Taylor Campaign Demands Severed Ties

From the tip line:

The Taylor campaign, in a unilateral move, fired off a letter to House Democratic Caucus Chairman Calvin Smyre of Columbus asking him to sever fundraising ties with Oblander. The letter, signed by Taylor campaign manager Mike Mikus, said the Taylor campaign had asked Oblander and her husband, Allan Crow, to “cease and desist any activities they are conducting under the guise of the so-called group called ‘Georgians for Truth’


  1. Decaturguy says:

    This whole thing is a bit bizarre. I understand that the Knowles are very well connected in Democratic circles. As has been noted Oblander is a fundraiser for several major Democrats.

    All this seem like an orchastrated campaign for Cox, Taylor, and the Democratic Party to publicly dissassociate themselves from the 529 group but also benefit from the attack ads. Sort of like Bush did with the Swift Boat Veterans.

  2. Romegaguy says:

    If Allen Crowe is doing the ad, we can count on it not being good. Maybe we should write a check to this group just screw with Mark and Cathy…

    My guess is that LUC media is making the media buy…

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