Rudy -n- Ralph

Hotline reports that Rudy Giullani will be headlining a fundraiser for Ralph Reed here in Georgia. That should be a hot ticket item. Giuliani is still a rock star. Who else will Ralph pull out? And will it overcome high negatives?

[UPDATE] Here is the invitation.

[UPDATE 2] My friend Machiavel at RedState has some thoughts and speculation. He writes, in part,

If Giuliani was looking for his Southern sherpa, he may have found him. Reed was southeastern regional chairman for Bush-Cheney ’04 (job one: Deliver Florida), the architect of the Georgia GOP’s surprise rout in 2002, and a zen master of grassroots politics. Another sign that there may be more to this event than meets the eye: Pat Robertson, Reed’s mentor from their Christian Coalition days, has gone out of his way to praise Giuliani while saying “McCain I’d vote against under any circumstance.


  1. atlantaman says:

    I guess it’s mutually beneficial. It gives Ralph an opportunity to seem less tied the CC and it gives Rudy the chance to seem more Conservative.

    Rudy’s biggest strike is that he’s not Conservative enought to win a Republican primary.

    Ralph already has the CC vote so he can basically take that for granted, he knows he better be softening his image to stop the mass exodus of Cobb, Gwinnett, and N. Fulton soccer moms to the Cagle camp.

    It’s basically Hillary in reverse.


    When will Ralphie get it, it’s about the state of GA stupid, noone cares who he gets to fly in to pimp for him. the voters want someone who cares about our great state, not someone who loves to rub elbows with out of towners who are there to promote each others future political careers..CAGLE 06 PUBLIC SERVICE…. NOT SELF SERVICE


    ugadog, I think you need to get a life……. or at least some counseling…..seriously…..

  4. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Rudy is already too liberal for Georgia Republicans. He will do himself no favors by coming here to campaign for the “Indian Gambler.”

  5. George Allen 08 says:

    Giuliani may win points with conservatives nationwide by this event, as we’ve already seen that RR still has many friends across the nation supporting his campaign–not just in Georgia. UGA Wins 2005 is certainly right that Rudy has no chance of winning a Georgia Primary. His may get a pull to the right because of this new friendship though, which is exactly what he needs.

    However, I’d like to think that conservatives will still see through Giuliani’s maneuvers and that either George Allen or Sam Brownback will get the nod in 08. And yes, I’m aware that the election is two years away.

  6. Bull Moose says:

    I was really dissapointed to see this circling of the wagons with the national GOP folks in regards to Ralph Reed. It really makes me lose a lot of respect for some of these folks.

    It’s truly sad and I think will be one of the reasons that people see through the hypocrisy come election time.

    You can’t be a law and order type and then support someone like Ralph Reed, who just stinks of ethical and moral violations, if not criminal.

    Rudy has lost many points with me.

  7. Harry says:

    Yep, I’m disappointed in Rudy shilling for the sleazeball. Even though he’s not pro-life, I’d vote for Rudy because of his leadership style. The problem with Sen. Allen is, he basically represents the Beltway, where our taxes disappear into a black hole. Right now though, I have to say I like Brownback.

  8. Michael C says:

    Nationaly the GOP is not conservative. They are pro establishment. Look how George Allen handled the NRSC in 2004. The NSRC supported the “moderate” GOP candidates in the right column in GOP primaries.

    Pat Toomey vs. Arlen Specter
    Herman Cain vs. Johnny Isakson
    Tom Coburn vs. Kirk Humphreys
    Mike Miller vs. Lisa Murkowski
    Bob Schaffer vs. Pete Coors
    Michael Benjamin vs. Howard Mills

    Only Tom Coburn overcame the pro-establishment GOP and won a GOP primary.

    I like Allen. He is probaly the only Republican I could actualy see myself campaigning for in 2008. I like what he did in Virginia by cutting taxes and eliminating parole. I suspect though that he has been co-opted by the National GOP.

    H/T: ALex at

  9. JP says:

    As a progressive, I hope Ralph Reed wins because Hecht might get the call. Georgia does not need the black eye associated with electing an Abramoff crony (and “Christian Coalition” uber-rightist) to office.

  10. Former Cagle Guy says:

    Let’s get real. Couldn’t it simply be that Rudy knows that all the crap about Reed is just that–crap. Reed is not guilty of any crime and has been one of the GOP’s best faces, voices, and heros. He deserves a chance at elected office and Rudy supports him for that simple reason. No Republican should allow the liberal media to destroy Reed. Cagle’s campaign cooperation and encouragement on this point disqualifies him in my view.

    If this doesn’t prove to everyone that the Cagle’s complicit liberal attack on Reed is sick crap then I don’t know what will. You guys need to smell the coffee. Reed is going to win this and is the best person for the job. He’ll help secure the GOP revolution that we have all worked for in GA for a long time. Cagle is a light-weight who doesn’t stand a chance. I figured it out a few months back when I had the chance to hear both give their visions for the office and for GA. Others will figure it out too.

    See you at the Rudy event.

  11. Karla Stuckey says:

    I agree Former Cagle Guy. All the Republican leaders know what Reed has done for the President and our Party. His vision and wisdom are an important part of our success and our future.

    The vitriol on this blog against Reed is crazy and does not reflect the view of Republican leadership. Nor, according to several of the members of our delegation, does it reflect the sentiments in their districts.

    Cagle has not gained respect by adding fuel to the Abramoff fire in Georgia. In fact, outside of one member who is close to State Sen. Shafer, I can’t find much enthusiasm for Cagle.

    Reed wins–long time contribution over opportunistic Cagle. Yes, I still vote in Georgia and I will vote for Reed. Rudy is just the first of many who will come down for Reed.

  12. bird says:

    This is neither here nor there, but Giuliani’s first wife was also his second cousin. Is that going to hurt his chances as he runs for Pres.? Does it matter to you?

  13. debbie0040 says:

    Do I hear sour grapes from the Cagle camp? Stay tuned there is a lot more to come…

    You guys might as well accept the fact Reed will win.

    The latest poll shows Rudy with a 64% approval rating in the United States. Imagine what it is in Georgia?

    Rudy is popular even among conservatives.

    Cagle has continuouly cried wolf about Reed being indicted. Voters will see none of it is true and will turn against Cagle.

    I believe Reed will win the primary by 20%. Cagle is going to self destruct. Voters will soon find out that Cagle should not be casting stones at Ralph.


    FORMER AND DEBBIE, your boy is nothing less than a w—– for self promotion.Ask him the promise he had to make to Rudy to come to Atlanta. But, then again what’s a promise to ole Ralphie boy…. and Debbie Rudy will never be more than he is today an ex-mayor of a major city.

  15. Bull Moose says:

    You know, why don’t you people ask Ralph if he’s going to continue to be a “consultant” if he wins? His answer may surprise you.

    I agree Demon, why do we need to have someone that can’t honor their vows of holy matrimony as our candidate in 2008? I respected the former Mayor up until his decision to sell his soul to Ralph Reed for street credibility with the “Christians”.

    It’s just beginning to be sad that organized Christians are allowing themselves to be used in a political way the way that they are. This makes Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Baker look normal…

    These are my opinions, not those of the Cagle Campaign. The Cagle campaign is focusing on running a positive campaign and sharing Casey’s message across the state… They don’t have time to worry about Ralph Reed and his fellow cronies…

  16. Demonbeck says:

    I love how the Christian Coalition worships their golden calf Ralph Reed. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  17. gopdoc says:

    I think I agree with some of the posts above. To me, Giuliani’s endorsement of Reed surely indicates that he does not expect anything to come of the Abramoff scandal and that Reed is not guilty. Why else would anyone with the ambition of Giuliani give his name to Reed?

    It seems to me that Cagle is now in a difficult position. His campaign looks like it is aligned with the liberal left and people like Defcon who are out to destroy Republicans by guilt by association.

    By the way, Mr. Atkinson, from my area seems to be getting way out there in his attacks on Reed. I read the WSJ article. It is unfortunate. I supported him in his failed campaign for a county commission seat in Bibb, but I wouldn’t again. His personal attacks on Reed are unjustified and go too far.

    I think Tom Scott, who supports Reed, is a better indicator of the Christian Coalition view in middle Georgia.

    Thanks for Giuliani’s endorsement which will clear things up for a lot of people.

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