GOP Money

You want to know one under reported piece of information? While we’ve spent a lot of time on the fundraising of the state wide candidates, you should consider how many legislators have war chests bigger than many, many statewide candidates. Consider just this list:


Cash on Hand Period

Glenn Richardson

$440,252 3/31

Eric Johnson

$385,548 3/31

David Shafer

$247,640 3/31

Tommie Williams

$198,914 3/31

Jerry Keen

$174,995 3/31

Don Balfour

$143,484 12/31

Ralph Hudgens

$129,444 3/31

Bill Hamrick

$101,455 3/31

Mitch Seabaugh

$83,860 3/31

That’s not too shabby.

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  1. Rusty Paw says:

    Mitch Seabough will spend well over 84,000 grooming his ridiculous mustache. Interesting that Shafer is on the prowl at #3. Beginning to wonder if that 96 race for SoS might not be the last try at state-wide office…

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