Ralph Reed at Abramoff’s Blackjack Table

This week’s The Hill has an article about a liberal group’s latest ads, which use Abramoff as the center of an anti-corruption campaign.  It is significant to Georgia in that it features Ralph Reed as a central target.  There is also the issue that we have discussed here before, which relates to political figures inter-mixing in religion and religious figures playing a key role in politics.

As the taint of the Jack Abramoff influence-peddling scandal continues to spread toward members of Congress and their staffs, a left-leaning group has launched an ad targeting three individuals who have been linked with the former superlobbyist.

In the ad, a project of the Tides Center and paid for by the Campaign to Defend the Constitution (DefCon), traditional organ music plays softly in the background as a silver collection plate full of money is passed from hand to hand in a church.

Suddenly the plate is being passed between several men seated at a blackjack table, the “dealer


  1. The Busdriver says:

    While the ad may be factually sound, as it’s clear that Sheldon and Reed took casino-tainted money to further the interests of Abramoff’s tribal clients, it may not have the effect that DefCon hopes for.

    Certainly DefCon wants this ad to help pull whatever moderates may have stumbled into the Reed column, and at the same time eat at his social conservative base. Problem is, for those in Reed’s social conservative “I still got my blinders on” base, this attack just adds to the whole “the world/dominate media” is out to get Christians perception, and I would guess strengthens their resolve. I think we can infer that this ad is going to help Ralph with his “there is a department store war on Christmas” demographic.

  2. SouthernConservative says:

    It seems to me, and ya’ll check me if I’m wrong, that it somewhat minimizes the effectiveness of the ad to target Dobson in the same ad as Reed/Abramoff. That’s just going to piss the base off.

  3. The Busdriver says:

    I agree with you Southern, especially since DefCon has acknowledged that Dobson’s connection to this scam was very, very distant, if at all. I don’t think Dobson had the slightest idea he was being hoodwinked. I don’t always agree with his public stands, but I don’t think Dobson is a hypocrit.

  4. debbie0040 says:

    The ad will just tick off the base and more votes will gravitate to Reed. Republican voters just love celebrities that the liberals hate and attack. That is why Hannity and Limbaugh are so popular.

    The voters see Cagle, the media and liberal groups attacking Reed. Then they see people like Zell Miller, Sean Hannity, Newt, John Smoltz, Rudy Guiliani, Gov. Haley Barbour and many others standing by Ralph. That negates the negative publicity. And the fact that Cagle is not so ethical himself…

    They have been told by the Cagle camp for months that Ralph broke the law and would be indicted. They have started asking,”Where is the beef?”. They don’t see indictments or arrests and it just motivates them to swing to Reed’s camp.

  5. debbie0040 says:

    Religious groups do have a right to be involved just like any other group. They should be involved.

  6. Bull Moose says:

    Careful GAWIRE, you’re going to get kicked from the front page for these kinds of posts…

    It’s sad that we have to debate the merits of Reed’s actions when clearly they were wrong. If he were a Democrat, all the so called Christian Coalition people would be calling for his head on a plate. The hypocrisy is stunning…

  7. debbie0040 says:

    If Ralph were a Democrat this would not even be a blip on the radar screen.

    The hypocrisy is stunning … The Cagle people on their high horse about ethics…my,my

  8. Bill Simon says:


    Church/religious groups tend to have a tax-exempt status that prohibits them from participating in any partisan effort. To say they should have a “right” when they already can raise and spend as much money as they want on non-political activities is to grant them immunity from following the law.

    But, then again, following silly little edicts like “laws” and “principles” tends to escape Ralph Reed, so, why not his ground-worshippers as well, eh?


    Debbie, if this got your attention just wait to the 2nd course, 3rd course, 4th course, 5th course and then the dessert JULY 18TH!! TUMS ANYONE…..

  10. jsm says:

    This is old news, isn’t it? Seems like I remember seeing Dobson responding to this on Hannity weeks ago.

  11. JP says:

    Bull, I agree–and I don’t want MY state to be the one he “humps in” next. Not to mention having a Lt. Governor who’s so Christian Coalition tied.

    The WSJ has an interesting writeup on Reed today. And I am losing a bit of faith in Gulianni after finding out he’s going to be stumping for Reed at a fundraiser here.

  12. debbie0040 says:

    The members have a right to do so and so do groups like the Christian Coalition. The individual churches can participate in voter registration drives and encourage members to get out the vote as long as they don’t push particular candidates. The pastors can personally get involved in campaigns as long as they don’t speak on behalf of the congregation. The churches can also pass out voter guides that give positions candidates have.

    I am not a bit suprised to see Cagleites trashing the hero of 9-11. You would be singing a different tune had he endorsed Cagle. Sour grapes.

  13. Demonbeck says:

    I thought New York’s Finest and New York’s Bravest were the heroes of 9-11. Did their unions endorse Ralph Reed?

  14. SouthernConservative says:

    Demonbeck – you’re a fool if you think any unions are going to endorse a Republican candidate for anything other than exterminator.

  15. JP says:

    Debbie, when you say “The individual churches can participate in voter registration drives and encourage members to get out the vote as long as they don’t push particular candidates” are you suggesting that many Evangelical churches aren’t stumping for Republicans? Admittedly one can go too far in pursuing “Separation,” and Democrats are a bit TOO afraid of faith, but I don’t know how much churches should be doing in the name of getting out the vote. They’re not objective non-partisans.

  16. GAWire says:

    Bull, FYI, I understand where you comment was coming from, but I would just like to make it clear that I am just posting a news article here. I am more-or-less done campaigning in this race on PP. I do, however, want to make sure the full story gets out there (of course, I’m not a journalist, so I have no reservations to adding a little spin).

    I am also trying to present this story/issue in a more broad context or discussion; hence, the questions relating to religious figures in politics, which obviously didn’t get much attention.

    This race/issue is bigger than just a sleazeball running for LG in GA. This race signifies a virus that is spreading throughout the GOP, and GA Republicans are at the heart of it. More importantly, we have the power to stop it b/f it spreads beyond our state.

  17. Demonbeck says:


    Are we really aspiring to become Nixon-era Republicans? Is that where Ralph Reed and his worshippers want to take us?

  18. debbie0040 says:

    I have a great deal of respect for Colson and so do a lot of Christian Conservatives.

    Face it, Demonbeck, you have an intense hatred for Reed and you would not support Reed if God himself came down from Heaven and endorsed him.

    Demonbeck, you are the typical Cagleite. Sour grapes because Cagle does not have the endorsements Reed has and because you know your guy has lost.

  19. Demonbeck says:

    No sour grapes here. Reed can all the New York endorsements he wants.

    A previous post you made on another thread about your family history in the clergy sums it all up for me. You are one of those Bible-thumping, Creationist, teetotaling Baptists, I understand completely why you are following your Golden Calf down the road to Gomorrah.

    Unlike you, I do not worship false idols and choose who I back on their merits, their character and their experience. Cagle scores well in all three. He has a solid 12 year conservative record in the State Senate, is a family man who takes care of his single mother and has the experience needed both in business and the General Assembly to take charge of the State Senate.

    As for me, you can call me what you want. I am secure enough in who I am to take a little name-calling here and there. I am proud of the fact that I don’t march in goose-step with Christian Coalition cronies like Ralph Reed. It just proves that I think and make decisions for myself.

  20. debbie0040 says:

    Demonbeck, as usual you are wrong. I do drink alcoholic beverages. I am a creationist and but I would not say Bible thumping.

    If you are supporting Cagle then character is not something you value.

    I guess you consider killing a Tort Reform package in 2004 shows real character.

  21. tobin smith says:


    Join in with the radical left and Defcon and come down on Reed if you will, but Georgia Republicans are increasingly seeing through that sham. Thanks to Giuliani and the other big endorsements that are getting ready to happen, we will see Cagle’s true colors and the reality of your slams, insults, and criticisms for the lies that they truely are.

    We know you are just another name for Bull Moose and that you are a puppet for Cagle.

  22. Bill Simon says:

    Does anyone else find it fascinating that the supporters of Ralph Reed are acting exactly the supporters of Bill Clinton? That is, supporting him, regardless of the facts about him lying on a whole bunch of different subjects.

  23. Demonbeck says:

    I have concluded that Tobin is debbie’s other personality.

    BTW, it’s spelled “truly”

  24. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Debbie, you say, “Demonbeck, you are the typical Cagleite. Sour grapes because Cagle does not have the endorsements Reed has and because you know your guy has lost.”

    Hmmmm, who are these people?

    The following is a list of people who have put their names and resources behind the Cagle campaign:

    State Senate Members
    •Senator John Bulloch (R-Ochlocknee) •Senator Bill Heath (R-Bremen) •Senator Chip Pearson (R-Dawsonville)
    •Senator Joeseph Carter (R-Tifton) •Senator Judson Hill (R-Marietta) •Senator Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock)
    •Senator Ronnie Chance (R-Tyrone) •Senator Brian Kemp (R-Athens) •Senator Nancy Schaefer (R-Turnerville)
    •Senator Jeff Chapman (R-Brunswick) •Senator Jeff Mullis (R-Chickamauga) •Senator David Shafer (R-Duluth)
    •Senator John Douglas (R-Covington) •Senator Ross Tolleson (R-Perry) •Senator Don Thomas (R-Dalton)
    •Senator Greg Goggans (R-Douglas) •Senator Dan Weber (R-Dunwoody) •Senator Jim Whitehead (R-Evans)
    •Senator Johnny Grant (R-Milledgeville) •Senator Dan Moody (R-Alpharetta) •Senator John Wiles (R-Marietta)
    •Senator Bill Hamrick (R-Carrollton) •Senator Seth Harp (R-Columbus)

    •Terry Langley (Carroll)
    •Neil Warren (Cobb)
    •Billy Carlisle (Dawson)
    •Phil Miller (Douglas)
    •Ted Paxton (Forsyth)
    •Steve Cronic (Hall)
    •Butch Conway (Gwinnett)
    •Deray Fincher (Habersham) •Clark Millsap (Bartow)
    •Benny DeLoach (Appling) •JoeRobinson (Barrow)
    •Stacy Nicholson (Gilmer) •Ashley Paulk (Lowndes)
    •Roger Garrison (Cherokee) •Jeff Wiggington (Rockdale)
    •Joe Chapman (Walton) •William Davis (Gordon)
    •Scott Berry (Oconee) •Buice Joe (Lamar)
    •Bruce Harris (Paulding) •Jolley Mike (Harris)

    •Clarence Brown (Bartow)
    •Jimmy K. Godbee (Carroll)
    •Robert Barr (Carroll (Chair))
    •Ronald Gracy (Catoosa)
    •Ken Marks (Catoosa)
    •Bobby Winters (Catoosa)
    •Bill Clark (Catoosa (chair))
    •Dave Gellatly (Chatham)
    •Derek Good (Cherokee)
    •Earl Brice (Coffee (chair))
    •Tom Mercer (Columbia)
    •Ron C. Cross (Columbia (chair))
    •Mike Berg (Dawson (chair))
    •Buddy Gordon (Douglas)
    •Claude Abercrombie (Douglas)
    •Steve Gailey (Hall) •Warren Holder (Henry)
    •Deborah Lynn (Hall) •Ned Sanders (Houston (chair))
    •Billy Powell (Hall) •Jody Thompson (Jackson)
    •Tom Oliver (Hall (chair)) •Tom Crow (Jackson)
    •Eric Robinson (Haralson) •Dr. John Raber (Lumpkin)
    •Allan Poole (Haralson (chair)) •Steve Gooch (Lumpkin (chair))
    •Lee Holman (Henry) •Harold Carlisle (Monroe (chair))
    •Tom Worthan (Douglas (Chair)) •Jim Luke (Oconee)
    •Jack Conway (Forsyth) •David Jarvis (Polk)
    •Brian Tam (Forsyth) •Ed Goss (Spalding)
    •Ken Bailey (Gilmer) •Bebe Heiskell (Walker (sole))
    •Mark Chastain (Gilmer) •David Bergin (White)
    •Ron Davis (Gordon) •Jack Bass (Worth)
    •Jim Butterworth (Habersham) •Ester Fleming (Newton)

    •Edward Lindsey (Atlanta) •Terry England (Auburn)
    •Timothy Bearden (Villa Rica) •Steve Davis (McDonough)
    •Fran Millar (Dunwoody) •Jim Cole (Forsyth)
    •Jill Chambers (Atlanta) •Mack Crawford (Concord)
    •Paul Jennings (Atlanta) •Vance Smith (Pine Mountain)
    •Clay Cox (Lilburn) •Willie Talton (Warner Robins)
    •John Wilson Heard (Lawrenceville) •Austin Scott (Tifton)
    •Carl Rogers (Gainesville) •Bob Lane (Statesboro)
    •Stacey Reece (Gainesville) •Terry Barnard (Glennville)
    •Tommy Benton (Jefferson) •Chuck Sims (Ambrose)
    •Tom McCall (Elberton) •Penny Houston (Nashville)
    •Ed Setzler (Acworth) •Hinson Mosley (Jesup)
    •Earl Erhart (Powder Springs) •Cecily Hill (St. Mary’s)
    •James Mills (Gainesville) •Mike Keown (Coolidge)

    •Jimmy Bartlett (Douglas) •Craig Herrington (Hall)
    •Ed Murray (Douglas (Chair)) •Nath Morris (Hall)
    •Lee Highsmith (Gainesville) •Richard Higgins (Hall (chair))
    •David Syfan (Gainesville) •Lamar Purvis (Irwin)
    •Frank Harben (Gainesville (chair)) •Luis Romo (Jackson)
    •Janice Gallimore (Greene (Chair))

    •Jan Smith (Flowery Branch City Council) •Montie Robinson (Oakwood City Council)
    •Larry Pritchett (Flowery Branch, Mayor PT) •Sam Evans (Oakwood City Council)
    •George Wangeman (Gainesville) •Martha Collins (Oakwood, City Council)
    •Robert Hamrick (Gainesville City Council) •Ronald McFarland (Oakwood, Council)
    •Mark Musselwhite (Gainesville, Mayor PT) •Monk Tolbert (Pendergrass)
    •Jim Hinkle (Grayson) •James Worrall (Jim)(Perry)
    •Alison Wilkerson (Grayson, Mayor Pro Tem) •Joe Barger (Ringgold)
    •Matt Beasley (Hartwell) •Mike Smith (Snellville, Pro Tem)
    •Jeremy Smith (Holly Springs, City Council) •Bruce Garraway (Snellville, City Council)
    •Jim Joiner (Jefferson) •Gary Pirkle (Sugar Hill)
    •Jeff Lukken (LaGrange) •Steve Edwards (Sugar Hill, City Council)
    •Dr. Tom Gore (LaGrange, City Councilman) •Ron Johnson (Sugar Hill, City Council)
    •Jack Bolton (Lilburn) •Nick Masino (Suwanee)
    •Milton Turner (Lula) •Jace Brooks (Suwanee, Mayor Pro Tem)
    •Susan Holmes (Monticello) •Jimmy Burnette (Suwanee, City Council )
    •Lamar Scroggs (Oakwood) •Larry Wood (Talmo)
    •Tom Adam (Oakwood City Council) •John Fretti (Valdosta)
    •Bryan Puckette (Flowery Branch) •Jimmy Burnette (Suwanee City Council)

    •Danny Powers (Chatham) •Keith Echols (Hall)

    •Dwight Wood (Hall) •Stacy Koon Haralson (Harris)
    •Doug Sorrells (Forsyth) •Jody Moss (Morgan)

    •Danny Hutcheson (Haralson) •Marion Merck (Hall)

    •Jay Neal (LaFayette)
    •Ron Forster (Ringgold)
    •John Meadows (Calhoun)
    •Tom Dickson (Cohutta)
    •David Ralston (Blue Ridge)
    •Amos Amerson (Dahlonega)
    •Ben Bridges (Cleveland)
    •Howard Maxwell (Dallas)
    •Mark Butler (Carrollton)
    •Charlice Byrd (Woodstock)
    •Calvin Hill (Woodstock)
    •Chuck Scheid (Woodstock)
    •Jack Murphy (Cumming)
    •Tom Knox (Cumming)

    School Board
    •Lynn Stevens (Barrow)
    •Gary Lister (Bleckley (chair))
    •Bill Francisco (Bulloch)
    •Ronnie Spivey (Coffee)
    •Doris Cook (Dawson)
    •Lori Thompson (Hall)

    Municipal (Mayor unless otherwise noted)
    •Arthur Letchas (Alpharetta)
    •Pat Graham (Braselton)
    •Cecil Pruett (Canton)
    •Harris Little (Carnesville)
    •Wayne Garner (Carrollton)
    •Michael Fields (Cartersville)
    •John Brady (Clermont)
    •Bill Jones (Clermont, City Council)
    •Seth Weaver (Clermont, City Council)
    •Brad Weaver (Clermont, City Council)
    •Don Higgins (Cornelia)
    •Doc Cutherbertson (Cornelia, City Council)
    •Ford Gravitt (Cumming)
    •Boyd Austin (Dallas)
    •Joe Lane Cox (m) (Dawsonville)
    •Mickey Thompson (Douglasville)
    •Doug Mundrick (Duluth, Mayor Pro Tem)
    •Steven L. Brannon (Fairmount)

    Tax Commissioners
    •Katherine Sherrington (Gwinnett)

    Court Clerks
    •Brian Brannon (Gordon)
    •Patty Baker (Cherokee)

    •Lauren McDonald (Forsyth)

  25. JP says:

    Tobin, that’s hilarious! I love this quote: “Join in with the radical left and Defcon and come down on Reed if you will, but Georgia Republicans are increasingly seeing through that sham.” Are you suggesting all the people named above, and all the Republicans who aren’t in Reed’s corner, are “the radical left”? Hate to ruin your evening, but it’s not just the far left that’s against him.

  26. SouthernConservative says:

    Maurice, you are becoming the biggest pain in the ass…how many times do you have to post that list? Isn’t it enough to just reference it? Good Lord.

    It’s becoming increasingly apparent that the enemy (liberal left) of Casey’s enemy (Ralph) is Casey’s friend. DefCon, New York Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution…and Casey Cagle.

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