Cobb Libertarian announces candidacy

David Chastain, a Cobb County Libertarian, is seeking the top education office in the state.

Cobb Libertarian Party Chairman David Chastain has announced his candidacy for Georgia State School Superintendent.

Asked why Superintendent Kathy Cox should be unseated this year, Chastain said Ms. Cox is not qualified for the position.

The popular phrase among “educrats” is “highly qualified,” he said.

“Few people understand exactly what it means and some excellent teachers have been told they are no longer qualified to teach, though they may have invested (more than) two decades of their career in education,” Chastain said. “Is Kathy Cox ‘highly qualified’ to be superintendent? I don’t think so.”

Chastain said because Ms. Cox is elected to her office and a member of the political party in power, she couldn’t afford to be objective.

“She has to keep running for re-election and make sure she supports the party agenda, which flows down from Washington, D.C., not from true academic research,” Chastain said.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    That’s pretty much the feeling I get whenever I see Kathy Cox’s name as running for reelection. Whether it’s “evolution is a buzzword” or her “Git ‘r done!” sign-offs on some speeches she’s made, I’ll take David Chastain any day.

  2. buzzbrockway says:

    This should concern Kathy Cox, and other GOP candidates. The LP has the ability in this State to garner enough votes to prevent a Republican from winning – especially State-wide. The answer is for Republican candidates to run as bold, solid conservatives. That will attract like minded libertarians and excite the GOP’s conservative base.

  3. JaseLP says:

    There is only one Republican running in a state wide race that I am voting for…and that is Perry McGuire (there is no Libertarian running in that race). I may vote for Chuck Schied (I hope I spelled that right) if he wins the GOP nomination for Labor Commissioner (provided no Libertarian runs).

  4. Kate says:

    In the voterid bill they changed the rules for the requirements to avoid a run-off in the general election. It used to be that you needed 45% of the vote in a general election to avoid a run-off. It’s now 50%.

  5. atlantaman says:


    It used to be 50%, then Paul Coverdell scared the crap out of the Dems in a runoff against Wyche Fowler (due to a Liberatarian – Wyche actually got more votes). Coverdell won in the runoff, conventional wisdom was that Democrats are lazy and it’s hard enough to get them to vote once every 2 years. Supposedly Republicans tend to vote more in special elections and Coverdell helped support that theory. I wonder if some of the Coverdell win was due to the State already having a hangover from voting for Clinton.

    The Legislature reduced the threshold for a runoff to 45% of the vote, another sleezy desperate attempt by the Democrats to avoid the inevitable. That and the multi-member districts may have allowed them to hold on to power for another term or so. I guess Tom Murphy, Roy Barnes, and Bobby Kahn finally ran out of fingers to stick in the dam.

    Glad to see they’ve restored it back to the 50% 1 threshold.

    I’d like to see the Legislature restore the straight ticket option as well. The Dems changed that one a few years before the 45% rule when they started getting the crap scared out of them during Presidential years. Having Mondale and then Dukakis at the top of the ticket will do that to you. I’d like to see the straight ticket voting restored by the time Hillary makes a run for the White House.

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