Stebin Horne Steps Down

I have no idea why he decided he needed to resign from the City Council, but Macon’s Stebin Horne has resigned to run for David Graves’ seat — not that this is a real surprise.

Stebin Horne formally resigned from the Macon City Council on Tuesday evening so he can run for state representative.

Moments after Horne resigned from his Ward V Post 2 seat, the council called for a special election to replace him. The vote is scheduled along with the coming July 18 primaries and another special election to replace retired Councilman Charles Dudley. Those elected will fill what’s left of the terms on council and face re-election in 2007.


  1. Demonbeck says:

    I used to play soccer against him when he was at Stratford. That dude used to kick our butts. What’s his campaign website?

  2. gopdoc says:

    With so many candidates, many of us in Macon hardly know what to do about this race. Who has the best chances?

    The only thing negative I’ve heard about Horne is that he is too ambitious, not finishing his term on the City Council. And his father was a long-time Democrat house member. Sort of like Niki Randall inheriting her father’s house seat, except Stebin is now a Republican. We have too much of that kind of stuff in Macon.

    I also believe he is a lawyer, so the docs are worried about where he may be on tort reform. Aren’t there enough lawyers up there already?

  3. SouthernConservative says:

    Four contestants with almost 225k in the race so far. Becky Burgess, former lobbyist for Mercer University; Stebin Horne, Macon city councilman; Allen Peake, local restraunter and businessman; Dale Washburn, local real estate agent and businessman. Right now the race is between Peake and Horne. I predict Peake wins.

  4. Fiddes says:

    To the comment about too many lawyers in the Legislature: they are actually decreasing in number under the dome and that trend has been ongoing for several years. We could probably use a few more (as long as they aren’t criminal defense attorney’s)!

  5. maconnite says:

    i have had the displeasure of meeting Stebin Horne and let me say I was less than impressed. he is an arrogant, pompous prick. i’m a republican and i will vote democrat just to not vote for him.

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