and to say different is a blatant lie.

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