1. Groseclose says:

    “Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.”

    Sort of sounds like someone forgot to pay the bill.

  2. Pinetop says:

    The funny thing to me is, this morning I heard Brian on the Scott James Show in Valdosta. Every time Scott asked Brian a substantive question about what his plan actually is; he answered that it was on his website. Karma’s a … well, you know. Hopefully whoever wrote HIS plan isn’t on vacation also.

    BTW Bill, isn’t Brian’s (read ownership) campaign the one responsible for buying the domain and managing the site?

  3. Cotton Boll says:

    While some folks can’t keep the bills paid, Gary Black is taking old Tommy to task. I saw this on Black’s website, which operates just fine.

    Black calls on Irvin to remove name from Georgia Grown ads

    COMMERCE, Ga.—Gary Black, a Republican candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture, called on the current Commissioner Tommy Irvin to remove his name from television advertisements promoting Georgia Grown.

    Georgia Grown is a program administered by the Department of Agriculture that encourages Georgia consumers and retailers to buy produce grown in Georgia. While Black agrees the Department should play a role in promoting Georgia products, he does not agree that the taxpayer funded ads should feature the name of the incumbent, during an election year or otherwise.

    “These state funds are to be used to promote sales for Georgia farmers, not a long-term politician’s name identification,

  4. Bill Simon says:


    Actually, if you check disclosures, a lot of campaigns usually pay for Web geeks to takeover the process of buying a domain, choosing a host, and then creating a Website. And, they may pay them a monthly fee for upkeep. The campaign provides content and the geeks/Webmasters make it look good and upload it.

    Outsourcing the managment of a campaign Website is not unheard of.

  5. Groseclose says:


    At your suggestion, I checked Kemp’s recent disclosure to see if he had outsourced to a “web geek”. Turns out he did. On my March 28th, he paid Josh Harwell $200 for “website updates.” There is no other mention of expenses related to his website on the March disclosure.

    You obviously know a great deal more about website maintenance than I do. However, no matter how you spin it, it looks like, as Beth put it, a failure to execute. The perception created by the suspension message is one of a failure to pay. Even if your hypothesis about website maintenance outsourcing is correct thus invalidating this failure to pay notion, maybe there was still a failure to hire an experienced “geek.” At least that seems like a fairly reasonable inference from the fact that he only paid a nominal fee of $200 for three months of maintenance on the site in which he so heavily relies.

    Pinetop, you gave me a great laugh with your Kemp’s karma comments.

  6. Jeremy says:

    I love me some Brian Kemp, but this is an embarrassment for him and his campaign. I am sure he will put in some of his own money as he promised and get his bills payed.

  7. SouthernConservative says:

    Jeremy, you might want to rephrase that first statement, sounds a little too steamy for our purposes here…

  8. jackson says:

    Funny. I just went to votegaryblack.com and all it says is “procatalog1.basicdedicated.com” and nothing else.

    Sounds like they both are having problems.

    My thought who really cares. Sites go down sometimes. For who knows what reason. If you really think that a website that is having problems is a “major embarrasment” you need to get a life. Jeez… can we get back to talking about politics?

  9. DiscoCombine says:

    Try http://www.votegaryblack.com

    as a redneck turned web geek, props to bill for recognizing us, it seems that they are probably fixing to do a website change or update. Typically the webgeekmaster will use the url minus the www (world wide web) to help demonstrate various page designs over the internet.

    So one could wager that while mr. kemp has not been paying the bills, gary is getting ready to update.

    btw the fellow web geeks who dropped the ball on kemp’s website is the Stoneridge group (advertisment on the right hand panel). you can look this info up on any whois search, i did it through godaddy.com.

    Bill since you are into the blame game. Do you blame the webgeek or the candidate. Or DOES IT REALLY MATTER. kemp should pay his bills if you ask me. Perhaps after he takes out his “fundraising/lessening” loan he will be able to pay the light bill. I have already seen a few of his staff’s resumes floating around.

    Does this site show favor to candidates who’s webconsultantgeeks advertise on peachpundit. One does have to wonder. Put on your tinfoil hats.

    Just a formerly neutral, nightowl webgeek.

  10. Groseclose says:

    Jackson, you got my curiosity up, so I checked Gary’s website out. If you don’t put “www” in front of votegaryblack.com, you will get the message you alluded to in your post. However, if you visit http://www.votegaryblack.com, you won’t have a bit of problems. So, Gary’s website is working just fine!

  11. Sara says:

    The folks at Stoneridge are usually better than this. Maybe they are too busy with their premiere race and hating Ralph Reed and just forgot to worry about Kemp? HOw often do lower level races get the short end of the stick when consultants have their hands full with higher profile races?

  12. Jeremy says:


    The embarassment is that when you go to Brian Kemp’s website it reads “Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible. This account has been suspended”

    That does not look like technical problems, it looks like a payment problem. But I am sure my man Kemp will get his bills payed and bounce back.

  13. Bill Simon says:


    I have known of at least 2 instances in the past year (non-political sites) when a domain WAS paid for, but it was the registrar’s screw-up that didn’t process the payment correctly and the domain got suspended.

    Glitches happen in technology. That’s a fact. If the Black campaign wants to put out a PR or a mailer accusing Kemp of being incompetent because his site supposedly went down due to non-payment, please, go ahead and waste your money on a non-story.

  14. Bill Simon says:

    Continuing my thought process here…it IS possible that Kemp’s site got hacked and the domain got re-directed to this “Account Suspended” page.

    That happened last year, as I rcall, to one of the state’s government sites. Being hacked is not unheard of, either, DiscoCombine…as you well know, being a Webgeek yourself.

  15. SouthernConservative says:

    Fellas, fellas, fellas. Let’s not blow too much out of proportion here. First, Jeremy, I do like Brian, he’s a great guy. I dunno if I “love me some of him” tho. That’s just, well, not right. Second, Gary’s website is working just fine. Thirdly, IF Brian’s site has not been hacked, then this redirection isn’t Brian’s fault. It’s the Stoneridge group. The consultant for both BK and CC has hired Stoneridge to take care of media for those races, and therefore, I think the scenario Sara mentioned is the most likely in this situation. I bet you can rest assured, however, that Brian will deal with this very soon.

  16. Mike says:

    No biggie. My company site goes down occassionally and I can assure you that the bills have been paid. However, the longer it stays down, the worse it looks.

  17. GAPeach says:

    There’s a difference between a web site being down because of technical problems and a disclaimer that says “Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.”

  18. Jeremy says:

    The well has not run dry. Brian knew he could not raise money statewide, that is why he is dumping $250,000 of his own money in. I am sure he will fix the problem, give the guy a break.

  19. The Busdriver says:

    I went to Gary Black’s site and it immediately displays, “Thank you for visiting the online home of Gary Black, a rock-solid John Edwards-Democrat and lobbyist who represents a special interest group that supports amnesty for illegal immigrants.”

    Yup, Black’s site is workin’ just fine.

  20. The Busdriver says:

    C’mon. I’m not especially enamored with either candidate, but it’s just silly that you all are making hay over Kemp’s website being momentarily disabled. I would assume that the status of his website does not speak to the status of his campaign, and I’d say the same if it were Black’s site that was down.

    This is all so stupid. If websites won elections, then we’d be in year 2 of the Dean presidency,

  21. Pinetop says:

    Hey Bus Driver, something tells me you drive the short bus.

    Where do you get that Gary Black supports amnesty for illegal immigrants? My company is a member of the Georgia Agri-Business Council, Georgia Farm Bureau and others, and none of these groups (which Gary has worked for)have supported amnesty. Brian Kemp has been Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee for how long, and how many hearings has HE CALLED FOR on illegal immigration? I dont know the answer, but something tells me he has none.

  22. The Busdriver says:


    Nope, my bus is a a full size charter with 3 plasma screens, curb feelers, and 32 inch dubs, and it’s taking you to school.

  23. Pinetop says:


    Just got your email. I am glad you took the time to call the Black Campaign and get a response from them. Not trying to be sarcastic, just would like to know why no quote from the Black Campaign.

    Hey Short Bus,

    Nice ride, if you are down in Waycross call me, would like to check that thing out. BTW – Pinetrees have Pinecones not Pinenuts

  24. Groseclose says:

    Bill, I just read your RUMOR mill. Honestly, I don’t think Kemp failed to pay, but the message nonetheless creates that perception. Kemp staffers should explain the suspension on peachpundit.

  25. The Busdriver says:

    Good grief. I can’t believe I’m responding to this, but . . . pine nuts are the edible seeds of pine trees, which are found in pine cones.

  26. Bill Simon says:


    I did receive a phone call from Matthew Kramer at Politech who informed me that he was not involved in any way with the e-mail scheme. I am sending out a retraction of my comments about him and Politech.

    As far as asking the Gary Black campaign for their comments, thank you, but, when someone campaigns like they’ve been a longtime Republican (and, they aren’t), I can pretty well guess what their response will be.

  27. Bill Simon says:


    Right now, they have their energies focusd only on getting their Website back up to worry about what the RUMORS on Peach Pundit are.

  28. Pinetop says:

    Just testing you Southern Conservative. I am in the Forestry Business in SE Georgia and it is very seldom you find someone who has extensive knowledge of the pine tree.

  29. Pinetop says:

    In the office working and playing on the internet at the same time. I need to be spending more time working!!!!!Sorry SC

  30. SouthernConservative says:

    Don’t we all. I’m in the unfortunate posture of somewhat being able to consider this work, thus providing for further addiction….I mean, I’m a country boy, though, so if ya’ll need a mediator in discussing those pine trees, I’d be happy to help 😉

  31. Groseclose says:

    Well, Bill, it would add credibility to their perspective, if they would respond in this forum rather than merely telling you their spin so that you can post it under the “rumor has it” headline. Besides the longer they wait to correct their problem (it is approaching a full day now), the less likely it seems that they are innocent of wrongdoing or mistake. As their mouthpiece, why don’t you try to find out what is really wrong with their website rather than allowing your remaining credibility be the sacrificial lamb for the campaign’s ineptness.

  32. Pinetop says:


    Not trying to pick a fight, just want to clarify, if Matt Kramer says he was not part of an email scheme, doesn’t that mean that the Burden of Proof lies on Brian Kemp to prove where he got his information. Second, if Matt Kramer did not do it, is it possible that people are tired of getting Brian’s email and asked to be taken off and the result was the shutting down of the website.

  33. GANATIVE says:

    I am just stumbling on this so bear with me….
    So it seems that a previous Democrat lobbyist who is running as a Republican could possibly be guilty of doing something unethical? No Shocker there. So if the rumors are true and his “campaign

  34. Bill Simon says:


    I believe that just about every e-mail sent out by a campaign…any campaign, usually, has an “Unsubscribe” button on the e-mail. So, being “tired” of receiving an e-mail takes hardly any action to remedy.

    But, in order to blitz a Web host, that takes a lot more skill to figure out who the Web hoster is and where to send e-mails to. No, I don’t think this was just a casual recipient of Kemp’s e-mail.

    This is someone who knows how to dig-up the Web host from a domain name parked on a server, and then go to the Web host’s main site to figure out who to send a complaint e-mail to. That’s not the type of person who is your garden-variety e-mail recipient.


    As far as me being the “sacrificial lamb”, who the f*** are YOU that you deserve to know right now what’s going on with any campaign, or, anything? Dude, you don’t even have the balls to post under your own name…that means your “wants/desires” don’t mean squat because you’re probably already a Black supporter.

  35. Stoneridge Group says:


    Thanks for your comments about the Stoneridge Group as it relates to the Kemp site. However, this had nothing to do with the Stoneridge Group or its ability to continue to produce award winning sites — and win campaigns.

    Another company hosts the website, not our firm.

    And just so you know, we dont hate anyone. We believe that our record speaks for itself. We do our best to work with candidates we believe in and would personally vote for. That is Casey Cagle.


    Jay Williams
    The Stoneridge Group

  36. The Busdriver says:

    Nice work on the Cagle site, Jay.

    Tell me Jay, when Casey paid your firm for his website, did he have to send a check to Grover at ATR, then have ATR send a check to Faith & Family Alliance, then have Faith & Family Alliance send them to a child molester in Virginia, then have the child molester send it to you?

    I could be way off, but it’s my understanding that’s how consultants are to be paid. I think you’re always supposed to disguise “the originating entity.”

  37. GAPeach says:

    I received the Kemp e-mail yesterday (and I’m not subscribed to their listserv) and noticed a long SPAM Disclaimer at the bottom. One of the links takes you to a site to unsubscribe yourself. When you click there, you are taken directly to the listserv host to unsubscribe.

    Doesn’t seem it would take a concerted effort. All you have to do is click on the link provided by Kemp and it reports it to the server.

  38. Joel McElhannon says:

    This ridiculous post necessitates my personal response.

    The fault for the Kemp campaign website being down lies with the Black campaign and with me.

    First, the Kemp campaign’s website was taken down by the company that hosts the website because Gary Black’s campaign and its agents slammed that company with false complaints that we were spamming – all coming from email addresses not on our email list. The delay in relaunching the website came because the person in charge of authorizing such reinstatements was out of their office today and just returned.

    Secondly, I am ultimately responsible for allowing this shot below the belt to happen because I did not take steps to guard against it. Stoneridge, nor any other web provider, had anything to do with it. The buck stops with me.

    I will give a hat tip to the Black campaign for their inventive, if juvenile, tactic. I hope they take great joy in their momentary victory. Despite being a cheap shot below the belt, it is their only success to date and it will be their last.

    Gary Black is going to experience first hand that the Kemp campaign is focused on winning, not high school pranks.

    And to the Black staffers and supporters on this site who will likely load up this post with more taunts, my only comment is this.

    I do not respond to Democrats. I beat them. You’ll get a taste of that sugar soon.

    And the Kemp campaign site, http://www.votebriankemp.com, is up and running now and will remain so despite any future attempts to disrupt it.

    For conservative Republican leadership to protect our families and promote our farmers, I encourage all to check out what is clearly one of the best campaign websites in Georgia political history.

  39. Pinetop says:

    Can someone answer this for me, if Matt Kramer says he was not part of an email scheme, doesn’t that mean that the Burden of Proof lies on Brian Kemp to prove where he got his information. I would like to know where Brian got his info. Thats all.

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