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Bill Simon’s Political Vine is suggesting some nefariousness. may be behind the shut down of the Kemp website. It seems that Kemp’s people told Bill that their domain was shut down for sending out spam to people, but said the people complaining aren’t on their email list.

Interestingly, in an earlier rendition, Bill had said “the emails appeared to have originated from domains owned/controlled by


  1. SouthernConservative says:

    Funny that Bill wasn’t getting his info from anything close to an independent source. Also funny that he complimented Ralph Reed’s web designer in that article…

  2. Bill Simon says:


    Seth Weathers is a businessman. I’ve seen his work for John Linder and some other campaigns as well as business websites.

    That he does Ralph Reed’s site DOES NOT detract from his professional abilities.

    One would think that a person of such intellectual balance as you wouldn’t give such acts another thought. But, then again, since I don’t know you personally, I cannot/would not be able to vouch for your abilities to separate business from politics.

  3. The Busdriver says:

    I think Bill was merely mentioning Weathers Designs is a Republican web design firm. I don’t think he applauded Ralph’s website, ’cause if you’ve seen Ralph’s site, you know that it’s circa 1997 and it blows.

    Debbie is now going to tell me that Ralph is hording all his money for more celebrity endorsement TV spots, and that’s why they’re not putting any money into creating a great site.

  4. SouthernConservative says:

    You’re probably right, TB. His website does blow. Bad. Casey’s site is great, although those close up face shots aren’t the greatest. They make him look that child molester I saw on Law and Order last night. Equally as frightening as that closeup of Ralph on the cover of Time.

    Bill, I just have a hard time accepting that you prescribe guilt by association for some relationships of Ralph’s, and not others. I don’t know Seth Weathers, so I can’t speak for him personally.

    But, for some of us, politics IS our business 😀

  5. GAWire says:

    FYI, if you are a campaign/candidate and want an effective site, look no further than the current Peach Pundit advertiser!

  6. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Bills Site is biased, Period. I tested this theory out while with a couple other politicos. Anything posted contary to what he believed was immediately deleted.

    What use is a blog if you delete all other view points? For years he has attacked Conservative Christian Republicans, but we thought that had changed when a blog was added. It was the thought that people would be able to offend theirselves. But no. Do not take my word for it. Go post something against Karen Handel or in suppport Chip Rogers or Judson Hill or Anthony Scott Hobbs and watch it come down.

  7. Bill Simon says:

    Brian, you say you’re a “Conservative Christian,” yet you have a history of lying to a lot of people in Cobb and Gwinnett County.

    As far as my site being “biased,” yes, it is, and has been since Day One. It is not, however, biased against Conservative Christians, or any Christians.

    For you to CONTINUE to insinuate that I am anti-Christian smacks of someone who is, at minimum, a complete idiot, and, more likely, someone who is one of those supposed “Christians” who are Anti-Semetic and like to think they can hide behind calling me “anti-Christian.”

    The simple fact of the matter is, Brian, I am ANTI-LIAR, so, that is why I am anti-Brian Laurens. Got it straight now?

  8. Brian from Ellijay says:

    “a history of lying to a lot of people in Cobb and Gwinnett County.”

    DETAILS BILL. I want to know exactly who you think I have lied to and about what. Since I hardly ever deal with Gwinnett (that one should be interesting.) I assume you are making reference to something with me and the Lamutt campaign when you are talking about Cobb. But what? I call your bluff.

  9. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Now that he has said it, I want to know what he is talking about. Perhaps he could send out a seething email attacking me and my misdeeds. That would be fun.

  10. Bill Simon says:

    Brian, it concerns you trying to create a war between two people who were not at war at all. It concerns you going to Sue Everhart and telling her that BJ Van Gundy hated her for defeating him in 2001, and then you went over to BJ and told him Sue Everhart hated him. The fact of the matter is, BJ likes Sue very much, and Sue likes BJ very much.

    YOU were not involved around the time of the race for the 6th District Chair, so you don’t know sh** from shinola about what went on back then. But, you did try to get a war started between the two, long after the 2001 race between them.

    Now, if you want to deny this event, that’s fine. But, two things: Sue Everhart doesn’t lie, and BJ Van Gundy doesn’t lie. You, however, do lie, whether it’s about your role in a campaign, or anything else with regards to people in politics.

    You’re a young little punk who thinks people cannot see right past your bullsh**. You’re wrong, and, you’re stupid for thinking you can get away with such bunk.

  11. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Also I did attend that convention, but as a Sonny spokesperson with Trey Childress. I had to look back, I could not remember. If Sue and/or BJ have a beef with me about this, I will give them a call and handle it. Thanks for pointing it out. However I do not see how it is any of your affair, again thanks for letting me know so I can fix any rumors that might be or have been going around.

  12. GAWire says:

    I don’t even need to watch the OC tonight, b/c I am getting all the bickering and drama I need right here at good ole’ PeachPundit! Could you guys put on some cute outfits and continue this argument at the beach, so the setting will be complete?

  13. GANATIVE says:

    I am just stumbling on this so bear with me….
    So it seems that a previous Democrat lobbyist who is running as a Republican could possibly be guilty of doing something unethical? No Shocker there. So if the rumors are true and his “campaign” did send these emails, then there is now proof of his questionable campaign.

    From another perspective, if Black had nothing to do with this, and it is Kemp who is responsible for his own website problems-what is the conclusion to be drawn? So is it safe to assume that everyone else running his campaign for him might be the same people running the department if elected? That he, alone, cannot even manage his campaign…much less the Department of Agriculture??

    Im not accusing either one, but ulitmately someone (black’s or kemp’s camp) is responsible for this blunder?

  14. Bill Simon says:


    If you watch The O.C. because of the bickering on that show, I will take over your babe-watching duties for you and let you spend time trolling blogs, looking for spats to amuse yourself with.

  15. Joel McElhannon says:

    This ridiculous post necessitates my personal response.

    The fault for the Kemp campaign website being down lies with the Black campaign and with me.

    First, the Kemp campaign’s website was taken down by the company that hosts the website because Gary Black’s campaign and its agents slammed that company with false complaints that we were spamming – all coming from email addresses not on our email list. The delay in relaunching the website came because the person in charge of authorizing such reinstatements was out of their office today and just returned.

    Secondly, I am ultimately responsible for allowing this shot below the belt to happen because I did not take steps to guard against it. Stoneridge, nor any other web provider, had anything to do with it. The buck stops with me.

    I will give a hat tip to the Black campaign for their inventive, if juvenile, tactic. I hope they take great joy in their momentary victory. Despite being a cheap shot below the belt, it is their only success to date and it will be their last.

    Gary Black is going to experience first hand that the Kemp campaign is focused on winning, not high school pranks.

    And to the Black staffers and supporters on this site who will likely load up this post with more taunts, my only comment is this.

    I do not respond to Democrats. I beat them. You’ll get a taste of that sugar soon.

  16. Joel McElhannon says:

    And the Kemp campaign site,, is up and running now and will remain so despite any future attempts to disrupt it.

    For conservative Republican leadership to protect our families and promote our farmers, I encourage all to check out what is clearly one of the best campaign websites in Georgia political history.

  17. Capt. says:

    I am afraid that the democrat lobbyist is in way over his head and he is about to feel the heat.

    The poor guy is going to be running home crying, and balling up in the fetal position.

  18. HJ Bailey says:

    If you look at this scenario, it reflects traditional campaign patterns. When a candidate emerges as a front runner, the desperate campaign wich is lagging behind begins to attack the frontrunner.

    Kemp appears to be the frontrunner and Gary is attacking out of desperation.

  19. Groseclose says:

    No, it is Joel McElhannon (Is he’s BK’s campaign manager or something?) and Brian Kemp that are in over their heads. At first glance, one might find Joel’s arrogant and pompous response to be a simple exculpatory rhetoric for their campaign’s ineptness. However, after further scrutiny, one sees they are simple naïve to their dire situation. Take for example: On BK’s website, there is an article about the demographics that will determine the outcome of the general race for agriculture commissioner. Here is the relevant part:
    “Remember, it was the rural vote that elected Paul Coverdell, Mark Taylor, Saxby Chambliss, Roy Barnes and Sonny Perdue. Strategists have honed in on the 29 rural counties, mostly in South Georgia, that were part of each of these candidates’ victories. Subtract Taylor from the equation, and the list spreads to 49 rural counties.
    These are critical swing voters. They used to vote reliably Democratic until Republicans succeeded in portraying a few Democratic incumbents as out-of-step.
    Then they became ticket splitters. In 1998, Republican Coverdell and Democrat Barnes both won them over.
    And since 1969, Democrat Tommy Irvin has had them eating out of his hand. He’s been doing that longer than half the state has been alive.
    In his last re-election in 2002, Irvin trounced under-funded Republican challenger Deanna Strickland in all but the most Republican suburbs. He got nearly 60 percent of the vote statewide, taking all but two of the 29 swing counties – and one of them was Strickland’s home. He did it in a year in which the state Democratic Party pumped resources and more than 1,000 people into getting out the inner-city vote while practically ignoring the rural part of the state.

  20. Bill Simon says:


    Joel signed his e-mail under his own name. You’re the one who’s “pompous,” Dickbrain.

    As I was saying, Grose, in another post, perhaps: stick it up your rear-end, you chickensh**.

  21. landman says:

    Joel,my good friend I look forward to watching you put this Democrat lobbyist in his place.This was a shot below the belt and thats fine, now drop the hammer on him.

    Brian does have a record beating entrenched Dems and he will beat this Dem as well(and Irvin in the General).Gary couldnt beat Irvin in a million years not that he would get the chance this go round anyway.

  22. Groseclose says:

    Bill, I respectfully decline your invitation to engage in personal insults. If you decide, once you regain your composure, to have a debate on the issues, qualifications, and competencies of the respective candidates, I will once again re-engage in such a substantive debate with you.

    Landman’s comments once again evince the arrogance and naiveté of their campaign.

    On further reflection, it is obvious that this Joel fellow was trying to shift the debate away from his campaign’s problems. He offered no hard evidence, only pure speculation that Gary’s campaign was behind Kemp’s latest misstep. The blame game diverts attention, but on a forum such as this, there is little accountability for such incredulous assertions. Gary Black is a personal friend, he has the highest level of integrity, and I seriously doubt he would stoop to interfere with Kemp on something as non-consequential as a website. Contrarily, readers should beware of Joel’s self-serving diatribe.

  23. DoubleDawg3 says:

    I know both Kemp & Black and know staffers/loyalists for each — I am still undecided on this race— That said, I SERIOUSLY DOUBT that Gary Black’s staff or friends were behind shutting down the Kemp website.

  24. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Actually, I didn’t realize it, but I know of both Brian and Bill. Bot are good people. I don’t necessarily agree with many of Bill’s positions, but Bill is honest and fair. I, frankly, like his irreverence about many issues. It makes things interesting. All of my posts on his site going back to the 2002 congressional race with Staton, Gingery and the other guy were posted with no problem. He was not a Cain supporter but allowed my post supporting Herman on there.

    Brian is a solid worker. Any team should want to have him on it. He’s beat the pavement doing the grunt work that most politicos won’t do. That is how you meet people. He helped us in Middle Georgia in the 2004 elections with the GOTV campaign. Brian your efforts were enormously appreciated.

    Joel is a phenomenal campaign operative. I have the upmost respect for his work ethic and would recommend his services to anyone running for office, and I have.

    I respect most anyone who is willing to sign their name and take the hits that follow. Heated campaigns bring out the competitive juices in people.

  25. Jeremy says:

    I wish the Kemp Campaign would do those of us who are supporting him a favor and tell us where they got his information from. We need a little more than “we know it is Gary Black”. Please send some proof.

  26. Jack S says:

    Does anyone really think that Jeremy is a Kemp supporter? I mean cmon.

    The proof is this: Erick puts up a post within a short time frame of kemp’s site going down and “miraculously” the post lights up with black supporters who were innocently web surfing late last night.

    Give me a break. Sounds to me like all your boy black did was seriously hack off kemp and his folks.

    whoppity do!

  27. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Like I said, I like Kemp/Black (probably leaning towards Kemp at this point by a slight margin) – But am I the only one that ever thinks the Kemp campaign could have done this themselves, by some accident (or design), and be using this as a “battle cry” (sorry – I know that’s taking it a little too far – but it fits, kind of …maybe) against the “evil” Gary Black camp who’re trying to “attack” them. I mean, this seems to have “outraged” some Kemp loyalists – so maybe that was the point? I mean – who REALLY needs their website to be up and running from 10pm-8am for 1 single night — it’s not going to kill your campaign if your site is down for one night (when most people, unlike idiots like myself, are sleeping). But it might be good publicity if you can blame it on your opponent!

    OR -(the better guess probably) is that I’m seriously over thinking this, with my conspiracy theory and all — what can I say, JFK (the movie) was on tv the other night and I had to watch it — Finally, I apologize for my excessive use of “quotations” — in my mind it helps to convey my message though.

  28. Statesman says:

    Who Cares!!!! A website goes down, for maintenance or technical difficulties? Or what ever, who cares, it was not the end of the world. This thing was blown way out of proportion!! Black supporters thought they had something on the Kemp camp. Too bad the Black camp can’t stick to the issues that really matter in this race. Seems like a desparate messure from the Black camp.

  29. BB says:

    Brian is absolutely correct about one thing…disagree with Bill after he tosses a few ‘satirical’ f bombs your way, get banned from PV. No big deal as anybody who visits PV can easily see the activity level rates right above that which occurs in an old folks home…(anxiously awaiting an **** filled attack from My Name is Bill).

    On the real subject of this string, any apology forthcoming from Gary? How about a firing of those responsible for the puerile act.

  30. Bull Moose says:

    You know, I support Brian Kemp and have never visited nor signed up for anything from Gary Black and the man sends me email all the time. I wish I knew where he got my email address from and that he’d stop sending me email.

    I hate to say it, but this career Democrat turned Johnny come lately Republican needs to go back to being a lobbyist. At least with the Governor, he switched parties back when there was no position of favor or anything of the like. He switched and lost all of his power and assignments and was even drawn out of a district. but Gary switched just to run for office…

    I hear that there were some state GOP folks involved in recruiting Mr. Black to run. They need to go.

    Brian Kemp for Ag Commissioner — he’s a strong Republican and a common sense public servant dedicated to moving Georgia forward.

  31. Billings says:

    This tactic used by Gary to shut Kemp’s website down was an immature and deperate measure to slow Kemp;s momentum. Black had his 2 minute climax in this race a year ago and Kemp now continues to surpass him everyday. This is what happens when a Democrat lobbyist runs as a Republican in the GA Republican Primary—us conservative republicans STOP Democrats from taking advantage of our party and what we have worked so hard for and that is what we are doing to this loser Gary Black.

    Imagine for a moment how the Japanese felt when they had Nuclear bombs dropped on them and imagine how the terrorist feel when one of those bunk-buster bombs come flying into the caves in Afghanistan and Iraq, that is how Gary is going to feel because I hope Kemp is going to unleash the fury and fire and Nuclear arsenal now because this should draw the line.

    Conservative Leader (Kemp) not Cow-loving Democrat Goober Lobbyist in 2006!

  32. Bud says:

    Gary, good news, I hear that John Kerry is running for President again! You can vote for him again!!!

  33. Billings says:

    No I am not a cow hater Bill, just a Democrat Lobbyist Basher. I guess Gary can’t help that he is “mad” ABOUT cows. haha.

    But I guess there is nothing wrong with having a cow as a friend, I guess that is something that is on the same level as Gary. haha.

  34. Brian from Ellijay says:

    I am getting confused, are they talking about Kemp or me:) All I am seeing is Brian this and Brian that….LOL, jk.

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