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In fact, our friend Bill Simonhas up the news. Go read it there and we’ll get on to Karen’s call later today (sorry to Ms. Handel for not having written about this soon. Until I find someone to pay me to blog politically, some times things have to be delayed)


  1. Kate says:

    I saw all three candidates last week. Handel was the only one who had a plan for all parts of the office. She went a level of detail that Stephens and Bailey didn’t have.

    I assumed Bailey would have more details, given the number of times he’s run for this office. Handel also seemed to have a better grasp on SB500 and the impacts that it has. That stuck me as odd, since Stephens was one of the sponsors.

    Handel sent this announcement out on her email tree mid-afternoon yesterday. After reviewing it, I believe it’s a good common sense plan.

    She’s got my vote.

  2. Decaturguy says:

    I like that she is going to require ID for absentee ballot and make absentee ballot fraud a felony. That should have already been done by the Republican legislature if they were going to require ID for an in person vote.

  3. Former Cagle Guy says:

    Why is Simon so anti Stephens? Stephens has done a lot for the party, gaining a majority, and managing the transition.

    I don’t know Handel, but she seems to be far more liberal given her actions in her home county.

    I would bet Stephens is respected throughout the State, whereas Handel is not known at all.

  4. JRM2016 says:

    BASICs is a great summation of the general remarks Karen has made regarding her platform for the Elections Division of the SoS office. I hope the Stephens folks are listening (and reading).

  5. Bill Simon says:

    Why am I so anti-Stephens? Because Stephens is a moron when it comes to dealing with things like…oh, gee…managing money?

    Besides him getting fined for sloppy-as-hell recordkeeping of his campaign disclosures for $14,000 (from a Republican-dominated State Ethics Commission), there is the matter of his defaults on bank loans.

    All the “aid” Stephens might claim as helping to build the GOP in Georgia is a pile of hogwash. The fact is, it took extraordinary efforts by a lot of people (the Governor, Eric Johnson, even me, at the time) to boost him so he would win Majority Leader.

    THEN, an extraordinary amount of effort (and financial resources) went in to getting him reelected in 2004 against Bubba McDonald. TONS of financial resources, I might add.

    So, for him to desert that seat after about 1 year, a seat that cost so much money and effort for him to retain, I think demonstrates that Mr. Stephens isn’t worth a bucket of warm spit in terms of reliability.

    He’s had ZERO business managment experience, and managing other puff-Daddy-senators as Majority Leader isn’t the same thing as managing a business.

    He’s CLUELESS in business, and he would hire similarly clueless people. Of course, as long as the potential employees are women, blond, and have a nice rack, they can find a job working for him.

  6. Beth says:

    Former Cagle Guy,
    Could you be more specific? What specific actions make her seem “fair more liberal given her actions….”?

    All the Stephens team know’s how to do is attack, and make outrageous accusations.

    Once again to quote Simon “A Plan not Sound Bites”

  7. atlantaman says:

    I’m the last guy to ever get accused of being a woman’s libber, but I do think folks can start a whisper campaign that Karen is more liberal simply because she is a woman.

    Stephen’s was one of the main Georgia leaders for Bill Clinton and Al Gore for God’s sake. Stephen’s was out there doing his part to make sure Georgia’s electoral votes, normally a Republican Presidential state, went for Clinton and company. Gee, thanks Bill – Donna Shalala was such a great choice for HHS.

    This other whisper campaign about Karen is absolutely repulsive. Why is it when a woman is a strong and effective leader she is either a bitch, a lesbian, or a combiantion of the two?

    Something tells me the Stephenistas would not appreciate a rumor being started…falsely accusing him about his sexual preferences.

  8. Beth says:

    It is amazing the nasty whisper campaign that is being run by Stephens. I re-post this here just to show how the Stephens campaign continues to spread false accusations.

    Not really sure if I can post this. This comes directly from Inside Advantage Georgia.

    It’s in response to Stephens Voter Outrage of the Week.

    “Marty Ryall, the Handel campaign manager, said that’s not what Handel said. “In answering a broad question in the forum about how to streamline government and take politics out of the office, Karen Handel simply pointed out that in a number of states the office is appointed in an effort to do that. In fact, after Bill Stephens misrepresented her comment in the forum, she clearly stated that she does not advocate changing the Constitution of the state of Georgia.

  9. atlantaman says:


    I have trouble believing what what your are saying. Since he is actively courting the CC vote that would be extremely hypcocritical on his part.

  10. Former Cagle Guy says:

    I believe Stephens to be a person of character and what is said here is just as vicious as what you are accusing the Stephen’s campaign of. In fact, Stephen’s campaign has never said she was an “L”, but that her campaign courted gays when she previously ran.

    I don’t know her personally, but I don’t agree with the characterization that Stephen’s has not had a large hand in our successful transition to majority. That he is a former “D” does not bother me too much given the fact that he worked for Zell. Remember too that our Governor was until fairly recently a Democrat too.

  11. Beth says:

    FCG – The issue isn’t about being a former democrat. The facts are that Handel has been Conservative Republication all her life. She was working in the Bush Quayle Whitehouse while Stephens was out campaigning for Clinton/Gore. Tough to call someone else a liberal when you helped get two of them elected.

    According to Jackets, it was the Stephens campaign folks that were feeding him the mis-information that he was posting here.

    So far in this campaign all the Stephens campaign has done is attack. It attacked the former vice president and it attacked Handel. It’s nice to see people recognize his campaign for what it is.

  12. Beth says:

    This just in form the Moore Campaign:

    ATLANTA,GA Apr 19, 2006 – Angela Moore, a democrat candidate for the Secretary of State of Georgia, strongly disagrees with republican candidate Handel’s call for measures requiring a voter id with absentee balloting (AP Newswire 4/18/06)—a move that further restricts Georgia voters.

    “Voters that want or need to take advantage of absentee balloting—the elderly, the disabled, rural and those who lack transportation—do not have immediate access to a photocopier,

  13. Bill Simon says:


    Bill Stephens has mastered the art of talking out of both sides of his mouth and his rear-end at the same time. But, I’m not calling him hypocritical…

  14. bowersville says:

    formal cagle guy
    her campaign courted gays in atlanta? that dog won’t hunt, what’s your point?

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