Surprise — Mark Taylor to Run for Governor

The big man formally announced. No, not Sonny. Mark. Mark announced — I think he is bigger.

Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor made it official on Tuesday, returning to the elementary school he attended in his hometown to launch his campaign for governor.

“One thing you can count on: This big guy has always and will always look after the little guy every single time,


  1. atlantaman says:

    “No, not Sonny. Mark. Mark announced — I think he is bigger.”

    Obviously you haven’t seen Sonny lately. Not that there ever was much of a comparison between the two girths, but Sonny has lost about 30 pounds and looks like a different man.

    If Taylor does not do something about his weight, he’s not going to live past 65.

  2. spaceygracey says:

    The messages we’re sending to the rest of the world are getting to ludicrous levels… we’re going for an overeater and a Fundy in Georgia’s highest offices. As if we weren’t embarrassed enough with Much Ado About A Hairdo.

    Heck, even Ludacris himself is from the Peach State. Figures.

  3. Cynthia says:

    how can you “announce” that you’re running for governor when you’ve been campaigning for two years already?

    i’m glad to see that ABC-WSB did not pick up this total non-story. score one for journalist integrity.

  4. amy38 says:

    Where was journalist integrity when wsb showed up to cover cathy’s 20 person “state-wide-tour” kickoff that only went to Rossville, Rome, and Gainesville?

  5. Karla Stuckey says:

    You would think he would go on a serious diet if he really wanted to be Governor. I met him once in DC and he seemed like a nice guy, but he is a large presence!

  6. Cynthia says:

    dude, i am so sick of the taylor creating Hope ad. what’s next a commercial saying that he invented the internet too?

  7. ces says:

    I’m just waiting for Cox’s “I created the HOPE Scholarship Ad.” I mean, I know she was handling divorces down in Bainbridge in 1991, and didn’t make it to the House until two years later, but her campaign said “This is an area where there shouldn’t be any disagreement. Cathy Cox worked with Republicans and Democrats to create the HOPE scholarship.”

    Maybe I’m missing something? Was Cathy in some back room creating the HOPE scholarship that none of us are aware of?

    Also could someone please let me know why Mark shouldn’t take credit for the HOPE scholarship? I wish I could have been on the Cathy Cox Campaign conference call this morning to be told what I should think, but for now I’ll have to rely on her supporter, and another HOPE sponsor Jamieson when she said on that same call “I think he can legitimately say that, because there isn’t a person in the Georgia General Assembly that hasn’t sponsored a bill that they wanted to go home and talk about, whether the bill actually passed or not. We sponsored it.

  8. amy38 says:

    For all the talk on this race, I didn’t believe it would be Cox to go negative first. Calling Andrew Young and Zell Miller liars is pretty low for “someone 20pts up in the polls.”

  9. GetReal says:

    The stories about that Cox conference call were priceless.

    Cynthia, I think it’s clear you and your coworkers at the Cox campaign don’t have the facts to back up that attack. It’s time to move on.

  10. caseyk says:

    Mark Taylor should continue to talk about and stand by his decade of strong service to Georgia, and Cathy Cox can, well, she can stand next to an electronic voting machine, I suppose.

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