Does the Road to 2010 Go Through Westmoreland Country?

It is interesting speculation, whether or not you agree with it. Let’s assume that Cagle or Reed get elected. We have a Speaker who seems interested in being Governor. We have a state insurance commission who is likewise interested. We would have a Lt. Gov who would be interested. To best perfectly honest, however, i don’t see either Casey or Ralph running for Governor in 2010 assuming either gets elected Lt. Gov.

Speaker Richardson could count on House support and Cagle/Reed could count on Senate support (don’t fool yourselves people. If Ralph got it, he’d get that support in 4 years). Oxendine, I suppose, could get some support some where.

Then there is the solidly conservative, ambitious, and increasingly popular with the grassroots Representative Westmoreland. His district touches southern Atlanta suburbs with money, and has touched Middle Georgia from Columbus to Macon rather well. And, he has the very talented Chip Lake with him.

I see an opening here for Westmoreland. Just saying.


  1. TigerLily says:

    I agree, I could see that happening. What would be really interesting is to see what would happen to the House republicans if there was a Glenn vs. Lynn primary. There is still a deep river of loyalty in the House for Lynn even though he is in Congress. But that is SO far away….how can we even speculate now?

  2. SouthernConservative says:

    Rusty, touche. That’s hilarious.

    Westmoreland will win. Regardless of who runs. He’s qualified, likable, popular, and has paid his dues over and above any unspoken requirement. He’s talented and has a talented staff. He’s a natural leader with vision.

    Should there be a Westmoreland v. Richardson matchup, Richardson will, and should be, bloodied beyond recognition. He has ridden Westmoreland’s coattails all the way to the top, and the only reason he’s speaker is because Lynn stepped aside to run for Congress. At best, it would be bad form for GR to challenge LW. At worst? It’s….

  3. debbie0040 says:

    I like Westmoreland and he would probably receive my support. But has anyone thought that Herman Caine might has aspirations to the Governor’s office? Or Sen. Chip Rogers? Chip has been receiving a lot of positive press lately.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Chip Rogers would fit well as Governor since he already has his own state security detail as a Senator. (Ever since the hispanic newspaper printed a map to his house, he has been granted security)

    I have also heard that after Mike Crotts beats John Douglas, he plans to run for Governor.

    I think Jack Kingston will stay in the House. Herman Cain will run. I think that Brian Kemp will run as well, after all he has said he is using Agriculture Commissioner as a stepping stone, but he may use it to run for Congress.

    I like Glenn, I hope he will consider it as well. He has been spending alot of time with rural legislators in thier districts, smart move!

  5. JaseLP says:

    I have also heard that after Mike Crotts beats John Douglas, he plans to run for Governor.
    Hahaha…right. And the Libertarian Party will win a major statewide election this year.

  6. SouthernConservative says:

    No, JaseLP, you’re off your rocker, what you meant to say was that Charlie Bailey is gonna be our next SofS!

  7. atlantaman says:

    Well let’s see who thinks they are going to be Gov. (or let me say who I thinks they are going to be Gov. and has even a remote chance):

    Westmoreland: Has a great chance because he’s been positioning himself as a true Conservative up in Washington. He’s not afraid to vote against the leadership if it’s against Conservative philosophy. Not so good if you want to be a Committee Chair someday, but great if you want to be viewed as a strong Executive type.

    Richardson: Will have the benefit of being Speaker for 4 more years. Helpful with name ID and very helpful as far as raising money.

    Isakson: Don’t count him out on this one. I’ve heard he’d like to cap his career as Governor, just speculation but isn’t that the nature of a Gov list for 2010. Other Republicans on this list would have a very difficult time running against him.

    Ralph/Casey: Hard to speculate. Neither one wants to be L.G. for the rest of their lives. Especially Ralph who’s planning on being POTUS. L.G. has a small advantage in that you seem like the heir apparent for Gov. You’ve already got the word Gov. in your title for God’s sake.

    Handel/Stephens: Got to include them in the mix. Stephens definately wants to be Gov., he was just too scared to run against Ralph in the L.G. race. It’s not like Stephens one day decided he was just more qualified to be SOS then L.G.

    Oxendine: Wants to be Gov., but he ran back to Insurance Comm. race as soon he saw signs of the Ralph Reed storm ahead. Don’t know if he’s got the fortitude to run for Gov. against the rest of the folks on this list.

    Cain: A dynamic speaker. You would have to respect him in a Primary. Maybe he’s a little too pigeon holed into the Fair Tax?

    Kemp/Black: I don’t know, it’s a pretty big leap from Ag. Comm. to Gov. Maybe either one them, especially Brian since he’s younger, can move up to one of the more well-known offices being vacated for the Gov’s race.

    Kingston: Bright and articulate. Known for having a fairly good record for being a member of the Pork/Appropriations committee. I’ve heard he’s always wanted to be Gov.

    Chip Rodgers: A real up and comer with what appears to be a bright future. I just don’t know if 2010 Gov. is in the mix for him. Who knows.

    Tommy Williams: Don’t know much about him, but heard he wants to run. Would probably have the same fundraising advantages Richardson would.

    Crotts: A Westmoreland/Crotts rematch for Gov. could be very interesting. Dylan Glenn owes Crotts for his endorsement.

  8. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Gov Westmoreland and Congressman Lunsford? I love it!

    And Crotts? Is there a job he isnt going to run for? The only difference between Crotts and Charlie Baily is age, and maybe real hair.

  9. Bull Moose says:

    Isn’t it a little early to start handicapping the 2010 Governor’s race? I mean, what if it’s an incumbent Governor Cathy Cox running for reelection? That changes a lot of dynamics…

    So, even though I disagree, here are my thoughts

    Glenn Richardson – Not a fan. He has a bad record on health issues.

    Reed/Cagle – Too early.

    Kemp/Black – Too early.

    Eric Johnson – He deserves to be on the list for his record of service and accomplishments

    Jack Kingston – Jack has moved up pretty high in leadership. I think his leaving Congress would only happen if Republicans fall into the minority.

    Lynn Westmoreland – Okay, here is where I fall off the reservation… Originally, I was a fan of this man, but now, not so much. He got way too close for comfort for me to Tom DeLay in DC.

  10. Demonbeck says:

    If Kingston is not House Leadership in 2010, I say he looks VERY seriously at the Governor race. If the R’s aren’t in the majority, I would pencil him in.

    He’s got the most/best experience in leadership out of the entire GA Congressional Delegation

  11. SouthernConservative says:


    From the moment I saw you taking pictures of yourself with your cell phone in the back of Sonny’s grassroots conference, I knew you were crazy, but now I’m convinced you need to be put to sleep. What in the world have you been smoking to make you think Hill is anything CLOSE to qualified to running for Governor?

  12. DoubleDawg3 says:

    I like reading about the possible 2010 GOV Hypos – it’s exciting…Here’s my highly speculative thoughts on how things “could” turn out..

    Jack Kingston — I think Kingston, in my opinion, is GA’s brightest “political star” — but I don’t see him leaving Congress to run for Governor — Now, MAYBE if Isakson were to run for Governor, Kingston could run for US Senate (again though, why give up seniority/leadership positions in the House to be a rookie in the Senate), then Eric Johnson has an opening for Congress

    Westmoreland — I feel that he will definitely come back to run and that he will have the support of a lot of people in the House (heck, if Glenn Richardson runs too – Westmoreland might have the support of a lot of the Senate as well since they seem angered with Richardson)

    Richardson — I think he’ll run – but it would be interesting to see him take on Westmoreland (when Westmoreland was the main man until he left)

    Eric Johnson — Should be mentioned as a possibility – he’s done a lot for the GOP in GA.

    R. Reed/Cagle/Stephens — I don’t think it’s any secret that all 3 of these guys are only running for LG/SOS b/c they eventually want to be Governor. As for Reed, should he get the LG nod, I wonder if Westmoreland is in the race if Reed would still run — since Westmoreland has helped him out thus far. Also, I could see Stephens/Cagle running for Nathan Deal’s seat if he were to retire from Congress within the next 8 years (which could or could not happen)

    As for Chip Rogers — bright guy with a bright future, but I don’t think he’ll be running for Governor in 2010. (Preston Smith should be in that boat as well — bright guy, bright future — I can see him being a State Sup. Ct. Judge)

    John Oxendine — PLEASE — this guy is the biggest moron the State of GA EVER put in office — I’ve met him numerous times and have never been impressed once — Besides, he ran away from the LG race once Reed entered, so do you really expect him to get into the GOV race? (Clearly, Not a big fan)

    As for Kemp — I don’t see him being GOV either — maybe he’s another possible US Congressman – if Cong. Norwood should retire for health reasons.

    Judson Hill… Seriously? Nice guy, but not quite in the same league as the front runners.

    Herman Cain — I would hope he might run.

  13. Brian from Ellijay says:


    Not sure if you know who I am. I am not sure which Sonny Grassroots Conference you are talking about. But I am assuming Athens. If that is the case I did not have my cellphone with me because I do not get service in Athens. Other than that, I do not think I even have that feature on my phone. If I do I do not use it. Sorry man.

  14. You guys seemed to have forgotten to mention Tom McCall, Bob Lane, Chuck Sims, Mickey Channell, Penny Houston, and a few others. After all, only former Democratic legislators have been elected governor.

  15. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Specualtion is great, but all these guys and gals wont run against each other, they will move into the vacuum left when some of these do run for Governor.

  16. atlantaman says:

    Good one Chris.


    I pretty much agree with your assesment. Don’t forget that if the L.G., SOS, and other higher offices run for Gov. that it would open up those repsective offices for others to run for. Perhaps if Judson wanted to move up the totem pole he could run for one of those offices.

    The only thing I might disagree on is that if Westmoreland chooses not to run for Gov. it won’t be because he’s a Ralph supporter. If he doesn’t run for Gov. it will be because he doesn’t think he could win against the given candidates at the time (i.e. Isakson) or that he believes there will be better opportunities in the House or U.S. Senate. I just don’t get the feeling he’s jockying for something better in the House since he has no problem voting against the leadership on their sellout votes. I really do believe Westmoreland is positioning himself to run for Gov. I’ll be very surprised if he doesn’t run.

  17. bowersville says:

    before you start on me, the thunderstorm’s woke me up.

    come’n now, you can do better than all this over analyzing. it’s simple, look at our sister state, SC. beasly, hodges, sanford. look at lynn’s endorsement, bs.

  18. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Bowers, I have no idea what all that just meant. Maybe it is cause I am tired. But I for one need more explaination.

  19. debbie0040 says:

    I just can’t see Judson running for Governor in 2010. No name recognition. And I don’t think his wife Shelley would be too pleased with that.

  20. George Allen 08 says:

    I agree with you Debbie. Judson’s still a young guy, and he’ll have his chance one day. He would be wise to run for LG or SOS in 2010 if those positions are open, but it’s too early for Gov.

  21. Groseclose says:

    Watching him pitch tonight, made me wonder: Do you think John Smoltz will get into elected politics when he retires? Maybe Governor 2010? The Dems would have to recruit Herschel Walker to match Smoltzie star power!

  22. Demonbeck says:

    I understand that Herschel is a R not a D. Herschel would surpass Smoltzie in star power by FAR.

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